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  1. @Leonidas, man, I cannot believe so much time has passed and how great your hair is looking! You’ve still got months of progress to look forward to but it looks so dense already! As far as new roots sprouting out go, I had some pop out during month 11. It wasn’t much but it was something. Everyone’s hair follows it’s own individual path and I wouldn’t say, or not say, you have more sprouting to look forward to. All of your sprouts may have already popped and now you’re just looking at further maturation of the grafts...but...you never know. Maybe you’ve still got some grafts up there wait
  2. I couldn’t disagree with @GNX1 more. This result doesn’t even look like a “result” whatsoever. No one person will ever look at you, @Welwyn, and go, “that guy had a hair transplant.” This looks like it happened in nature. Hell, I would would challenge anyone on this forum to deduce that this was the result of a hair transplant after seeing you randomly in public. If I saw you randomly at Disney World I would poke my wife in the arm and say, “Look at that head of hair. Some guys get so f’ing lucky”. My wife gets really tired of me talking about hair transplants. Lol
  3. @Cahustler this is fantastic!! I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t do an FUE into the crown and scar if that’s your preference. I’ve heard more often that not that the crown takes much longer to grow in due to lower blood circulation up there. I know there are quite a few results posted where the crown blows up within the first year but my understanding is that it takes some people a full 18 months to see results. I’m sure you’ll see some continued results up until 18 months but I doubt it’ll be what you’re looking for. That’s just my two cents. Your frontal third looks stel
  4. I had really good growth up until month 12. Then from months 12 to 18 I had a texture explosion. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you saw some extra maturity in the next few months. It looks fantastic right now!
  5. This is by far the most natural beard transplant I have ever seen on this forum. Congratulations! You must be totally thrilled.
  6. Dr. Ferreira’s work always looks so perfectly refined from beginning to end. I always enjoy seeing his cases. Thanks for posting and Congrats! I look forward to your end result. People will be able to tell you and your brother apart by your hairlines now! Lol
  7. I think it looks great for month 3. I see a difference in what it looks like from preop to month 3. Maybe because you’re seeing the change everyday it’s making it harder to notice but I see a difference from this:to this:It’s just my 2 cents, however, I think you’re looking 👌🏻👌🏻
  8. I don’t think anybody needs pubic hair moved to their head but to each his own, I guess. Lol i couldn’t really make a guess as to how many grafts you would need for the back of your scalp until I see the final result. A doctor could make a good estimate. I would say not too many at this point as it doesn’t like like that much area to cover anymore. I would personally suggest using as few as possible as in the future you’ll have to go back and put some grafts in your mid scalp if you don’t plan on getting on finasteride.
  9. I have only ever heard of one case where the doctor took the graft from the groin area and it wasn’t Eugenix. I’m not saying they haven’t but they’ve never produced a case that I know of where the graft was taken from the groin. Eugenix pulls beard hair and places it within the scalp behind the hairline (never in the hairline) mixed in with scalp grafts. The only ever case I’ve seen where groin hair was used, the graft was placed within existing hairs in the beard to help give beard density but within the post the doctor says he uses it to restore other areas on the face, as well.
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