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  1. Can you please also upload a photo of yours from pre surgery time, when you make a 12 month update? Just to show the total review: how you looked before and now? Concragz you got amazing results! Looks like survival rate of your transplanted grafts is 100%. I have hair micron of almost same size as yours “55” and had my surgery in july 2018. And my results looks nowhere close to yours. Concragulation again and looking forward to your 12 month update
  2. I would suggest you not to worry and go ahead with your surgery as planned. Even though outcome of my surgery and of few others is not so optimal (til now), there are still coming out remarkable results out of clinic. And remember one has to wait almost 18 months to conclude whether a result is successful or not, that cycle is not completed for the few who have their genunie concerns. Many of us are just the half way. And Asmed is surely aware of them who have the concerns and must be extra careful regarding their new patients. In my thread i am just trying to be honest and putting out the facts and how i feel. Even thogh it sounds a bit negative/critical( which is not my intention) i am still hopeful. Btw i am still recommending my brother to get a transplant at Asmed who is considering a hairtransplant(not kingbilla 😝, another one) Good luck for your surgery and do make a thread. Muge is very professional and a nice girl. I am sure she will make you feel safe.
  3. Can you share link of your thread?? Whats your hair diameter? Have u had your surgery at Asmed?
  4. Yeah that true. We should concentrate of getting more out of 30s 😂 instead of worrying for later years
  5. Yeah, it can be as you are saying combination of diiferents things you mentioned. But then again i have seen many great results with same hair diameter as mine, coming both from Asmed and other well known clinics. Shock loss can also be a reason, but the hairline does seems to have low transplanted density( see attached pic taken just now) as there are quite big gaps in the hair line. Dont know how many grafts are tranplanted per squaremeter in my case but it seems quite low. I hope it gets better in the next three months (will be reaching 12 month mark in 3,5 month). I wish my hairline get thicker and denser so i could style my hair atleast, which is also the primary reason of getting a transplant in the first place.
  6. Thanks for sharing. Your hair looks amazing at six months mark compared to pre-surgery time. And you can expect it to get even better in the next 6 months. Not every result of Asmed is bad and the few of them complaining i think have a legit reason. I am almost at 8.5 months mark and my hairline is still quite weak and not allow me to push my hair backward. I had to wear them doen to not expose my scalp, not a very ideal situation at this point (almost 9 months), see attached pic taken just now but i agree there are only few such results. Asmed is still producing good results ( like yours) & a big name in transplant world
  7. Can you upload any picture from pre surgery time? You crown area and area around mid scalp looks quite good compared to your hairline and frontal area! usually the crown area fills up in the last , but in your case it filled very well and that too in short span of time. Concrags you look on track👍🏻
  8. I would say as soon the grafts are taken from the donor capcity, it begins to look thin but the visibility of thinning depends on how many grafts are taken and whats the hair diameter). In my case donor area on the left side behind the temple point looks quite thin compared to right side. Maybe more grafts were taken from that side. But it can be easily covered by growing hair a bit. And in hairtransplant surgery, one should keep in my mind that the donor area will definetly look thinner after the surgery. Its quite obvious. But as long one gets goods results, i think it doesnt matter that much if the donor area gets a little thinner. I could have lived with that peacefully😋
  9. Yeah, i have seen your thread and maybe commented there too that both of us having identical issues ( low density, weak hairline especially right side, big gaps between grafts in hairline). Yeah cant doo much other than to wait and hope for something good to happen, til the 12 month mark. Do you know how many grafts do you have left? And would you consider a second transplant considering future hairloss on other area which is not treated?
  10. I had done a surgery earlier a few years ago in Oslo (mentioned in my intro of this thread) which was not successful. In that surgery the clinic lowered the hairline and Asmed had to operate according to the hairline established by the clinic in Oslo. So no fault of Asmed in this case.
  11. Thanks for the feedback mate. Ja, i try to make sure in every post that i am fair to clinic by clicking picz from every possible angle (and as asked by any member on this thread). Yes its true that my scabs fell off very late compared to a regular patient. I had to make use of a gaze in order to get rid of scabs by rubbing it on my transplanted area. I wonder some time that might be the reason of weak hair line and low density. I always have struggled with dandruff and dry skin maybe that was the reason scabs did not fall off by their own. Another reason could be that i was maybe too gentle in washing my recepient area! Not sure if my another surgery would be a option for me as i have utilized a large nr of grafts in the first go with Asmed. Have to take the other area ( which is never treated) in account while considering a second go, as i can experience further hairloss there. Will make a judgement about it after passing 12 months mark
  12. Well that is quite remarkable to acheive these results with only 3845 grafts. Do anybody know the hair diamenter of the patient? Hair thickness??
  13. Is it possible to get this type of result with only 3345 grafts? Anyway amazing results