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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. This is such an interesting case to me. I love reading success stories like this. The patient is already going through so much but was able to achieve so much with Dr Devroye’s help. Dr Devroye, I see earlier in the thread you mentioned he would use BHT to compliment his current situation. Considering his dermatitis would you also recommend or not that he use SMP to aid in concealment of his scalp? What about other forms of concealers such as Toppik or topical shaders like Dermmatch? Would any of these options be beneficial to the patient or would they only be helpful in inflaming his dermatitis outbreak? This is not really a question for this patient in particular. I’m more just asking for my own general knowledge. If someone were going through this are other options available to them that we’re less invasive than a hair transplant?
  2. I would be too! Lol And to think it only gets better from here!!
  3. Wow. Excellent results so early on. Congratulations!
  4. Did you get an estimate of how much donor you might have left? Is it something you’d prefer to use now to work on density or would you rather use it later to chase further hair loss? Is it something that even bothers you?
  5. It’s already looking better compared to your first go-round. The scarring from the electrolysis is almost completely unnoticeable. It even looks like there’s some stubble emerging if you zoom in on both the hairline and the donor scar. Dr Cooley set you up for success, man!
  6. Congratulations. That’s one good looking head of hair. Especially when you look back at where your journey began and the amount of grafts used. Was this strip or FUE? I’d really like to get a clearer look at that hairline if at all possible. Congrats again.
  7. Man, that hair is full and lush. No one will ever look at that gentlemen’s head and think he had any kind of work done. Very natural.
  8. You? Naaah.
  9. Wow. What an unfortunate scar. It’s a shame what some clinics are doing in this day and age. I hope the patient comes back once everything reaches maturity. I’d love a follow up with the final results of this particular procedure.
  10. Is it possible to say what might be an average for how long it lasts/how often a patient comes back?
  11. That’s a very interesting thought. I’ve often wondered this myself. It would be greatly appreciated by most people researching hair restoration to see the numbers involved in this type of procedure.
  12. Good question. My first thought was redistribution but I’d also like to know the actual reason for removal.
  13. I know this isn’t easy for everyone to do but I think we need some pictures with better clarity to give a better opinion. I can’t quite tell what your best options would be based on the pics you provided. It looks like your temple region has receded pretty far back but it could just be bad lighting or the poor quality photo. If you’re not able to do that then I think your best option is to get into a clinic for a face-to-face/hands-on consultation. Your donor region doesn’t look great based on the photos either. Are you on any medications? Finasteride? Do you feel comfortable providing the name of the doctor who turned you away?