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Hair Loss Overview

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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood IV
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Koray Erdogan
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
    Rogaine Foam

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  1. Looks great and neat work!I'm from the UK too and came back from asmed 2 weeks ago
  2. Truth. It's fsk hope you're good. Below is a link to my surgery experience and photos at asmed !
  3. I just came back 2 weeks ago and it's 2.5 euro per graft. Total price includes hotel and transport as well as postop creams and shampoos.
  4. 10 days post op update. Photos below. Most of the scabs have fallen off. As a result of scabs falling off, the scalp is more visible in fact the days after a transplant is the most dense it will will ever look because between each hair there are scabs and redness which give it the appearance of a denser look.- not many people realise this and freak when comparing the final results to how dense it was post op. The native hairs on the outside of the transplanted zone are growing more and therefore accentuating the disparity. Redness has long gone. In terms of shedding I've seen 1 or 2 hairs fall out nothing major but I have tended to close my eyes when washing so who knows although I get the feeling that i might shed earlier than most. 2100 grafts went into the crown, 2500 into hairline and first 3rd, 400 grafts mid-scalp.
  5. Kristoff In your first 10 - 12 days how long were you washing your hair for every day (lotion, x2 shampoo) in total ?im on day 10 of post HT wash most the scabs are off (which makes the scalp stand out more) my coordinator said i can start doing longer massages when washing but i've been doing it that anyway. And what point did you start sleeping normal positions again?
  6. They will treat you like a king there you won't want to come back. Enjoy the breakfast buffet at hotel it's really good and if you wanna go out to a restaurant just ask for taxi to palladium they have all shops and restaurants in there .try midpoint cafe.
  7. Good luck I was there 3 ,4 October look forward to seeing your photos.They will give you 1 year supply of finesteride
  8. Joyny how are you? Did it really improve alot ? I thought you are going for repair ? I went to asmed last week my photos are in the link
  9. Good stuff mate.... I just came back from Asmed on Friday (also met another aussie out there at Asmed!). At what point during your 1st HT recovery did you approach them about the 2nd transplant? Didn't they say just wait until 12 months fully before they book you in? And also you said before the 2nd HT that you wanted to bring the temples in more to create more youthful look but It didn't seem like you had this done?
  10. Dr Erdogan advised me and most of his patients to start finesteride. I slowly got onto it a couple of times a week then 3 , 4 ,5 then after 3 months i was on it every day and had no sides, it is a good way to get on to it otherwise if you shock your body with it you will get some sides. It is better to be on the drug close to a year before surgery to see what hair you can regain and hair to make strong. Take your time there don't rush anything. And yes you can pay in sterling its so much easier than changing your money here and get charged fees etc...
  11. Thanks. Yes it is usually because of diffused thinning luckily for me my crown was quite bare so that shouldn't be an issue and he told me has a lot of south Asian patients and he expects a significant improvement in my case. In fact Dr Erdogan wrote a book on Asian hair restoration so he certainly knows how to approach these hair patterns.
  12. 7 days Post-op photos. Most of my swelling has gone. Using the thermo gel from the freezer for remaining swelling. Still have some sharpish pain on the back of the head so i'm taking ibuprofen occasionally and that tends to do the job. Still sleeping upwards with a neck pillow and even sitting up but sleeping is just too uncomfortable right now. Cannot wait till after 10 days to stop sleeping like a mummy! Some scabs have come off too. Donor area is healing nicely, virtually no redness anywhere. This is my 5th day using the lotion and shampoo Asmed provided I'm not trying to wash too firmly at the moment just letting the water do the job and fingers at more stubborn areas. Still feel they could have gone a very tiny amount lower in the corner of the hairline but Dr Erdogan said it will look lower once grown..anyone agree? Anyway I will post once a week or 2 so if you want any more specific photos or questions just ask here.
  13. LOoks good. How much shedding have you experienced? And when did you start seeing scabs coming off?
  14. Yes I will post results on a regular basis during the next 12 months. Thanks .Would have loved temple work but maybe later
  15. Did you notice your hairline looked higher because of swelling even a few days after surgery ? My post op pic hairline looks a touch lower than what it is now hairline still feels sore though