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  1. Would never happen. They’d be admitting liability
  2. Its just silly isn't it at this point. It was blasphemous not too long ago to have more than 1 or 2. It was a big deal but its just overlooked now it seems. With the current conveyor belt situation, dodgy results and the strangely massive graft numbers being used Im wondering what the future of this is gonna be. The more I look at western Drs results, some of which you mentioned, I'm baffled as to where my 3000+ grafts have went as I was hardly even balding! lol I see people with half the amount of grafts covering a larger space and getting better results than mine so far.
  3. on my day there was 4, but that was at the old clinic. They've since scaled up big time. Did you go to the new clinic?
  4. Nope. No contact from the clinic, I whatsapped my coordinator with pics and she said it looks normal and that she’ll show them to dr Erdogan but that’s it. Heard nothing back since. I’ve been looking at surgeons that take 1 case per day and are fully hands on throughout I just need to research more. Keser is one I’m looking into but like I said need to research more. Any suggestions? I think taking 6 or more patients a day, you just aren’t gonna get the Doctors attention you’re paying for anymore. It’s not possible. I remember back in the day 1-2 patients per day for a decent ethical surgeon was the max. How can a Doctor (that you’re paying more for than almost all other Turkish clinics) possibly oversee 6 patients a day, most of which are having large sessions? Impossible. Why are the standards we used to hold surgeons to (1-2 patients per day) slipping so far? 6 patients per day guys. The forum really needs to assess their recommendation and make sure new prospective patients are fully informed of how this clinic is ran now. Most people are aware if they do minimum research that techs will do most of the work, but they should definitely be warned that in the case of asmed their will be a large number of other patients on the same day and that the Dr they are paying a premium for will have the most minimal input and interaction.
  5. Thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it. I feel like I’m constantly being questioned or made to feel in the wrong for posting honestly about my experience and have often considered removing all my pics etc. numerous times but if I was a prospective patient I’d want to see as many reviews as possible so I’ve left it up. I’m either not showing it in flattering enough light or in the right styles positions, or I’m being far too impatient, or told it looks fine and to be happy with it. For some reason some patients that are happy with their experience at this clinic have a strange need to try and discredit those who have had a negative one. Either through some weird loyalty they feel or a need to defend the clinic. Who knows why but it can be discouraging. It’s difficult enough to post about something so personal for the world to see without people making you feel shit for doing so. Im just disappointed so far I guess but I get on with it now, I know I’ll have to have it fixed which is a downer but I’m waiting it out as much as I can hoping for improvement. The texture is still feeling really dry and frizzy too which I hate.
  6. I definitely can’t leave it as is. I’m stuck between hoping asmed will touch up and have dr erdogan be present for the entire thing this time (I don’t think that’s a lot to ask after how much I paid) or going to a surgeon that does the entire procedure himself once I’ve saved up enough. Its draining though feeling so crap about it all the time. I was excited to not have to worry about it anymore but I’ve found I worry more now than before lol.
  7. I had a high forehead and receded temples, that I was able to disguise well with the right haircut and how I wore it. I guess I wanted to not have to disguise it anymore. Anytime I got sweaty or the wind blew I would be anxious about it. So I had the temples filled and hairline lowered. And either the grafts didn’t grow or they weren’t utilized well enough. Whatever the case HTs are all elective and we get it cos we want it. We all wanna feel better about ourselves 🤷🏻‍♂️ You may have been happy with my preop but I wasn’t. All relative innit.
  8. In terms of how it looks now, I look like I’m balding as it’s so low in density. Before I just had a high forehead/hairline which in retrospect looked better. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say...
  9. Yes. I can’t wear my hair up anymore as it’s too sparse. Even down its see through. Like this
  10. I don’t have any pre-op close up HD pictures unfortunately, I purposely avoided those being someone insecure about their hair. I was trying to show the previous commenter my hairline prior to the transplant.
  11. Preop styled and unstyled. I was able to style it in a way to hide or make my temples look better. It’s more difficult to do that now though as any product makes it a lot more see through.
  12. I agree with you man. I think both sides, the proponents and those against should simply present their results and experience and let the pictures etc speak for themselves. Lately the forum has devolved into a place of name calling and attacking each other. Not necessarily in payams case, but Stephen and others have been called mentally unstable and shit. We should all respect one another’s experiences. That’s all.
  13. I don't understand the reasoning with this, because some people had a good result and are happy, those who didn't shouldn't say anything or express their disappointment? I think the best thing for everyone involved is to express your feelings about your own result, and let others express theirs without trying to put them down. Post your review and results and if you are happy, great. However, its ridiculous to try and discredit someone elses experience because it doesn't match you own. It's clear to see Payams, mine and a bunch of other recent patients haven't had good results, or at least the results they were expecting. We are entitled to voice our opinion on our own surgeries without people who are happy with theirs shouting over us and trying to make out we are crazy. Im genuinely happy for those who are pleased with their results. But this whole thing of trying to discredit people who haven't had the same result, the mentality that "mines great so stop complaining about yours" just isn't logical. If your results are that great, the pics will speak for themselves. Thats how you can express your loyalty to your Dr. However, attacking people who are unhappy with their result and name calling and generally trying to drown them out just makes you look dumb.
  14. What about it looks better? To me it hasn’t changed since about month 5. Definitely no new hairs, no thickening. I had it cut but other than that, no improvement. Maybe that’s what makes it look better? Either way, so far I’m not happy at all. As you said I started off with decent hair and just wanted a lower hairline. Now I look like I’m balding because of how thin and see through it is.