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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  • Hair Transplant Surgeon
    Dr. Hussain Rahal
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. Toubey, i know what you mean. When it looks artificial, it is hard to conceal. I am trying to figure a best route for this as well. My situation whether long or short hair looks fake and draws eyes. Hang in there. some folks take the thick irregular grafts out and yes it can lead to scarring. Some even do electrolysis to kill the hairs so you dont have extraction scars. It’s a tough call, but there is hope. Hang in there. Get some consults just to look at your options very sorry you have to go through this buddy. I definitely know how this feels. Wish you the best
  2. Whilst no surgery may be the best option, No body hair, nape hair, beard hair should be utilized here. FUT should be maximized and considered before FUE can be tapped. Transplantedphil made some great points about it. Dmtek if you need to see limitations and ever swing by east coast to see just how shit looks like on the scalp, feel free to contact me and i can show you in person and being someone from similar background and hair type. You’ll probably see how it really is versus any hooked up or paid rep or etc that may try to show you. You really have to approach this carefully as it deals with your face. key thing here is your hair type, texture, etc .
  3. This is true. Even though it’s elective surgery, patients should have options when something goes wrong.
  4. If you need an ethical doctor, ask each of those doctors questions like have you done touch ups To COMPLETELY rectify a situation Where there were (if any) issues for free? are you about patient satisfaction and ethics? since this is an elective procedure, what do you provide as a gaurantee for patient satisfaction and safety? it’s wise not to reveal your total budgets online, by now youve probably gotten messages asking you how folks are ready to help you . I havent gone to any of the docs you mentioned nor any marketer. However, i know a lot of folks that have went to some of those docs. H&W does have a large portfolio and have plenty of results. They are very patient centric and make sure their patients are happy. Ive actually spoken to Dr Wong before and he really cares for the patient and probably has really high ethics. Dr Nadimi has out out some good work as well it seems. You even have other doctors that also put out great work that they have a waiting list if 5 years. So forth so forth. Yaar research it and see who will cater to your goals safely, for your hair type, and what they offer as gaurantee (if they do) to make sure you are satisifed in the end. At the end, this is face changing surgery and you should be covered from all ends. Be careful with smp as well, there is a patient here that is trying to get it removed. Look at a couple of those threads for limitations as well.
  5. Toubey, sorry to see this. The work looks below par. If you shave your head do the pits still show? Have you reached out to other surgeons to see what options are available as avenues of repair? Was this doc from North America?
  6. This forum seems a lot more open and that is why there is tremendous thread activity here. Some forums due to high moderations and strange forum rules, are losing user base where their threads are locked or deleted or unheard. this thread shouldnt be locked as similar threads for unknown docs and issues have persisted and allowed to stand. Even in those threads , there was tons of speculations and what not. once locking occurs then user base leaves and just marketers stand. in the meantime, most folks are here to make patient feel like they are not alone. We can give the user some time to decide and hopefully they will update with more pics later.
  7. Some shedding does occur And did. Usually, this is why some folks freak out first 1-3 months of use. They think rogaine made them lose hair so they give up. Little do folks know it takes a full year for hair cycles yo adjust to rogaine and show you it’s max potential if it is working for you. Once you start, you need to commit for year unless you are allergic to it.
  8. Interestingly enough, journalism works as well- here is a case example https://denver.cbslocal.com/2019/11/26/bio-science-hair-colorado-lone-tree-hair-clinic-hit-lawsuits-complaints/
  9. Woa, just read that article. cbs4 did the investigation and Even though this is elective a lawsuit was done. Large scar was a complaint in that investigation.
  10. Whoever the unnamed doctor is, based on what is written by the patient here, has not fulfilled high standard of care, ethics, and is not cut out to be part of recommended lists. we can absolutely tell patient he has no recourse and he signed a document on how impossible it is, but there are variables here not part of the typical im not happy with my result malpractice case. The one thing patient can do is to consult and see what an attorney that deals with these type of cases suggest, and not deter him from such as he should be able to exercise all avenues. Contact with the medical board of the state should be the first step to take obviously. obviously, no one here is trying to stress the patient, but some of us are genuinely quite concerned at what occurred. pictures are also louder than words and that is a bad situation. Hope the OP can get other consults from other known restoration surgeons to see what it would take to fix the situation from the issues created by this surgeon. That also helps more than anything. Because they as experts in their field, can indicate what happened and what needed to rectify damages and estimated costs now needed to repair. Maybe also reach out to folks that did documentaries on the industry and investigative local journalists to see if they got any inputs.
  11. At that critical point, the lawyers and courts can even consider that extortion. The patient is in a Situation where he now needs to pay more then agreed amount to “fix”. At the end of the day, i still think medical board from state needs to review this and on how things were handled as this is a medical procedure and surgery. You get the right caseworker team and this thing can go full force or at least they should examine. -patient will need all unedited medical records from clinic as this is their right to request it -patient will need all before and after photos from clinic as they are also part of medical records -patients will need all copies of consents and surgical disclaimers as they are also part of medical records along with communication emails - this also helps med board see -all discussed goals with doctor should be mentioned and broken down There are few things here- -result no good -patient is scarred and has damaged scalp In recipient and donor -treatment could be considered negligent with various factors, including when facetime and other avenues to determine necrosis were there etc etc -after recognizing issue, patient was offered 500 grafts which does not answer goals, but then was told like $12,000 to repair or be like what initial goal was— - this kind of ventures towards something else and is concerning Based on what was mentioned, the actions seem unethical and will remain so in front of a judge and jury. There are more technicalities but this is very damning Op, good luck and again stay strong
  12. If your being asked to pay to repair this and make it to the way your goals originally were and now by paying extra, that is concerning. This seems like a legit repair situation and not what one would expect after a restoration, based on what was posted. in any case, you shouldn't post much details here and write up everything in detail as you are and submit to appropriate authorities who have your back- as you are the patient. Med malpractice lawyer and med board of that state are your go tos. Have then review this thread and any ones that are similar and etc. request all complete medical records by surgeon and all pics- its your right there are surgeons on here who do complete free repairs and refunds and etc when there is a mess up, just because some do not do it does not mean “there arent any gaurantees” as this is an elective procedure. There are gaurantees but some may offer it and some may not. In any case, right now, the work looks like it needs to be rectified based on what was posted.
  13. Yes, you are absolutely right medical mal it is and it can become class for many reasons. Most medical mal lawyers have class action suits they also can partake. This may be a bit of both. But definitely see a medical mal lawyer best of luck OP