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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    In the last 10 years
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    Dr. Hussain Rahal
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. Melvin, i am having hard time. I am looking at amazon. Is the top $16 item similar functionality to dermatch? Dermatch is like $47 plus tax. Honestly, i wish I can get out of this nightmare. Financial damages to getting repaired are hurting me as well. Doctor left me with repair mess that requires much more financially than what I put down. my goals were never addressed as discussed. I am hoping this dermatch addresses area temporarily, where Dr was supposed to address and fix on my scalp. so frustrated with this
  2. Do not step in the chair yet. If meds are not distinctly improving the scalp, then a ht will be a chasing situation. hairs that are finer will have hard time during extraction process. I’d wait a year to see if meds continue to improve hair quality and growth. Have you used oral finasteride tablets?
  3. Othersyde, been a while, Lookin good, hairline looks great, scar looks much better. Significant change all around. Awesome! Happy for you!
  4. Hopefully, it fills in more in next two months. That will be your indicator. You should have more growth but again, it is based on density planted.
  5. If you have fine hair, fue may be an aggressive procedure if suction and motorized extractions are used. You may need to look for a doctor that can utilize manual punch for less risk to such hairs during extraction. Get consults from Dr Hasson, Dr Keser, Dr Cuoto, Dr Ferreira, Dr Feriduni, To start.. remember to compare every quote and see what each doc recommends— majority opinion should be your baseline on graft counts good luck
  6. Both methods are here to stay. I was told false claims that FUE matches FUT yield many years ago, but depending on hair type it may be closer to a result of distinct illusion today.
  7. I sure hope it can be repaired. I am a person that has been harmed by this by those doctors that touched my scalp. Very sad about this. I am exhausted. I wish he didnt do this to me and lead me towards this path. He gave me assurances over and over i am repairable after he damaged and here i am still, just waiting.
  8. This is why it matters to go to a person that knows how to do hairlines with proper lateral slit. Very few doctors can do this.
  9. HDC has a nice result above. i’d also mention Dr Hasson as having some attention to detail and lateral slit perfection. Maybe if he touched my scalp, he can fix my situation.
  10. Excellent! This is great. But if you have shocked hairs and scarred tissue with reduced density in that zone, toppik is hard to apply and will stand out to folks under certain lights. Ive tried it few times and it was manageable to some level with my first doctor who failed at restoration, but it is harder to apply on the failed work the second doctor left me with.
  11. Absolutely, Authentic reviews matter indeed and I hope many folks post such reviews. It only gets tough if a former patient is due to get touch up, or graft discount deals, or etc., the review can be tarnished. Or if someone has been told not to post anymore due to new agreements. I’ve known many folks like that. But I agree, authentic reviews help save lives and may prevent disasters like I am facing today.
  12. Ive met many forum members at a personal level, called, spoke, helped etc. Covid kind of slowed things down but it is great to meet folks that understand. Best if all, it helps save lives too from making rush decisions.
  13. Hang in there. Rooting for you. Hope you get what you desire when it is all grown out.
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