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  1. Can you please share thread of your surgery? Did you get your transplant at Asmed?
  2. Can you please share link of your transplant thread?
  3. Yeah, i suspect the same sometime that most of what was implanted has grown up, no more sprouts will appear in the hairline and grown grafts will possibly get little more thicker but this won't give a decent dense look to pull my hair back over. For now i dont style my hair as the scalp in the hairline gets exposed in the day light. But i dont have any other option than to listen to Asmed and wait until 12 month to give a final judgement. i will be really disappointed if the things dont get better in upcoming months as i have spend a huge number of grafts (4500). Dont know that getting an another procedure will b a good option for me as i have used half of my donor reserves. And i would like to safe the rest for further thining. I see quite a few patients who are in the same boat as mine and struggling with the density in the hairline. It will be quite interesting to follow and see how things shape up for us.
  4. Yeah, i am hoping for that too. Hope density gets better over all and i see new growth in the hairline area. As of now i can't see any new sprouts. Density in the temple points is excellent and there is big difference between density in the temples and in the hairline. Thanks for the feedback. Will make a update in two weeks that will be month 7 post-sugery
  5. Hello friend, i have had done my surgery at Asmed in the beginning of july 2018 (a month prior to yours) and i am going through exactly same situation. Big gaps in-between the grafts in the hairline and density is quite low. And i know its not quite easy to stop negative thoughts pouring into your mind. But i would still suggest you to stay calm as you are only the half way around.You have still many months in front of you for things to get better. I spoke to my co-ordinator at Asmed which btw is same for us "Muge" and after her feedback i am quite relaxed now. Your transplanted hair needs time to get thicken and new growth can happen til 9 month. There are plenty of examples on this forum. Asmed is a professional clinic with good reputation & a great amount of work behind them. Incase things not get as desired i am sure they will do something to get them fix. Keep hanging in there mate, you are not alone :). My transplant link:
  6. Here are my pictures from temple points. As mentioned earlier in one of my posts, i think temples have filled in quite nicely and mixed up with existing hairs. Maybe the best part of my surgery so far. The tranplanted grafts in the temple points never fell off and began to grow from day one right after the surgery day. May be thats why. But thats my assumption. Hope to get same kind of density in my hairline too in upcoming months
  7. Hello Friends, Here is my 6-month mark update. Sorry for the late reply, I've just been very busy lately with my job and some personal stuff so couldn’t find the time to make a post. And I wanted to speak with my coordinator at Asmed before making a update here. Can’t really say that I had a huge improvement from month 5 to month 6 but transplanted hair seems to getting thicker and i can notice new sprouts in the mid scalp area. But I feel there is plenty of area in hairline(especially the right side), which needs to be filled in order to get a decent hairline and density. Shown the pictures to my coordinator and got a reply from her that Dr. Erdogan thinks most of the transplanted grafts have grown and they only need to become thicker and which is normal at this stage. Hope things will get even better in upcoming month. Please take a look and share your opinion about my results so far. Will make nest update with a months time.
  8. I think you’re on track at the 2,5 month mark, regrowth of transplanted hairs is just at the beginning (or soon will be). It is a tough waiting game my friend but in the end it will be worth waiting. Looking forward to more updates! Wish you well and happy growing!
  9. Thanks mate. Seen through your thread just now and wow, what amazing results have you achieved. Congrats man. After been through your whole thread i feel more relaxed. Have you had your second surgery? if yes, can you please give the link of it. Congrats again! Hope i get same results as of yours
  10. Thanks friend for the feedback. Yeah, i hope that too. Its just i have seen som remarkable changes for most of Asmed patients from month 4 to month 6 but i guess i am a slow grower. Trying to be positive but cant control the negative thoughts all the time 🤪. No, the hairline doesnt look pluggy and the temples have filled up quite nicely. Thats the good part. Its just the density i am a bit worried about since i have utilized quite a huge number of grafts. Will hear about that with my co-ordinator at Asmed when i reach six month mark which which will be at the end of this month. Keep updating your thread as i am keenly following it 😃
  11. Hello guys, here are my latest pictures from 5 month+1 week mark. Posting pictures both in dry and wet look in the daylight, to give you a view of the present situation. And i also styled my hair backward as one member pointed out that i need to style my hair (dont know why). I won't say there have been very much of progress since last month other than existing hair have gotten longer and maybe thicker. I only see a few sprouts here and there in mid scalp but nothing in the frontal area and in the hairline, i really hope it picks up soon from here as i am approaching my six month marks in three week. As for now there are quite a few wide gaps in frontal area with no visible sprouts and this dont allow me to style my hair as scalp in between hair becomes very visible. I must admit negative thoughts have started to pour in, given the current scenario and the relatable results on the forum, which were not so successful (until now), but i am trying to be positive and won't give final judgement until month 12-18 and until the time i have spoken to my co-ordinator at Asmed. Another thing i would like to mention here is that density in my temple area is quite good relative to density in frontal and mid scalp area especially considering that i had some hair there before. and maybe thats bcoz the hair implanted in temples never fell off! they started growing like other normal hair right from day 1. But thats only my theory/guess, i am not sure. The reason i haven't coloured my grey hair as it is advised by Asmed to not dye hair until six month. And i dont use either any styling products as it is also not recommended by the clinic. So please feel free to comment or ask anything, and i will try to response as soon as possible. Next update will be made after 6th month mark. To conclude : no new hair follicles growing and i feel density should be better at this stage as majority of people see drastic changes in 4th and 5th months .
  12. Hello guys, here are few pictures from 4th month mark. I guess i am one of the patients who are blessed with slow and steady growth?, but i am optimistic for the final results. There are quite a few spots at the front of the hairline with minimal growth, hope they will fill up til month 6. Will post pictures at 5 month mark now.