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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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  1. @Phil36fromaus I was talking about your wideo with Konior surgery.
  2. Thanks for responds. @Phil36fromaus Couto waiting list for consultation is over 3,5 years... and Konior? I did not see much results from him besides his website.
  3. I remember around 6-7 years ago, i would put all my money for dr Rahal. However right now i did not see much updates from him. Is he still consider to be hairline king? Who is his competition in this area??
  4. Well i happened to me. It dry my scalp so much that when i comb i lost like 100 hairs, i comb with hand and i lost another 500-600. Since then, no hair loss what so ever, but density i lost, never grew back.
  5. Well most of my hair loss is made by shedding caused by nizoral 10 years ago. Non of this hairs i lost after ONE wash, came back... I am hoping for some regrowth and most import health improvement of existing hairs.
  6. Thank you for respond. What happened was that at age 20-21(I don’t remember exactly) I was losing hair, overall. It could be caused by very strong stress in my life, I was almost suicide. But one day I used for very first time Nizoral shampoo because I read it is good, and drama happened. After I washed my hair, my scalp was dry and follicles were like burn out and killed. When I combed my hair ONCE in I had like 100 hairs on it… I had anxiety attack, panic attack and I start “combing” my hairs by hand and scratching mostly in area that is thinning on picture.. I lost like 500 or more hai
  7. Terrible sorry. I don't know what happened. Here you go. https://www.fotosik.pl/zdjecie/ccf3636a4283ca34 https://www.fotosik.pl/zdjecie/pelne/ca5d96296c6acd8c https://zapodaj.net/ddf340db5022d.jpg.html https://zapodaj.net/5d5c9efb349c4.jpg.html I love to have middle length hair, but this spot drive my crazy.
  8. Hi. What do you think? How many i need to add density over there? Nothing changed since 2010(2011) when i due my anxiety disorder I was punning out hairs and scratch head almost to blood. https://www.fotosik.pl/zdjecie/pelne/ca5d96296c6acd8c https://www.fotosik.pl/zdjecie/usun/OIiJdM2r~7OlKrGgRysdE31O_oB8Iu Thnak you.
  9. I am huge fan of dr Freitas work. What i don't like that he won't operate without finasteride. What about those who can't stand drug
  10. @ Gasthoerer I gave some pictures on page 2. Deffinitly something going on with his hairs.
  11. It have had to happen. Don't worry. Buy headscarf and develop new style untill final result.
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