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  1. Thanks @BOW32for the update. Your hair continues to look better and better. Considering FUT for larger sessions for patients with extensive loss is not at all related to damaging follicles. It is about maximising the donor potential. As opposed to extracting 25% density of each safe cm2 of the patient´s donor with one FUE procedure, FUT will allow you to utilise all follicles that lie within the strip excision. If desired, FUE can then be used to extract further grafts throughout the safe donor, in areas that FUT would not traditionally be able to "reach". FUT and FUE can therefore
  2. @cpfm Many thanks for your question. In terms of international patients travelling into Brussels for consultation, then of course you are more than welcome to do so and based upon your convenience and the availability of the clinic, we can schedule that for you. Naturally, the costs involved in travelling purely for consultation can be challenging and considering the current situation with Covid and possible travel restrictions and quarantine, may not be feasible for many. Dr. Bisanga makes every effort to make himself available for consultation, whether that be at BHR Clinic or
  3. Post surgery, most patients will feel more comfortable once home and in their own surroundings and comfort/support network. Most patients have had to travel internationally for surgery and the entire “journey” will have been a significant emotional investment and getting home post surgery can be a big relief. Travelling/flying home one day post surgery is not a concern. In fact this is recommended over flying 2 or 3 days post surgery, as this would be when post op swelling may potentially be at its worst and a potentially swollen forehead and eyes may attract unwanted attention, which
  4. @cbc3113 Congratulations on your surgery. Your final hairline design looks very appropriate and the work looks very clean. Follow your post op instructions over the next two weeks and let me know if you may have any questions along the way. Im certainly looking forward to following your evolution and further photos and updates. Heal well.
  5. Thanks for the further discussion. In terms of punch size, an appropriate punch size will be selected based on the patient´s personal hair characteristics. For example a patient with a tight curl would require a slightly larger punch to ensure that the punch perfectly encapsulates the graft without any peripheral damage. Also taken into consideration is the patient´s hair groupings, as a 4 hair follicle is naturally larger than a single hair follicle. In this patient´s case, with a density of 80 follicles per square cm in his occipital donor area, with average hair groupings, a punch
  6. Gone are the days of having a consultation and simply being told you are a "good" candidate or have a "good" donor. We see far too often, patients who have undergone consultations elsewhere that have no real data given apart from they are a 4/5 or a 9/10. These throw-away comments are meaningless and are not a benchmark for surgery and are far too subjective to opinion rather than fact.With Dr. Bisanga, you will have real, empirical, verifiable, accurate data given upon which you can then make an informed decision that will impact you for the rest of your life.This video will tell you how to p
  7. @alex1985 Thanks for the link. It is always very interesting to appreciate other surgeons approaches and points of view on elements of surgery. What is also interesting is the differing views and opinions that have been expressed. Responses included - * "if the skin in the front of the scalp (recipient area) healed well after surgery" * "However, talk with experience surgeon that is capable of the redo procedure. The second surgery can be a challenge" * "Sure there is some scar tissue in the scalp, but no - it does not have huge impact for most" We can all interpret these
  8. @mcr7777 I have read through your thread. I may be wrong, but I do not think that there has been any mention of your age and if you may be using any hair loss preventative medication? The two main considerations in regards to permanent shock loss will be transection (in either donor or recipient), or miniaturisation levels of your current hair (be that native or previously transplanted). If you are not on medication and your hair loss is not "stable", then the risk of shock loss will likely be higher. When discussing the risk of shock loss whilst transplanting amongst native hair
  9. Will your surgeon not provide a prescription for you? I appreciate that the US has a different set up and system to Europe, but would suspect your surgeon could arrange this for you. Let me know.
  10. Recently on the forum there has been some discussion and possible misunderstanding regarding the pattern of extraction that is often employed by Dr. Bisanga. This is where Dr. Bisanga will harvest on one side of the donor area and not the opposing side. Melvin and the Hair Restoration Network and Dr. Bisanga will actually discuss this topic amongst others during an upcoming Instagram event that will be announced shortly. In the meantime, I wanted to address this question and explain the approach behind the method. There are various motivations why Dr. Bisanga will at times take the
  11. @cpfmThanks for your support and your further question. The recommendation of hair loss preventative medication is an appropriate approach for most males who are suffering from male pattern baldness. Obviously some individuals have their own preferences in terms of what they may be willing to consider or not, and some guys understandably prefer topical medication as opposed to oral. In terms of medication pre or post surgery, the earlier that a patient can begin a medication regimen, the earlier any improvement (stabilisation/strengthening) due to the medication can take effect. Ora
  12. @Havar I have reached out to your privately to be able to confirm details from your previous consultation to make sure that all information is aligned. Thanks
  13. Due to this patients result being one of the most referenced, mentioned and requested results from enquiries over the last months, some of you may have interest to see the video presentation that was put together which includes some great post op wet photos that were not posted on the thread. Again, Im personally thrilled for the patient. Great guy and thoroughly deserved!!!
  14. @Havar Thank you for sharing your photographs. I wasn't personally your advisor 3 years ago so do not personally know your case, but having seen this thread I wanted to reach out. Your photos are a real example of why hair loss medication can still play a very important role for Norwood 6 guys, or individuals with extensive loss. Many feel that the worse is behind them, especially as they are no longer in their twenties, and that medication would not really assist. If I may compare your occipital donor area using the photo that you have provided from 3 years ago, alongside the p
  15. Hi @ciaus Thanks for the further questions. 1. If the individual was deemed a non candidate purely due to the higher levels of miniaturisation in his donor area, but upon treatment with finasteride and oral minoxidil (for example) after a period of time, miniaturisation levels had declined to an acceptable level, then the patient may be accepted for surgery. Depending on the unique case, Dr. Bisanga may recommend to continue on medication and revisit again to ensure that miniaturisation is maintained at a lower level, or if he has confidence that miniaturisation is now controlled (de
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