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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. I'm really liking this progress! More density and those temple points are looking great already! Thanks for sharing your journey.
  2. The first couple days after the procedure is a little ugly. Swollen head and light pain, and spraying my head every hour. Days 3 and 4 the swelling moved to my face and that was funny, but then it went away. Istanbul to London is like 4 hours, no problem leaving the next day. But for Americans, I would recommend staying at least 1 extra day if not 2. It's an 11 hour flight to Texas (direct) and it's uncomfortable enough. It's harder for Americans to get there, might as well see a sight or two.
  3. I'm in Sugar Land area. I went from IAH to IST to ESB on Turkish. Aside from wearing masks and eating boxed meals on flight, it was very uneventful and unspectacular... and I flew business class. I think I filled out a slip of paper about signs of being sick, which was given to customs at IST. I've been to Turkey before, this time I bought my eVisa in advance and had it printed out (instead of Visa on arrival). Other than that, it's a non-issue. I heard that there may be new restrictions on overhead luggage, so you might need to check your bags that don't fit under the seat. I stayed 6
  4. Couple questions... did your hair go through the rough texture phase? And did you send this HLC for feedback on the thinner side?
  5. That's actually what I was thinking. There are a lot of them where there was no hair before. And the length is about what it was during transplantation. Next week is my 1-month mark. I'll post comparison photos then. Thanks! I've started shedding it seems. In the morning I'll give my hair a light rub over the sink and 10 or 20 hairs will fall out. All the same size but none of them are bent or J-shaped. I am applying Rogaine foam every morning/night, and aloe vera gel a couple times throughout the day. 🤷‍♂️ Thanks!
  6. @Guano Could you jump in and offer an update? Any improvement?
  7. Wow! Patient even had otoplasty that frames his face even better. Fantastic improvement!
  8. I'm dying to see the outcome of this. That hairline looks way too low. That said, HOI social media game is on point! Kudos to whoever is doing that.
  9. I don't see it with my camera phone. But if I use my little microscope I can see some hairs that look broken. And maybe some new, wispy hairs? Not entirely sure how to read this.
  10. I'm just under the 3 week mark and so far no shedding. At least not that I can see, nothing on my hands or in my sink. I should expect to see it start in the next week or two. I'm not holding my breath that I'm one of the 5% of people that don't shed. *fingers crossed*
  11. Try using the rear camera (not selfie camera) and use the timer function to give you a few seconds to get into position.
  12. I can confirm. They spent about 20 minutes with me, maybe a bit longer. All the doctors are in the room to draw the hairline and donor area. There's even a "hairline designer" lady who assists Dr. Ozgur. It is during this session that they decided who worked on me.
  13. Yeah, finasteride won't help the hair that's already gone. But I think what PizzaWolf is concerned about is the future of your native hair. For example, if your family has a history of going all the way bald, your donor area isn't very "safe", and therefore likely to fall out. Finasteride is part of the plan to keep those new grafts viable.
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