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  1. you are the the only one saying my donor is weak and very limited. I will go for a face to face consultation and check my hair density first. thanks for your assistance.
  2. Hi Legend, many thanks for your feedback. I am just looking to build my hairline and have some coverage in the middle. As i quoted to Melvin, i am not comfortable going with FUT as i want to keep an option for buzz or shave head in future. Do you think going for 3000 to 3500 grafts is wise at this stage and doesn't make a significant change cosmetically? Any recommendation for an experienced Doc in Asia?
  3. Thanks Melvin, i get your point but i don't think my hair loss was too progressive for the last 3 years. If you noticed my hair style is very short now that's why you see the difference. Going for FUT is a real concern for me as i am looking to keep an option for buzz or shaved head. If i can have a well designed hairline with decent coverage in the middle that would be fine for me. Definitely i wouldn't touch my crown for now as i need to manage the use of my donor hair efficiently. Previously, Dr. Erdogan (top surgeon in Turkey) suggested 6000 grafts FUE but i am not really convinced with his plan. Do you think going for 3000 to 3500 grafts is wise at this stage and doesn't make a significant change cosmetically?
  4. Hello guys, It's been almost 3 years since i joined this forum and still very hesitant to embark in the HT journey. Now i am back to reassess my options as i think my hair loss has slightly stabilized (37 years). I have consulted few surgeons and most of them recommended 3000 to 4000 grafts FUE or combo FUT + FUE to cover the front and mid scalp. I have posted my recent photos and counting on your opinion to decide on a proper treatment plan. Do you think natural look result is guaranteed after 15 years from surgery? Do you recommend FUE or FUT + FUE How many grafts do you think it would give me a decent coverage ? Any recommended doctors for advanced NW scales in Turkey or India? NB: I used finasteride previously and stopped it after 1 month due to the presence of side effects.
  5. Hi Arwin, You have to be patient it's a matter of time I am pretty sure you will see a great results so wish you all the best ! Did you discuss with Dr. Yaman the plan for future hair loss and when it would stabilize? I guess this is an important point to consider if you stop using Fin after 8 months.
  6. Hi Chris/ Rev, Thanks a lot for your advice and valuable feedback. Unfortunately, after being on Fin for almost 6 weeks i started noticing some side effects (low libido & erection issues) so i have stopped using it right now and see if i will get back to normal. My only option now is Rogaine foam, hope it will help
  7. Hi Chris, Congrats for the new look and great result, you look definitely younger and handsome I have few things to clarify if you don't mind as i am considering Dr. K for an HT. Here is my post if you have any comments. ,http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/183794-hair-transplant-feedback.html 1- Did you take Finasteride pre/ postop? 2- What's your total baldness in square cm including your crown? 3- Did you discuss the long term plan with Dr. K if any additional surgeries would be required after addressing your crown? 4- How many grafts in total do you have in the donor area? 5- Reason why you preferred FUT over FUE so you can avoid the linear scar? 6- is it possible to show us a pic from top with a comb forward wet hair? Cheers
  8. Thanks a lot Spanker, i really appreciate your advice I am on Fin for almost a month and so far i didn't notice any side effects or any change in my hair loss condition so i will wait for another 4 to 6 months and then reassess my situation. Meanwhile, i am still searching for a qualified surgeon in my region and checking what could be the appropriate method to go for FUT or FUE? Some Doctors recommended a combination of both while others suggested FUE in 2 sessions What's your opinion in this regard and do you recommend anyone in the Middle East? Note: please see below Dr. Konior's recommendation "2000 grafts placed at the front should make a good density improvement. Placing more would certainly increase the risk of shock as your preexisting hair population is significant. You could consider about 1000 for some coverage in the crown. It makes sense to use a much lower density in the crown so as to create a thinning look. Attempting full, high density coverage will surely deplete your donor area. Rogaine is the only good alternative to finasteride, but it is not as effective. There is no way to predict how many surgeries you will need since I can’t fully predict how much more thinning you will have over the years and I can’t predict exactly what will make you happy in terms of final density. Some men are content with a relatively thin look while others demand high density. What you can do over the years is totally dependent on your donor supply, which unfortunately is limited. The more you keep your goals conservative, the more likely you are to achieve those goals."
  9. Dear Forum Members, I need more inputs regarding my case. Any recommendation for an ethical Doc in the Middle East region?
  10. Thanks Arwin for your kind reply. I have sent you a pm so i will be waiting for your feedback. Thanks
  11. Hi Arwin81, Your surgery so far looks great, wish you a happy growing please keep us updated. I have few things to clarify: Did the Dr. Yaman advised you to stay on Finasteride for long life or you hair loss is stable? What's your age? How many remaining grafts do you have in total in your donor area? Did you ask the Dr. why he lets the technician doing the extraction and not himself as this is an important part for getting any surgeon recommended here? Is your Italian link working with the clinic so we can get a similar discount ? Sorry for putting a lot of questions but i think your experience would help many of us choosing the right surgeon. Thanks
  12. Hi Dr. Yaman, Your results are really impressive via FUE technique. Could you please show us some cases via FUT technique and explain to us you protocol for using this method ? Also, i noticed that you have different website clinics i.e. (Esteva Hair Transplantation & Medical Aesthetics) which shows your name and results but with different pricing packages. We need a clarification in this regard, are you performing surgeries with other clinics or they just use your name for business and marketing while technicians are doing the job? My last concern is your team email response which many members have mentioned, i have sent an email reminder twice but unfortunately with no response. Honestly you should find out a solution for this otherwise you will loose the trust of your patient. Thanks