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  1. Remember this though, if you take finasteride, to disclose it at blood withdrawal centers. Your blood can go to a pregnant woman. With the amount of folks taking finasteride, you just have to be careful. A woman or child should not have any contact with that pill nor with any residue it leaves behind after it is handled. if you are trying for a baby, it should not affect the child, it may diminish some sperm. But it may be beneficial to be off it for few days when You try. These days you never know long term effects of anything, it seems like researchers find something new later down the line.
  2. Hey pkipling, it has been tough. Thank you for the kind words. I think here may have been several factors at play. But i think in the right hands beard hair should be ok and yield well for the crown. It will depends on the tool and texture of hair and etc. I agree with you completely though. I will probably get into details later on. Dr Mohebi does great work. Has he done any repairs lately?
  3. I had pics online in my thread, they somehow were taken down. Not by me. i did snag all copies of the threads prior to pic removal so that i have document of what was there and removed/ for records. I plan ahead for games like that. But Obviously, you want to meet folks in person in genuine need of help and not some troll or hidden employee behind the ip. As a repair patient, with no clinic link or freebie or commission or any other hidden incentive, or discount on future procedure, i tend to show things as they are. Nothing weird about it. I have more documentation and folks that reviewed my pics then you can imagine. Easier to explain in person then to detail everything and Put all pics up at the moment. Its actually common sense. In person, people can look closely and see things more realistic and can understand what they are up against. I have a lot of docs that sympathize with my current situation. In time of my choosing, I will lay out things consecutively with detailed summaries and etc. It takes time to do these things especially if you are a good documenter. I don’t have time for it at the moment to do currently. Meeting a person takes like 5 min if they are willing to drive to nearby spots. It actually can save a life. It’s like community service. I don’t think many folks partake in things like that. I know a few that do, but many do not.
  4. I had a better crown preop, then beard etc hairs put in, yield was poor and next to nothing and my original hairs were shocked. Area didnt seem to recover much. Many factors And things happened but i will get in to it with in depth detail and etc later with proper documentation obviously. It will take me a while to type up. Not posting pics just yet but i am available to meet if anyone is in my local area to show. I met around 200 folks so far. Most being repair folks. Yes, but Rahal does not work with body hairs or nape hairs. In any case, it certainly helps when x number of doctors and military organizations constantly evaluate certain cases.
  5. Yup, the procedure overall damaged the scalp further It seems. Shocked the crown too. Couple surgeons reviewed and verified. Including military docs. Will see if i can get a graft count check done in the future, that would make things even more clear. Maybe another doctor could have done it different? On my scalp that is with my hair type? Comments like this are a big motivator to start a detailed thread. Not a bad idea to probably do after I get things sorted to show A , B , and C and to let folks gauge themselves. Currently, trying to figure out how to get rid of cobblestoning, ridging, unnatural angulations and groupings of these certain hairs that make my scalp look way too fake, no where near artistic touch and proper symmetry. Draws the eyes of many folks. Point is to make the right decisions now when many fue impacts have been done to the scalp. Will i need a resection, can steroid injections lower the ridging, should i add grafts over it, shat do i do for the cobblestoning, will i need multiple mini procedures for a proper repair now, should i do fue still, should i move on with fut, should i punch out the unnatural looking hairline now to rectify? So many ways to analyze and tackle this situation. It is like thinking into a puzzle to get out of the nightmare i’m been left with unfortunately. Maybe things worked out for you for your own particular goals based on the conditions of your scalp, suited needs, and particular level of loss, but they certainly did not for me. Chest hair wouldn’t have the same density as scalp hair though nor do i think it would be at the same hair growth cycles. My scalp is Not to the point of looking natural and proper for sure. My friends, family, colleagues, people I know, mention it looks worse. Again, most docs advise ya can’t take finasteride if you have bht. I hope folks can understand that it is detrimental to those hairs if they undergo bht.
  6. I hear ya. Not completely denouncing it— for a natural looking artistic hairline, it isn’t the way. Now if your a norwood 6 and need hairs to cover and create the buzz illusion, it may be an only option. You wont be able to grow it out to stick your hair up like a hipster for sure though. I feel it is not the first use hair approach, it completely makes the area look unnatural in front and you can tell where (if it grows) in frontal hairline areas that it is not the same as scalp hair. The angulation is not accurate and it has a harder time surviving fue extractions as it is more fragile And has different angulations. Aside from that, the biggest factor is, finasteride can be damaging to those hairs and you will shed those hairs if you take finasteride, thats why most bht surgeons ask if your taking finasteride to discontinue it if you get bht transplantation. Artistic symmetry just does not exist with that type of hair though. That is what I am trying to get at. Ive spoken to lots of people that had it and are upset they did. You dont see things like this posted on forums as most people are pretty private unless they are repairs like you or feel you may give them non biased advice to ask. That’s why it is easier to deceive or misguide folks online if all you see is how positive one thing is claimed, then you go for it yourself and ask wtf happened. Again, you are at greater risk with the Yield with this type of hair. Some of those body hair cases where you even see any indication of growth are like 10,000+ grafts. Even then, it is see through and not as viable. For hairline and natural hairline depiction, body hair such as beard, chest, armpit, pube, even fragile nape hairs, should not be utilized. Esp for the guys that are like norwood 4 and below Who have a decent amount of natural scalp hair in between. i am only saying it after talking to other patients and happened myself. no doubt though, folks like Dr Mwamba, Dr Bisanga, Dr Col, etc probably have a better control with extracting this type of hair and safely do it for their patients. They do get some better coverage then others who use this type of hair. Some docs may need to use 10,000- 20,0000 grafts of body hair, while some may need less then 6,000 for similar tweak. In the end, it will be sparse and does not have the density similar to scalp hair. If all fails Or something fails in transplantation, this hair may be the only resort to fix damage to the scalp. If you have no donor, it may be the only thing for you to have hair, even though it may not look natural like scalp hair or if you have a buzzed look. Try growing it 2-3 inches evenly to stick your hair up. It wont grow the same rate as scalp hair either with differing cycles.
  7. That’s right. When done wrong it can mess up the donor. It is quite painful. There are threads talking about implanting body hair for donor depletion. Care to chime in?
  8. Dr Mwamba, not only answers to posts in great detail, but he seems to know what he is doing. He uses a variety of punches and it is good for people to ask him what kind and he will answer. Your donor is coming out really well and natural looking. I like the nice density you got up top as well. It looks natural and hip.
  9. Do not risk it guys. Although, some hairs may be good to fix depleting fue donor or strip scars or create eyebrows, but this is not the hair for hairlines and for visibly distinct changes! It looks unnatural and in regular sunlight or places with daylight contrast in bulbs, you are screwed (univerisites, supermarkets, stores, car rental places, airports, etc). Thats why you see some folks who have density issues post pics in dim lit photos and angles. They are only deceiving themselves and some other folks who are desperate to have hair at any cost. I had 1000’s of folks and messages across the web. There were few folks under the impression that nape hair, chest, and body hair is the way for hairline, midscalp, and crown restoration. This hair is not suitable and I now know from my own experience from the west coast. It will ruin your hairline more and make it look more unnatural. Depending on the texture of hair, beard hair may be the only hair ok for the crown, if anything, depending on how it is done and your caliber. Chest and nape hair will negatively affect the actual density of your pre-existing hairs and previously transplanted hairs it seems. It will make the hairline look even more fake. For me, it has made hairline worse, shocked my previously transplanted hairs it seems, caused extra ridging and pitting, was misangled when it was supposed to be lateral slit. It has also damaged my crown area and had no visible benefit. I am so stressed about this entire ordeal. I appreciate doctors doing evals on yield from that particular procedure so i can fully document and showcase and am evaluating what ethical surgeon will fix the work. Due to COVID, it may be hard to show face to face. But if folks are interested, that have my hair type, it may help them gauge what to expect.
  10. Looks more even now and definitely distinctly improved. The fade does not look off now. It seems to blend. This is a great case to see as ive had similar concerns.
  11. How does it look indirect sunlight with hair pushed up? How does it look under a tubelight? If you are 7.5 months you should have some extra thickness and maturity of grafts coming in. Hopefully at one year mark you can guage it more clearly. Are you taking any meds? Bottom line is, at least your scalp is not like mine after transplantation which is clearly damaged and a noticeable distinct failure. best of luck to you and hopefully in next 3-4 months it will blend in more.
  12. Yes, few surgeons do. But for most, they may be free. And sometimes surgeons charge you to tell you if you get surgery with them the fee can be subtracted fr your procedure
  13. Absolutely, various factor help if you share pics or if you pick a spot that someone cancelled. If you hAve more grafts that need to be dine, they can give you better pricing etc. I know a lot of surgeons that do this and ive noticed different prices even when my surgeries were booked. Someone may have gotten better pricing someone may have paid more. Never would have known unless so many folks reached out to me.