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  1. So it's obvious that you're not meant to do it from the post op instructions, but with Australia being in a bit of a heat wave, the heat and humidity caused me to sweat quite a bit when leaving the hotel for food. I wasn't leaking beads of sweat like when you exercise at the gyn but was kind of covered in a damp mist that I could also feel on my scalp. Basically sweating enough to wet the scalp but my hair was still dry. This is all basically immediately after the session (within 4 hours). It looks fine so far, but could this lead to a massive fading that ruins the result much quicker?
  2. At 1 month post op most of those hairs are probably just dangling on and are about to fall out. From what I've seen hair transplants usually grow more upwards compared to normal hair.
  3. All of my scars like, ever, have become white. They probably still had some lingering red/pinkness that was making them blend in with your skin better beforehand.
  4. Mostly just curious, like is there something about the back of the head that doesn't work well for this stuff?
  5. Just having my scar done it tickled a bunch but no pain whatsoever. If you don't like tickling it can be hard to keep your head still at first but you adjust pretty quickly. Can't say for virgin skin, though
  6. I had temporary SMP so my post op regime would be closer to what your last paragraphs mention, but I think you're being a big hyperolic or even deliberately attacking temporary SMP with the way you've phrased it. Even AheadInk uses a 'sealing cream' or something along those lines in the aftercare I've never seen a clinic that mentions not shampooing fr 8 weeks.
  7. So I'm looking into repairing my scar, hopefully by the end of 2018, and mainly just want to ask as to who the best surgeons are in regards to repairing scars. I'm imagining surgeons that work with staples instead of stitches are a pretty high priority due to being able to leave them in longer. I've got the usual thoughts of Konior, Hasson and Wong, and Cooley, but are there any European elite surgeon for strips still? The scar itself is 1.3cm at the back of my head and tapers down to 3mm or smaller right at the sides past my ears.
  8. I've just had SMP into the scar and the advice I received was to place antiseptic ointment on the SMP area twice daily for 4 days, but looking online there's clinics that have strict no touching the SMP area whatsoever aftercare and claim that it'll remove the ink. Is it just different ink types?
  9. They're probably erring on the side of caution. The skin would also still be healing and some may feel that it can cause irritation or even infection if you mess with it, probably.
  10. Surgeons have to pay to keep their recommendations here, so I don't really see any disrespect from Feller's side if he wants to make a forum. The recommended surgeons list is basically just advertising, except the admins take steps to ensure the they trust clinics they promote. It's not a special favour or anything like that. And more lists of good surgeons is hardly a bad thing.
  11. Hi, I'd just like to ask to as if anyone has experience with any Australian locations? I know of SMP clinic, who are a Beauty Medical company like Ahead Ink is, but both of their listed phone numbers are disconnected and they haven't responded to any emails over 3 months of trying.
  12. Maybe he's busier than usual or your emails are being seen as spam or something? I've found konior to be probably the easiest surgeon to contact ever, literally receiving replies within like 20 minutes of emailing him at the right times
  13. If you're lucky, none. Most good surgeons do an angled closure so that hair grows through it, which should be good enough if it heals well. If not, maybe a full half CM past the scar, just looking at my head
  14. Thanks for the responses. I was hoping that it fully went back to normal as I'm looking into scar SMP to cover it up while I wait for a strip repair.
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