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  1. Thank your for posting your experiences @Bbaldy Great write up and very kind of your to "give back" to the forum. As @slmentioned, a very high ratio of hairs per graft. With your average hair per graft count at over 2,7 hairs, with the average patient being around 2,2 hairs per graft. A very impressive amount of 4 hair follicles that will undoubtedly work in your favour and nice spacing between your extraction sites. It has been a pleasure assisting you and as always, you have the full support of BHR and we are looking forward to the months ahead.
  2. Episode 2 - How do you structure extraction & recipient sites in FUE surgery?
  3. @Melvin-Moderator I have sent that over to you at the requested email address. Anybody who has requested it by email, we can instead await for Melvin to post the study. Thanks
  4. @Melvin-ModeratorThat was my first intentions and my preference, but as the document is a pdf, after attempting to upload/post it, I was not able to do so. I can send it over to you personally to upload/post if you may be able to do so.
  5. @Ron5566 As already commented, miniaturised hairs are clearly visible under magnification. However, the concern would be that if you were to have higher levels of miniaturisation in your donor area, this could still progress. This may mean that what may appear a healthy and strong follicle today, may not be that strong healthy follicle in 5/10/15 years. My questions would be - How old are you? Do you take any hair loss preventative medication? What may be deemed your safe donor area today, with further miniaturisation and aggressive retrograde alopecia, may not be
  6. As @ciaushas explained, a prescription from your doctor is necessary. I have an independent study regarding it’s safety at low dosage over a longer period of time that I would have liked to have shared, but the file type is unsupported. If anybody would like me to share it with them, I can send it via email. It is quite interesting.
  7. BHR ClinicDr. Christian BISANGAAge: 26Technique: FUEDonor density: 70 FUs/cm2Hair Caliber: Fine3079 Graft* Follicular Unit breakdown:- 1s - 4012s - 16243s - 8254s - 229TOTAL: 30793079 FU = 5128 Hairs Average = 2,28 hairs/FU First of all a big thank you to the patient for providing the 12 month update and also for allowing us to post his case. The patient is very happy with the outcome and has explained that his results have even exceeded his expectations, which is always great to hear. We are thrilled for him. Pre - Immediately Post Surgery 12 Months Post S
  8. @Maa Dr. Bisanga is a proponent of oral minoxidil at 5mg daily and generally recommends for many of his patients. Many patients have been impressed by their response to the oral version.
  9. @Melvin-Moderator @Maa Thank you. It is a nice presentation that discusses many factors that are not often considered or perhaps not well understood when considering the appropriate hairline placement and design for each patient. For me personally, this really helps to explain how and why that "one size fits all" low, straight and aggressive hairline that so many individuals desire, is not suitable in many/most cases.
  10. Looking at your photos presented in this thread, I have no doubt that 3000 grafts will provide a significant aesthetic improvement in providing an optimal result and will provide you with impressive density. I would explain to every patient not to get too caught up with dense packing and specific densities. As has been mentioned previously in this thread, every single patients hair characteristics are unique. As is their hair colour and skin tone. An optimal hairline must ensure APPROPRIATE density that is artistically designed and placed with soft single hairs to ensure a natural result,
  11. Just reading through this thread. For confirmation and to put your mind at ease @Maa, Dr. Bisanga will perform cases of unto 3000 grafts in one surgical day as standard. So you do not need to have concern in this regard. I wish you the very best for your upcoming surgery and hopefully we may be able to follow your journey here.
  12. Thanks @Curious25 Another great question. Ill be sure to ask Dr. Bisanga to discuss his thoughts on this also.
  13. Great question @Melvin-Moderator Unfortunately the idea of donor restocking is something that is discussed more and more these days. To think such concerns were not even really relevant to any scale 10+ years ago. I will certainly make sure to add this to our next set of questions to put to Dr. Bisanga. Im sure that this would be a topic that would interest many individuals.
  14. Thanks for the support guys. Absolutely. This is the entire motivation to present such a series. To be able to offer insights and educational content that is requested and of interest. Whilst there is already much great information available from several great sources, one thing that I certainly find in my day-to-day correspondence with patients and inquiries, is that there is also unfortunately much inaccurate and/or misunderstood information out there. It will be valuable for many to be able to have a clearer understanding on many important elements of hair restoration. By al
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