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  1. All the best buddy. I don't post much here anymore(have gone back to school and enjoying my time) but I remember how supportive, sympathetic and compassionate you were to me during my hard times. I'll never forget that and I thank you. You did a great job here and you should be very proud.
  2. Dr Feriduni and his team are very ethical and like to future-proof their patients as I understand. If they are saying wait a few years, I would definitely take their advice as your existing hair at the moment could disappear within the next few years, essentially diminishing the impact a hair transplant(if done soon) could make for you. That's my own opinion though. I wish you all the very best.
  3. The immediate post-operative work looks amazingly clean and precise. It should provide excellent density and fullness in the coming months. Very impressed with Dr Lupanzula.
  4. As far as I am aware, this varies from state to state. It is not unheard of for surgeons/clinics to fly in techs to perform entire hair transplant surgeries. In fact, one forum member mentioned this exact scenario to me a while ago when he underwent his surgery with a surgeon that was not recommended here but was later enlisted(I should mention it was not Dr Feller)....
  5. Don't be so hard on yourself buddy. On the other side of the coin, I regret undergoing strip because of the scar it left me with(the yield was far from the general consensus also). That is not a knock on strip, just showing you that it can go either way.
  6. I personally would not proceed. I feel 5,000 grafts is much too much for you to deplete at this point in time. Even if you never lost another hair ever again I still feel 5,000 would not be needed for a great result. The difference here(as with all/most of us) is that you may lose more hair and 5,000 grafts out of the donor is a significant hit even if you have VERY high density(ie 7,000-8,000 available grafts). You should also factor in the possibility that there is always a small chance the surgery might not yield all that well as this happens with even the best surgeons(of which I thin Erdo
  7. Sorry to hear about that... What will be your next option?
  8. I have to agree here. Whilst I did not see the initial post and was curious as to what was written, I don't personally think it should have been re-posted(publicly anyway) as it was willingly deleted by Dr Harris by choice.
  9. Dr Feller, I ask you this question in respect and sincerity. Whilst the ISHRS data on strip/FUE percentages is certainly not definitive by any means, could it not at least be vaguely indicative of the trend in hair transplantation procedures? As in, FUE is currently and slowly taking away the 'market share"(if we can call it that) of strip? Would that be a fair assumption? Curious as to your thoughts on this. Again I'm not saying the data is 100% accurate as it excludes many vital elements.
  10. Just watched Dr Karadeniz's video on strip/FUE. I can certainly understand alot of his sentiments(strip taking the strongest/most permanent hairs in the donor, FUE not being scarless etc) but would have been cool if he touched on the subject of the yields of both procedures. I could always send him an email and I'm sure he would answer.
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