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  1. @kevin20 The model that you speak of is a "medical tourism" business plan in countries such as Turkey. Any clinic offering such a price structure with little physician involvement should be avoided. https://ishrs.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/BlackMarketAwareCampaignISHRS-ENGLISH_PPT_PermissiontoUse4.10.19.pdf
  2. @John Doe The work looks nice and clean. May I ask how old you are? Interesting that two techs performed all of the punching. Nothing wrong with that, Im sure they have been sufficiently trained by Dr Rahal but were you made aware of this beforehand?
  3. @John Doe Congratulations on your recent procedure. Im looking forward to seeing how it grows in, especially the temple points. Keep us all updated. Wishing you the best of luck!
  4. @Longevita How are you? Thank you for becoming part of the discussion and you comment in a very respectful manner. I appreciate that. You are correct, this is a one sided presentation/point of view. I have no desire to be confrontational, however I have personally been contacted by many patients that have had sub standard results after procedures in Turkey, and some who have been left in precarious situations. The pure numbers of patients that have negative experiences in Turkey in relation to other countries, tell a true story. It is not coincidence. Therefore, whilst you are absolutely correct in regards that any city/country/continent will have good clinics and bad clinics. Unfortunately, with the upmost respect, it is fact that Turkey has far more problematic clinics with technician led surgeries, than they do reputable ethical clinics. So when somebody advises caution to a not so well known clinic in Turkey, it isn't always personal to the clinic (such as in your case), it is meant to be personal to the individual/patient. Saying to them, please express caution. Turkey is a complicated country in regards to ethical hair restoration clinics. Of course there a some very respected and ethical physicians in Turkey that find it hard to fairly grow their reputation due to the overall reputation of the industry in their country. Where are you from? Are you based in Turkey? This is a nice opportunity for you to potentially educate us about your clinic and Dr, and explain to us what sets you apart from other Turkish clinics that are technician driven and have 8+ patients a day, with no bespoke service or approach. You seem like an intelligent individual, so you can understand concern about the industry in Turkey and their "medical tourism" approach. You are correct in regards to other European/North American clinics expressing concern that they are "losing" patients to Turkish clinics. But this isn't due to the fact that they are genuinely losing revenue, it is the fact that many Turkish clinics are attracting patients with unfair and untrue marketing and incomparable pricing whilst offering incredibly inferior quality and results and therefore threatening the reputation of hair restoration industry as a whole. If a Turkish clinic, or a clinic from any country for that matter, is acting ethically and transparently, and demonstrate a service and surgery that the patient deserves and offer their patient the appropriate and individual long term motivated approach, then I would be absolutely happy to recommend and support them.
  5. Brother, you are 27. "Im hoping the worst of my baldness has already occurred". It kills me to say this, but that is absolute wishful thinking. In guys that experience hair loss at such a young age, are predisposed to hair loss. To think that you have lost hair between 18/20 years - 27 years, but will lose no more, or just a small amount in the next 60 years is HIGHLY improbable. You are now young, and you feel that you "I want my hair in my youth". Believe me, at 35 you will want your hair as you head toward middle age and at 45 you will want more hair in your thinning crown. Of course, as you get older hair loss becomes more common and it is true that you may be able to accept it a little better, but don't be naive either. This is a long term gain. You may lose everything and have a whole lot of hair in your front, which may or may not look natural and you may feel worse accordingly. Consider topical finasteride. Applying a topical solution every day isn't fun, but neither is hair loss. You have had 7000+ grafts before 28 years. You really should consider preventative medicine. It just makes sense. I get that oral fin is not an option, but you should investigate what may be of assistance. I would recommend trying topical fin. In closing, YOU LOOK GREAT! Your hairline looks good, your temple points are in tact, don't obsess. I understand you wanted better, and you deserved better, but lets face reality now, instead of a much harsher reality in 10+ years. Be positive about the next 6 months of further growth and maturation, consider topical finasteride and save your donor for when you may really need it.
  6. I get it. You have done your research, your due diligence and invested and you deserve better. Having said that, I believe that it is still somewhat premature to write this one off yet. How many months post op are you? I would potentially suggest a few hundred grafts into your hairline with a top doc after you have personally consulted with them and they have evaluated your donor density and calibre etc... But the fact that you are striving for perfection (which is admirable) suggests to me that you are thinking short term. If this bothers you so greatly, when you lose further hair, which evolution suggests that you will, you will also take that reasonably badly. You will be concerned about "that new loss" in another area. What is the approach then? How will you deal with that? Forgive me for asking because with all of your detailed documentation, for you sure you will have stated it but are you on any preventative medicine?
  7. @Hair2019 Congratulations on your choice of surgeon and scheduling your procedure. Keep us all well informed and updated. Wishing you the best of luck!
  8. Your hair is not in bad shape. You need to step back and take a break. You can't have too much donor left, and you are aiming for perfection. Where would you be looking to add further grafts if you were to commit to a third surgery? What will you do when you hit 35 and your crown starts to thin, or your mid scalp becomes light? You will have no further donor to use. Im not trying to be a hater. Just telling it how I see it with your best interests at heart. Tread carefully.
  9. @Lukazoid You said it yourself. It sounds too good to be true. 4000 grafts at that price. How does that even make sense. Consider the quality in staff you must be getting! Don't do it! Once you make your decision purely on price, the quality usually suffers and therefore so does the patient. https://ishrs.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/BlackMarketAwareCampaignISHRS-ENGLISH_PPT_PermissiontoUse4.10.19.pdf
  10. @Der3k7 Could you remind me of your age and how many grafts you have used in your previous two surgeries? Some absolutely stellar Drs have been mentioned, but remember that you must think long term also. It wouldn't be a sensible approach to exhaust so much of your donor at such a young age in just the hairline.
  11. @steveg How are you? I understand and appreciate your dilemma. But it doesn't seem a good idea to head to Turkey to an unknown after making such a good decision to have your first HT with Rahal. I also had my HT with Dr Rahal in 2012. I will undergo my second surgery in Athens with BisangaCole next year. If you are in Ireland, therefore European based and price conscious, maybe it could be a viable option for you. As @CosmoKramer said, Instagram is purely for marketing purposes. You cannot trust that as the only source of information on that Dr/clinic. I recently read the following article which really opened my eyes. https://ishrs.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/BlackMarketAwareCampaignISHRS-ENGLISH_PPT_PermissiontoUse4.10.19.pdf The above link is a great resource. I hope that posting an outside link isn't against any forum policies. Wishing you the best.
  12. Be very careful. Despite all concerns that are apparent on forums and advice on how to navigate the minefield that is the FUE field right now, individuals still allow themselves to choose their surgeon with their heart and not their head. With respect, decisions such as these are purely down to cost. Every patient is price conscious to some degree. Obviously some more than others. But don’t be somebody who convinces themselves that all will be okay. Choice of surgeon is absolutely essential. Can you get an impressive result with tech led clinics? Of course. But with some clinic performing 8+ surgeries per day, probability would suggest that they will achieve some positive results. But which team of techs will you get? 8 surgeries = 8 teams. Which team will you get? Who are they? The team who achieves the better results, or the other team/s who don’t? Do such clinics consider that your long term situation must be addressed and be priority? Has your donor been managed appropriately considering potential further loss? Has your hairline placement and density been calculated and designed considering future loss? Dont take my word for it. Spend an hour doing the research. Unfortunately guys who have lost hair, will lose further hair. Their strategy needs to be approached accordingly. Mitigate the risk involved and put yourself in the hands of the very best and have some peace of mind. I wish you the very best.
  13. Looking good. The work looks clean and the design is very nice. Great clinic. Congratulations and good luck. The need for patience starts now.
  14. Another great result from Dr Alcaide. Very impressive again. That really closes out the temple nicely. Great improvement.