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  1. Maybe not. At this stage, I'm just looking for recommendations of surgeons who can "do an Aftermath".
  2. Thanks, Aftermath. I wish results like yours were the standard!
  3. Marvin, Cheers. I realise that this sort of thing can’t be achieved in one session. I probably should have stated that in my post, but I was trying to keep it as short as possible.
  4. 38 years old. Diffuse thinner. Contemplating PRP and planning for possible transplant. If I decide to get a transplant, my main concerns would be: 1) Maximum possible density - no "see through" effects 2) The hairline looking dense, natural and no "see through" effect Of course, I realise that results depend on starting point, hair characteristics, shaft thickness, donor area etc... However, which surgeons specialise in the sort of things I'm looking for? Research suggests Hasson? What about the UK? Reddy?
  5. Oh dear! Hope that clears up soon. Thanks for the response. 👍🏼
  6. What does everyone think about PRP? I'm considering it (38, light diffuse thinning on top), but I'm concerned about the possibility of shock loss, and reports seem to be inconsistent.
  7. Hello, everyone. Need some advice. Hope you can help. 38. Diffuse thinning over top. Donor area seems good. Haven't started finasteride because my wife and I are trying for a baby. Thinning isn't quite visible due to daily use of concealers (Mane spray, Jamie Stevens fibres, Toppik fibres, Bouffe thickening spray). I HATE using them, and I am constantly worried that they are noticeable, but I am entirely dependent on them. I wouldn't go out without them. I hate being under bright light, and I get disproportionately angry when the wind is so strong that it moves my hair! Like many of you, hairloss consumes my life. It is constantly on my mind. It affects my decisions, my happiness and my mood. I once read someone who said that a bad incident caused them to "lose their smile". That's how I feel about hairloss. I still have good days, and there are things that make me happy, but I don't feel true, carefree happiness the way I used to. I feel like I need to do something, but I don't know what. My options: 1) Buzzcut. I've never had one. I would love to buzz my hair and like it, but I'm worried that my hair will look thin and patchy, and my thinning will be revealed, so I can't hide it any longer. What's the worst that could happen? I wouldn't want to leave the house, and I'd have to spend months waiting for it to grow back, looking very awkward and unsightly during the inbetween stage. 2) Transplant. In 2016 and 2017, I went to a couple of clinics in London (Maitland, The Private Clinic) and Glasgow. Each clinic said that they wouldn't advise me to get one (at the time). Plus, I'm diffuse, so I would run the risk of shock loss. I'm not opposed to a transplant, but I'm concerned that my expectations aren't realistic. I don't want coverage or the illusion of density - I want density. If true density was a given, I'd get a transplant tomorrow. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case. 3) Buzzcut and SMP. As I said above, I'm worried that a buzzcut would look thin and patchy, so perhaps SMP would make it look more even? My issue is that, if I grew my hair, I don't like the idea of lots of black dots being visible between the hairs. 4) PRP. Part of me thinks this sounds good, but when I look at online results, I don't see many impressive cases with before-and-after shots that are noticeably different. The best ones have a slight improvement. That's it. Any thoughts?
  8. Hello, everyone. I'm about to start finasteride, and I have some questions: 1) Where should I get it? Doctors? Chemist? A hairloss clinic? 2) Are there different types? Name? Brand? Are there any benefits of going with name brands over the cheaper alternatives? 3) I would like to start with a "low" dose. How many mgs would qualify as low or high? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello there, everyone. Short version: My hairline is too see-through for my liking, so I shaved the whispy hairs (there is a “solid” “hairline” half a centimeter behind my natural hairline), but that left me with a thin “coastline” of stubble. I don’t want to have a see-through hairline, and I don’t want a thin line of stubble. What do I do? Longer, more detailed version: I am 38, and I have diffuse thinning. So far, I have used thickening spray (Bouffe) and fibers (Toppik) to maintain the illusion of full hair. A few months ago, however, my hairline area became a bit thinner. Spray and fibers were obvious in daylight or bright light. I noticed that there was a “solid” “hairline” about half a centimeter behind my natural hairline. In a moment of desperation, I shaved the whispy hairs. The end result looks better in some respects (not see-through), but worse in others (there is a thin line of stubble). I eventually let the hair grow back, but I couldn’t live with the see-through factor, so I shaved it a little (being careful to only shave the thin, whispy hairs). So, I’m back to square one. I don’t know what to do. I tried Derm Match, but that looked fake. I enquired about getting laser removal (I know I know) for the thin layer of stubble, but the clinic said they don’t do hairlines. What would you guys recommend? I’d appreciate no judgement or insults or whatever. Cheers!
  10. I've been doing some research about hair transplant density, and I'm hoping someone can clarify a few things for me. I realise that the end result depends on various factors, such as hair characteristics, hair thickness, shaft diameter, medication, donor hair, the amount of grafts needed, and the quality of the surgeon. I also realise that every case is different, and that every patient is individual. I've read that the density of thick, non-transplant hair is roughly 80 FU per cm2, and that a good surgeon can achieve a density of 50-60 FU per cm2. 1) Are these figures roughly correct? 2) What is the average density of hair that is subject to diffuse thinning? 3) Is it necessary (or advisable) to have two procedures in order to achieve a high density? I've read that poor growth rates can occur if the patient opts for a high density, so the best course of action is to go for 50-60 on the first go, then get a second procedure to improve the density. Is this right? 4) Do you think that surgeons will be able to achieve results with increased (better?) density in the next few years? Is this an area where improvement and advancement is possible? Or have we peaked in this area? Apologies for all the questions! I appreciate anyone who takes the time to reply. Thanks, CK
  11. Have any diffuse thinners ever buzzed their hair or shaved it really short? My hair is increasingly difficult to style, and I have to apply concealer each day, which is becoming quite tiresome. At the moment, I'm trying to build up the confidence to buzz my hair (never done it before) so I can see what it looks like. Has anyone else done this? If so, do you have pictures?
  12. Hello. Which UK or European hair transplant surgeons are best when it comes to hairlines, hairline density and overall density?
  13. I’m a diffuse thinner, and I’m considering a hair transplant at some point. However, I’m unsure about one or two things. 1) Have any diffuse thinners had any good results with a transplant? Has anyone seen a diffuse thinner who has had good results with a transplant? I realise that we aren’t ideal candidates, but surely someone has had some success? 2) I know density depends on various factors (hair thickness, hair characteristics etc). Are there any specific factors that affect density when a diffuse thinner gets a transplant? I know that finasteride is important here, of course, since it can prevent further loss and potentially strengthens native hair. 3) What advice would you give to diffuse thinnners who are looking into getting a transplant?
  14. DJLazerblue and MattyNJ1, Thanks for sharing your experiences. Appreciate it!