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  1. Topical Finasteride is definitely less likely to be responsible for side effects. As the solution is applied topically, there is much less systematic absorption.
  2. @Darrenking I appreciate that patients are almost all price conscious to some degree. I know I was. But when finances become the leading decision factor, the quality usually "pays the price/suffers" and therefore so does the patient and the result. Choice of surgeon is absolutely essential. Can you get an impressive result with tech led clinics? Of course. But with some clinic performing as many as 8+ surgeries per day, probability would suggest that they will achieve some positive results. But which team of techs will you get? 8 surgeries = 8 teams. Which team will you get? Who are they? The team who achieves the better results, or the other team/s who don’t? They say the only thing worse than balding, is a poor hair transplant. Please don't make your decision based purely on price. I wish you the best moving forward!
  3. @Traveller99 Congratulations on your upcoming procedure with Dr Bisanga. Wishing you the best and I look forward to hopefully seeing you document your experiences. Cant be long until the big day!
  4. Looking good! Wishing you the best! Im intrigued to see if the shedding will begin soon. Dr Bisanga has had a few patients who managed to escape the shed, but it is pretty rare. Fingers crossed for you!
  5. Hi @Charlie25 How are you? You have received some good feedback from fellow members thus far. Dr Ball is a great option if your are considering the UK. The Belgian Doctors that you have mentioned are amongst the best in their field so no doubt you will receive some very interesting and useful recommendations from them. Wishing you the best of luck.
  6. Looking good. Nice early growth and all set up for an impressive result!
  7. @Lennney How are you brother? I have been following this thread quietly for a while. Like some other posters I had my concerns. Dr Bhatti is achieving impressive results and you look well on your way to a great improvement. More than anything, I am pleased for you personally. Not your hair, but how this has improved your confidence and made you feel. You have invested a lot of time documenting every detail and I can feel how much this meant to you. My journey was somewhat similar. Wishing you the best moving forward and enjoy the freedom of no more hats.
  8. @Looking for HT Wishing you luck for your upcoming procedure in December. Please keep us all updated with documentation. Regarding hair loss preventative medicine. I completely understand and respect the decision to not use. However topical finasteride + minoxidil really seems to be producing some great results with out the reported side effects. It is more expensive and not all is created equal so be aware of your source. I have seen some very impressive results. Something to consider. I would certainly recommend it.
  9. Agreed. I have tried to share this source to as many individuals with whom it may be appropriate and it may resonate. It is an important article that should be read and understood by all before making any decisions that will impact the rest of their lives, all in the hope of saving a buck.
  10. Hi @wheredoigo How are you? It appears as though you are doing your research and its good to see that you are not rushing in to anything. If I may ask, where are you based? Obviously you are concentrating on Turkish clinics. Is there any specific reason why other than the price? You are correct, it can be a minefield. Keep doing your research, take your time, consult with several Doctors. Contact patients whom have had experiences with these specific Doctors. Wishing you the best.
  11. Also, depending on the clinic and how many surgeries each day they may have, even if they disclose that it was a tech driven surgery (which I doubt that they will), how do you know which team of techs you will get?
  12. @Greg_Swanson One thing to consider is that whether it be 1 or 2 patients per day, it would be impossible for the Doctors of any clinic to conduct the post procedure follow ups. If you imagine that patients still need to be "cared" for and receive follow ups over several months to a year. Drs would be constantly on the phone and following up correspondence and would have no time for surgery. Of course, if it is something serious or irregular then it would be the Doctor who would interact with you. That is the role of a clinic employee or patient advisor/consultant that has a relationship with the patient.