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  1. All the best buddy. I don't post much here anymore(have gone back to school and enjoying my time) but I remember how supportive, sympathetic and compassionate you were to me during my hard times. I'll never forget that and I thank you. You did a great job here and you should be very proud.
  2. Multi-hair grafts in the the hairline are often unavoidable due the the nature of 'hairs' within the multi-hair graft being in different cycles. Often one hair in the group will be in the telegen phase(dormant, not-visible, resting) whilst the other two hairs are in the anagen phase(fully visible, growing). The surgeon/tech cannot see the resting hairs within the graft even under powerful microscopes and assume the graft to be a single and elect it for hairline placement. No one will notice.
  3. Hasson and Wong, Konior, Gabel, Shapiro brothers, Bisanga and Feriduni seem to perform the best strip closures from what I have seen. Bisanga's suture work amazes me in particular. I'm sure there are other surgeons that are equally as good.
  4. I think for alot of people(myself included) we find other interests and hobbies to invest our time into because hair restoration is not something that you can be interested in and craft for years and years like say playing golf, guitar, pottery etc. I think that in general, the interest in hair restoration has a fairly limited and finite life. I certainly don't post much here anymore although I do glance the forum every few days. Not because I dislike the forum(I don't) but because I have other interests now that I enjoy more and are actually tangilble. I noticed even Hariri stopped posting some time ago. However, it does seem strange that whilst it is normal for existing members to leave the forum, that there is not an equivelent(or greater) influx of new members joining as hair transplantation becomes more mainstream. I'm not on Reddit etc so I can't say if that is a factor. I really can't explain that. I don't know the exact numbers of active forum members or if it has declined but it does seem quieter for sure.
  5. A really excellent result for a difficult case. The patient would be extremely happy.
  6. Hmmm the previous clinic did him no favors by giving him a low hairline and closed/low temples but I do feel another approach here would have been much more future proof and would have provided a more natural look even when factoring in a followup(essentially required) procedure. With this much baldness at 27, chances are he will be a full blown NW6 in 6 years if you subtracted any surgical intervention.
  7. Looks good. Certainly much better than the initial batch of SMP work that some other people were putting out years ago giving patients norwood 0 hairlines with closed temples and very dense placement.
  8. Has topical finasteride gel been proven in its effectiveness? Very curious about this product.
  9. Dr Feriduni and his team are very ethical and like to future-proof their patients as I understand. If they are saying wait a few years, I would definitely take their advice as your existing hair at the moment could disappear within the next few years, essentially diminishing the impact a hair transplant(if done soon) could make for you. That's my own opinion though. I wish you all the very best.