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  1. Hi, no I didn't go to Eugenix I went to Dr. Bicer. I just meant in general, yours looks pretty much right on track..it's nearly there!
  2. @MNIK I'm about a month ahead of you and I know exactly what you are feeling, it will come! Stay positive! And enjoy the moment you realise its happening!
  3. €1.3 per graft, that was August so might have changed. I stayed at the Sheraton hotel whick is literally across the road so it was very convenient.
  4. Great stuff @candleshades, best of luck with it! Any dates booked yet? Let me know if you need any help I was there around 4 months ago.
  5. Looks really good @Bailey99 , I think you're going to have great results. Looks like a super clean job! Hope it goes well for you!
  6. I don't think there is a 'best' as such, there a lot of highly recommended clinics from actual patients on here. I personally was with Dr. Bicer so can recomend her for sure. Really happy with my results so far. My opinion is make sure you do your research, you seem keen to get a quick procedure but it's a huge commitment and one you dont want to just rush and regret in 6 - 12 months. I get that it makes sense doing it close to home now and I'm sure there are some good local options, just make sure you are not rushing in. I think you should wait personally.
  7. I think it looks good. I wouldnt force the scabs off, let them get to a stage where they are ready to just be rubbed off. You will know when they feel ready. Once you are washing the area correctly they will naturally get to that point very soon. Best of luck!
  8. Thanks Andy. I had 3200 grafts overall. The communication before was one of the main reasons I chose Dr.Bicer. Both herself and her assistant who posts on here were amazing. I cant compare though so only based on what I experienced. Initial contact was a few months I think, but that included me rearranging the trip. I had a few video consultations before committing and plenty of messages etc.
  9. Hi @Andy H, welcome to the forum and I agree, it's a great platform. I went with Dr.Bicer so can comment very positively for her based on my experience and results so far (4 months). Regarding the current climate with travel etc. I had to rearrange once and it was perfectly fine with Dr.Bicer. I paid a small deposit when booking and that allows for surgery at some point for 12 months ahead. I think every respectable clinic will need to offer plenty of flexibility at the moment. Let me know if you have any questions I'd be happy to help! And I hope you find a good solution that
  10. Hi, here are some updates 4 months after the surgery. So far so good, I'm very happy with the progress. Just had my haircut today, as mentioned before I like a skin fade on the side so not sure if the donor area will show properly but I've had good growth in that area since the surgery so I'm not concerned. Happy Christmas!
  11. Hi, hopefully will get some more photos tomorrow!
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