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  1. Thank you to the patient who kindly allowed us to use his case. It is much appreciated. Goals:- The patient wanted to address the loss in the frontal third, re-establish the hair line and also create and reinforce his temple points. Patient Quote:- I am very happy that I chose BHR Clinic for my surgery and also for the customer service I have received throughout. Graft Breakdown:- 1s 690 = 690 Hairs 2s 1389 = 2778 Hairs 3s 701 = 2103 Hairs Total 2780/5571 Hairs - 2.00 Average PRE-SURGERY
  2. Following up on further questions and queries that we have received related to the above case - One of the important factors that is often overlooked when having to remove/punch out previous placed grafts, is that the angle and direction of each and every follicle placed will depend upon the hand and therefore technical and artistic ability of the the previous performing surgeon. Considering that the grafts require removing, this gives an indication of the quality of the previous surgery and the oftentimes erratic and unnatural angles and depths of the follicles and so it really presents
  3. Like many, this patient has fallen fowl to marketing and hype over real education and proven records, and having no surgery is better than a poor one, as shown here. The good news is that in the right hands it can be rectified, but in today’s fast paced world, we now need patience. Analysis of this patient. Hair line repair needed due to height, structure, closure and “pluggy" look. This is 5cm from eyebrows and should be 7cm for this patient measuring from the glabella upwards to be natural and fitting with bone structure. We need to remove and punch out the grafts and not leav
  4. You would not believe that these were the same guy. Already at this stage, what a transformation. You are looking great.
  5. Pleased to be able to present a photo update at 11 months - Patient Quote:- All looking excellent!
  6. Chest hair is generally considered as a viable option after the scalp and beard. Due to its single hair characteristics and the finer and somewhat curled hair that it presents, it is necessary to be utilised as a filler, supplementing scalp hair with favourable scalp/chest ratios. This is because chest hair alone will never achieve the desired illusion of density that is required and without strategic approach and placing with intended ratios, it may be recognised as non scalp hair. In most males, you can see skin on your chest through your scalp hair. This would represent a similar visual i
  7. @HMSDread Congratulations on your decision to proceed with surgery. It was my pleasure to assist in anyway possible and you are in great hands with Hilde who will guide you from here on. I wish you the very best!
  8. Thank you for the interest and further questions regarding this patient result. If you look at the photos showing placing post surgery, you will see that there were not any grafts placed into the crown area. This is planned in a subsequent surgery to complete this patient´s restoration. Total beard represented 468 grafts. They were utilised throughout the mid scalp area which allowed a very favourable scalp hair/beard hair ratio. A subsequent surgery to complete this patient´s crown restoration would be able to very comfortably harvest 2000+ grafts from his scalp donor, despi
  9. The following case presents a patient with advanced loss with some areas of the donor evidently weaker in points. The plan was a conservative approach to address as much area as possible without exhausting the donor and tapping into the beard area to supplement also as a further donor region. Thank you to the patient who kept excellent record of healing and through to 12 months stage and you can see the progression and final outcome. The patient is very happy with this transformation and we can also utilise further scalp and beard donor for future coverage. PATIENT QUOTE:- "Exac
  10. Thanks for the support @WildBlueberry Dr. Bisanga generally uses a Trivellini device but will utilize a UGraft punch amongst other options depending on each patients personal hair characteristics and requirements. For most patients Dr. Bisanga will use an edge out punch that has specifically designed angulation to facilitate the punching process, but will utilise a trumpet punch when necessary. This applies to both scalp and body hair with changing of punch size based on follicular requirements.
  11. That is much appreciated Melvin. Thanks for your kind words. As I have said before, HTN was my education for the first several years some maybe 12+ years ago and so I have real value in the forum as it certainly guided me. With that in mind, I have my own personal understanding of what information I sought out in my education and the approach that I would have appreciated from any individuals who represented clinics, and intend to represent and offer that. Thanks Stephen also for your kind words. Both yourself and Dr. Bisanga are mentors and an incredible source of experience, education a
  12. Thanks for your support. It is a great video that I personally very much enjoyed. With the patients continued consent and support, hopefully we are able to document his progress.
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