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  1. @zach07 Hey buddy. A question. If you have had just one previous FUT at 2300 grafts, is there any particular reason why you now have limited donor? Have you been told this by a physician? If so, how many grafts did they feel you could have left to use?
  2. Fantastic result. Great work Dr D. I bet he can't wait to come back and finish the job with that crown work!
  3. Those photos with wet hair show it all. Great result!
  4. @JakeXav Great response in posting your up to date comparative photos of your centre parting. You are in a better position than you were pre HT in regards to visuals. You have more hair. Considering the graft count, is the outcome sufficient? If not why? As I mentioned I feel that the hairline is too low and too straight especially considering the 4350 grafts used. Don't get me wrong, that is a mighty fine number of grafts, but the scalp is fairly large too. Density was always going to be a concern. At what density was your hairline and behind implanted at? The ludicrous and unhelpful posts from .... I can't even remember his name.... are as useful as Bill Gates on a Mackintosh. Ignore him. He went from 10% to 5 % and who nows what is next. It does look disappointing, but you have much hope yet and with a solid subsequent HT, you can rebuild/reinforce the hairline and behind. Would I go back to Dr Nader? There is obviously a reason why you chose this physician in the first place. How do you feel about that? Whatever your final decision, do your due diligence. There are some amazing physicians out there. It is essential for you that you choose the right physician for your next surgery. Consult! You have time over the next months to consult with your other "favourite" Doctors. Hear their opinion, get their recommendations. Ask Dr Nader his thoughts, transplant density in the front, how much he perceives has grown % wise. I would agree that the 500-1000 graft recommendation moving forward is not going to achieve what you are looking for. I hope I am wrong. You seem to have a great head on your shoulders and are approaching this very well. Again, consult with other Doctors. Dr Nader is not your only option. Anything I can do to help, please just let me know. Wishing you the best over the coming months.
  5. Looking over the pre op photos, the photo quality isn't the best so its hard to tell, but I do feel that the hairline looked low and very straight. Considering that the patient is 36 years old and having already experienced significant loss, this is always a risk. Even if the hairline had grown in great, in 10 years with further hair loss, where does this leave the patient. Hair transplants should not be a fix for the next 5 years. Of course, people who have lost hair will generally lose more, so it is a constant battle and subsequent procedures are always probable, but a long term plan from day 1 is essential. Having said that, again, the photos are not the clearest but why has the crown growth proved more successful than the hairline and frontal third? That is interesting! Im sorry to say but at 10 months the frontal third does look disappointing and I don't see significant change from now and the 12 month mark. I sincerely hope that I am wrong. Some maturation maybe. @JakeXav When were you last in contact with the clinic? I would send them over some photos and ask them their thoughts. Explain your feelings. They have to follow through with your progress and you have been very patient. You have a great attitude regarding a second procedure, but definitely contact Dr Nader first and express your feelings and concerns. Good luck and keep us updated.
  6. Raphael84

    Confused between FUT and FUE

    @Obaid6727 I have been following your thread, and you have received some good advice, and confusing information. However, one thing that I feel that you should seriously consider. You are 25, not taking Finasteride and have experienced a fair amount of hair loss. I hate to be so blunt, but you WILL more than likely lose more hair. I have been there, with excessive loss before turning 20 years old. In your consultations and inquiries, you will be looking for a Dr to tell you what you want to hear. Any Dr who recommends a graft count and long term plan that you don't want to hear, you will probably dismiss. That is exactly what I did initially. But understand that it is the easiest thing in the world to tell you what you want to hear. Not to mention that this is a much more sure approach to getting your business. For a Doctor to be honest, telling you their honest long term recommendations and potentially losing you as a patient, has much value, for YOU. Why do I say this. Because you mentioned the word DENSE in capitals. Every patient has their own circumstances, age/loss/hair calibre etc... To give a more dense and pleasing result NOW, WILL most probably create a problem for you in the future. You may think thats fine, but without preventative medicine, when is the future? 3 years, 5 years, 10 years. Who knows? Your situation cannot demand a DENSE result. You need a result that meets your REALISTIC needs, but just as importantly concentrates on planning for YOUR long term future. This is why it is essential for you to choose your physician extremely carefully. A physician that has your long term interest at heart. Be aware! This isn't to say that you can't achieve a great short term result whilst also planning for the long term. Don't be fooled by promises and marketing.
  7. @cwolf Great initial documentation. You picked a fantastic surgeon in Dr Panine. A surgeon who I have great respect for and one who has consistently produced magnificent results for several years. I did echo the same sentiments as other posters with regards to the punch size on the photographs. But I would be far more inclined to believe Dr Panine than my interpretation from a photograph. Your hairline looks great and natural. Im very pleased for you and you have much more time for maturing yet. Also, congratulations on the way that you have handled yourself on this forum. You haven't bitten to the unsupportive and uneducated remarks of other posters. I very much hope, and you fully deserve a great result, and I am very positive that you will achieve one. Wishing you the best.
  8. This is one of my favourite documentations I can remember seeing. It is not the typical wow high density hairline that is generally focused on, but this patient obviously had extensive hairloss. The hairline after the first procedure was mature and reserved. I like that this was touched up in the second procedure. The crown has experienced huge improvement and this is all only at 6 months post op of the second session. Incredible! What a transformation!
  9. Nice result. Solid improvement!
  10. Wow! That really is a very impressive result. Look how natural that hairline looks. Great result! Excellent!
  11. Its fantastic that you are doing your research and due diligence mate. I personally believe you do right to avoid ASMED if you are uncomfortable with aspects of their clinic and as I said, you have two fantastic physicians. Well done and keep us updated!
  12. @Kelmf01Congratulations on your recent procedure. Wishing you the best! Great choice in Dr! Keep us updated!
  13. Wow! What a difference. You look great! Congratulations! What a hairline!
  14. @ahmeda87 Two great clinics mate. You have narrowed it down well. May I ask why and how you have narrowed it down to these two clinics? What have each clinic said to you? Without knowing exactly their recommendations, I believe that when it comes down to choice between physicians such as these, it becomes very much a personal choice. Who else did you consider and why have you ruled them out? I would be intrigued to know.