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  1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you as I too wouldn’t be happy if this was the final density. Lots of time to improve yet though. I’m just over 2 months out from asmed and cant help checking every day. Especially a particular spot with no hairs at all poking through yet lol.
  2. kw877

    ASMED 7 months on

    The fact that we can’t tell which are the befores and afters is worrying. I’m 2 just over 2 months in from my asmed by and I’m trying not to think too much about it.
  3. The donor pain is next level haha. I’m still getting huge painful pimples almost 2 months in. They were worst around 1 month.
  4. I prepared myself for a while so I’m not checking every 5 mins I just pop my hat on and forget about it haha for now anyway!
  5. I’m 31, 2.37 hairs per graft on average. I can’t find any info on my hair thickness though in the packet I left with. I think he said it was pretty average or just under though. I’m anxious just for my normal hair to grow enough to cover this area haha sick of wearing a hat at work!
  6. I’ve taken my time getting to this review as I’ve been pretty busy, but I check here often on others progress so thought it would be good to include my experience. ill keep it short as I can. The staff at Asmed were outstanding. They can’t do enough for you and my patient coordinator Müge and all the other staff were just so nice that my experience was wholly positive. There was literally nothing more I could have asked for. If I was hungry at all, they’d get me some food and drinks immediately. If I felt the slightest bit of pain or was uncomfortable they’d stop everything until I was good to go again. The procedure itself is relatively painless, however! The numbing injections were painful! I was good for the first few but as they got to the nape of my neck it was unbearable. I think I must just have a lot of sensitivity there to be honest as my pain threshold has always been ridiculously high. Anyway, they immediately called in the anaesthatist and he gave me some painkillers in my IV and I was perfectly fine after that. The techs were wonderfully polite and considerate throughout. Before the surgery I had my consult with Dr Erdogan. Müge was with me too and we talked about my expectations, where I wanted my hairline to be, the style of it etc. I wanted it low and he disagreed immediately and I was a little sad but when he drew it on and stuff I realized I would have looked so weird if he’d put it where’s I initially wanted it. He has an eye for this so just trust him! I’d have regretted it if he’d gone along with my suggestion haha anyway we had a good laugh through the consult, he’s super friendly and I felt relaxed around him. Never rushed, he took around 45 mins with me and my friend who also had his consult at the same time as me (we came together). It helped though as he didn’t have to explain everything twice, and I’d already researched a bunch so Dr Erdogan knew that we were quite prepared for what to expect. It was mildly annoying not being able to touch my head or wear my hat for a while. Also, I was one of the unfortunate ones that experienced a lot of pain in the donor. It seriously felt like it had been badly burned. I couldn’t sleep for the first 10 days and it was exhausting. No pain killers seemed to help. I’m in the minority with this though and I don’t think many experience this so dont be put off. I’m getting a lot of large pimples in the donor area now too, and small ones now and again in the recipient. Nothing terrible. Im at around 6 weeks now. I’d say 75% of the transplanted hairs she around the 4 week mark. The rest just continued to grow. I can’t for the life of me find my thumb drive with my pictures but I know I have it somewhere so I’ll upload those pics when I find them. For now, these are the only before shots I can find. My hair wasn’t terrible, I just had a huge forehead. My transplant was mainly to lower it, whilst bolstering my original hairline a bit too. I’ve been on finasteride for about 2-3 years now. This is 11 days after: And this is today, 1.5 months post op: Ill update this post with my progress over the coming months
  7. Yeah the procedure itself was painless, after the anesthetist jacked me up with some more meds in my IV haha the needles in my scalp beforehand were horrific though, but only when at the nape of my neck. How I thought I’d be fine with 6000+ holes on my scalp I don’t know lol
  8. I have a sleeve, including on my elbow and inner elbow, one on my ribs, and on my spine and top of my foot. They were a piece of cake in comparison haha everyone’s different I guess. I was one of the unlucky minority lol
  9. It’s strange because tea has just as much caffeine apparently
  10. For me coffee was the hard part, especially early on surgery day ha
  11. Everything’s going good so far! All the scabs were off a couple days ago (around the 9th day) I think my surgery was on the 26th? Im just waiting for it to all fall out now haha
  12. I recently underwent a HT with Dr Erdogan, 3000 grafts. I thought id share a few things I wasn't fully prepared for and maybe it can help prospective patients. 1. It is not a painless procedure. I have quite a high pain threshold, have previously had surgery whilst awake (and will again next week in fact!) but the injections sting like a mf. Don't be afraid to ask the anesthetist for a little something extra in your IV to counter the injection pain, as there are many injections. The techs and my coordinator were so nice though and made sure I was comfortable at all stages. The thing I don't see many people talk about either is the pain following the procedure. My donor area felt like it had been burnt. I couldn't sleep decently for a week after, it was constantly aching and burning and stinging. I wish to god id asked for some strong painkillers as I didn't really experience this pain till after id flown home. 2. The staff at the Radisson are very knowledgable when it comes to Asmeds patients, they will literally bend over backwards for any request. They had someone running up and down from my room to freeze and refreeze my ice packs as theres no freezer in the room. They will pretty much bring you anything they reasonably can if you just call them. Also, the breakfast buffet ran till 1 or 2pm I think, so if you get hungry after an early breakfast, hit the buffet again. I didn't realize this till my last day that it was on for so long. I also didn't want to venture far due to my swelling and the hot sun, so room service was much appreciated. 3. The swelling. My god I looked like id been hit by a truck! this is a more rare reaction to the surgery though im sure, as I always swell ridiculously after surgeries (ive had my share of facial procedures!) but this was another level. First my entire scalp ballooned, then my forehead, they it came down to my eyes and nose and at its peak I could hardly see. My entire face bruised yellow too and I had the worst black eyes ever. It dissipated within a week though, except the eyes, I still have minor bruises. My advice is to cut out all salt and sugar a week before, sleep upright after the surgery and be diligent in applying the ice packs. Maybe (with the Drs say so) take bromelain supplements a week before and after. Ive probably just repeated what a lot of people have posted so my apologies if so. Its just that I considered myself well researched for the op (even the Dr was surprised at how prepared I was and how much id researched lol) but I didn't expect the pain and swelling to the degree that I experienced. Again im a special case, but it is a possibility nonetheless! Ill be posting pics and a review soon
  13. I’ll have to pick some up and give it a try. Pain killers don’t seem to have much effect lol