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  1. I think it's way too early to talk about repair work. Everything looks fine to me and on track for a successful transplant. I think it's a mistake to judge your results by Shapiro's design thesis. Surely you agreed to the hairline before proceeding. Truth is Maras does good work. Reserve your judgement until 10 months, at least.
  2. Yeah, I'm sorry. Neither of you deserved my sharp reaction. I had enjoyed 3 bourbon & cokes and fired off a reply without thinking. That said, lately there seems to be a lot of young people considering transplants. Social media and photo filters have created new social pressures for perfect looks. I get it. Once a man sees thinning and recession, he never unsees it. Personally, I am not in a rush to recommend medication that manipulates hormones. Especially to younger men. Sexual side effects aside, there are mental considerations as well. Myself, I've moved to topical fin/min
  3. Price is a real factor, though. It's hard to ignore the appeal of a €2500 "unlimited graft, all inclusive" package.
  4. Sadly, the US has a lot of expensive clinics in fancy cities like Beverly Hills. High price definitely is not an indicator of high quality. On the flip side, the very best clinic are not cheap. Deep pockets only for Konior and Hasson/Wong.
  5. PizzaWolf never misses an opportunity to trash HLC. But this is an absurd accusation. Are you the arbiter of transplant qualifications? Some type of ethical compass? Ridiculous.
  6. Generally speaking, sure. But at 6 months it's way too early to call. We're so quick to acknowledge when someone grows early at 3 months. But not when someone grows late.
  7. HLC is €2.5/graft. De Freitas is €3.5/graft. I think Cuoto and Lorenzo charge €5/graft. Nader is cheaper, but I don't know exact prices. Your budget is kinda low. At that point, I would consider Dr. Bicer.
  8. Dr. Ferreira does perform manual punch, as well as motorized extraction. Not sure about stick and place implantation, though. I see why the OP is frustrated. I would also expect more "results" at this point. But really, it is only 6 months. Being a couple months behind the average growth cycle is nothing to be worried about. Truth is, there's nothing to do but wait. I would hold off on judgement until month 9. At which point, consult with Ferreira to discuss next steps.
  9. There is a limit to how low you can place the hairline. Generally, the lowest point is just above your forehead lines. Move your eyebrows up and down, your hairline must be above where your forehead moves. Otherwise, your hair will move up and down with your eyebrows. And understand that the lower your hairline, the more grafts you need. It's a big deal to lower it 1cm, especially with dense packing at 50 grafts/cm2. Hairline design is very important.
  10. Cinik vs Pekiner? There's no comparison there, even if Cinik is offering it for free. Go to Pekiner. Pay for it. Improve the hairline and density. You won't need more than 1,000 grafts, probably.
  11. Month 5 Update My best month so far. Lots of new growth and noticeable density improvement. I still have some pimples (ingrown hairs) coming through, as expected. There are still some thinner, lagging areas, visible in harsh light. But I'm actually able to use hair product (thickening paste) now and that's exciting, too.
  12. Most of the transplant was performed by Dr. Cengiz and Dr. Elif, both days. I think they both did extractions and implantations. I don't remember that well.
  13. It all looks as it should. What are your concerns?
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