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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. I agree with the last part melvin however we have seen enough sub par results from Erdogan over the past year to warrant his removal from this site. Are you seriously telling me this result would be displayed on their website where the good results show good density etc..? The important thing you and Bill must realise is that this is now becoming consistently sub par. We all know how many patients he has per month and there will always be the odd very good result but it has just become too hit or miss now. What will it take to remove him and save more people? When is anyone on this site or others finally going to grow a pair and see what's in front of them. What's the point in reaching out to Erdogan ? What can he possibly say to defend all these sub par results ? The time has come .. it is now. We all know if you remove ergodan that's a huge chunk of your traffic gone hense why he still on here, if you say no that's not why you would keep him recommended then bloody well remove him. Simple ! The amount of respect you'll get for doing that would put you far ahead in front of the other organisations.
  2. I was not saying they charge alot because they produce amazing results. Only simply pointing out the fact that they are located in Beverley hills and overheads are through the roof hence why they charge a ridiculous amount.
  3. I'm talking about patient posted results not the ones the clinic posts. Erdogan has plenty sub par results and they are all here to see thanks to the patients'.
  4. Hi Scott. I'm 8 months post OP at the moment and it looks like I will need refinement work in the hairline zone 1 and 2. I spoke to Joe already and he agrees aswell. I want to set up a consultation in the future but not in June as I want to wait the full 12 months will dr lupanzula definitely be coming London later in the year?
  5. I've seen really good results by Dr Baubac from Beverley hills (part of Alvi Armani). He does all the work himself - extraction , incisions and remains there for implementation with his techs. His results are amazing but charges alot per graft which you would expect being based in Beverley hills. I'm nearly 8 months post OP from dr Erdogan with the result looking ok-ish but definitely will need refinement. I'm looking at baubac because he really does have natural and dense hairlines he also does body hair transplantation which I may talk to him about to beef up the top. But I cant seem to find any baubac patients on this forum and do not just want to base my decision on what they post on their website or on other forums. Patient reviews give a much more accurate indication of what most of a clinic's results are like. Can anyone give me a reason why there are no reviews on here ? I know hes not a member of this coalition organisation but so aren't many doctors who are reviewed here.
  6. Just a quick correction to my original quote , I said that BT forum was corrupt, I was a bit out of line there certainly didn't mean it but this is a topic I am passionate about so emotions can run high.
  7. I would say to anyone looking at before and afters that absolutely do not look at what the clinic posts on forums and its website. Look at patients' own posted reviews and photos because these are your on average results.
  8. Guys check this dreadful growth on an asmed patient. He just posted it on YouTube. Asmed should be ashamed of themselves. This is NOT a one off this is happening more and more over the past 18 months. This guy is at 9 months. I dont want to hear no BS from people saying hes still go time, this is no where near what it should be at 9 months even for a slow grower.
  9. Contact asmed and say hey great result I'm so thrilled, can you post this on your website, YouTube channel and on the forum? in all honesty it's not a botch but not great either and requires more density no doubt. This problem of yours is becoming very common. Yes there will be people saying there is no guarantees and everyone's physiologically is different you just dont know what's going to happan. Well when it's the exact same issues on a growing number of patients (see through hairlines, bad density/growth) then that theory is completely false. Unfortunately nothing will be done in terms of taking this doctor off recommended lists like this one and the iahrs whom both require consistent good results to stay affiliated. Melvin/bill it is your duty to help guys out there and not let bad results ruin lives. If you take guys like Erdogan off your list you will save alot of heart ache and depression. This is serious, you need to do the right thing if you care at all about how hairloss and bad results can ruin lives. Enough is enough there is too much vested interests in this industry it's about time someone actually stood up for what's right. Even if my own results ends up being decent maybe I will get lucky and would have had the right team but my opinion will never change as to how they operate and I dont want to risk other people getting messed up, why? Because i care about this sh!t
  10. There is no way of knowing about the best techs even if you ask them they will tell you whom ever is suited to your case will be the team you get. That's from my personal experience. Secondly, it's the doctor who does the incisions inbetween each hair so you dont need to worry about techs there. Yes there should have been more density for that amount of grafts, personally if I was unhappy with good reason I wouldn't go back to the same clinic.
  11. I cant find your old thread from when you first had bad result from asmed.. can you link it here?
  12. Either way it's all well and good saying I look great post OP that means nothing , we see great post OP photos only to end with a sub par result. (Not saying this is or anything) progress through the months is how we can judge how good it is.
  13. Yes I didn't say they dont have good results in the past. It's a going trend in the past year or so which are concerning all with the same common problems. Whether we like it or not when you increase amount of surgeries a day quality will come down
  14. Although still early so don't think about it just yet. If they offer you a free touch up that's as good as admitting they messed up. This is a standard thing they do and they think its not a problem well it is a problem they should get it right first time around they have no idea what financial, emotional investment we put into this before during after surgery. How can they honestly make up for the first time when they possible wasted grafts or made an unnatural hair line (not referring to you). Is the doctor all of a sudden going to pay more attention and bring his best team to you? Why not do that the first time? Take every patient seriously! You are a doctor so act like one. Yes alot of people will say there are no guarantees which is true but the growing trend of very dence-less hairlines and not great growth is showing that there is a bit more going on here. The doctor needs to step up here and start reducing his surgeries and have a more hands on personal approach to each patient. Money has got the better of him like a lot of clinics. When you see how awesome the new clinic looks and everything he has in it, surely he should be embarrassed when he sees some of the results that come out of it, its laughable. Not to say he doesn't get good results - because he does it's just that the sub par results are becoming more of a regular feature and you just dont know you are getting from one patient to the next.
  15. I was there at the old clinic and it was 6 on my second day. Its still 6 officially.