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  1. Hello everybody, so 2 years and 2 days after my first procedure of 4500 grafts, and as you who have been following would know, I have been invited back to the clinic. I might start a new thread or continue this one, but I think the below photos speak for themselves. my hair shaft cross - sectional diameter is only 51 microns (average at best) and the contrast between skin and hair colour couldn’t be any higher. For those of you that know anything about hair transplantation these are two of the most important factors with regards to the illusion of density. I b
  2. I doubt he has any ! Didn’t have any before and I doubt 1200 will cause any scarring as the first 4000+ didn’t
  3. Thanks Isama , your comment is appreciated have you had a procedure? I agree that my hairline is good . I was worried that it was too far forward initially but it has grown on me considerably . ive had a haircut this week so rocking the hairstyle
  4. Having dark hair and pale skin doesn’t help. Were you slick bald in that area? same issue with me really, density isn’t great so I need to style certain way.
  5. I don’t think it is patchy. Thin yes but evenly thin which is why I do not believe it was planted as densely as it should have been. I’m not com in native hair over thin patches, I’m combin my hair back so my hairline (transplanted) blends with other transplanted hair behind hairline. Think most of my photos are very impressive, with only the odd couple looking bad in natural direct sunlight when hair was cut too short . Have you had a transplant?
  6. Agreed some issues, but not shockingly poor as you say. it is transplanted hair I’m combing over , I was as bald as an egg on the front.
  7. Shocking is a harsh word. Not perfect, but not shocking either . It’s about expectations and if I would have been told my hair would look like this before surgery but I’d have to grow it over 2 inches long to maintain illusion of density I would take it. HT is only an illusion of density. I had crown work in that 4500 too
  8. Hi. I wouldn’t say it was ‘bad’ - a little thin at mid scalp but even across that area . I don’t comb my native hair over at all, I can actually comb my transplanted hairline back and it looks dense. I am going back for a touch up at mid scalp.
  9. Well done ! You’re no stranger to a hair restoration procedure let’s get that right. looking good.
  10. Good day, Hope you’re all enjoying the summer. so now 23 months since operation and as some of you might be aware, I’m going back to asmed on 14 September (exactly 2 years since first op) for the area behind hairline to be filled in a little. This area is thinner than front, and is noticeable when hair style up or cut shorter than say 2 inches. i am happy with my result, but would like to be able to cut my hair shorter on top . I ask all of you other patients how short should it be possible to cut hair after transplant without the difference between native hai
  11. Back to the density behind hairline, it wasn’t planted as dense as I believe it should be behind hairline anyway. See below photo. Remember I was slick bald behind hairline. if i could turn back the hands of time I would have declined the temple peaks and just concentrated on the main bit behind hairline
  12. I can tell you have good hair diameter - what is the number? Was this after 2nd surgery ?
  13. I do not think you can cut your hair really short when you have high contrast between hot and skin and expect it to look full . @JayLDD and @Yaz89 how short can you cut yourS?
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