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  1. Thank you for your feedback and for sharing your experience and knowledge on Fin guys, its greatly appreciated. I think Ill go down the route of some others who have the FUE and get 5-6 years from it, I'd hate to lose libido and sense of well being, risking the mental effects etc.. too. Not worth the gamble for hair, which falls behind mental health.
  2. I appreciate your information regarding propecia/finisteride, as its a worry for me. Many use it with no issues, but you dont know if it'll affect you till you try, and it could help me or hinder - it looks to be doing a sterling job for you tho! Thanks for your kind words of support also, its in the pipeline for me, pulling funds together!
  3. I really enjoyed reading your story from page one to now, thank you for being so open with us all. I would be over the moon too, your hair transformation looks fantastic! Your eventual use of propecia interested me too, as this is a step I daren't quite tackle.
  4. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, its much appreciated. Your transformation is inspiring, you must be over the moon!
  5. Im really impressed with your procedure and progress, thank you for sharing! I was particularly inspired by your decision not to use propecia, as its always mentioned in relation to a procedure. Im fearful of using it, but feel some comfort seeing how well you look without having ventured down that road.
  6. Thank you for the info on the meds, its appreciated. How long have you been on the finasteride and how are you finding it please?
  7. Looking fantastic, please could you clarify any meds you use to assist?
  8. Thank you @ciaus, thats reassuring to hear! Im going to check the thread, read and absorb. I appreciate you flagging it. I do need to get a reassessment at the clinic with the zero meds stance, and gauge opinion.
  9. Thanks for the link @Maz_a, good to chat for sure. A good read & train of thought in the link there too, cheers. Even though not as advantageous perhaps, it is safer long term which appeals to me greatly. This seems like the most likely route at this time, I don't want to tread water for too long as I know time is of the essence. Its definitely one of the toughest decisions any of us could make. I've added a few pictures of my hairline, its not the worst but it could be a lot better, when I look back to how thick it was when I was younger. I'm like you, and cutting it short. Rega
  10. Im with you completely @Maz_a, you have summarised it all very well. To have the benefit of the medication without the worry of a side effect is the holy grail, for many medications I guess. I'll have to accept fate soon, or take the leap. Eugenix do seem to be able to work a degree of magic with less of a donor area which is impressive, seeing some of the examples on here has given me hope. One of the chaps isnt using finisteride either, and has added images of a great procedure. Food for thought.
  11. Thank you, @ciaus some good points there, and yes the mind can conjure up many things and make them seem real. This ties in with your thoughts too @Maz_a, I appreciate the human reflection, its extremely valid. I hate sitting on the fence, as Im usually quite a decision maker but the potential health aspect has slowed down the process somewhat. I was about to buy some finisteride a while back when it showed a few links to do research before buying and thats when the doubt set in. There are many shady sites peddling fear I agree, but these two seem pretty solid and I would say aimed at the
  12. Im blown away by the transformation. Its very kind of @paddyirishman to share the whole procedure and updates. I was fearful of clinics further afield aside of some in Belgium/America and Canada, but wow, Eugenix certainly have got it nailed. Im intruiged by the decision not to use finisteride too, as thats a route I would prefer. Great stuff. As @Fluffhead mentions, if you have time an update would be greatly appreciated. Best regards
  13. Great info re medication as Im apprehensive about taking it yet know it could be the key, thank you
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