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  1. Best is to ask how many surgeries per day if i book with you? How much attention can you give me during my surgery? Can you cater to my goals that I am asking? Can you make sure my donor isn’t traumatized to the point if visual scarring or donor density losses? How many grafts can you do in one day? Will you follow up with me on a regular basis to make sure im ok? Will you be available if i need prescription for something if there is an emergency as a result of transplant. What do you offer to satisfy a customer? If there is yield issue, how do you remedy and do you charge m
  2. Hang in there man. I can feel the pain. Do not go for body and other hair Transplant in North America. I did not have a good experience either and i would not recommend anyone for that here. Doctor caused more damage then good and i too have regrets of trusting doctors. I was let down big time. I hope you can get things sorted. I too am looking for a way out with an ethical doctor. Feel free to pm if you need. Again, keep yourself strong and hang in there.
  3. Yea you should be ok. Try not to exert yourself. Did you see any blood drip down immediately? If not you should be ok. Usually, when you lose a graft, you will see a gush of blood come out
  4. Man i feel your pain. Im in a long term painful situation myself as well with issues created by doctors. i am trying to get out of this mess and live in peace. It has consumed so much of my time, energy, family’s time, my health and overall well being. At the end of the day, your HT didnt yield well and if you lost hair, then why did you lose native hair within a year like this and so fast. Did the Shock nd trauma from HT led to follicle death in surrounding areas? There is a lot of ifs and buts, but the bottom line is, if you were prone to lose hair then any known miniaturiza
  5. Melvin, do they work now? For some reason, i had to edit it again to make them hyperlinks.
  6. Came across some articles that the FDA has approved an acne drug. It targets DHT. Could be used to reduce sebum and dht In conjunction with other meds/therapies?They are looking into the efficacy with combating hair loss. Read below: https://www.biospace.com/article/releases/cassiopea-receives-fda-approval-for-winlevi-clascoterone-cream-1-percent-first-in-class-topical-acne-treatment-targeting-the-androgen-receptor/ https://www.harpersbazaar.com/beauty/skin-care/a33822256/new-winlevi-for-hormonal-acne-clascoterone/
  7. Some docs are more active on one forum vs another when it comes to posting results. Some real patients post on one more than another. It sucks but you have to look at so many forums when you need to gather info. There are just so many. Then There are those that are language based. no doubt this forum has been active wondering what happened to the hairlosshelp forum though it seems to have ceased operations - topcat where are you? Do you know what happened by any chance?
  8. Yaar body hair is terrible for front facing hair but only few surgeons who Extract this type of hair and have artistic abilities may be able to assist. Ask and get consults from like doctors Col, Bisanga, Mwamba, Dr Cooley, etc to see what they say. In Canada, I haven’t heard of any but may be worth to contact Hasson Wong to see.
  9. Speaking of forums, anyone know what happened to hairlosshelp forum? Are you able to access it or did they go out if business and give up on hair loss “help”?
  10. Your hairline currently looks good. That whole square hairline and closing your temples in wishes will prob cost you like 2000 grafts and add many risks to your head. You wont be able to do a proper fade. Your donor will be shocked and decimated leaving You with Density issues. If your transplant fails, you will be left chasing repairs and risk massive scarring. The way hair transplants are marketed is deceptive. You got great hair for starters. If you think you are shedding hair, ask a dermatologist. Only if you are and a doctor says so, look into meds to preserve your hair to save yo
  11. That’s good to know. Glad it subsided for you a bit. Its been few years and i still have it. Didnt realize that massaging may help. I still need to get the area repaired though to add more natural hairline and some density. At the moment, there is a hairline that wreaks hair transplant and unnaturalness. I am hoping there are ways to reduce it and still get a proper repair in the hands of an ethical surgeon. One who Is focused on patient health And well being more. You learn a lot and see how folks work when they do damage to you. thanks for the feedback
  12. Yaar deklo. Hairline concern or overall hair loss or just in crown? What are you going for? It doesnt matter if you pay more or less as doctors can screw you up regardless. I am trying to get out of my situation with known folks. Pm bhej. I will be willing to show what to look for and what to expect. If you are in the NJ area, depending on nature of Environment with covid, I’d be willing to show. Yield is important and artistic capability is important. Some docs are able to achieve it, while some cant. Thats even if they are recommended or not.
  13. Pretty good back and forth in this thread. Here is something I also found on RS in regards to different growth and sleep cycles on these hairs:
  14. The transplant at the moment may look too linear. You need to have natural flow to the hairline. I do not think you really needed a forhead reduction via hair transplant to that point shown. It is distinctly lower. You can have it punched out if you need to remove hairs. a good hairline repair surgeon should be able to remedy it
  15. Sam, how are you doing now? Have things gotten better?
  16. Jerry, how are things now? were you able to remedy it?
  17. Any update? Any doctor on this forum deal with ridging and how they remedied it? Resection or injections? How did the repair look afterwards?
  18. Have you looked at Dr Bruno Ferreira? i agree regarding Canada. the whole Canada border thing is insane. It pretty much shuts down the option unless borders open up. H&W have been putting out some good work. I am also looking for ways out for myself. It has been crazy.
  19. Natural— looks great. Regardless, if he is using concealer or not, his hair can carry it to the point where he can function without people staring at his scalp. Lucky guy.
  20. Do not go to Bosley- I got an uncle that ended up with 2-3 strip scars from them. The hair growth yield was terrible. Whatever they show in the brochure is definitely not likely on an average scalp. My uncles first procedure had a bad scar, it wasn’t even tri closure, then they said theyll fix it if he comes back so he did, then they created two other scars because they didnt want to stretch the previous one. I think it was a nasty bait tactic from the surgeons. This is why their reputation is damaged. It’s like new docs go there to settle in to a franchise to get customers. Most of the
  21. What percentage of growth yield do you have with body hair? If you take our 500 beard grafts, 500 chest, 500 nape hair grafts. For each category, how much yield does your practice usually attain? Is it 100%, 90%, 80%,70%, or another number? again, the doctor that used nape, chest, beard hairs advised me not to take finasteride. It’s something I was informed of after my surgery. I was using it prior to this surgery. In any case my scalp looks worse now. Seems like the grafting damaged my previously transplanted hairs as well. It actually looks bad and I am trying to get out
  22. Dr Sethi, there are other doctors that mentioned finasteride may cause issues with beard and body hairs. I was told not to take it by Dr Umar. ISHRS also mentioned something similar- Source of screenshot: https://ishrs.org/patients/treatments-for-hair-loss/medications/finasteride/ Does it impact slowing down growth cycles? Thanks for your response.
  23. Definitely Dr Hasson & Wong, you have Dr Cooley, Dr Wesley, Dr Mwamba, You can keep going. look for doctors that excel in successful graft yield and hairline angulation (lateral slit)
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