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  1. Hi, here are some pics of my donor area now. Pretty much two months after the surgery. I haven't had my hair cut since, I will be getting it cut in around a week or so, it will probably give a better idea but hopefully this gives you an idea, especially if you intend on keeping your hair long.
  2. Hi Rossybop, my experience differed quite a bit also. Ranged from 2000 to 3500 in the discussions I had. I think via pictures or video calls make it tough compared to in person. Ended up being around 3200. My first consultation estimated about 2500 so when I was told upwards of 3500 I was nearly disappointed. Ultimately, when your new hairline is drawn you see the coverage is much greater then you might see in your eyes or images. Speaking in person to the guys on Blackrock will help. From looking and only comparing to my own hairline I reckon 2500 - 3000 seems reasonable.
  3. Thanks jimcraig, I have plenty of photos so I will post some with some better timelines in the next few days. I guess for me regarding the donor area it has never been as important, I usually keep my back and side very tight so have never been as bothered if the donor area showed signs. Thanks for the heads up on GIMP, will take a look.
  4. Yes, my donor area is good I believe. I will post some pics tomorrow, I haven't cut it since the surgery so it should show a good indication. Will post some more pictures of the transplant area also.
  5. Hi, yes i'm very happy so far, but too early to see any results just yet. My opinion would be to go with who you feel most comfortable with. I spoke to a few clinics after a lot of research and Dr. Bicer felt right. that's not to say you will feel the same but I think its very important to have that connection. It's a big deal and if you're not in the right frame of mind, not feeling comfortable etc. I think it would have a big impact. Dr.Bicer and the coordinator were really good with me in the lead up, during and after the procedure so I cannot fault them. I have lots of info
  6. Hi Rossybop, I posted a review a week or so ago for Dr.Bicer. I had surgery in mid August. Happy to help if you have any questions.
  7. Hi LaserCap, you seem very knowledgeable! The main reason for me posting is if I can genuinely help one person make a decision based on my experience then I'd be happy. For most people I guess this will be something they go through once in their lifetime and to say its a confusing field is, as most will agree, an understatement. For sure, a lot of your points make perfect sense but I will touch on a few: I stated I wanted to give my review '2 months after surgery', I also mention 'I understand it will take some time to see the final results'. So my words may be preliminary but i
  8. Hi everyone, I wanted to give an honest review 2 months after surgery. At the start of lockdown I shaved my head as I needed to make a decision on whether I got a transplant or not, I had been deliberating for a long time, shaving my head made my mind up as I had always covered up quite well. I initially spoke to 3 or 4 clinics and from the offset, Dr.Bicer and the team were by far the most thorough and supportive. They look at 1 patient per day and this was hugely important for me. I wanted to make sure if I was doing it, I was doing it right. I had all the informati
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