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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  • Hair Transplant Surgeon
    Dr. Hussain Rahal
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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    Nizoral Shampoo
    Revita Shampoo
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  1. That is worrisome. I have reduced posting on BT due to similar concern. For any forum or marketing platform, I think there really is no excuse for disabling/deleting/etc threads away when a doctor or result is questioned. It is the purpose of the forum to critique. A forum is used to engage in user feedback and response and it isnt a one way streak. Sometimes comments may be a painful thing to swallow. It is up there for a reason. Not to have you accept it blindly. Marketing is marketing, folks you need to understand that most people are not out there to possibly help you. You can complain all you want, but folks do not just take folks out of the organizations. What you do is instead email CNN investigators to do stories on how folks use marketing on forums and what events occur. You keep emailing news organizations in the masses and a story gets picked up to investigate. You send them screenshots. You file complaints with FTC and mention key points to concerns. This industry is actually easy to take on. Cell phone companies, vitamin supplements, etc are fined easily for valid concerns. This is true regardless of what disclaimers they have. The law is the law. Do not be hesitant and just file. You wouldn’t believe how powerful FTC, FDA, and media complaints are when they are valid. Ask real patients with no agenda as to how they feel for feedback. This result you posted definitely is worrisome. I get more feedback on folks needing repairs and it isn’t just with the surgeon indicated here. There are disclaimers people are afraid of, but shouldn’t be. Courts understand the nature of disclaimers and can see unfair intent in them. Like I mentioned before, if you are raped, but then told to sign another disclaimer to not hold person responsible for the harm caused, the people and law will still hold that person accountable as per law. Elective procedure or not, it is duty of a surgeon to fully inform and not withhold anything. Lets hope the folks having repair issues now can get the proper care soon and can move on with their lives.
  2. Yes, Because remember this—- the time your graft is outside of your body, and hitting oxygen vs blood. If you have a 3000 graft procedure and your surgery is taking 10+ hours, then those grafts based on their texture and strength are risking follicle death. They may not grow if they die prior to placement. Now, you do 1000-1500 grafts but under 6 hours they are in your head again - the follicle death risk is greatly reduced. The weaker the hair, the faster it can die.
  3. Dr Keser is really really good too when it comes to hairlines. He is based out of Turkey. He does manual extraction and does smaller procedures per session to maximize graft survival. Dr Cuoto is up there too but he is booked out for such a long time. 3+years it is crazy. Very hard to get in his chair.
  4. Amazing hair. I do not see an issue at this current time. Relax and enjoy! Do not try to fix something that isn’t broken. You are lucky you have great hair. Will it change later? Who knows, but right now, you are good to go and do not need anything. Best of luck.
  5. If you are looking for yield , symmetry, and DISTINCT change, you do have great surgeons nearby. Have you seen Dr Ball’s work with Maitland? London or Hampshire I believe.
  6. Wow, it looks to be ahead of schedule and the probability is that this is going to be a great result. It already looks good at this stage. Again, was this done with complete manual extraction? Were any motorized drills used to extract grafts or was it a manual punch? Thanks.
  7. 2600 grafts went a long way! Natural and conservative, however, key point here is it is a distinct change and noticeable successful distinct improvement. Ive seen some other docs post similar cases but the outcome is as they say so subtle that it is next to questionable(and for the money spent, not worthwhile)— here on the other hand it is distinct face enhancing improvement for the better. Great work!
  8. I can see the concern but not to worry, i think this is fixable. Im in a similar boat but my see through effect goes in like 3 cm more and looks more see through. No doubt surgery and the entire process is painstaking and time consuming. A doctor should try their best to prevent reruns or repairs. You lose so much time and energy and etc. Thats why i can understand the pain. I would get few consults and see how many grafts are needed to repair this. Contact top surgeons that have free online consults. Hope you get this situated and hope you can move forward smoothly. Best wishes
  9. I meant last resort in the sense to try meds first and see if you tolerate them. Finasteride, nizoral, minoxidil combo after speaking with physician. Also get a blood test to determine if there is underlying issues for patchiness in donor. Vitamin d deficiency? Thyroid tsh levels? Etc. Or is it something else- a dermatologist can help determine this. it seems to be diffuse and hair type looks Asian. This itself is very delicate hair type for FUE and may not withstand high speed motorized devices nor suction based devices for graft extractions. Might I suggest to get few more online consults with docs that have dealt with this hair type- ex Dr Diep, Dr Wong, Etc to start. aside from that, please realize you have varying degrees of hair in front that may be shocklossed permanently if you implant in between those fragile hairs. Definitly should try meds if you can for an entire year to see where you stand. option 2 could be using toppik or temporary smp as filler. Consider surgery last as if you get something done and it doesn’t turn out ok, you have very limited donor. the right docs may be able to help but i would take a conservative approach to this. last thing i want is for you to be a repair patient. I really hope you have all your goals answered. It is tough, but I definitely do not want someone to go through what I an going through. Best wishes
  10. High risk to have surgery at this stage. Ive been in similar shoe before. Transplanting into native hair can lead to permanent shockloss and extra scarring needing repairs. Id agree with Folks that posted above, wait this out and see how you progress. Right now it is too early to be in the surgical chair. Best of luck with everything
  11. You got some good choices listed. Pretty tough list to choose from. Definitely weigh the pros and cons of each. Review their surgical protocol. Review grafts estimates. See if you can meet non clinic presented patients—- maybe forum members of each? Hope you get the adequate restoration goals you desire with the doc you pick. Hope you get a result so that you do not have to search again and can be at peace. Best best wishes.
  12. Woa, who did your other procedure? Where the hair is thin in front and thick behind it. Dr Bloxham is a good man. Hoping you have a great result. It is a little trickier to do some repairs due to impacted scar tissue in recipient zone but im sure Dr Bloxham has a method to this. It would be interesting to see this result come in months ahead. Your repair area isn’t too bad and I think doable. Best of luck and happy growing!
  13. If you are rejected, that is assurance as high number of extractions are done vs recipient coverage area in some clinics. I would hold off for a bit and get multiple consults with other surgeons who use less grafts vs the recipient coverage area and get higher yield. No doubt, surgery should be a last resort. Best of luck!
  14. Dr Bisanga and his joint clinic I heard is really good at this. May want to see some patient results from him and see if anyone is willing to meet in person. Best of luck
  15. Solid solid solid.... i concur , absolute dream result. Good choice was made. Man, that looks fantastic and gosh, definitely does not look like nor shows any hint of a transplant. Awesome!