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  1. @Traveller99 You are right where you should be. 4 months post op is still very early in the process. Things are only just beginning. You will see some nice improvements over the next months. Sit tight and enjoy the new growth. I look forward to your month 5 photos to compare.
  2. Would you like to share a hairline design that you are looking to achieve? If you could digitally add a line to a photograph or draw a hairline where you feel would be appropriate. You are still a young guy and appropriate hairline planning is essential. Many young patients who experience frontal loss, want to go back to their hairline of an 18 year old boy/man because this is their only point of reference. But your transplanted hairline will be with you for life, and remember that one day you will be 30, 40, 60 etc. You get my point. That 18 year old hairline will not look natural in those later years. Especially if you dense pack the front now and experience further loss behind that you may not be able to provide the supply to meet the demand.
  3. @Gman1 I want to start by saying that things are really not that bad. You have a lot more hair than I had when I was 20. The same can be said for many other guys. This may not sound particularly helpful to you, but the reason that I say this is that you are not alone in going through this. It sounds as though you have a few things going on, and the anxiety/stress is of course not helping you. Whilst your dermatologist visit doesn't sound as though it was too helpful, the biotin and minoxidil that was prescribed, did you go ahead and begin using them? This is important moving forward. For any individual that has experienced hair loss, you are genetically pre-disposed to lose further hair as you well know. Minoxidil could help to stabilise your hair. Do you have product in your hair in the photos, or was it recently washed? Your hair appears somewhat greasy in the photos provided. I believe that if you were to wash your hair and send photos, it may get different feedback. Your crown seems to show some thinning, but this isn't helped by a greasy appearance. You say that you hair scalp gets very itchy if you dont shower for one or two days. That is the case for many individuals and I would suggest that it is essential to shower daily. This would potentially solve this issue that you are experiencing. You are a young guy who struggles to gain weight. This is common. You say that you have a very bad diet. Could you please explain this. A healthy balanced diet is essential. If you can control what you eat, you can control many other aspects of your life. Your diet will dictate your mood, your sleep behaviours, your outlook, your energy. With the effect that these factors offer when combined, can change you complete view on yourself and life. They are essential. Do you move? Exercise? Yoga? Your body needs to move. Your family hair loss history seems in your favour. All in all, you are not in a bad position at all. Make a few changes in your life, that you do have control over. Take the best care of your hair that you can. Try Biotin and minoxidil. The worst advice that you can give somebody who is feeling down, is to be positive. If only it were that easy. But make the changes that allow you to change that mentality. I have been there. Im speaking from experience.
  4. Congratulations on your recent surgery. I'm rooting for you. I very much like Dr Panines work. I look forward to following your progress.
  5. If you would like to shave down extremely short, and you are relaxed with your hair situation currently, I would ask you to reconsider. As Melvin said, scars to some degree will be evident. You are receiving thousands of tiny punches into your scalp. Depending on your skin tone and physiology will dictate how visual they may be, but they will be there none the less. Regarding the photo that you have shared showing a higher hairline. I would suggest considering your loss and limited donor, a more conservative design may be appropriate. The final placement and design will be influenced by your final objectives, and your donor density. If your physician decides only 1000 grafts can be taken from your donor area as opposed to 2500 grafts, they are two different scenarios that would require 2 different approaches. Have you consulted with any of the most respected physicians to understand what they feel may be possible?
  6. That makes more sense. Just be careful with your choice of surgeon. The correct and most appropriate approach is essential for you. By your own admissions you are reasonably comfortable with your current look. So you are not like many other guys who are desperately insecure regarding their hair loss. This is of course a positive. Despite seeming to have a “lower bar” for your procedure to be deemed a success, an inappropriate plan in regards to hairline design and placement, density and coverage could leave you in a worse situation. As well as the above mentioned surgery details, an understanding of the potential use of beard hair/body hair, if you would like to address further back toward/into your vertex. Perhaps a subsequent procedure? All this needs to be clearly discussed and understood between yourself and your Doctor. Beard hair is a very reliable source of donor hair. Whilst physicians have differing points of view, it’s generally understood that body hair (not beard) has around a 25% success rate. It differs significantly from one patient to another. A test session is generally encouraged, but don’t “bank” on body hair being the definitive answer to gain more coverage long term without knowing how your body will respond to body hair transplantation. It’s important to have a good understanding of everything that you may be considering, before commiting.
  7. Thanks @pvlife I chose not to respond to the sarcastic/provocative nature of the comment. I appreciate it.
  8. Wow! That was a quick decision. With which Doctor have you decided to proceed?
  9. @Ukd6 Is something viable, I would suggest yes. The key being, what are you realistically looking to achieve? I think that this will be a large motivation of whether surgery is correct for you. Your photos show significant loss and retrograde alopecia, further limiting potential accessible donor. Do you have a further photo of your head down, showing the top, to be able to see more clearly how high your sides have maintained. They appear reasonably high from your profile image. May I ask why you say 1k - 2k from the donor?
  10. It definitely can feel like a dilemma. Especially when you put a specific time frame on your decision making process. Do not commit until you are completely confident in your choice of physician, or you will second guess yourself non stop pre, during and post your surgery until your results will finally confirm either your initial choice, or your subsequent insecurity. @MarshallUK As Ive said several times before, thrilled for you and your results. Just to clarify, in Athens Dr Bisanga is very hands on in surgery. He is not only supervising. He will punch at least 50% of grafts and make at least 50%of incision sites.
  11. Perhaps consider oral minoxidil 5 mg. Patients are reporting very positively.
  12. I dont feel that you have too much to worry about. 1800 grafts with the surface area used should be a reasonably conservative donor extraction pattern. See how the next few months evolve.
  13. Brilliant. We would all appreciate that. Amazing growth for 4 months. Are you considering to address your crown in the future?