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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    Dr. Hussain Rahal
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  1. There are quite a few folks that may be in these shoes and that is a great question you are asking. The area to excise is quite large via strip. If you were to get a strip, the scar will probably show in the lower density area as even the triclosire technique wont have enough grafts to grow between the strip wound. If it is possible, hope a lot of docs can chime in. But SMP may be a option to visually decrease the outline of density loss. If you need more grafting later, id hold off on smp. Did any doc mention adding other hairs such as beard to fill in the area? Very unfortunate situation. It is surely frustrating and hope you get resolution soon. But understanding you may have to wait is ok. Try to wait it off a couple of years if you can so you can have a stable loss outlook. You do not want to keep getting transplants if you go in for the next one now, because you may lose more later. Definitely try to extend the repair if you can. This is very upsetting to see.
  2. I think Dr Rahal pricing is in All Canadian Dollars and inclusive of everything. There is also a discount for out of town travelers I believe. I do not think he is a Canadian business charging US dollars. Folks had to convert USD to Canadian to pay for surgeries. I’ve read Hasson & Wong is charges US dollars and plus 3% taxes on that as well. $5 USD for FUT up to 2000 grafts then $3 USD for FUT thereafter.
  3. Corbinite, it may not be a bad idea to do a small test session as you hinted as well. If it doesn’t grow then you know its not a good choice. But you got plenty of leg hair, similar to mine. Definitely interested in how your repair goes. As a side note— You may want to consider filing a complaint with detailed photos to ISHRS and IAHRS if the surgeon who did this is recommended there and copy/send those complaints to the local med board and FTC. Let FTC know you filed a complaint with the ISHRS + IAHRS because it is very important they know ISHRS + IAHRS have been notified about it. That’s if you decide that route. But really interesting to see your next repair see as I’ve heard Dr Bisanga is a great repair surgeon. Regarding smp, remember it is temporary, will you keep getting it again and again every few years? yar I wish you all the best. Thanks for sharing too.
  4. Turning 40 and you look great Spanker. What a nice natural result and look. Excellent hair style!!!
  5. Nice, so nice to see a successful procedure for a change without any issue. This is clearly a distinct change and what most folks would like to achieve. This makes the outcome look natural. great work!
  6. There is Dr Keser, dr Cinik, dr Karadeniz, Hattingen, Dr Lupanzula. You can also try India? It is quite cheap there too with Dr Bhatti, Eugenix, etc. sometimes you can get in cheaoer with doctors if you accept cancellation dates from other patients. Just make sure you are able to get visa or book tickets in time. Best of luck!
  7. Corbinite, are you tryig to cover up all those FUE scars with leg hair? Honestly, from thos pics, that poor FUE extraction made those scars are kind of keloid like (bumpy and standing out like goosebumps). Usually with FUE they are more inverted. Pretty frustrating to see what you are going through and I can understand it is quite painful to go through this bullshit. Have you reached out to Dr Bisanga, Dr Lindsey, Dr Lupanzula, Dr Cooley, Dr Wong to start off and see what they say? I now think chest and nape hair are useless and money wasters that may look unnatural and grow piss poor. Beard hair can look unnatural too, it can harm crown if you have native hairs nearby probably. It could end up causing you more headache. Leg hair, you seem to have plenty of it, but it has to be extracted properly and has to be able to grow in and out of scar tissue. Also, keep this in mind, are you using finasteride? If so, it has an adverse effect on body hairs. It grows scalp donor hair but sheds body donor hairs. I can’t imagine how much money and time you spent already and it is quite frustrating. I wish you a very solid repair and good recovery. Best of luck and pm if you need to. Really hope you are able to get out of this mess and move forward.
  8. Looks great! This is the goal of most patients but most do not get this outcome. Excellent work with small punch size m and safer extraction!
  9. I hate when a person has to go back in that chair, but it looks like you may have to here to hit that crown. Are your goals documented in email and any chats? If doctors own judgement was made to not hit the crown and if you discussed it as a goal then that can be an issue. Not sure about the case here, but ive noticed a trend that some docs leave things out for a patient to return later. I saw couple of folks have purposely elevated hair lines on one side only to painfully return again later to make it more easier to style. Then temples purposely done in an off shape only to be given new qoutes to return later for work. If patients express certain distribution and goals then any doc should consider it if it is doable. It’s not easy to repeatedly go back into the chairs for additional corrections and loss of time from everything. best of luck with everything
  10. Honestly, lacking at the stage but hoping it turns around for you in next 2 months. Working in between native hair is very risky. yaar I hope things go good for you and your dad. Best of luck but definitely continue to post for your own record as well. Give it another 2 months to see if significant differences start occurring.
  11. Jezm, depending on the level of Yield a doctor can achieve, 2000-2500 should be sufficient. Wreckless and overdone placement in a native hair zone could make you come back to that surgical seat for round two or go into repair mode multiple times. if you are comfy with motorized extractions from techs and are paying for the doctor to have minimal involvement, then definitely consider the route. If you want to be the only patient of the day and pay for doctor extracted manual extractions, you can research who offers it. remember, your caliber/thicknes level of hair will also determine if your grafts survive better with motorized or manual. Even though, there is a case posted, the physiology is a bit different. Same goes for curly African hair vs Asian hair vs mid east vs euro vs other hairs. You are best off requesting photos from clinic with your exact hair type and the end desired result. Best of luck on your journey.
  12. Sean


    Melvin, I have not had artas but have seen results of it up close in person. But take a look at hair type and graft counts when done either FUT or FUE using non ARTAS method and then ARTAS, it doesn’t seem to have as much ump. Even online across several forums, even when comparing and contrasting so many compareable sized procedures, I do not see the same yield. Yes, it does get growth, not saying it doesn’t, but it doesn’t seem to show any wow factor cases. I do agree with you, not all folks can gave same tool used. Some may have thicker skin, some with African hair, some getting pube hair extracted, some nay havevery thick hair, some may have very thin hair. Certain motorized punch may work easier vs all manual. But for hairlines, i still think manual can get great single hair grafts out efficiently. Then you can use different mm punches to extract to fill in larger crown like areas and so forth. Punches are being constantly improved but this one by Dr Devroye is quite promising http://www.devroyeinstruments.com/ Dr Konior and Dr Nadimi use motorized as well? I thought they were strictly manual when it came to FUE? Thanks for sharing.
  13. This is not the norm of fue extraction nowadays. It seems to be a very carless extraction. Larger punches may have been used with a compressed extraction pattern. It is complete bullshit to see this nowadays. Not much you can do about it except grow hair out longer to conceal it. Sorry to see you facing this. It definitely isn’t easy and pretty frustrating. Who was the surgeon?
  14. Looks pretty good! And at a good price
  15. Sean


    Bingo, I can prove it to. A lot of top surgeons, stopped using it for a reason. You have yet to see a highly distinguished result. You pay royalty on each graft. You have fda updates and revisions on its components. It supposedly extracts certain hair types. I definitely do not believe the successful extraction yield surpasses human hand extraction. So much more. Again, you may have folks that are part of other organizations that are/were consultants to it and that may confuse some folks overall. Melvin, i think tools do matter, surgeon skill is not the only variable here. Liquid/air suction based punches vs high speed motorized vs punch size vs blunt punches vs manual extraction with smaller punch sizes. Manual will always be the least riskier option in the hands that excel in that art- a lot of surgeons told me this, even ones that do not perform it. For motorized, There is Dr Devroye’s device which is variable and probably a really well liked extraction tool by most surgeons who are not performing manual extraction. That tool seems to show less risk and decent gains. It seems to be a very big hit and at a much cheaper price tag. Issue is, if forums regulate the safer options of extraction, it will be hard to have many doctors listed ir recommended. Very few truly do true manual extraction and it wont be enough to earn revenue. Take a look at ISHRS and see how many use Artas, Motorized, Manual extraction methods. This list is very small with manual. Very few do this and take on only one patient a day. It all ends with, manual extraction is too tedious and tiring and time consuming- but yet we allow surgeons that create incisions and extractions on multiple patients a day which can be even more tiring and tedious and risky. It is what it is.