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  1. We have pretty much identical results. After comparing mine to a lot of other doctors I feel like iv wasted a lot of grafts as other docs seem to yield denser or similar results using only half the amount of grafts. I too don't think I could return to the same clinic as I don't want to waste any more grafts. Such a tough decision as it is gonna cost a lot of money to put right elsewhere, but can you put a price on grafts you'll never get back again?
  2. What the actual fk? How did this use 2000 grafts?! The mods really need to get onto the clinic to explain all of our recent results.
  3. So they got back to me and after the 12 month mark I can go for a touch up. Just wanna be sure that if I do I’ll be seen go by the Dr more as I don’t wanna potentially waste more grafts, I’m not sure at this point.
  4. I’ve reached out twice with a bunch of pics to the clinic and been told the doc will get back to me. The first time was January with no response, and again last week I was told to expect a response today.
  5. That’s the thing, I’d had quotes in the last for around 1800-2000 from other clinics. I had no need for grafts anywhere on my head but the hairline/temples, as anyone can see from my preop pics. Dr Koray said I’d need more grafts if I wanted the hairline lowered with a dense result. The density is very low, with some parts having hardly any grafts. I just don’t know where 3000+ grafts have gone considering the relatively small area that needed cover. It’s baffling?
  6. The first 2 weeks my donor felt like it had been burnt, but everything I read online seems that’s normal for a small number of people as a lot of nerves are damaged during extraction. I’m not worried about it, but at the time it fkg hurt
  7. That would be the best case scenario, really wanna go to a doctor that does all the work, like Keser. My eyes probably aged 10 years from all the stress 😂 I’m gonna do that soon, just to get a rough idea of how many grafts to expect to have to use.
  8. I know, using a ruler and photoshopping a cm sq some parts have 14 grafts. I was expecting 45+. Like wtf Pictures speak a thousand words. I don’t see the point in trying to trash them, I’d rather just present my pics and review honestly, and in all honestly I’m really depressed about it. It wasn’t an easy thing to go through, I flew from California, the 12+ hour flight back swollen and bruised with my scalp on fire, weeks of intense pain in my donor, months of looking terrible and $10,000 out of pocket to arrive at this point is literally devastating.
  9. Almost 10 months now and I’m so disappointed (understatement). There’s just no way it’s gonna improve as much as it needs to at this point, it’s so see through and if I get a bit sweaty it looks 10x worse. Suppose it’s pointless to even bother asking for a refund or even partial refund so I can get it repaired. So much trauma for this result lol
  10. I know it feels awful to know how many grafts I’ve lost that I’ll never get back, definitely not even close to 30 grafts per cm2 never mind 50! I counted 15 in some spots. Not sure what to do.
  11. Id be inclined to believe that some may just have not taken, but the fact that my issues are identical to that of most cases to come out of the clinic lately makes me think not. Also its rare that a body would reject its own tissue, its not like its a foreign body like an organ transplant etc. It was plucked from my head and implanted back in my head.
  12. Unfortunately there’s been no improvement from about month 5> No new hairs, still frizzy and dry too probably just different position to other pics. I’ve looked and looked at all the pics I’ve kept a log of on my phone and can’t see anything better and it’s super depressing. Yeah I’m not excited or happy about needing more. 3000 was by far the top end of quotes I had, I had 1500-2000 from other doctors. I thought I’d have much better density from the extra 1000/1500. To need another 1000 is mind boggling
  13. How many more grafts would you say? I’m just apprehensive to go back unless I know I’m gonna get the best techs and a lot more input from the Dr. I understand it’s the standard now that techs will do the bulk of it but I wanna know I’m with the best ones. Especially if it’s a second pass as I understand it takes a lot more knowledge to implant between older grafts?
  14. People have commented though. People at work have asked what’s going on with my hair, asking if I’m stressed cos it’s looking thin lol. If I sweat or push it aside the wrong way it looks bad, parts look like bald patches. But I’ve already used over 3000 grafts for such a small amount of space that’s what I’m most bummed about. Most good Drs I’ve looked at don’t use half as many grafts for cases similar to mine. To have to have another 1000 grafts for it to look decent is honestly so depressing. I see people get 4000 grafts to cover a whole top of their head. I’m gonna end up needing that it seems just for my hairline, which wasn’t even that bad. Sorry to be negative, I just find it hard to be positive having lost so many grafts to end up with this result. My donor is already patchy and noticeably thinner. Not sure what to do.