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  1. Race should not be a factor in choosing surgeon. Asian hair/Southeast Asian hair can be complex. A good surgeon can handle it. Certain surgical tools Or approaches may be different. Someone with thick curly hair may survive high speed extractions but in others the extraction may need to be manual and slow and steady. It is different for various ethnicities based on skin characteristics/elasticity and hair textures to hair caliber to existing or no preexisting scarring. Any good surgeon should be able to overcome such obstacles with ease. if 5-8 doctors give you similar advice then,
  2. You are in your mid 30s which is good. You’d be ok with higher hairline for sake of having higher density in smaller area due to limited harvest— this is good. your existing hairs in that front zone are weak. If you experience shockloss, your native existing hairs may not grow back if they are weak. If that is the case and you lose existing native hair due to surgical trauma, long term you may need close to 3000 grafts for that entire frontal zone when time progresses. It will also depends on the grafts they extract, whether they are 1 hair, 2 hair, 3 hair, 4 hair in size.
  3. Also, it may be wise list your goal, full expectations, from this surgery here on this thread. This is so the surgeons know you publicly stated what your desire is and was prior to any surgery. They can give guarantee and assurances now, but should own up later. example lines of what goals and expectations can be: i want a dense front , in order to stick up my hair up for for easy styling. I want to be able to style my hair without having a see through front that doesnt visibly match my native hair density in terms of illusion. Id like to have lateral slit to have a more nat
  4. Javier, i just saw your pics. You must approach really carefully. I do not agree with some assessments you are given. Your hair is definitely on the finer side/silky caliber texture. Your donor has a degree of density variation that is noticeable even with a short fade style cut. first things first, you have like a norwood 3 formation. Those hairs in front seem they will shed over time. likely, some of those native hairs will be shocked when new hair is planted. I would not have a procedure greater than 1500 grafts to see how hairs will yield considering your hair type.
  5. Many unknowns with covid at this time. One year out and they are still discovering things and most folks gave varying symptoms with varying changes. Permanent hairloss hasn’t been really reported yet. https://www.aad.org/public/diseases/hair-loss/causes/covid-19 https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/after-covid-19-some-survivors-experience-heart-wrenching-hair-loss-n1244158 stress/high fever may send cycles off to telogen effluvium. But it is usually temporary. once you are in 8-9 month cycles, you may be able to see it better when it is grown out more
  6. Javier, i am unable to see the pics. Please approach this with caution. This is a high risk surgery. Please look at all reviews. I think Asian hair is sensitive to FUE vs other ethnicities. BUT Depends on many factors. How extractions are done, what size punches, the entire surgical protocol. I remember when a doc told me his FUE was the same as his FUT yield. There are always hopeful gaurantees. But when something goes wrong, you will need tons more money to fix and it will be a puzzle. It happened to me and I am Still suffering. Do not believe any hype or gaurantee. Take it
  7. This is absolute key. I believe this is one of the elements that made my situation a little tough and not favorable. It is also a failure that some surgeons do not disclose this information. The same tool is not the same for everybody. It varies if you are Asian, White, Black, Indian, Mid Eastern, Mediterranean, European, Russian, etc etc etc. A high speed drill may jeopardize someone with medium to lower caliber straight asian hairs, where, it may be for for folks with much thicker caliber hairs. Same goes for devices with suction with saline involved or curved extraction angles or shap
  8. Raphael, this is good to know. If a person actually has a blood pressure problem, it can help control it and at the same time, it does not make someone barred from future surgery. Now regarding topical finasteride, do we still need to be mindful when we have children (2 year olds climbing over us if we have it applied) and if we have a pregnant wife? If applied topically, is it still dangerous for birth defects for others? also, what is the spiro stuff mentioned, how effective has that been. I find this QA to be helpful and more direct with a doctor and staff, especia
  9. One thing interesting from the video was the oral minoxidil tablets and the spiro treatment. I wonder if oral minoxdil can be taken if you are going in for another procedure? I always though minoxidil was only applied topically. if oral minoxidil, spiro treatments are viable solutions, i think it is definitely worth looking into.
  10. Raphael, thanks for the video above. Melvin, wish I could have called, but I was stuck at the job. I see 4 clips above, are there more posted on the page? Thanks again.
  11. This is a key point made. Depends on the hair type and its close proximity to the scalp hair. Based on race/ethnicity, it can be better for one person and damaging to another .
  12. I’ve followed Dr Bisanga’s results for some time and know folks that went to him. Those patients have provided me with some good support and encouragement. From what they mentioned, Dr Bisanga, looks to be an ethical surgeon that cares for the patient and knows what he is doing with regular scalp hair and with other body hairs. If I’m not mistaken, I think I remember a post by a forum member, many years back where that patient came in for repair, Dr Bisanga was concerned at the damaging work done to the patient’s scalp, then called the previous surgeon to ask what they did and why? That sh
  13. Looks very refined and clean. Following for sure. Great angulation and placement. Nice lateral angles.
  14. Id agree with nw2 with little bit of thinning. No intervention via surgery should be made at this time. meds are the way to go for as long as you can. best of luck with everything!
  15. legend, thanks for your honest assessment that maybe 1700-2000 grew vs the 2500 grafts you had ordered. So, it was not the at least 90% growth you had paid for. Hoping you do not need more work later on in life. glad you felt comfortable at the gathering with your family and no one knew you had a hair transplant— this is a big big relief. Mine still looks to the point i cant sit in from of someone without them commenting negatively or questioning. So, i am happy at least you can look natural man.
  16. Definitely no need to worry, you got excellent set of hair with no indication of loss.
  17. Can PRP or anything help with reducing some ridging and raised tissue in frontal hairline scalp area? It is due to many incisions in a smaller area, that cUsed scarred tissue. Or would you recommend resections for such areas? What about cobble-stoning? Is it repairable as well? I am trying to get successfully repaired but the doctor I counted on, clearly failed. Thank You!
  18. For the negative so far. Scalp is harmed and looks unnatural thanks to those I trusted and considered folks looking out for me. Now, i am Waiting for an ethical repair by a surgeon that shows care for the patient and also delivers goals outlined and discussed. If I could only turn back time and go with someone that didn’t give me false promises and hopes and gave me a 100% yield rate guarantee with their fue results like their fut at the time. Each day of my life goes by, I am wasting trying to figure out how to sort this and get out of this situation. How i can get th
  19. Looks good. It looks natural outdoors as well as inside. That’s when you know it is a success.
  20. I hear you. I am hoping some doctors can chime in and answer for you. i mean other health conditions can play a factor, scarring alopecia, fungal infections, low vitamin d or other blood related issues. Heavy folliculitus and scratching scalp causing scarring. Too many things. Now, if you hair extracted from safe zone, it could be that diffuse hairs could be present in safe zone as well. Some medications can accelerate or cause hair loss issues as well. In any case, the doctor that worked on you should be able to forecast and see issues or miniaturization issues with the scalp. Wh
  21. https://www.drcarloswesley.com/follicular-unit-extraction/ There are many other articles where it mentions lifetime hairs from safe zone after I did a search on google. https://haircenter.com/2018/11/07/vitamin-deficiency-hair-loss/ also, i feel from my own experiences, excessive freezing of scalp and excess liquid saline injections to numb the scalp, could cause tissue damage and that hairs may fall later or thin out. I feel extra scarring to the scalp and dense packing can also harm hairs. Too many factors. but to see your 2017 to 2020 look, it has notice
  22. If the hairs were taken from safe zone they should last forever. Within a period of 3 years it would be a drastic change. Are your Vitamin d levels good?
  23. Wow- Work looks really clean and refined. H&W clinic looks like they are the best in Canada. Kind of regret i have. What if i went to them instead, maybe i would not be in the mess I am in. They seem to know what they are doing.
  24. From my own experience, it seems true . The doctor has ruined my scalp with it, it seems and i am trying to get out of the situation. He never personally contacted me again. Just had his agents respond to me when i reached out, but the responses were nothing productive. Then i realized it was a mistake to even get in that chair
  25. Whoever did Elon’s, it looks natural. And yes, by the way the scar is, I was thinking H&W., But at least the man can go out in public and take interviews without issue. He can also function in his job, he can be forward facing up close to people, which unfortunately, some of us can’t anymore. I dont think somE doctors realize the magnitude of damage they caused or just do not care when they get the money.
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