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  1. Check this article out https://newhair.com/baldingblog/the-baby-hairs-5-months-after-hair-transplant-with-photos/ shows him at 5 months and then again at 14 baby hair and poor density looks normal at 5 months for some people
  2. Hello mate i can even see from the photos (which on my screen do not have very high resolution) that there are very fine hair which will thicken. At the moment those hair won’t add any aesthetic benefit but the sure will when they mature . I am at 5 months now. The only hair that have completely matured are the ones which never shed (which were a minority) hang in there , your hair looks good
  3. A positive thing is that I can clearly see some fine hair which hasn’t yet added to the appearance in both hairline and mid scalp. I can also see areas that the hair is yet to grow
  4. It’s all about how I style my hair and obviously what light . Some days I’m happy, other days I feel anxious and I do compare to other brilliant results . But today o think my results look equal to someone else on this forum who is at 5 months and used another doctor in the us the few negative comments here about Asmed has got me worried here is my hair brushed and just after a shower , in direct light after shower etc
  5. Looks good mate hows the density behind the hairline ?
  6. My coordinator has also left, so now who do I contact with questions? has anybody been to asmed and had them ask you for photos or is it the patient that has to manage the customer / patient aftercare ?
  7. No I never had any shedding in temples. They just grew. I also never shed in the very front of my hairline . Hair diameter 51 I remeber waking uo during the surgery and a senior member of staff was working on the front section, it made me worried that maybe that’s why it didn’t shed. I am rematively ok with the hairline , but I hope it gets better. I am worried about behind the hairline as some areas look completely bald . However , when I zoom in using decent light I can see fine hair growing. See below
  8. Guys youve got me really worried .... 🧐
  9. 5 months today. hair looks ok in normal lighting, but in strong light it doesn’t look appealing. The area behind the hairline line is very thin, but I can see lots of fine hairs that have just come through hoping for big improvement over the next 4 weeks.
  10. It’s looking a lot denser than mine at 5 months today mine looks ok from a distance and not in direct light . i I combed my hair up it would look terrible this is mine close up and outside
  11. Kraistoff

    4 Years Later

    I’m no expert but I think FUE is less butchering than FUT .
  12. Hey nor sure If it’s 5 , I use calendar months so ot will be 5 next week to be honest they haven’t really asked me, I’ve sent a message on here a couple of time and I got a response once a month ago ive whatsapped a coordinator (my coordinator left) but don’t really get a response that quickly they gave me a paper saying what to expect but I am not sure where I have put it
  13. Kraistoff

    4 Years Later

    Why are you leaning toward FUT? It’s gotta be FUE
  14. Kraistoff

    4 Years Later

    I’d say 3000 grafts
  15. Some more photos of me loving my new hair ! some are wet (just out of shower) let know what what you think