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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Dr. Hussain Rahal
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. If this does not set the alarm, i dont know what does. They are saying if we (the US)does everything perfectly (whatever that means), we could be looking at 200,000 deaths.
  2. Fouseytube’s previous one was natural looking, then he got one that looked terrible by having greed. Then his repaired one is so so. hairthere, fantastic natural lookin work! My one things is- when i age, and Get grey hairs covering my scalp how will it look? Do you have any result on person that sprouts grey hair? Thanks
  3. With laser probably not, but will probably take multiple attempts. If they punch it out via extraction, you are at more risk to freckle like scarring. Best of luck
  4. Melvin, economic fallout is huge. I mean we can have these trillions to keep middle to lowe class afloat but its temporary. We need to get out of this like within 60-90 days. This cant sustain for the 18 month target they are talking about. All key industries are near collapse -Airline -Tourism -Cruises -Priceline / Expedia service industries etc -Rentals -Automotive (so many folks about to default on them leases and financed vehicles) -Student Loans -Any business/commercial loans for small businesses -Restaurants -Bars -Auto Repair shops you can literally keep going When folks need to save money to buy food, everything changes. It really isn’t looking good. Especially, mom and pop shops- they are getting destroyed. You got towns charging high taxes on properties still and folks cant keep up with lease agreements due to no business. Forced curfews just added to the destruction. It is sad, but a whole lot more than 1 or 2 trillion USD will be needed here. A lot of bankruptcies are bound to happen along with unemployment claims. These measily 1,000$ or $2000 checks, if they are distributed, will have limited impact. Imagine the number of folks from the state health marketplace now applying for subsidized care? No one without a job now can afford the health insurance premiums of like $1200 or mor per month for families. Quite honestly, the country is about to to into socialist mode- you can’t survive on capitalism in the current environment and covid crisis. the 2008 crisis took 6 years at least for market to come back. This already is a shitshow and can’t take more. Right now—its not world markets that are important, it is how much gold reserves one has. Recovering from this will take a very calculated effort. It is what it is. Hope everyone can get through it.
  5. Yea, you are right. It could. It is a very unstable situation right now. Nothing of this magnitude has occurred in modern times. Whether its a conspiracy or not, we just gotta get out of this mess soon. All this trillions of dollars will really do jack shit if this keeps up. You can’t function with uncertainty like this. Definitely, something not to be taken lightly.
  6. Im even thinking the DOW may go as low as $12k or $10k when it starts to bottom out. Thats if you look at the repetitive drops and no positive news in sight.
  7. 100% it will. flights Are being cancelled- borders are being closed- folks are being furloughed unemployment rising stock market destroyed imagine getting this covid around the time of your surgery if your on antibiotics this virus will invade more you can just keep going. Majority of folks at this point are not going to spend money on elective surgeries as they need to buy food for their families most need to defer mortgage payments and loans now this is causing issues far worse then 2008 crisis—- remember 2008 crisis was mostly due to folks and mortgages/fake bonds/stock market shorters this time, you got corona, unemployment, mortgages not being paid, world markets destroyed across many indexes/etfs/stocks, no resolution on corona except it may be for another 18 months. People told to work remote of they can. Loss of a lot of service industries. Its the grand slam of economic destruction. sad it had to happen, but gone are the paying premium days
  8. Ive been told they do and they also make the forhead higher. You are inducing a lot of hormone and testosterone. The negative effects may last even if you stop them. even if you take those approved androstene type supplements you get at the health food stores, it also enhances hair shed. its a quick way to age faster and whither your body and your balls.
  9. You can get cheaper toppik off amazon or ebay much cheaper then the $38 it costs in most stores. an easier way to apply toppik for minimal wastage is to get the spray pump applicator. yes, it leaves a mess at the sink and in your nose. That stuff is terrible when you accidentally breathe it in. other products you can try- Nanogen Couvre Dermatch and etc issue is that these cost money and it adds up.
  10. Hope this tweak satisfies your goals. Are the 2000 just in the hairline or mixed into native hairs behind it? is the donor healed well from previous surgery? How much per graft is it running now? Best of luck
  11. Looks natural , thats for sure. Key thing is he will not have eyes awkwardly stare at his scalp and he can move forward. Congrats!
  12. Honestly, from experiences, Nape, beard, chest hair should not be used in hairline or near native or transplanted hairs. It looks completely unnatural for the most part and is detrimental to a proper quality appearance. Theres very low to if any yield for the amount of grafts ratio to coverage. It may even shock previous hairs. If need to, maybe beard can be used in crown but it may cause perm shockloss as well and make area look worse. Aside from that, if you use finasteride then do not even think about using other hairs for scalp other then scalp hair. Finasteride is detrimental to these other hairs. In any case, you can see whats on my scalp. If your nearby, i can show you in person. Be safe stay safe. Best of luck.
  13. Natural looking. If only some of us can turn back time. Here is a restoration that has no indication or signal of it being a transplant. Dr did a great job here.
  14. I have not tried either but i will give it a shot. I will try dermatch and hairatin. Hopefully, they at least shorten my one hour routine everytime. For the time being, hope it kind of helps conceal the situation and damages to my scalp. The awkward stares to my scalp are really are getting to me. Thank you.