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  1. Raker, do you know how long DR Vila's waiting list is? Good choice btw, I'm looking at her and Dr Lorenzo as well.
  2. I have to say that I've been keeping an eye on DR Lorenzo's work for a number of years now and it is excellent. I saw a recent video his clinic posted on their vimeo page and he goes into all the meticulous details for planning the transplant and maximising donor. He also mentioned that 75% of their patients now get early growth by 5 months. He attributes this to a number of changesb they have made. Congratulations on your transplant!!
  3. I have SEB derm and have looked into this extensively. I have seen quite a few cases of good transplants from Dr Lorenzo in patients with scalp conditions. He documents it in the case summary on his vimeo channel. I have contacted him previously about how to manage the condition peri operatively and he said he prescribes clobex shampoo for a week pre op. I haven't had a procedure yet. But when I do decide to get one, it will be with him.
  4. Hi Melvin, what I was trying to say is that the risk is theoretical, there is no evidence of finasteride in semen causing birth defects. But to be on the safe side, It's a good idea to use condoms after conception. Merck have not put a warning in the product leaflet about exposing your pregnant partner to finasteride through semen because there is no evidence of it causing problems. Here's a good link for more info: https://www.hairlosstalk.com/news/treatments/conceiving-baby-while-taking-propecia/
  5. As a hospital pharmacist, I researched this extensively. I have now been on propecia for 10 years and have 2 boys. There is a theoretical risk that finasteride in semen could affect the development of a male foetus. However, the amounts are extremely small or even undetectable. Therefore, I decided to continue to take it during conception then use condoms as soon as we had a positive pregnancy test. From memory, the sexual organs are formed between week 8 and 15, so if you use condoms as soon as you confirm pregnancy it should be fine. However, this is a decision that only you can make. Best of luck.
  6. What he said! Except I think he means SMP scalp micro pigmentation.
  7. From my understanding, the risk of necrosis is small. However, it increases with dense packing as it can affect blood flow to an area. I believe smoking is also a risk factor.
  8. Johnny, Baby shampoo is not sulfate free. You need to get a shampoo that is free of any kind of sulphate like sodium Laureth sulphate, sodium lauryl sulphate, ammonium lauryl sulphate, sodium myreth sulphate etc. Just look at the ingredients. I found that after switching to sulphate free, my hair was less oily in about two weeks or so, even with washing daily. I could even skip days without my hair looking greasy. Washing daily is considered normal, as long as you use a sulphate free shampoo, it's not overwashing.
  9. Johnny, I also have very oily skin. I have noticed that switching to a sulphate free shampoo has helped to reduce the oiliness. Also, as a face wash try and avoid sulphates in face washes etc.
  10. If you're interested in Greece, I would look at Dr Maras. His work is very good and he's also reasonably priced.
  11. Hi Bill, I've been following this forum for years and Dr Lorenzo has always stood out as being one of the best FUE surgeons. I first heard of him when he came to the UK and was recommended here. I'm aware he doesn't want to be part of this community as he has plenty of patients in Spain already - hence his waiting list is 10months. For the last few years I've been following the Spanish forums and I have also seen very good results from Dr Ximena Vila, who has been working alongside Lorenzo since 2009. She is also very good and I've seen that her hairlines are more youthful than lorenzos. Her new website, which is still under construction is ximenavila.com Bill, do you think it would be worth approaching her for recommendation as she will be looking for clients? Just a thought.
  12. I have seen cases on his youtube/vimeo channel without finasteride, but it depends on age and the stability of your hair loss.
  13. From the cases I've seen, he does operate without finasteride, but only if hair loss is stable.