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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  1. Thank you all, the waiting game just started. Hope everything will go as planned. I didn't want to address the crown as there is a high probability it may expand. I am on finasteride now so it's better to wait for another 6 months and assess its efficacy. Also by this time, i will have an idea about my end result so i can plan accordingly. Dr. Arika suggested 1500 for the crown but i think 2000 would provide a better density.
  2. 7th day update: I had my 1st wash this morning and most of the scabs are out. My recipient is still red with few dark dots along the hairline. Donor seems to be very good at this point, i didn't expect that.
  3. Gents, Follow this whatsapp group if you would like to share your knowledge and experience about different clinics and FUE techniques. https://chat.whatsapp.com/BYn8stEXrkM6xtqXbTwBOR
  4. Interesting case Dr, thanks for sharing. It looks like he has a very poor donor, any reason why you preferred using chest instead of beard hair?
  5. Yes i was so happy to hear that. Actually, i was planning to try some beard grafts but she said you don't need them
  6. I followed your advice even though Dr. Arika was confident i can go for a lower hairline. According to her I still have 5000 in the bank.
  7. No, I preferred not too touch the crown at this stage for several reasons. I am a Lebanese national living in Dubai. They have many Caucasian cases and now planning to open a branch in Dubai for international patients.
  8. Thanks a lot, actually i changed the design several times. Initially, it was more aggressive and straight then i asked Dr. Arika to curve it slightly up on the temples so i can save some grafts and use it to thicken up my forelock. Maybe you can notice the difference in this photo.
  9. Thanks bro, yes but still i don't have the exact count. I just took a pic of the white board during the surgery. Dr. Arika extracted few single grafts from behind my ears at the end of the procedure to soften my hairline.
  10. Guys, here's my new post if you would like to follow my progress.
  11. Hey Guys, Finally i did it !!! After 5 years of researching and exploring all non-surgical treatments, I felt confident this time to take the plunge looking to regain my hairline which I lost 10 years ago. Hopefully i won't regret it 😬About Me38 years old, diffuse thinner with a high receding hairline and NW6 family history. Have been on Min, Derma rolling and Multivitamins for almost 15 months. Recently, i added low dose fin/ 1mg on alternative days (3 Months now with no side effects). you can check my below thread for more details. Why Dr ArikaDo I need to explain ? Look at her r
  12. Thanks John for your help and guidance, when are you planning to get it done?
  13. That's a good idea, actually the process of getting the Indian visa depends on the consulate rules for each country. In my case, i emailed them several times claiming that i am suffering from depression and anxiety 😆They asked me to get a medical report from a local hospital which's really difficult. Anyway, i guess many guys would be interested and i am happy to share my experience.
  14. I got around 2541 grafts, still waiting to get the breakdown from Abhinay.
  15. Thanks a lot, will be posting my journey soon
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