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  1. That’s what I feel the issue is, grafts not surviving. With the amount of grafts in just hairlines I expected a lot more density. Not native, but still higher than what I and others have ended up with. I keep hoping time will make a difference but so far it hasn’t changed in months, and others like yourself who are further enough along to assess the HT as either successful or not, don’t seem to have improved so what hope do I have
  2. Literally don’t have the money mate. Spent $70k+ in surgeries the last 3 years and it’s wiped me out. The HT was the last thing on my list and I think I’ve screwed myself with it lol
  3. It’s cost me $10k+ with the flights, flying from west coast USA is so long and expensive. I can’t afford a fix so I just hope they stand by their guarantee, they seem to with many others.
  4. My bald spots have stayed bald, don’t think I’ve seen any cases have new growth after 6 months, just maturation though I could be wrong. Just feel horribly depressed at the thought of being stuck like this.
  5. Did you go to asmed? How many grafts did you get and where? Any pics? Sorry for all the questions! Just the more people that share info/results the better the forum will be.
  6. Did you go to asmed? How many grafts did you get and where? Any pics? Sorry for all the questions! Just the more people that share info/results the better the forum will be.
  7. Well I did count it and it’s not low 40s, it’s half that. Look at the second picture, it’s the same all over. There are no worse spots, I could part it anywhere and it’s the same. All of the transplanted area is like that, it’s just parted through the center of the transplanted area on second pic.
  8. Thought Id try and measure how many grafts per cm2 I have. I counted 26. I expected a lot more. As it is now, I'm having to cover the whole area with hair from behind. If I move my hair to the side, it looks super pluggy and thin. As you can see from the pictures, its the entire hairline. I know Im probably being impatient but realistically these gaps aren't going to fill in. If there's been no growth for over 6 months in those areas, I just can't see it ever growing. Theres no stubble or thin hairs, just skin.
  9. There are a few very vocal people who are happy with their results on this forum (even they had to go back for a second procedure though, oddly enough). However, I think the latest results from the last year or 2 speak for themselves. Regardless of the constant bickering between the happy patients and unhappy patients, look at the results posted by real people and make your mind up that way. However my advice would be to not look at anything that is more than 2 years old, the clinic doesn't operate the same way it did back then. They don't operate the same way as they did even a year ago in fact. New clinic, many more patients per day, lots of new techs etc. Go with whatever your gut tells you. Look at recent patients pictures posted by the actual patients. They have nothing to gain and are unbiased. Once your grafts are gone you won't get them back, don't make your decision lightly.
  10. I’d be over the moon with a result like yours but I’m not sure I’ll be as lucky lol
  11. Just really depressed over it. Feel like it was a big mistake. 3000 grafts was more than I ever thought it would need and it’s left me with a patchy donor. At this point, I’m not sure I’d even want to risk making my donor worse by having a second surgery and depleting it further. A moth eaten looking donor is just as bad as a weak hairline imo. Stuck if it doesn’t improve a lot over the next few months i look at my old hairline and could kick myself. With proper styling it was fine. Now I actually look like I’m balding.
  12. First pic is my hair dry with nothing on it styled (blowdried) upwards. Far too see through and sparse to wear it that way. Hairline hasn’t really improved at all in months other than gotten longer. As you can see from the last photo, gaps in my hairline are huge. Still no new sprouts, the gaps have remained bald. See what the next 6 months brings. For over 3000 grafts into just my hairline, I expected more. Time will tell I suppose.
  13. Yeah muge is an angel I guess it’s just anxiety seeing the not great results and hoping mine will be better. Time will tell!
  14. One week shy of 6 months. Not feeling great about it but gotta wait it out I guess. As you can see on the first pic, if the hair is parted at any section of the transplanted area, there are large gaps between the grafts. What are the chances that after 6 months new hairs will sprout in these bald patches? This is in dim lighting for anyone wondering. In daylight or any normal lighting it’s completely see through so I have to wear it down.