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  1. Thanks Melvin. My pleasure. Always looking for opportunities to be able to provide informative and educational information.
  2. Hair Loss in Women Female hair loss is a common problem worldwide with a surprising figure of at least 50% of women experiencing loss to some degree. Dr Bisanga would like to present this message to briefly explain possible causes, symptoms and risk factors while offering solutions and advice on when to seek treatment, and which type of treatments may be appropriate. If you may have any further questions or queries about hair loss in women and would like to learn more, Dr Bisanga is available for video consultation to further discuss your concerns. Stay safe, keep in contact and let us know if you feel we may be able to help.
  3. We all have our own points of view depending on our personality, location and our own personal experience. When some of us will unfortunately begin to lose family members due to this, I imagine that this may change some perspectives. With impending lockdowns for weeks/months on end, this will undoubtedly change how we feel and what we believe after digesting hours and hours of both fake and useless, legitimate and educational news reporting both extremes. Each country has their own approach. The US have completed just 1/10 of the amount of tests as South Korea in the same timeline, so to believe that only x amount are infected in the US is obviously inaccurate. The US are only now at the very beginning of what Italy and Spain are in the midst of witnessing. We think we have all of the answers? Leading world scientists can only predict and speculate. The truth is nobody currently knows. The changes that we have experienced and the measures and effects that have already been implemented around the world in regards to the economy is huge. Due to such crisis, such effects will be long lasting and as @Seanexplained, completely change the course of peoples lives. Whether as individuals we put this down to a genuine pandemic or mass hysteria, understand that is is fair to say that we will all be significantly effected. If any of you were in Italy right now, you would not be taking this lightly. Thats a guarantee. Most importantly, regardless of opinion, I wish everybody their health and safety and that we all get through this and back to a new normality as quickly as possible. Take care!
  4. High density differs from one patient to the next, and more important than dense packing is appropriate density. If you have less the 30 FU cm2 in your frontal hairline, this is not appropriate and you would require a higher density. To what extent? This depends on many personal factors. Considering your density of less than 30 FU cm2, a skilled surgeon will be able to achieve a higher and appropriate density without damaging your existing grafts.
  5. @squarepatch Your Doctor should not only be involved, but should be performing all of the above. Each one of these points is integral and hugely important. I would suggest that the hairline design/placement and recipient sites are the priority, closely followed by donor management and punching.
  6. @Zizou88 Nice post and presentation. I understand the discussion. Just to add an important factor that I believe may not have been considered in your writing, or not explained by some of the clinics you have been in correspondence with. The extraction of grafts in most clinics, has two phases. Phase one - The punching Phase two - The removal of the pre punched grafts from the donor area Naturally with limited donor area, we as patients are extremely concerned regarding how efficiently our precious donor is managed. At BHR all punching is done by the Doctor, whilst the technician will then assist in removing the pre punched grafts. I would also suggest that this may be the case for some of the physicians mentioned above. This offers another element to consider.
  7. @Steeeve1551 Your answer is already in your question. You have previously been to Turkey, for a low cost surgery and you now have an overharvested donor meaning many clinics won't even accept you as a candidate. So you are in a "delicate" situation. But you then want to go back to Turkey with only 1500 GBP. Did you not take anything from your previous experience? Sorry, but you will not find a reputable clinic with 1500 GBP. You are setting yourself up for a significant failure. Please reconsider.
  8. @Marco Van Basten Thats correct. BHR Athens work in association with a local Athens based pharmacy that compound a topical finasteride gel based upon the clinics formulation. This is available for both patients and non patients. It is compounded with prescription on a patient to patient basis and can be collected when arriving in Athens for surgery, or can be shipped throughout Europe.
  9. Thats right @Melvin-Moderator Technicians will never punch or make recipient sites at BHR. They will extract pre punched grafts and place into pre made recipient sites.
  10. Thanks guys for your questions regarding Dr Bisanga and BHR Athens. I have responded via a separate thread as I did not want Dr Bisanga or BHR to be associated with some of the above discussions. You can follow the link below. Thanks https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/forum/24-hair-transplant-experiences-and-surgeon-reviews/
  11. I have created a thread specifically to answer a few questions that have been posed regarding Dr Bisanga and BHR Athens. For anybody reading, the initial questions were asked on another thread that was somewhat aggressively debating ethics of other Doctors, and I did not want Dr Bisanga and BHR to be associated with such conversation, so I will address the questions separately here. Thanks for the interest and questions guys. Thanks for the tag @Melvin-Moderatorand @LonelyGraft @bw77I will also contact you privately to further answer any questions that you may potentially have. In response to your questions - As you know, Dr Bisanga has his BHR Clinic in Brussels where he has been based for several years. Dr Bisanga is the president of ECAMS, a member of the ISHRS and the IAHRS whilst also being recommended by the American hair loss association. His patient first approach has earned him an unparalleled reputation as one of the very leading surgeons in the field. He has worked extremely hard over the past 20 years to build such a reputation for consistent quality results and the very best in patient care. Due to this, and the consistently impressive results that he achieves, he is generally fully scheduled in Brussels several months in advance. Opening the clinic in Athens, has made surgery with Dr Bisanga much more accessible for many patients who prefer to work within a lesser budget. Many patients consider low cost markets, where the quality of surgery is generally poor and their approach and lack of respect for unique designs and donor management cause many issues for many men and the industry as a whole. In an effort to give these individuals a genuine option of being able to afford quality surgery at a more competitive price, the clinic in Athens was opened. The price point in Athens, allows Dr Bisanga to lead your surgery and consult and plan your approach. He will then share punching and the making of recipient sites with a Doctor(not technician) from his team, whom he has personally trained. Of course, Dr Bisanga is available to perform 100% of sites and punching in Athens also, but such a surgery would be charged at a price point inline with Brussels. If Dr Bisanga were to offer himself performing all punching and making of recipient sites in Athens at a lower price, then naturally there would be no demand for Brussels, and all patients would schedule in Athens. This is not Dr Bisangas objective. His clinic in Brussels is thriving, and he intends to continue performing such refined high quality work there. To address the second question regarding why the changes in the Athens clinic. As I understand, Dr Bisanga and Dr C have a professional working relationship that goes back to the beginning of Dr Bisangas career. They have been both friends and colleagues for many years. Dr C has involvement in other projects, and a huge interest in regenerative medicine. He is now focusing on such other projects. Dr Bisanga is very committed to Athens, so much so that the clinic has transitioned into a BHR Clinic (Bisanga Hair Restoration), and there is great vision and an exciting future for Athens which represents a great opportunity for many individuals who may feel that this is an appropriate option for themselves. I hope that helps to clarify things. Thanks Ian
  12. Beard hair is an extremely reliable source of donor hair. Hair transplanted from other body parts can be somewhat less reliable. If considering a larger session from other body areas such as the chest, many physicians may recommend a test case to begin with to see how you respond.
  13. @Danny1671 That smile says it all. Great early growth. You are looking great already. Im looking forward to the coming months and even more so, the end result. Enjoy every minute. Thanks for the updates and documentation. All the best brother!