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  1. Hello, well this will fade away little by little and the doctor told me after 6mounths we could do a laser to make the skin look better. I think this will be ok, but I have to wait now to see how it goes. In fact I prefer the scars and have a natural hair look. Do you have experience with graft removal and scarring?
  2. Hello,In 2017 I have had a bad FUE in Turkey. The hairline was too low and too hard (due to use of double/triple grafts in the front line),the density was not good and the grafts were implanted in a wrong direction. Furthermore I had pitting, so all together, one word: HORRIBLE.In 2019 I contacted Dr Feriduni and he proposed a two step approach:1. Extraction of the too low implanted grafts (with re-use) to make the hair line higher (in two steps), including extraction of the grafts with wrong impantation angle (600grafts)2. Reconstruction of the new hairline and create more density (+/- 1000 g
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