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  1. Hey all, These are my top two picks. I was about to go with Dr Mohebi before covid-19 but now have some second thoughts after reading some reviews here that his technicians do significant amount of the work. I know for a fact that Dr Gabel does all of the extraction work himself. Any recent patients of either of those doctors that could help add more color ?
  2. go for consultations and don't wait. Are you on Med? if not you should consider it! many doctors might ask you to wait to see how your hair will stabilize but bottom line go for a consult and start on med to stop it! be proactive body!
  3. so after lots of research here, I am closing on 3 candidates in no particular order. I am NWIII, thinning in frontal third that can be camouflaged with toppik and want to lower hair a tad bit (1/2-1 cm). Some pictures with my current state and hairline design are here Link to current state and hairline design What do you guys think? I wanted to push for a more lowering but Mohebi (the only one I was able to meet in person) said that is the right thing. I need a fully unshaven procedure, and need to do that before summer, I also want a doctor who does most of the work.
  4. Hi Friend, appreciate you take the time to read. late 30 here. NWIII, thinning in frontal hair line, no active excessive shedding. A recent microscopic evaluation during a consult reveals an 80% miniaturization in frontal hair line (nor surprising) and 30% in top. 20% is the average. The doctor recommended Propecia that will maintain my hair and even thicken the existing one and also will minimize shock loss if I decided to proceed with the transplant. He said at least for 6 months after HT. I know that Propecia is the best but I also heard many side effects about Propecia. I want
  5. Really feel sorry about your story, my friend! I hope you can find the right surgeon for the repair work. And thanks for the feedback and suggestions, Sean!
  6. be a man like you, right? post pics and then ask moderators to take them out? (link). Dude, seriously, grow up and act respectfully or please don't comment on my posts! Everyone is comfortable with a certain degree of disclosure especially if they are new to this forum. If you don't like my style, you have the right to ignore my topics as I am going to ignore your posts from now on! We are here to help each other in a respectful way!
  7. you sound angry, bro! chill dude! Of course I am gonna ignore your message. No point in engaging in this rhetoric! But yes, I filter surgeon first based on what they think their best work is. If I like their work and I think they have enough experience then I read reviews on RS, yelp, and forums like this to look for negatives. I already ruled out some from the negative reviews here (Even one case negative makes me suspicious) but I am not gonna mention names. peace!
  8. i also started a separate thread asking for honest feedback
  9. hi All, late 30s. Have high hairline most of my life. My hair line is stable for more than 10 years. Frontal hair is just getting thinner (miniaturization). As I said in another thread, I do a good job hiding this due to my curly hair. I have been considering doing something proactive surgical or non-surgical every once in a while in the last 10 years but this never materialized into a top priority for me. Few months ago , it became one . Here are the pictures with: wet hair, dry hair, styled and the hairline one HT doctor drew for me (1600 grafts). Pictures link
  10. sure, please find them here wet, dry, styled and what Dr. Pack drew for me as a new hair line where the plan is to fill hairline and frontal area. Link to pictures: https://bit.ly/33KLQaZ I don't want to be greedy since I know a lot of things can go wrong with this kind of surgery, uneven growth, shock loss in donor/recipient and it is a long journey, etc. so I really would appreciate honest feedback! I know it is a personal choice but still an unbiased feedback would be appreciated! This problem bothers me every once in a while, so it is not at the top of my head all the ti
  11. Dear Fellow Growers, Have got some questions about FUE if someone can help answer, I will be grateful! I have done a lot of research but would appreciate the opinion of the experts in this forum. Does anyone have an experience with partially shaved FUE (for small #grafts, ~`1700)? I have heard a review that it can results in irregular patterns in donor area? Have anyone experienced shock loss of native hair in case the recipient area already have hair but one wants to thicken it? What can be done to prevent or reduce the chance of shock loss? I am not losing h
  12. Hi All, I am in my late 30s, I still have my hair but have been thinning in frontal line, I would say between class II and III. I do a very good job camouflaging it with products and forward combing. My hair has been stable like this for more than 10 years (extra thinning comes in phases every decade). I have been thinking about doing something proactive about this for more than 10 years but didn't have the courage. A week ago, for no apparent reason, I decided to do that. I am just sick of the amount of products and blow-drying I do and honestly wanna more freedom in styling
  13. amazing results! What is your age range if I might ask? I am guessing in your 30s? have you done any PRP along the process? How did yo cover up your hair while it was growing and how long time did you take our of work? Doe LA FUE clinic offer long hair FUE where no shaving is needed?
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