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  1. I some what agree with melvin you have come a long way from your pre op photos. Its not a bad result but at the same time could have been better. I agree that maybe he shouldn't have used 1000 grafts for the crown and used that in the first quarter instead but hey at least the crown is done now right? Id say its an average result considering you were completely skin bald before its a massive improvement as melvin said. If you werent completely bald in thoae areas then yeah id be dissappointed. I think the high contrast between scalp and hair makes it look worse than it really is. The good news is you definitely have a good amount of donar left and 1 more medium sized procedure and youll be laughing. Another really important point is that the hairline and temples look natural and that is absolute gold. Imagine having a pluggy hairline and having to fix that first before even looking at the density issues you already have. There is no such thing as one and done, i dont think many grafts died unlike quite a few of his patients of recent times. One more thing for the level of loss you had, 3000 grafts would never completely do the job like you wanted and the doc should have said this to you and told you that you would definitely need another procedure and you would have been in a better state of mind now.
  2. Yes the photo was real, that was just after they opened the new clinic.i took a screen shot and posted it on payums thread i think back then and it caused a bit of a fuss and i think the clinic noticed that and when i went back to their instagram it had dissapeared. It was 9 separate rooms and 7 were occupied. It doesn't necessarily mean they can do 9 a day, they could be spare rooms but for sure 7 seperate surgeries were taking place becsuse if you zoom in on each screen it says room number 1 2 etc...
  3. I agree but to be fair alot of the top clinics such as h and w have technicians doing extractions and doctor doing insisions only. The difference is those clinics have 1 or 2 patients a day so the doctor is intensely watching over things whereas asmed has 6 patients a day which no doubt will result in certain things being missed by the doctor when he has so many people to consult, monitor surgeries and then to do insisions all in a very small window. Ive been there myself ive seen it and the way they operate opens up the possibility of more inconsistencies so it really is hit or miss in terms of results and increasingly becoming more inconsistent of late. Even if he kept it as techs doing the extractions and have 2 patients a day with him intensely monitoring( and not feeling rushed because he has to consult patients for the next day or look at the next 5 patients and see how theyre doing and insisions )then his results would improve massively. But that aint gonna happan because he has invested too much in the new clinic with all these Operating rooms - 9 to be exact (if you want proof ask me)its simply called being too stiff upper liped for your own good.
  4. Il let you have the last word on that melvin as thats clearly what you want. And exactly whats the point in asking him anything when clearly he cant admit his shortcomings himself! And to add if the doc himself gave patients' respect by acknowledging something has gone wrong there then il give him respect for admitting that. For him to say oh weve always had some bad results as an excuse is ridiculous is he blind? Can he not see what patients have been posting in that last 18 months? Its been consistently sub par including mine although not as bad as most of the others. The only person i think should be banned is you, i wouldnt be surprised if you defend him even if he absolutely butchers someone. No melvin the difference is the consistency of the sub par results thats where the difference is. And exactly whats the point in asking those questions when the attitude in his response shows a clear refusal to believe that something is not quite right. And dr koray and yourself need to stop falling back on well every doctor has a few disappointed patients , thats a complete cop-out when the consistency has been like this thats damn right embarrassing for you and him to say that. The only person that needs to get off this forum is you. The fact that you your self on that other thread wanted to put the concerns of recent results forward to Erdogan shows you too deep down inside know that something is not right there but you wont admit it because you and him both have a stake on this forum. And you talk about respect? Il respect doctors who can actually acknowledge that there is a problem at their clinic and say that this is the problem and this is what theyre going to do to ensure consistency is back to where it used to be. But a damn right refusal to believe that theyre doing something wrong? No way will a person like that get my respect back. And if there is a campaign against him then good because unless we dont filter out these types of doctors than people will continue to get sub par results and end up severely depressed because of it. And to add really importantly, he says he acknowledges the patients that are dissatisfied ,- all that means is he is aware of their dissapointment it is NOT an acknowledgement of something going wrong there. So melvin please dont fool everyone with "he acknowledges the patients". End of the day the proof is in the pudding just look at the results in the last 18 months, you dont need campaigns or me telling people whats what. The results are all on record so guys make your own mind up. Im going for a run peace out!
  5. Yes the two words specifically the second word i used actually actually does go in line with Erdogan's response and is very very true as you can see from his reply. Melvin there is a simple question and i hope youre not out of your debth here and that is -Where (like you said) did he take ownership and acknowledge the unhappy patients - can you pin point where in that response did he say anything along the lines of "we have had some not great results, and this is why it has happaned, and this is what i am going to do to ensure it doesnt continue to happan etc.." ???? Please stop making a fool out of people its embarrassing already. And you said he is standing by his work.. that term infuriates me when i hear it because it says to people he will defend his work come what may doesnt matter how bad it is. Please for god sake dont insult peoples' intelligence. Yes and dr dogany was taken off for good reason and i will for sure raise a glass when this doc goes the same way.
  6. Well well well. Hey guys im back after my 10 days ban at the hands of melvin and granted maybe the words i used were a bit over the top but hell if telling the truth gets me banned i dont mind at all. So Melvin do you remember on that other thread what i predicted Erdogan's response would be? I said that it would be a refusal of acceptance of the downhill spiral at Asmed. And surprise surprise!!! Look at that response! Exactly like i said it would be.. like a politician. Only once someone can acknowledge their shortcomings can things improve. Its obvious he will remain recomended on here so i hope people continue to show their sub par results and people stop going there because it is ridiculous whats been happening there. When people get too rich for their own good they begin to lose sight of what their passion was in the first place and thats what exactly is happening there. And yes Bill is right over the years and by this i mean 10 years the results have been on average ok however this whole debate has been on what's been happaning there in the past 2 years or so where the consistently sub par results are starting to take the p!$$. This is the whole nuts and bolts of it, we all agree even the best will produce the odd sub par result but its the consistently bad ones that are bringing this clinic down. The writing is on the wall for asmed, the way they operate it allows the possibility of more below average results, that no one can deny. I've said my bit and am tired of repeating myself everytime a sub par result turns up here (which is becoming more frequent) i know asmed follows my posts becasue a few months ago my coordinator told me they do and that i am their ambassador (yh right). All i can say to people considering surgery is NEVER EVER go by what a clinic posts on a forum, always look at what we the patients are posting because these are the "on average results". And on average over the past 18 months its been $h!t so for now consider others. I will always give credit where its due but if you think ill continue to back them when they carry on producing rubbish then i wont hold back because i dont have vested interests and am not here to keep everyone happy , that is your job melvin/bill. Cheerio
  7. I agree with you. But the whole argument is if they are in the past 2 years consistently producing sub par results then why does this and other forums still endorse or recommend this semi mill ? 18 months ago we all saw the results and were good so that's why we went for asmed. Now as those results and ours are starting to really come through we are all left thinking wtf???
  8. @Melvin-Moderator @ASMEDMANUALFUE How many patients a day 6 , why a sudden drop ? Because he has too many patients to work on and is rushed and as a result quality decreasing, what assurance patients have? Comon seriously what's he gonna say? The typical rubbish that was told to Eric that they are the best in the business etc... this is what happens when people get old and delusional they simply refuse to accept that they're doing anything wrong and stand by their work. I'm seriously sick and tired of this industry and the people who continue to facilitate these clowns. We dont need Erdogan to tell us why this why what .. because we all know. So tell him with all due respect sir no one is interested in what you have to say because like the example of eric he stood by his work, told him they're the best in the business and refused .. yes refused to give any sort of refund. And offered a free touch up ( too late you've lost the trust of a patient you ****)which thankfully he doesn't want to take I literally cannot wait for his answers to what ever questions ,why? I will guarantee to you itll be the same types of answers I've been talking about throughout this thread.
  9. @Melvin-Moderator @ASMEDMANUALFUE Melvin please read below what Eric, a patient had to say about his conversation with Erdogan. Isnt this exactly what I've been talking about ? Do you get it now? Dr Erdogan is a deluded. ""My result is exactly like this. It looks awful in direct light, i rather be bald. I spoke with dr erdogan on the phone recently and his only offering me a touch up done by his top technicians at the clinic. I requested a refund several time throughout the conversation but he informs me he stands by the teams work because they are the best in the business extracting and inplating fue follicle grafts. Dont go back for a touch up it just be waisting more precious grafts and having a unnatural looking hairline with a depleted donar."
  10. Come on melvin do you honestly think he would come out and admit all whats going wrong there? Really ? He wouldn't dare to do that. He is deluded and will stand by his work and the amount of patients a day he has
  11. You know as well as I do itll be like a politician answering it. What's he gonna say? Yeh the results are sh!t my techs are sh!t and i need to reduce the amount of surgeries and have a bigger role. Come on mate. We dont want an explanation from dr koray. We simply want him taken off the recommendation on this site. He consistently produces sub par results, no explanation is going to help repair these patients all he will say is come back for a touch up he is a disgrace and I hope he is reading this . He is ruining peoples'mental health and the owners of the forum who have him recommended also take that responsibility.
  12. So guys a while back asmed posted something on their Instagram story video which they later removed as I screen shot it and posted on here on another thread. Just to prove the potential of many surgeries they have check out that screen shot below. You can see it shows 9 surgery rooms and 7 of them are occupied at that point in time. They are all separate rooms if you zoom it says room 1 2 3 etc...
  13. The link to the actual post is here: scroll to page 24. Dr. Erdogan's Response: "In response to your e-mail, I have complied the following details regarding our philosophy and procedures at Asmed in light of our mutual respect and collaboration over the years. Please feel free to share any part of this letter or all of it as you deem appropriate without altering its sense. As the Medical Director of the Asmed Surgical Medical Center, I am proud to announce the opening of our new clinic in Istanbul, Turkey and am pleased to be able to offer our patients the latest in state-of-the art equipment, facilities and patient services along with an enhanced team of surgeons that are trained in hair restoration surgery as well as the complementary fields of dermatology and surgical anatomy. Our new hair restoration surgeons are professor Alp Bayramoglu, M.D., Phd and Mehmet Goker, M.D. As the largest hair restoration clinic in the world, our aim has always been to render the maximum in quality, comfort and results to our patients when determining operational procedure and policy-making. In all fields of medicine, there is always a choice to be made that renders the outcome of the procedure or treatment the most positive for the patient, and this is the choice that the physician follows. It is also the reason that we have decided to enrich the patient outcome and experience with additional expert surgeons and a new facility with advanced precision equipment that gives us with all the tools needed to provide the patient with a positive experience. As Medical Director of the Asmed Surgical Medical Center and operating within the laws and procedural policies outlined by the Turkish Health Ministry for the role of surgical assistants in surgical procedures, I have determined that the team approach is best suited to the field of hair restoration. At Asmed we select specific surgical teams for each patient based on the technical difficulty of the procedure and on the patient’s individual characteristics, thus customizing the surgical experience for each patient with an ideal match. Each surgical team is composed of one of the three expert surgeons on staff, an anesthesiologist and five licensed surgical assistants who have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the hair restoration field for those performing extractions and a minimum of 3 years for those performing placements. Additionally, all surgical assistants are required to perform 10,000 extractions and placements on the KE-Head, a life-like model prior to performing either on a live patient where they begun with 50 grafts and gradually increase according to their performance. Even before surgery begins, the surgeon’s role is extensive and includes the evaluation of the patient’s donor area to establish the miniaturization ratio and DUPA, density, calculated density, the caliber of the hair and donor capacity. Subsequently, the surgeon determines the number of grafts per square centimeter required for the procedure followed by a graft distribution plan and other recipient area calculations. Finally, Coverage Value calculations are made to ensure the precision of the surgical plan and proper homogenization. The surgeon’s calculations are verified both manually and through the use of the KE-BOT, a robot that scans the entire scalp’s surface in detail for the accuracy of the data. The surgeon finally establishes the frontline design in conjunction with the patient’s goals and desires. Once surgery has commenced, properly trained and licensed surgical assistants begin extractions according to the surgeon’s extraction plan. The surgical assistants, with the support of a stereoscopic microscope, are also responsible for the quality control of the grafts, the selection of single hair grafts for the frontline and temples and graft cleaning. Additionally, they are responsible for controlling the hair per graft average and documenting the speed of the extractions, both with the use of the Graft Calculator application. In the successive phase of surgery, one of the surgeons performs incisions before placing begins by the surgical assistants who are entrusted with executing the surgeons placing plan, regulating the proper graft depth control and determining the K.E.E.P. (Koray Erdogan Embedding Placer) caliber and type (left or right). Typically, I perform incisions for a maximum of 6 surgeries per day as I have always done, while the other staff surgeons perform incisions for additional surgeries on mostly Turkish patients. The surgeon oversees the team throughout the procedure and makes adjustments to the surgical plan if required. Post-operatively, the team surgeon is responsible for all monitoring. Hair restoration procedures are long and tedious, and as a result, concentration and accuracy can be affected by fatigue and strain. It is for this reason that I consider a well-selected surgical team to be the perfect model for hair restoration surgical procedures. The results are self-evident both for the patient and for the team. Delegated responsibilities provide optimum surgical outcomes for the patient and relaxed attentive team members whose precision is top notch. I have been using this model without alteration since 2003 and the results have been documented. The new clinic has not changed us, it has just changed what we can offer the patient...positive results with the utmost care, comfort, precision and artistry. All my best wishes for a successful New Year! Koray Erdogan, MD
  14. It's actually 6 patients a day with the potential or more. Refer to my next post below where dr Erdogan him self sends an email to melvin whom in tern posts it for us to see. He is clearly deluded.