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  1. This is right. Keep your monthly updates to the same thread. That way we can see the progress (or lack of progress). And we won't keep asking who the doctor was, haha!
  2. Probably a lot cheaper than going to Madrid (Lorenzo or Vila) or Barcelona (De Freitas).
  3. Apparently Ronaldo's hair clinic is opening one in Marbella. His endorsement means nothing to me, but you can look into it. https://www.facebook.com/Cristiano/posts/411661270320419
  4. I understand why you are not completely happy. Even through it is early and you can still expect to get more growth, I doubt it will be enough to fill in the gaps. The yield is not perfect, it never is. To be honest, my complaint is with the artistry/skill of the grafts. The grafts were inserted at a bad angle and the hairline is too straight. The doubles in the hairline also hurt the appearance. The best thing you can do is wait until 12 months and evaluate. You could have a second transplant to repair it. But you will need to go to a MUCH more experienced (and yes more expensive) doctor.
  5. Can you do something like this? https://www.menshairstylesnow.com/fringe-haircuts-for-men/
  6. Your donor doesn't look particularly strong, unfortunately. And if you want to keep you hair that short, a transplant might not work out... the dot scars will be obvious. I mean, you *might* be able to get a small transplant to help build your hairline. Like 500-1000 grafts, maybe? Also, beard hair might be viable for donor. All that in addition to SMP, and keeping your hair that short, could give a decent result. The best advice is to do an in-person consult with a hair doctor. At least take some good photos of your donor and send them to a few clinics for online evaluation.
  7. No, they use stick and place. So the doctor makes the incision while the tech does the implantation. Start around 2:45
  8. The US, generally speaking, is much more conservative in terms of hairlines and dense packing. There are few cases where I see the results are dramatically lower and dense. It seems the best transplants are, in fact, the most expensive. Typically, good doctors start around $5/graft. But it quickly goes to $7-$10/graft (for FUE, FUT is usually less). This is why many of us elect to go overseas. Brilliant (perhaps top 25 in the world) doctors are around $3-6/graft. Bisanga is under $6/graft. Eugenix (top package) is less than $5/graft. De Freitas is around $3. There's only a few US/Can doctors I'd select over these guys.
  9. In the Exclusive Package: This implies that in the top package, Bansal will still do all the incisions (the important part) but will also do a few hundred actual implantations. This is true for most clinics... the incisions are made by the doctor and the implantation is performed by techs.
  10. Of that list, Wong is the only doctor I would consider. Konior sounds great but I can't swallow his prices, even if I can afford it.
  11. I was in the gym on day 8, just as soon as my scabs were mostly gone. I didn't do any cardio, just weights. Light sweating. I even had a single suture in my donor area. No problem!
  12. This is a very "hair mill" outcome. Pluggy doubles in the hairline, poor angles and poor density. I'm sorry that you are going through this. Are you going to have it repaired? There are much better options in Turkey!
  13. HLC has the approach to treat your thinning area as if it's going to go bald in the future. At your age, that's probably a good idea. They did the same to me. I thought they would go with a lower density behind the hairline, but they said it's better to treat that area as if it's going to fall out. So they went to 40 grafts/cm2. And HLC has a bias towards dense packing. And it looks like they harvested a lot of multis (triples and up) grafts. I would fully expect a great result!
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