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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  • Hair Transplant Surgeon
    Dr. Hussain Rahal
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. 3000 grafts here well done. Larger area to cover and 3000 went a long way. If you look at other 3000 graft results on this forum, for a good portion, they do not look natural. Here is a natural looking result. Kudos to the doc.
  2. Really? What happened? I saw him and some his patients in person and this was like 2 +years ago and work looked quite natural. Not discounting your issue though, but do you have a thread or pics to show what happened? Was it in Your hairline for you? What would you rate the yield? Ive noticed that lateral slit creates most natural result and will prevent multi direction when done right. Good luck with everything
  3. Nape, beard hair, chest hair will clearly look unnatural in hairline. It may even shock your other hairs. If you have eyes staring at your scalp after a so called repair with these hairs, then you know that the hair quality looks terrible.
  4. 1- entity based awards or memberships do not mean jack shit, some known docs can screw up on you and try to deny or ignore you later 2- you can get screwed if surgery protocol and other key items are not done right 3- if you do not research and wait, you can set yourself up for trouble later A lot of money is involved and you must decide if you want doc to do the surgery or techs
  5. Dr Wong seems to be a great guy. Ive spoken with him. I kind of feel they are top notch possibly in Canada and as well as North America in general. Especially the west coast folks, you have Dr Baubac, Dr Diep and H&W. Their work probably stands out especially when it comes to yield and tru lateral slit work. You got some clinics that may tell you they will do lateral slit but then your hairs (if some grow) are in all different directions and you just look and wonder how the hell do you get out of this situation. There may be updates soon. Hopefully, will see what happens. But I highly recommend folks to video record their journeys from the very moment you talk to a doctor in person and do this like a blog so you do not get blamed later for this and that or there is no denial from a doc or change of stories later. If you are considering H&W, I think it it a safer option vs some other docs. Best of luck
  6. Toppik works well if the transplant isnt too terrible but lacking som density. If your area is far more damaged and you lack more density then toppik can look unnatural and seem caked as you end up over applying to give it density. Totally blows but what can you do when you get screwed over
  7. So cobblestoning and ridging and donor loss and see through hairs in front will be an injury to a patient right? Emotional torment would count as well right?
  8. Impressive indeed. This is a homerun. This is why it is important to sit in the right surgical chair . Some doctors do not deliver like this, even those that are consider up there. This doctor seems to put out great work. I cant turn back time but im hopeful something can be done to remedy the damages on my scalp. Seeing work like this makes a person hopeful.
  9. This is a substantial change where you can call it a true success. No sign of recession nor unnatural look to the front. Sometimes you wish can turn back time and sit in the right chair. You guys at Hasson Wong are putting out top notch work.
  10. I can feel the pain man. Dont lose hope. There may be a way around this. Donor destruction is real and due to wreckless extractions or those close to each other, also can be due to tools used. This industry is extremely dangerous. Smp in the right hands may help, however, if you can show the donor only it may help see where this can be treated. More and more consumer/patient protective agencies need to take notice of these things. I am sure your situation can be remedied in right hands. Do not go to any beard or bht or body hair surgeon for this at tge moment as it can make things worse. Right now, a good track plan from a good smp clinic may help.
  11. Quite honestly, 11 months was enough time for shockloss to come back. You can see a distinct pattern or halo here at a certain length. There isnt much you can do to remedy it but grow your hair out. Extraction in a wide spread pattern is better vs a compressed extraction zone. This is the type of krap i face and options are limited unless you go in again for hair transplant and have them extract in zone above or side to it to taper the density. Or if you are completely done with restoration concerns, then smp in future may help address it. Type of tools and extraction protocol plays a big role with donor damage and few docs admit to that—-and that's if an actual doctor is doing the surgical extraction vs a tech. Wish you the best of luck man.
  12. Melvin,wow, that was straight styled by dried lipogaine? Does it leave oily effect or is it rather full? As oily effect tends to make hair look thinner. How much is a bottle?
  13. I am very surprised you got an earlier date with him. Hope to see your progress. Minoxidil i would avoid for like 2 months or so at least or what the doc says. Same thing with the gym. Some docs like keeping things in scalp gentle for first few months while some may give you diluted amounts if minoxidil and corn huskers solution. It all depends on the doctor.
  14. Less is probably less riskier as higher graft counts and out of body extracted graft time can minimize yield overall. If you want to play it safe, 2500 grafts would probably be a better option. Is it stick and immediately place graft or is it extract all grafts then wait to reinsert them?