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  1. Been following the latest comments. Some interesting views. I am by no means an expert, but have followed this field for a few years and done quite a bit of research. My thoughts: I had an FUE with ASMED (1200 grafts) 3 years ago to correct an uneven hairline. Thankfully I do not really have much hair loss, it was more of a vanity thing. Regardless, the procedure went well, I had basically 100% yield, but there were some artistry issues that I noticed about 12-18mo later. Multi-hair grafts in hairline, lower density in some places. I ended up getting a very small procedure (400 grafts) with a very well-known Dr. in Atlanta. Would've gotten more but it was cost-prohibitive for me at the time. I have mixed views on ASMED. They have been around for a while and have put out a lot of good results. Recently though, as many of us know, there have been some issues with a few cases. I won't comment on why (I don't know for sure) but I do remember not being too impressed by the extremely limited interaction with Erdogan and the questionable tech teams. I decided it would no longer be on my list for any future procedures. I was very impressed and happy with my experience with the Dr. in Atlanta. I started looking for a Dr. for my second procedure to fully perfect my first one. Hair stable, on Fin 1mg/day for 1 year with no sides. I researched heavily H&W and also Konior. I even had a procedure date with H&W before I started second-guessing myself. Nobody is saying H&W isn't a top tier clinic. Let's be cognizant of personal bias. We all have it towards things we feel strongly about, myself included. I think H&W (Hasson specifically, since he was going to be my doc) are outstanding; long list of consistent results. There are also a lot of other equal-caliber docs. H&W obviously has a strong patient outreach/marketing engine, good patient coordinators, etc. Ultimately, I decided to not go with H&W because I found Konior and I felt that his style was more suitable for my particular needs since I was needing a very small session. I chose Konior based on my interactions with him. Direct patient-doctor interaction. He personally emailed me back on multiple occasions and it was clear this man was an extremely meticulous and thoughtful doctor. Is Hasson as well? I would assume so, but I never spoke to him. I heard nothing but good things about him, too. Another reason I chose Konior is because of his stick-and-place approach. Making incisions and immediately placing grafts allows the surgeon to make smaller incisions in the first place; since skin is elastic, incisions almost immediately start closing up, so if you make several thousand incisions before placing grafts you naturally have to make bigger incisions to account for that. I'm not a surgeon and I don't know if I explained that correctly, but you guys can definitely do some reading to find out more. In the end, the stick-and-place approach often leads to much cleaner looking recipient areas and less redness. Take a look at Konior immediate post-op pics and compare them to other methods, you'll see what I mean. That was another reason. The third main reason I decided to go with Konior is because he performs the entire procedure, and based on my research, he is a perfectionist. He has assistants, but he performs the vast majority of the entire procedure which includes extractions. After not being impressed with the tech aspect of the procedure and feeling like I paid for the techs and not the doctor, I'm more than willing to pay more for a doctor-centric approach. Last reason, Konior works on one patient a day. Another reason. I am unsure if H&W operates that way. This post wasn't supposed to argue that Konior is a better surgeon than Hasson (it's not what I'm saying) but I am certain that in MY specific case, Konior is the way to go.
  2. Hate to bring up an old topic but definitely not going with Baubac now after more research patient reviews are almost non existent unless they are vetted through the clinic first... that’s sketchy practice im also sick of seeing the same results posted over and over by the clinic
  3. Thanks for all the info. I might get on koniors long list. Still haven’t quite decided yet
  4. Hello all, I’m posing this question as a prior FUE patient (not of either doctor). I am not currently looking to get a procedure because my hair is pretty good right now but I will be looking within the next two years or so, and I couldn’t find any information about the above topic. I lurk on these forums often to stay up to date with things and check out results because it’s very interesting to me and makes me happy to see guys getting great results. I have seen some really good things from both Hasson and Wong of H&W clinic fame. They have a robust patient community and some good marketing and are known globally. I have also recently discovered Dr. Raymond Konior in Chicago, which is close to where I live. I’ve conversed with him several times just asking about his methods and was truly impressed by his responsiveness. His results are also amazing and I have not found anything bad about him. I’ve compared results between the two and honestly it’s hard to really tell which takes the cake. With someone like me who is willing to wait a while, what is the best course of action that you would take? Could I be better suited with one or the other? My procedure would be entirely in the frontal third, mostly the hairline, and I’m looking for FUE. I can upload some pics later, as well.
  5. Hey all, I am looking to get a touch up hairline procedure and am considering Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi in Beverly Hills due to some great results I’ve seen. However, I have some concerns. 1. Can’t seem to find many patient reviews, and the ones I do find seem to be recycled on different sites. 2. Saw a disturbing post in another thread about how a patient was forced to sign NDAs limiting his ability to post publicly about results. 3. Punch size is important to me, I keep my hair cut short in the donor area, and I do not want large FUE scars. Have not been able to find any information about Dr. Baubac’s instruments other than the fact that they are “proprietary”. Can anybody body shed some light on this clinic? At face value it looks like a top clinic but there are some things going on that give me a shady vibe.
  6. No. Another Dr. I got the density increased in the temples and the hairline slightly softened with some one follicle grafts Erdogan used multiple hair grafts on the hairline and it was noticeable up close. It’s hard to say because overall it looks great other than some inconsistencies in the hairline that only someone with a trained eye could spot. However I don’t think I can recommend him anymore especially after seeing some of his recent results that frankly look horrible. I believe he has gotten complacent; when I was there he operated on 4-5 people at a time and he had an army of techs so it was like playing Russian roulette. He was nice and all to me and it was a good experience but I would not take the risk of going back there again. For legal and and privacy reasons I can’t state the doctors name because of the nature of this thread but he is very well-known.
  7. I did end up getting a small 400 Graft touch up this week. Unshaven. Can’t even tell anything was done. Just adding some density behind the hairline
  8. 12 month results. Pretty pleased. Taken with flash, best quality pics I have right now. I would say it looks pretty natural. My barber commented that my hairline is the "golden standard" so that sure feels nice. There are some spots on the left side that aren't quite as dense and I'm planning a 500 graft session to touch everything up. Curious to see what the community here thinks.
  9. No pics right now but here are my observations: The hairline looks very, very good when it has grown or to a quarter of an inch or so. It is starting to blend in nicely with the native hair. However, when my hair is buzzed to a 1 it looks a lot worse. Noticeable change in density. I know native density with a HT isn't realistic and maybe I still had unrealistic expections, but I would've liked more density. I can tell that at the 8-12mo mark it will look stellar grown out long. That's assuming I keep getting growth. However I am still planning one more pass to help thicken up the recipient area so it looks better short.