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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Who knows. Woth me , I am certain the front of a lot better than behind. The very front of the forelock is also a lot better - if it was like the frontal forelock everywhere including the sides of the hairline I would be over the moon. The temples are also perfect , never shed and look brilliant and dense I remember waking up during surgery and a senior (older) tech was doing the frontal forelock. I woke up due to the pain, as the grafts were being moved around and positioned . I was told she was a member of the board. Why would she do the front but the other techs do elsewhere ?
  2. Hello mate 3000 does sound about right. I have 4500 and was slightly more bald than you behind the forelock Before you go for surgery decide what matters to you . Do you want to carefully design your hairline with the doctor and have time to look at it in the mirror without feeling rushed through the door?
  3. I’m not sure Derek. The rushed consultation and procedure when you get there didn’t really bother me providing the result as acceptable. It’s the lack on interest and care afterwards that I have an issue with. Not sure if this changes from patient to patients / rep to rep but it my opinion it is very poor. I do want to rectify the bald patches behind the hairline so I can cut my hair a little shorter and style it upwards - like people do in the websites - Asmed included. They don’t have bald patches on their advertisements .
  4. The bit that hurts / winds me up the most is the poor level of customer care after you come home. Considering we’ve just paid over £10000 (many of us) I don’t think the Dr taking the time to look at your photos and send you HIS opinion is too much to ask. I’m lucky my hair turned out the way it did. It’s not perfect but another small procedure and it will be fine. Whether I have the right to ask Asmed to do this I’m not sure which is why I want Asmed’s opinion .
  5. Hello mate looks good, the area behind the hairline wouldn’t have been implanted as dense as the hairline for obvious reasons so look like you’re on track. I saw a big improvement at 9/10 months.
  6. Hey everyone. i think it’s a balance we should be expecting with the clinics. Yes they should maximise their profits, and increase amount of patients , but they should also ensure quality , safety, ethics and value for money. They cannot be expected to charge a tiny sum for brilliant results that take 2 days to achieve, but they shouldn’t expect us to pay a lot of money for risky procedures , unethical use of grafts , rushed consultations , and having to share our “special moment” with 5/6 other people. My result isn’t a bad result but a good one. But I start to think I’d have been better off going to Harley Street or somewhere else in Turkey where I’d have used less grafts and paid less money. I’m not bad mouthing the clinic, I just think they haven’t got their balance right.
  7. 13 month update Hello everybody Photos below. ive started to want to style my hair upwards and expose the hairline which looks excellent apart from when I stand under light. The front hairline does look natural . I do have areas of low density behind the hairline which are evident when looking from above (I’m 5ft 8inch) but my skin / hair contrast doesn’t help ive just sent more photos to the clinic and haven’t received any feedback on my 12 month result . What do you all think? I’m 75% happy, everybody wants more density but I think behind the hairline hasn’t come out as planned. My hair is about 3 inches long on top. I’m scared of cutting it too short as the low density areas behind hairline will show a lot more
  8. My libido has gone down. But to be honest I think it needed to. It now keeps me out of trouble. derek: who are you communicating with in the clinic? I don’t really get very good answer except “it will get better” or “yes I agree comb your hair down” or “it will continue to improve”
  9. Was the same for me mate, as soon as I got mine done there were a few doubts which was terrifying . It is a difficult thing to call. I cannot style my hair upwards or use any gel to style it upwards as it would look see through but most hair transplants are like that to some degree.
  10. I understand that I was just asking. Frustrating as hell for you mate. Hopefully you will get where you deserve to be . Having said that, you still have a decent head of hair most bald blokes would give their left nut for.
  11. I can understand why you are disappointed. What do you think when you cut cut your hair shorter? Is there no improvement at all? It does look denser at the top of the hair shafts , but still see through at the bottom of the shafts, what was the hair diameter ?
  12. A member of the clinic has now got back to me and told me my coordinator is away on military duty and will respond when he gets back. how hard can it be to update their patients on this kind of stuff? Probably the thing that disappoints me about going to a asmed was the lack of connection with the doctor and how impersonal it all was.