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  1. Just curious if any doctors are opening up shop yet. Flights are still tricky, but are any transplants being scheduled? Just curious...
  2. Just curious, who drew the hairline? It's hard to see, but it looks like the new hairline removed the temples. Am I seeing it corectly?
  3. Keep in mind if you go to Bisanga in Beligium, there's an additional 21% vat for transplants.
  4. The death rate is less than 1%. Here's a 1-day old article. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/03/30/health/coronavirus-lower-death-rate/index.html
  5. I really, REALLY like the way Dr. Ferreira communicates. He gave me the best online evaluation (email) of all the clinics I contacted. And that post mortem report is great. I'm following your progress with great interest and hoping for a great result. I might go to him for my surgery when travel opens up again.
  6. Back on the topic of how this impacts hair transplant industry... here's the latest from Turkey. No transplants in Turkey any time soon.
  7. Statistically, less than a 1% chance of dying if infected if under 50 years old. For the record, 1% is not a good mortality rate.But remember, testing is increasing dramatically. So yes, "positives" will increase and mortality rare will drop. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/coronavirus-age-sex-demographics/ Italy has an old population, 1 in 4 are over 65 years old. So yes, things are bad there and likely to get worse. But it is very rare to die without underlying conditions for 30 year olds. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/italy/
  8. @Portugal25 You are right that my clinic would be a safer bet because he only has 1 patient per day. But truth is I am not sure I will be able to travel to Turkey in 3 weeks. Right now I can't fly direct, if have to fly to UK or Amsterdam first. Which I'm willing to do but it would cost me a lot. And if I do that, I might have to quarantine myself before being let back into the Middle East, maybe. So it gets tricky. At the moment I'm keeping my flight and travel plans. The day before I'll make the decision if I can do it or not. I'm hoping restrictions will ease up by then. Crazy times. Everyone stay safe.
  9. I know plenty. I live in the Middle East and we also have serious travel restrictions... I know about the 14 days and medical clearances to get into countries. Yes, you're overreacting. Have fun in your bunker.
  10. poor punctuation "most people never even need to see their doctor, It's just a small cold." For most people, about 80% infected, it *feels* like a small cold. Stop listening to Rachel Maddow.
  11. I still have a HT scheduled in Turkey next month. I'm still planning to make it. Turkey announced today their FIRST confirmed case. ONE. Be smart when boarding a plane, yes, but Turkey is totally safe.
  12. To be less dramatic about this... the number of "tested positive" doubled. They have dramatically increased the number of testing. The virus is spreading fast but it isn't doubling every day. Testing, however, might be doubling. And remember that 80% of those infected show no signs or show only mild symptoms. Yes they can spread it, but most people never even need to see their doctor. It's just a small cold.
  13. The email that was once on his site is info at drkeser.com
  14. I did have to find another surgeon because Keser asked to reschedule me to a later date but my travel plans were locked in. I understand he is still scheduling clients, though. It would be best to contact them through email. But you are right, they take a long time to reply.
  15. Anything is possible but this is aggressive hair loss at 24 year old.