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    Rafael De Freitas
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    Clinica de Freitas
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    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
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    De freitas Clinic
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    7 to 10 Years
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  1. Thank you for your interest and inquiry. Unfortunately I do not have this information. Best regards!
  2. Thank you very much for your efforts, Melvin. And the support of the forum members. Of course opinions, views and suggestions are always welcome in our threads. However, like all honest forumers, we expect it to be done well intentioned and without ulterior motives. Best wishes to all.
  3. Good morning, MachoVato. Thank you for your question. If the owner of this publication allows me, I would like to tell you that in the Clinic we have multilingual workers who act as translators when a patient requires it. Likewise, if we receive a query by email, Wpp or social networks, we can respond in the language of the person who contacts us. Greetings and thank you again.
  4. REPAIR + RETOUCHING Patient operated by F.U.E. technique, with poor growth in recipient areas (entrances and frontal line). He presents fibrosis in all areas, with predominance in the temples. The donor and recipient areas in both cases are affected by fibrosis generated by the surgical material used. In addition there is a non-homogeneous and non-uniform extraction of the occipital area (more in the bilateral lower occipto-temporal area) with depletion of the same, where it is noticeable when wearing the hair shorter. Surgical plan for the 1st operation: Repair of the hair line and entrances in 2 days of intervention. Retouching after one year to increase density in frontal and receding hairline with naturalization of the frontal line. We will proceed to the extraction of multiple follicles of the first line and some misdirected follicles of the temples. Patient’s details: Sex: Male Age: 28 years old Level of alopecia: NW III Hair characteristics: Brown, straight and thin. Density: 69 Ufs/cm2 aprox. Grafts breakdown: 1 Grafts - 228 = 228 Hairs. 2 Grafts - 852 = 1704 Hairs. 3 Grafts - 1040 = 3120 Hairs. 4 Grafts - 187 = 748 Hairs. 5 Grafts - 5 = 25 Hairs. Total: 2.312 Grafts = 5.825 Hairs. Average: 2,51 Hairs/Graft. Post-Op treatment: Finasterida 1 mg/day. BEFORE DESIGN PLACEMENT 12 MONTHS RESULT RETOUCHING Sex: Male Age: 29 years old. Level of alopecia: NW III Hair characteristics: Brown, straight and thin. Surgical plan: Retouching of hair line, entrances and bilateral temples in 1 day of intervention. Grafts breakdown: 1 Grafts - 193 = 193 Hairs. 2 Grafts - 397 = 794 Hairs. 3 Grafts - 472 = 1416 Hairs. 4 Grafts - 55 = 220 Hairs. Total – 1.117 Grafts = 2.623 Hairs. Average 2,34 Hairs/Graft. Post-Op treatment: Finasterida 1 mg/día DESIGN PLACEMENT FINAL RESULT: DRY HAIR WET HAIR COMPARATIVES VIDEO We hope you like it. Best regards to all members of the forum!
  5. We really appreciate to BjornBorg for sharing your results and the comments of all the forum members. We're proud of your results and hope that you enjoy it a lot. Thank you again and looking forward to see you soon. Best regards.
  6. Good morning, cpfm. We appreciate your question. The patient takes each medication on different days. Best regards!
  7. Patient’s details Sex: Male Age: 53 years old Level of alopecia: Norwood II - III Hair characteristics: Brown-grey, wavy and thick hair. Surgical plan: Hair line and entrances have been restored in two days of intervention. OBS: It is a difficult case due the thickness of the hair. This restoration is performed using many follicular units of one hair in order to obtain the best and most natural result for the patient. Grafts breakdown: 1 Graft 579 = 579 Hair. 2 Grafts 1233 = 2466 Hairs. 3 Grafts 1020 = 3060 Hairs. 4 Grafts 299 = 1196 Hairs. 5 Grafts 33 = 165 Hairs. Total 3164 Grafts - 7466 Hair Average 2,36 Hairs / Graft. Postoperative medication: Finasteride 1 mg + Dutasteride 0,5 mg BEFORE DESIGN PLACEMENT 3 MONTHS LATER 12 MONTHS LATER WET HAIR COMPARATIVES VIDEO We hope you like it. Best regards to all members of the forum!
  8. Thank you for your comment! 🙏 We are glad to know that our content is interesting to the forum members, due we work hard to expose as clear as possible. About the permission for travelers it depends on the vaccine you have and the country you come from. please, check the regulations for your situation to make sure. It would be a pleasure to welcome you in our clinic. Kind greetings!
  9. Thank you very much for your comment. We consider that it is of great importance to optimize the use of the follicular units extracted and to preserve the donor capital in case a new intervention is necessary in the future. Best wishes!
  10. Patient’s details Sex: Male Age: 33 years old Level of alopecia: Norwood III - Diffuse. Hair characteristics: Blond, straight and medium thickness hair. Surgical plan: Hair line, entrances and central area have been restored in two days of intervention. OBS: The patient's desire is to prioritize the frontal line and entrances in a conservative and natural way with generalized density increase. Grafts breakdown: 1 Grafts - 473 = 473 Hairs. 2 Grafts - 1628 = 3256 Hairs. 3 Grafts - 858 = 2574 Hairs. 4 Grafts - 44 = 176 Hairs. Folículos 3003 - Hairs 6479. Total: 3003 Grafts - 6479 Hairs. Average: 2,15 Hairs/Graft. BEFORE DESIGN PLACEMENT 3 MONTHS LATER 12 MONTHS LATER WET HAIR COMPARATIVES VIDEO We hope you like it. Best regards to all members of the forum!
  11. Thank you for your inquiry. The feasibility of surgery is analyzed on a case-by-case basis. In this case, treatment with medication was necessary and that was the recommendation to obtain satisfactory results. There is no single answer to your question, each case must be evaluated in particular, its needs, health status, the level of alopecia, among many other factors.
  12. Thank you very much for posting your comment and telling us about your experience. Shockloss is a common but unpredictable reaction in every case. However, it is important to know that this process is temporary and the fallen hair should grow back, as the roots are still intact in place. Best regards! 🙌👋
  13. Thank you very much, Melvin and forum members, for recognizing and appreciating our work. Best regards to all of you.
  14. Good morning. We appreciate your question. Yes, the patient is following a personalized treatment that combines Dut and Fin. Best regards!
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