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  1. Ozlem Bicer MD-3850 Grafts FUE 9. and 12.Months Patient's age: 38 NW Scala : VISingle: 1720Double:1980Multiple: 150Total: 3850
  2. Ozlem Bicer MD-Eyebrow Transplantation 420+440 Grafts FUE 11. month result Patient's age: 37 Single: 860 grafts
  3. Ozlem Bicer MD-2420+1140 Grafts FUE Patient's age: 26 NW Scala : VII 2 multiple operations 1st day: Posterior zone (neck) Single: 1765 Double:530 Mutliple: 125 Total: 2420 3rd day: Chest zone Single: 850 Double:290 Total:1140
  4. Dear Forum, I would like to thank you for including me to your internationally known and acclaimed forum. I am very proud to be on the list of recommended doctors of your site. I'd be happy to share my surgery results and updates periodically. Kind Regards, Özlem Bicer, MD
  5. Ozlem Bicer MD-3400 Grafts FUE by micro-motor, 2. years result Patient's age: 50 NW Scala : IV Single: 1370 Double:1610 Mutliple: 420
  6. Ozlem Bicer MD-3100 Grafts FUE by micro-motor 12. month result Patient's age: 37 NW Scala : II Single: 1743 Double: 658 Tripple : 497 Multiple: 202 Punch size: 0.6- 0.7mm
  7. Patient's age: 46 NW Scala : IV Single: 1880 Double:1120 Tripple:450 Multiple: 120
  8. Hi again, As he promised, he sent me a new video. When he comes to Turkey to my clinic, I plan to take a video while combing his hair and share it here. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLg1c8ZDFp0/?igshid=1n8pohui9b6lg Best Regards, Özlem Bicer, MD
  9. Hi, Thank you for your comments. I am agree that the photographs are not professional. Post-op images were presented by patient. I had already shared his 6-month video at my instagram account, You may see the result clear: https://www.instagram.com/p/CG2ZuQVD6BW/?igshid=b1xuegrk6r0d And I asked my patient to send new videos of 12. months. He promised me to send. And I will share it here as soon as possible. Best Regards, Özlem Bicer, MD
  10. Patient's age: 38 Health History: Psoriasis NW Scala : IV Single: 1753 Double:1137 Tripple:466 Mutliple: 144
  11. Patient's age: 33 NW Scala: III Single: 1243 Double: 1788 Tripple and multiple: 369
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