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  1. My experience was great, the doctor spent a lot of time with me so I should be more confident I guess. I’m looking too hard at the not great results but you’re right there are a lot of good ones too.
  2. I hope so. I keep looking at other people’s results and I shouldn’t since everyone’s different. Anxiety getting the better of me lol. The waiting really does give me too much time to obsess haha
  3. So for 3000 grafts I’d hope that I won’t have such big gaps once it’s all grown out.
  4. Trying not to be negative and just wait it out, but worried about the spacing between grafts. The main problem with the latest results from the clinic is sparse, gappy and low density hairlines. Obviously I’m at 4 months but since it was already growing just over a month from surgery i can’t see many of any more sprouts happening. i know how that sounds being only 4 months out, but under light close up I can see a little bump/scar from every incision and all of them have sprouted. There’s no incision bumps in the current gaps just smooth scalp which leads me to believe those gaps are gonna stay bare. Hope I’m wrong, and I know I sound silly being only 4 months out. But from Stephens result and a few others, I feel like I’m on track for the same.
  5. Yeah it should be on my profile somewhere. I had 3070 grafts so hoping it comes out ok cos I only had my hairline lowered slightly and temples filled
  6. I feel bad saying so but I too would be devastated spending 9k for this to be the result. I will say it’s important for us to share the names of surgeons, you’ve not said anything out of line or defamatory and have simply provided good, detailed pictures. If the Dr was to be unhappy about this, it’s only their own work they should be disappointed in. I’m sorry mate, hope you get something worked out in terms of a refund or something. Im 4 months out of my surgery with asmed and the most recent results are making me worry for my own. Hoping I don’t have to shell out more money and go through this ordeal again in a years time
  7. can't believe this is the result of 3200 grafts! I had just over 3000 from Asmed and am at just under 4 months. Praying there will be more sprouts as right now its so sparse, like so many I've seen lately from asmed. Thing is each bump/scar from the incisions that I've been able to see under light all have hairs coming through and they still have huge gaps in between. I know I have a long time to wait and see the result but nothing as of late looks promising.
  8. I chose fue over fut for the sole purpose of wearing my hair short. It’s gonna suck if I can’t do that. Absolutely hate having longer hair on the back and sides lol hoping it’s just temporary shock loss. The back feels really dry too, might look into something that moisturizes scalp
  9. Really worried about my donor area. It looks so patchy and someone at work asked if I had a skin condition on my scalp. Suffice to say been feeling shit all day since. it looks like all my grafts were over harvested from the same spot
  10. I’m so sorry mate I’m anxious af about mine cos I’m yet to see a decent result come out of there recently. All seem to have the same issues of being sparse / low density. You must get so tired of peoples comments of “it’ll thicken up”. It’s not the hair thickness that’s the issue, it’s the amount of hairs (or lack of).
  11. Wish I’d known this kinda stuff before potentially wasting 1000s of grafts I’ll never get back ...
  12. I think people (prior patients specifically) can sometimes be scared to divulge personal information to mods with the knowledge that it’ll be shared with the very clinic/doctor that they may be relying on to fix any potential issues later down the line. I myself wouldn’t want to burn any bridges that I may need in the future. A better approach would be for patients wishing to share negative experiences to share the clinic pictures they received pre/post op or the info sheet with the breakdown on it (face pic, name, no. of grafts etc) with a moderator to verify their authenticity as a patient, but should also be given the choice as to whether or not they want this shared with the clinic.
  13. I can also corroborate this as my friend who had his surgery at asmed the same day as me was told by his coordinator about the new clinic. I’m gonna pray that I got the experiences techs. I hope my friend did too as I was the one who recommended this clinic and we flew together from west coast USA. If either or both of us have a bad result im gonna feel so bad. 8 patients a day to me is inconceivable and totally incongruent with good practice. 4 is proving too many to handle, if this were to double it becomes nothing more than a money grab. But I know it’s likely true as I knew this the day after my surgery. This post just solidified it.
  14. Good that you find people’s anxiety and disappointment in their hair surgery ‘hilarious’ Dishonest why? Because they don’t align with your experience? Just because someone’s opinion and experience differs from yours, does not make then dishonest. Name calling again. Stupid comments and lies with intent to mislead...by speaking on their experience? So people who have negative experiences shouldn’t speak on it? Yes other clinics have bad results. All Drs will. However, that doesn’t absolve every other clinic from being held accountable to their patients. And it certainly doesn’t mean people should stay quiet of their result isn’t what they were led to expect. To suggest that one should put up and shut up because all doctors have bad results isn’t an argument. You say hes he’s the loudest, but you always seem to be one post behind. A post that’s 10x longer, full of name calling and aggression and it’s in almost every one of his comments. Actually a forum is just that, a free for all to express their experience and opinions. As for braindead and irrational, time to knock that nonsense on the head isn’t it? Also, it’s ridiculously hypocritical that you’re talking of how we shouldn’t censor people. You’re trying to do just that to anyone with a negative opinion. Food for thought. Yeah you don’t really seem to do anything else to be honest Im starting to wonder if you can finish a paragraph without insulting someone... Again, insults. Really bored of this drama. For some reason you keep chasing certain members around the forum trying to junk what they have to say. This forum is for all of us, and any attempt to silence any negative reviews is massively problematic. Like I said before, it’s important for prospective patients to see ALL sides. ALL experiences and they can then weigh up their decision. In future I suggest you politely disagree or ignore and move on. You can’t seem to keep a civility to your posts and frankly it’s dampening the forum. My two cents. Which I’m entitled to btw