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  1. I have been thinking about this for 4 years. I mentioned my wedding coming up previously only because I now want to take action and this gives me incentive to do so. I have thought about this for a long time and am just super unhappy with the way that I currently look. I believe this will help me feel more confident and help to change my life, but only if I can do it. I have consulted with some doctors online and only Scott Boden in person. Most of them said I was a good candidate except for Dr. Pekiner. Now, Dr. Pekiner has a lot of credibility on this website and I would trust he would tell me the truth and the others may have more reason to lie as they want my money.
  2. Hi Guys, So quick update...Dr. Pekiner agreed and thought I wasnt a good candidate..but Dr. Scott Boden who did a consultation in person said I was. Would it be worth it to go to Dr. Dorin to get a second in person opinion?
  3. Who did you go with? I will learn from your direction and make sure to spread the word about whatever doctor screwed you over.
  4. Hey guys! Quick update..I reached out to Dr. Pekiner and being the great doctor that he is, told me that I did not have a suitable donor area based on the photos that I provided. However, Dr. Scott Boden who I had a consultation with in person stated I was an excellent candidate back in March. Now I need help in making a decision. I am thinking of going for another consultation with Dr. Dorin in NY to see if he also believes I am an excellent candidate or not, or just going off of Dr. Scott Boden's recommendation. IF I go to a consultation with Dr. Dorin and he says that my donor area is good, I was thinking of potentially relaying this message to Dr. Pekiner and still getting it done in Turkey. If that is not a good idea, then I will have to decide between Dr. Dr. Dorin and Dr. Boden. Dr. Boden I met in person, seems really nice and even did the hair of some guy who was on the bachelorette. He is also featured on IAHRS.org, but it doesn't seem like many people know him on this website. Dr. Dorin is way more well known on this website, but I have obviously not met him before. What do you guys think based on the information I'm giving you? Really appreciate the help and like I said I have felt so lonely in this process, it really helps to have people looking out for me and willing to talk to me about it.
  5. Thank you all for the help and advice. Since my hair loss began 4 years ago, I have really felt super alone in this whole process. I wouldn't speak about it to literally anyone besides my fiance and occasionally my mother. I would never bring it up to my best friends, and whenever hair loss was discussed amongst my friends, family, or coworkers I would stay quiet and wait for the conversation to end. I want you guys to know that I have been thinking about doing this for a while, not just because I'm getting married in a year. I went for a consultation and heard nothing about my donor area being too thin, so hopefully Dr. Pekiner in Turkey will feel the same. I understand that one should not think about budget, but you have to when it's this amount of money. Obviously I would never want to go cheaper and achieve poor results, but there has to be doctors out there who are just as good and are significantly cheaper than ones in the US. I think Dr. Pekiner may be just that so I will see what he has to say.
  6. So I went to Dr. Scott Boden for a consultation back in March and he said I would need between 1700-1800 grafts. Said I had a good donor area. I think I might go to Dr. Pekiner. He seems really awesome and is budget friendly for me. I am definitely worried about flying to Turkey and am worried about if something health wise goes wrong that I won't have the type of care that I would in the US. If anyone can assure me there is nothing to worry about on all of my concerns I will definitely move forward with Dr. Pekiner. Thank you all for the help so far!
  7. Have you guys heard of Dr. Andrade from Madrid? Or EstePera from Turkey? Two places abroad I've put research into and have found great reviews but don't fully trust..
  8. Guys, remember I have gotten my haircut right before taking these photos and the barber gave me a 1 on the side. Besides, isn't the back of the my head where the donor area is? Also, is it worth saving a couple thousand on going abroad to Europe or staying in the US? Can anybody help me on the pros and cons of both? Also, any thoughts on how to best research doctors? Seems like a simple google search doesnt always work.
  9. I definitely don’t think I have DUPA, as you can see with my next two pictures that wouldn’t upload last night. I also had just gotten my haircut and I usually go 1 mm on the sides, not sure if that makes a difference. How much does a transplant typically Cost per graft with dr. Bloxham? Appreciate the help on this. I was considering Dr. Scott Boden. There was some poor reviews on him just being unknown back in 2012 but he seemed great when I met him and is listed on the IAHRS.
  10. Hi Guys, I have been struggling with hair loss for about 4 years now and I have decided to make a change. I want to get a hair transplant, with two conditions. I only want it done once, and I cant spend a ridiculous amount on it. Im thinking more in the $5k range. I live in New York, and am undecided on two options. I am considering Dr. Scott Boden, who I met and liked but is a little pricey, or going to Madrid with a gentleman named Dr. Juan Andrade. I would ideally like to go somewhere in the US, but it needs to be affordable. Is it worth it to go to Europe, or are there affordable great doctors in the US? Any affordable great ones in NY? I also don't want to go to Turkey as I am worried it's a little too dangerous.. Please, I need some help. I have my wedding in Nov 2020 and I cant look bald then. Thanks everyone, I have never openly spoke about this to anyone but my fiancé.
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