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  1. I’ve had literally everything on my face done and not one person I’ve ever met has clocked any of it. Dunno why straight men think any male cosmetic surgery is gonna end up like Michael jackson. Come on give your head a wobble lads 😂 we are all on here getting hair surgery, what’s wrong with tweaking other bits? Why pay thousands for a nice head of hair if you’re gonna ignore your face? That Rodrigo fella has a decent mop, but all you can look at is his shocking face. Think about that lads before you judge Derek. You can fix the roof but if it’s sat on top of a shit shack, there’s no point. No
  2. Erdogan always quotes huge numbers over other Drs, and he has very, very little to do with the surgery as asmed has such a high amount of patients per day. Going there was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made. Look at Dr Keser or someone like him who performs the entire procedure. I’m looking into getting my asmed job repaired sometime in the future with him.
  3. Just factor in having to go back a second time, paying for a higher amount of grafts than 99% of other clinics would quote that either A) aren’t even there or B) don’t grow. Avoid. Pay for an actual doctor to perform your surgery, not a group of young girls.
  4. Well no amount of statistics is gonna get me my lost grafts back lol all I can share is me experience and I look like shit. Congrats to those who don’t. Like I said I may be biased from my botched job, but I know more people have reached out to me with similar bad results than those who have been happy. I can only say what I see and I’d like to believe I’m being fair. can anyone realistically say my result was good? For the amount of grafts I had? Not even close. I’m probably not gonna post anymore tbh. I’ve posted my final results, it’s not changed a bit in months and I’m 13 months
  5. Obviously I sound biased, but i have to say I strongly disagree. I see far more bad results lately from the clinic. Just read back through this thread, a bunch of people have chimed in with their own bad results, I think nb98 is one of the first on my thread to report a positive outcome. I guess we all have different standards and it’s subjective but when a bunch of us look to have had less than 50% growth of the grafts we paid a lot of money for, I couldn’t ever recommend this clinic to anyone in good faith.
  6. It really is so emotionally draining. The fact that you have to go through months of a shaved patchy scabby head lol then waiting a year to have an awful result that makes you feel 10x worse than before you had it. Add to that dropping $10k to have it done to you. It’s abhorrent to let people go through this in the name of raking in as much money as possible. I understand at the end of the day it’s a business. But this is peoples lives and mental well being, no amount of money is worth jeopardizing those. Not to any decent human anyway, but hey money can make people do anything. And it’s
  7. From my years of research Erdogan looked by far the best choice, literally right after all these dodgy results started coming out and it’s just my luck lol. I’m not gonna deny that there WAS a lot of good results it’s why I chose them. That just isn’t the case anymore though. Payam, myself, planetstephen, abysmo, kraistoff, der3k7, mhr84, Munich, bigben, and more are all having the same issues. Super low density for the huge amount of grafts utilized. Look at my before pics, how on earth did I have 3000+ grafts and end up with what I have now? I’ve counted the grafts in different parts of
  8. I think it would be a good idea if we had a “Asmed results” megathread, where every recent asmed patient could post a couple of pictures in decent light/quality. To have them all in one thread would be super helpful to prospective patients I for one think it would be the most fair way to represent what to expect.
  9. Exactly like mine. There’s no chance I’m wasting any more grafts with touch ups there. I already had a crazy amount for just a hairline, another 1000 would be outrageous.
  10. I just wish I could get some kind of refund, even partial. It’s not really feasible for me to go back for a touch up any time soon, I live California and don’t have the vacation time available. I’ve lost faith in the clinic also after seeing everyone with results like mine after 3-4K grafts for hairlines, which is baffling. Someone else mentioned it making more sense to refund than touch up since their time is obviously valuable and they could use it to slot another patient in and just give me some money back. its a long shot I guess, but I’m really very unhappy with my result. The last p
  11. Yeah like you need a magnifier to extract and implant, so how could you possibly see it through a monitor lol remember when the standard was 1-2 mid sized surgeries per day? How can anyone defend 7-9? I’d find it funny if I wasn’t walking around with a botched ht lol
  12. Like this blows my mind...I don’t care what ANYONE says, how is this not a shameless money grab at this point? Is anyone really gonna defend 7-9 patients per day? Sorry, this is inexcusable.
  13. Yeah I agree. All one has to do is look at my thread to see how many others are dissatisfied. Pluggy, thin, huge gaps. But they’ll say it’s definitely improved, that it’s not bad and could be great with a small touch up lol. How about a transplant that doesn’t need 4000+ grafts for just a small hairline case? Cash grabbing mill, nothing more nothing less. If a doctor wants the absolute best result for a patient, they will supervise the entire procedure beginning to end. If they wanna pop their head in for a few between 6 surgeries in a day, is anyone really going to argue that this is in
  14. 13 months post op. No improvement, had to grow it long to cover my hairline. As you can see, parted, pushed back. Or even slightly moved to one side shows huge bald sparse looking patches. I look worse than ever. This is under regular bulb lighting at night time. Daytime looks horrific (I’ll take more pics later). I don’t want a touch up I want my money back. It’s a failed transplant when less than half the grafts take and I look far worse off than when I started.
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