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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair
    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. Another shot from behind in very bright light, showing how there is absolutely no scarring visible.
  2. Thank you! The growth rate was off the charts in my case. I think I recall being told more than 96% of the transplanted hairs grew. My temples took longer to thicken up for some reason. Hairs grew best in my scar tissue (I had a nasty one from a childhood accident, around 3 inches long by 1” thick). You cannot see the scar any longer. I have zero idea why anyone would comment negatively about FUE. My experience and outcome are categorically fantastic. I should add I am still on Finasteride and I do not drink alcohol nor do I smoke.
  3. more snaps, taken this morning in direct sunlight. Styled with wax.
  4. Another two photos taken this morning in direct sunlight by the window:
  5. Hi everyone, I am going to bring this post back to life. For some odd reason, all of my photos were deleted. I will upload photos I took this morning. Dr. Hasson is, in my opinion, the absolute king of the hair transplant world. Around three years out from my surgery and I cannot describe how my life has changed for the better. It is transformative to a degree I cannot put into words. 3 years after surgery:
  6. I think the number of grafts you received for your area is not even close to what’s required. You should have had 2,700+ for that area, especially considering this is your hairline.
  7. Arminius

    14-month update

    14 months post-op update
  8. I see what you are talking about. At five months post-op, my results were three times as dense as this. I would go back and demand a fix.
  9. Arminius

    11 months post-op // fresh haircut

    11 months post-op // fresh haircut
  10. Arminius