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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood IV
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Koray Erdogan
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. Payum. Lupanzula is a great choice. He often comes to London for consultations at least twice a year I my self had a consultation with him last year. Maybe contact them and ask when they will.be in UK.. assuming you are in UK.
  2. I asked my co-coordinator. They have more information other than what they gave us in our files at the clinic.
  3. Just adding some extra surgery information which I forgot to include at the start Implanted density is between 46-48 cm2 for the frontal area and the crown is 46cm2. This of course is adjusted when implanting in areas where there is plenty of hair already. The bare areas represent the higher end of the cm2 such as 48 and 46. More analysis:
  4. The stage you're at you'll be surprised how much difference another month will make. There's always shock loss as well that can take sometime to recover and you'll look a lot worse before you look good again. I know exactly how you feel I'm only at 2 months and I sometimes wonder about one or two areas which is crazy because new sprouting slowly starts between 3 to 4 month. We just have to trust the process and around 9 months you can see pretty close to what the final result will.be in terms of new sprouting. I still havnt had a haircut will post photos in a week or 2 before I go for a cut.
  5. Don't worry it doesn't look bad at all at the moment. Not everything will sprout at the same time you've still got a few more months of "new" sprouting as well as that any other sprouted hairs will continue to thicken over many months so the illusion at the end will be a night and day difference to what it is now. Other than that the hairline looks natural and not pluggy so thats a good thing so keep your head up and don't compare yourself to other people at the same stage you'll go crazy.
  6. So far as expected all hair has shed so its a non event for the next month at least. Very intrigued how this all plans out. I see you are happy with the while experience.
  7. I had surgery at asmed in October. I was quite Ocd with them when it came to asking them about their techs. They have two types of techs. One is technitions who help set up the surgery and use the microscopes and the other are surgical assistants who's Only job is to do extractions and they do not do anything else that is their sole job at the clinic. They told me that to become a surgical assistant they would have to been a tech for quite a few years before they can even begin to study and train and gain qualification to become a sole extractor. My "extracter " had 7 years experience in which she only did extractions and nothing else and before hand she was a tech. Dr koray did the insisions and then one of his most senior assistants dilek and (forgot the other name) come in and help the surgical assistant in placing the grafts. Both these 2 senior assistants have been at Asmed since the start and infact dilek is Dr koray's close friend and business partner from the very start. Don't be afraid to ask them how long they have been there it'll calm your nervs. Once she told me she had been doing extractions only for 7 years I was very relaxed. Her name began with M.
  8. 2 months Post op Update I was going to post photos but realised there's is very little difference between my last update at 6 weeks compared to now 8 weeks. Still havnt had a hair cut so my donar area has really grown well , looks strong and healthy. No new growth yet I have a lot of native hair so it's hard to tell what's happening. Feeling sharp stubbly type hairs on the crown if anything. I've purchased a 0.5mm derma roller for my temples ONLY- didn't have the temples transplanted and there is still small hair in that area so that usually works well with derma roller even if I get some thickening in that area it will make a big difference when shaping it up at the barber's- not expecting miracles but every little helps. Will post photos before I get my next hair cut in a few weeks.
  9. FarsanUk

    Blood spots/clots

    Nothing to worry about. Some people can bleed a bit more than others but non of this is going to effect your end result I've seen alot worse.
  10. Looks great Mo! if that's how it looks when it looks when most the hairs havnt without new sprouting imagine at 6 months how it will look! im at 2 months post op will post my photos this week my crown shed quite a lot and frontal (very front) as well.
  11. Payum what did They Say when you asked them what the density was? If they're telling you to figure it out yourself don't just sit there and take it. Tell them it's your right to know. Demand it. And they will give it. They very easily gave it to me a few days ago. Also I never knew that you had 1400 grafts in the crown. You havnt shown us this at all so I'm assuming that was fine other wise you would be talking about that too. It's important to show all aspects of your result not just the parts you are unhappy with other wise it defeats the purpose of these forums.
  12. Thanks for the reply Eric. At the moment I'm not considering SMP was enquiring as I was curious and will only seriously consider your company In the long term once I've run out of donar hair for transplant.
  13. Contact your clinic and ask them. I asked them they told.me straight away (46 per cm2 depending on balder areas or not). No one here is a doctor why are you asking people even with experience this question? Just ask the clinic it's simple.
  14. Who did you have surgery with? Follow your clinic's guidelines about when to use concealers they should have given you that information. Some clinics say a couple of weeks and some say a few months. Personally I wouldn't use it whilst your scalp is sensitive but ask your doctor.