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  1. Absolutely fantastic, a brilliant transformation. I would be over the moon with such results! Thank you for sharing
  2. Such great results, very impressive. Thank you for sharing, I'd be over the moon! Its great that no shaving was needed, even to work on the new region, was this an issue or discussed at all? I ask, as I'd like a similar scenario, with minimal shaving. Im unsure how I'd cope with the bald head & its kicking in winter in the UK at the mo!
  3. I'd be over the moon with that mate, wow. Thanks for sharing, its fantastic step forward, looks fab.
  4. Really impressive, thank you for sharing. Once education is complete I may go for this myself, its the downtime in recovery that makes me apprehensive, too many people on campus.
  5. Morning people, Ive been reading through the posts about Alpecin, so I didnt repeat post but couldnt seem to find any info regarding the liquid, only shampoo use & regaine/rogaine. Has anyone else any experience of incorporating the two into their daily routine please?
  6. Thank you for the info, Im on this track now, reading up on Alpecin posts! I see this one is a good few years old. Im trying the liquid caffeine, and also Regaine (uk) - not at the same time of day though, Im unsure how best to use the two. Any advice from folks with experience would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I'd be keen to see some, being slightly cynical it sounds like an advertisement of some kind.
  8. Thank you, I appreciate that, Im finding much more as research and the taking time element is key I think as inside I have a little panic because of the hair loss/shedding, Ive since bought some more regaine to see me through in the meantime (fight the fire!). I did look for all of the info on Mr Mendelsohn, and wow! Some scary stories and very unhappy/angry folks out there about work he has & hasn't done, along with yourself. It doesn't seem fair that 'bad' work is allowed, there should be a standard to adhere to, maybe thats a utopia for another time. A great idea to check Brussels and go on Eurostar for the first time, my wife agrees that would be good on many levels, ticking a few boxes. Ill check on here, who folks recommend there. I have attached some images of my head to help illustrate where we're at (currently not displaying, have used the but no joy) Thank you also Splitting Hairs, its good to know there are some 'good' places in Greece, the prices there do look more appealing than UK, if one can be located! Ill look for info on the chap you mention.
  9. Thank you so much for getting back to me, apologies for my late response, I appreciate your detailed reply. That's a big worry, that you had that terrible experience! Im glad you're in a better place now. I feel very unsure who to trust now, although I am trying to read through this forum. Being in the uk its very expensive here, so going abroad does make sense in many ways although it would need to be somewhere recommended by the good people on here. I have also spoken with Mrs.Damla Benibol Allen of Group Florence (Turkey) who offer a good price, but again I have read worrying reports on this. The current query is with Farjo Hair Institutein Manchester, who have received my query, although I expect to be more expensive it is near & has good reviews. Im so relieved you took the time to explain, I do feel uncertain about foreign procedures, have any folks on here used a Greek surgeon with success & recommendation please?
  10. High-density-hair-transplants (Greece) Dr Fotis Tsounis Hi all, Ive been reading the forum for a few weeks, some interesting information, thank you. Have any of you any experience or knowledge for the above clinic & surgeon please? Ive spoken with their representative Mal, who seems a nice chap & is from the UK, they have some good reviews online but would appreciate hearing any other from yourselves if possible? Many thanks in advance, F
  11. Interesting stuff, being UK based I found this https://www.hollandandbarrett.com/shop/product/jason-thin-to-thick-scalp-elixir-healthy-hair-system-60075787 which seems similar, but definitely would be keen to learn about whether it really works
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