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  1. The way Dr Mohebi is doing it here and with the extraction machine he is using, it seems he is getting out very healthy grafts. IT would be great to see how this yields in the end. Another doc did extract and put beard hairs in my crown but i feel it shocked more hairs and the yield of the beard hairs was not there at all. Especially, in my crown which was virgin untouched tissue before. I’ll have to get analysis and opinions from docs regarding what happened to my crown as well. It was poor yield and looks worse since then. This video does look promising that with proper protocol, healthy grafts can be extracted. I like how Dr Mohebi takes grafts and quickly puts them back in, thus leaving less risks to follicle death from External exposures.
  2. The angulation of recipient grafts and cleanliness of the work is top notch. Thanks for updating as im especially interested in seeing this. There’s a lot of folks bashing Turkey for pricing vs quality and i get there may be some clinics in question. BUT to have a doctor focus on you, work with you solely, cater to you, manually extract, do limited extractions to help maximize yield, and not break the bank, is very envious. Truly can’t wait to see this result and how is Dr Kaan Pekiner’s patient follow up care? Are they following up with you? Are they about complete patient satisfaction- do they do touch up later (that’s IF patient needs it)? Do you have more grafts remaining for future? did he manually extract beard grafts as well? good luck and best wishes, hope this turns out great for you
  3. Surgery is tiring for a surgeon- whether too many grafts are being extracted or two patients heads are being extracted. it’s best to be the patient who is solely focused on during surgery. You want to lessen your risks
  4. Surgical protocol, ethics, standard of care, patient relationship, attention to detail, again— high ethics is key to a safer less risky journey. There are 1$ Per graft surgeons here and 12$ Per graft surgeons here. One is not better then the other. You got Dr Vories (IN US)that has one of the lowest prices for fue done manually and by himself all the way. That doesn’t mean another doc is better than him if they pay more and in some of those cases, other docs may have various techs extract grafts surgically. It all comes down to ethics. There are Turkish docs that were once never on forums and now they are recommended on forums, same goes for any doc. You just have to scope out the practice and get a feel of what they have to offer . Look for key traits and see if their actual results and people you meet in person, satisfy your expectations. Be smart about it- if you see a hair mill, avoid it. If you see cases of failures, avoid it. If you see doctors bashing patients, avoid it. If you see anything surgically wrong, avoid it. Look at the tools they use, their explanations and so forth. Only you can decide. money means nothing. You can have a ferrari or lambo and still break down or you can have a toyota camry and last 500,000 miles while giving you better gas mileage. i can buy an armani shirt and spend tons and wash it and it is screwed vs buying a gap shirt washing it over and over and not buying as frequently. Price does not dictate quality, materials do. What the item is made out of. So many points still remain so many factors, but im not going to write a book. do your due diligence and do not fall for elaborate marketing- just focus on the practice and ask plenty questions
  5. Cheap does not equal poor result. Expensive does not equal great result. There are no guarantees in surgery so there are no guarantees in price. Anything can happen All that matters is High ethics and standards of care and patient satisfaction.
  6. Do you know the density per cm2 in your recipient area? What concerns me is when you mentioned scalp fibrosis and raised scalp. What are the options around that?
  7. Ranger, definitely this is something that needs to be rectified. At 22 months, there is sparsity that isn’t supported by natural lighting. Did you get consults from other docs to see what they say? Sometimes it helps getting multiple viewpoints to see how this should be addressed. I hope you get this resolved and can move forward. Wish you the best
  8. Woa, you weren’t kidding regarding the suit in the past— http://www.dmlp.org/threats/alvi-armani-medical-inc-v-hennessey
  9. This is a tough one- you had FUT and had a yield of 10%. Chances are, quite high, it may not yield well with this surgeon if it did not the first time? Oh the limited options presented to you, It’s great there is no refund so you can’t go elsewhere, but the surgeon realizes this is bad and they can somehow help you in a way they didn’t the first time around, but this time, you’ll need to get off their back. This can be bad for business ya know. This time around you may sign a ridiculous piece of paper that while the surgeon plants for no cost as this is a repair now, this time he doesn’t want you to talk about it here there anywhere. You may be asked to remove your posts. Get ready to be slammed, by those with interests, if you indulge any more information online. Your desperate, you want to get out of this situation, but this seems like your only route, and, the surgeon may know this, so you have to sign a piece of paper, which, is now next to extortion, to move forward. What do ya do? You’ve been quite depressed, rightfully so, and we all know how important mental health is. So, we can see there is a unique issue here from what I’ve read from your post. I, on the other hand, as a repair patient who needs a repair, do not want you to be taken advantage of, under these circumstances nor to face any pressure online, when you are already going through a lot. Age 21 was quite young to get a transplant. Talk to close folks around you that can help you by talking things out. Its important you have someone to talk to. It is quite hard to gauge that only 10% grew- that’s like next to nothing. How did they come up with that calculation? How does your strip scar look? Since you had like 3200 grafts done, this means this surgeon is aiming for 3200 minus 320 grafts this time i take it? What was his reasoning for the failure last time? Were multiple patients being worked on the same day? Was anything dense packed? ive gone through this before, the repairs did not rectify the situation but made it worse. I am now trying to find an honest and ethical surgeon who can Genuinely get me out of this nightmare. Ethics and honesty matters in this world. If you have someone with morals, they will never let you down. This industry is very cunning and you have to stick around to see and study behaviors and responses and so forth. best of luck to you and i hope you get out of this mess. Id advise you to get consults with multiple doctors and tell them what happened. See what they say. dont jump right in. It may help you formulate your decision whether to go back to them or find another surgeon. Also, check with a dermatologist to see if they can verify if your physiology had anything to do with this. Some people get checked for scarring alopecia. If your physiology is good to go, other things could have happened during your surgery- how many hours were your graft left our, what solution were your grafts in, etc etc etc. if it grows properly this time, youll know it probably wasn’t your physiology.
  10. Derek, hope you get this sorted. I know how it is when sunlight hits the area and also indoor light as well. It would be nice to see your journey with dr Wong. Did he say it will take one pass or more than one? i am anxiously waiting to get fixed where the right doctor can fix the work of doctors that led to damages on my scalp. The worst thing doctors can do is to lose patients and not communicate with them , doctors should be honest and ethical. Like you, im extremely frustrated. wish you the best.
  11. Regardless of what is on any consent including “death”, Surgeons are held accountable for their actions that harm a patient. Even if a patient commits suicide due to damages, then that patients family can go after a doc. Sad this happened and in the days of scalp flaps and etc, it was actually common. feel sorry for this patient and his family though—- tragic
  12. Seems like pitting in recipient zone and donor depletion due to excessive scarring. Hopefully it is rectified and wish you the best. Dr Kumar, would the yield be greatly jeopardized second time if there is scarring in hairline within recipient zone?
  13. Will be interesting to see this. Beard grafts in my case shocked my crown and harmed the area more, but it was with a different surgeon. It will be great to see how this yields. The yield for me was very poor and it shocked existing hairs which made the area look worse. I think beard hairs may be more beneficial to strip scars or scars, but to fully cover crown or in between native hairs may not be ideal.
  14. Kickbutt, tuhada Ki haal hay? Sorry to see you going through this process. You should look at a few cases Of traction alopecia posted by Hasson Wong. They seem to do a good job and had success with it. You current hair angulation and density seems off for the number of grafts done. Angulation and proper lateral slits are key to make this more natural. Hope you can move forward and get through this. I am currently in a mess too and trying to look natural. Best of luck man