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  1. Looking good so far. Im looking forward to see how this one turns out for you after this mega session. Best of luck.
  2. I have lost native hair within this area. Which has changed the overall appearance significantly. Also, my photos in my signature, show upto 1 year post op. My hair was wiry and course but adding a real thickening effect. Especially in the hairline with a slight wave. As this effect regressed, my transplanted hair took on the characteristics of my natural hair, more fine and thin. I will post photos next week and will also be sending them off to a few Docs to begin my next journey. Ill keep you updated! Any other ideas on Docs you feel with whom I should consult?
  3. Brother, You had good solid hair to begin with. Yes, you had experienced hairless, but you had what looked like good donor and great hair caliber. Your post op progression shows different hair lengths and therefore different results. Is you hair PERFECT? Maybe not, but if not, its not far off.. But your hair looks amazing. Remember, with your hair pulled/slicked back, of course that is the most aggressive/honest showcase of your hair. But the result of only 2500 grafts looks fantastic. Your photos are close ups, bright and with your hair styled at its most instrusive. Your 1 year post op photo shows that you would maybe prefer more thickness within the hairline, but the previous photos show an impressive and appropriately thick hairline. Don't buy into the negativity of some posters. A definite success. Well done and congratulations!
  4. I am now 35. You can see all of the photos of my previous session with Rahal in my signature. As I said, I will be posting current photos pretty soon also. Was just curious to see if there was any new leading Drs that are impressing and would be worth speaking with.
  5. Hi guys, So I was an avid visitor and poster several years ago and had a successful session with Dr Rahal. 6 years later, I am planning round 2. Whilst I will be liasing with Dr Rahals team again, I also imagine that there are some awesome new Drs achieving fantastic results. So what has changed whilst I have been away? Who would you recommend that I should consider? Whilst not a total necessity, I would also be interested in not completely shaving down. My hairline and frontal 3rd have thinned out and my crown is well on its way. My temple points would also be an area that I would very much like to touch up. Basically I want it all :-( I have been using propecia but intermittently. Not due to any side effects but simply because taking a pill every day from the age of 18/19, and especially a pill affecting hormones, is not a great long term plan. Or at least one that I am completely comfortable with. But I guess I am paying for that decision right now with my intermittent use. Many thanks for your time. I will upload some photos soon.
  6. Awesome result! Congrats. I could see from your pre op photos, Rahal was your guy. You are his ideal patient for that amazing hairline design! Your hair looks great. 9th October is definitely a great date. That was mine too. Enjoy brother!
  7. CD, huge congratulations, you hair looks incredible. I remember following your case and updates closely for your first HT, and having just seen these photos, what a transformation. You must be thrilled. Enjoy every moment! This is my first visit to HTN in maybe two and a half years and yours is the first post I open. I knew there was something pulling me here today! I always remember crown work taking so long to fill in, to have this result after 6 months. You more than deserve it! Awesome!
  8. Hey guys, Would just like to say thanks to everybody who took the time to read the update and thanks for your comments. Really appreciate the positive feedback! I really hope that my updates have given something back. If it has given somebody a little hope, or has helped to educate or assist in any decision making, then it was all worthwhile. Any questions/queries that anybody has that I may be able to offer my opinion or personal experience to help. Just message me. I owe you guys so much. Thanks. Agenteye, Mike your results are incredible. Your photos are awesome, I am in awe and jealous! Enjoy every minute of it my friend, you thoroughly deserve it and its great that you are doing some work with Rahal now. Congratulations, he could not have anybody better on his team!!!! Enjoy the autumn guys!!!!
  9. Hey Matt, Congratulations in your HT. Your photos look great. The work looks impeccable and your hairline is going to be awesome. It wasnt until later on in the thread thatI managed to see your pre op photos before being shaven down. You were in a great position to begin with and those 4k+ grafts are going to make an incredible difference. Im so happy for you knowin what you have in store and how it is going to make you feel. Dr Konior is undoubtedly one of the best. I would even say that his imm post op pics in general look the cleanest and most impressive that I see. Also, similar to Dr Rahal, a lot of his patients really seem to achieve early growth, which is great news for you, as it was for me. You mentioned on a thread of my results that we were in similar places with similar hair calibre, yours probably being stronger. I would say that you were in a much better place than myself. A better calibre of hair, stronger, thicker and with less overall loss. You have 400ish+ more grafts than me and are 5 years older, so I feel saddened to say that your trump me :-) I remember how the first few months felt, especially month 2. It well and truly sucked. But gettingt through that and your original hair begins to return, the reddedning softens and begins to fade and you are that much closer to experiencing growth. You are in for some great times ahead. Wishing you the best of luck healing in growing and looking forward to seeing how you progress! All the best!
  10. Congratulations. Work looks impressive and Im sure that you are only a few months away from a solid result. Happy growing man! All the best!
  11. Very nice with an impressively moderate graft count. I love that hairline!
  12. Beautiful. That looks incredible! Great work from Rahal!
  13. Raphael84

    MY NEW 2579 FUE HT - Dr. Rahal

    Congratulations on your recent procedure with Dr Rahal. Good luck with growth, not that you shall need it. Rahal is the best and his results speak for themselves. Your in for a great result!
  14. 09th October 2013 – One year to the day of my 3968 grafts with Dr Rahal of Ottawa. As many of you will know, I have not been a frequent visitor of the HTN at all over the past months. But I have felt a genuinely deep compelling need to post at this twelve month stage. As an update and summary of my journey. Over the last few weeks the whole procedure has really been at the forefront of my mind, in an extremely positive way. Not entirely sure why to be honest. Maybe its simply that Im missing you guys too much! Primarily, as I have mentioned previously, the explanation/excuse for my HTN absence. As the majority of you will be able to relate, for so long my HT procedure was “there”. For the years before my procedure date, a savings plan was always nearby with dreams of how things could turn out and how I would feel, how it would feel to be able to actually style MY hair! Obviously these feelings become intensified as excitement and nerves set in as the final travel preparations are completed and surgery date fastly(or not quite fast enough) approaches. The first few months being pretty tough as you are in a worse “condition” than you were pre HT and constantly checking in the mirror even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t. I was very fortunate as I consider myself to be in that fast growing group, but still thoughts of my hair and my HT filled my every day. So having reached the six month stage and finally being in a great place with my hair, it felt real good to step back and not feel the need to log into HTN three times a day, and not inspect my hair and growth at every available opportunity, but to be finally able to sit back and just be and go about my days with a smug feeling of contentment. Just yesterday I stumbled across some 2/3 month post HT photographs, and I could not believe that they were me. Even only a few months on, living with my new hair, its so easy to forget where you have come from. I guess that is the whole point really. But its amazing to check back from time to time just to see how far you have really come. As you can see from my Hair Loss Website (linked in my signature). I tried to keep updates every month up until the 6 month stage. In the photos that I have attached below, I really feel that the transplanted hair continued to thicken and mature and its amazing how natural it really is. As you can see from any pre HT images, the thinning of my hair continued back into the crown area. Having been using Propecia for 8 years, I have felt for quite a few years that my crown area has really stabalised, but it was still something that I wanted to discuss with Dr Rahal and deep down, would have really liked to have addressed somehow. I think I was hoping for a slightly bigger graft count and some of those extra grafts being used in that crown area. But that wasn’t to be and maybe/probably that would be something that I will need to address in the future regarding a second HT. At around 3 months post HT, I travelled to Milan to speak to Milena Lardi regarding SMP into my crown area and I went ahead with a session. Apart from a huge language barrier, Milena had a real nice way about her and I was made to feel very comfortable. After the initial session, I returned the following day to complete the procedure. I have included photos that were taken by Milena. The photos do look very impressive, but at the time of taking, there remains a lot of “dye/ink” in the hair and on the scalp that will wash out/off. I remember after returning home after the 2 day session and washing out the remaining ink, feeling a little disappointed. I conducted a lot of research before deciding to visit Milan and spoke to many people who had undergone SMP, and everybody was very complimentary. I think I must have pinned quite a lot on the expected outcome and it fell a little short for me. A third top up session, included in the price was spoken about whilst I was in Milan, and I was told that Milena would be in London in a particular month and that I could take the session there, and that dates would be confirmed nearer the time. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Milena could not make it to London in that month, which I felt really quite disappointed about because I was led to believe that she would definitely be there and due to my travel arrangements and scheduling, I was not be in the UK for a few months after that and have not returned to Milan to receive the 3rd session. The inks lifespan very much depends on the individual and their environment. By this I mean that products on the scalp will effect the ink as indeed will the sun. Having spent the majority of my time from 6 months post HT travelling due to work, my scalp has seen extensive amounts of sun each and everyday. 8 months after the SMP treatment, Im not sure how much ink currently remains on my scalp. Even at the time of treatment, its really very difficult to detect any ink, even when searching for it. I believe that the majority if not all has faded completely, but will see if things change over the next few months. Just for the record, I would not write off the idea of SMP with Milena again in the future. I think it can be a good tool in peoples battle against hairloss. I guess my expectations were a little too optimistic. With my hair that little longer now, the crown does not feel like a huge deal for me, but still something that I like to keep an eye on! My HT has completely transformed my life. It gives me huge amounts of confidence and I no longer feel that restriction that I felt before. I have always lived a very active and outdoor life, but I personally crossed a few activities off my list pre HT, because I felt uncomfortable, water sports for example. Now I am able to embrace such things with a real passion, and that alone has allowed me to live each day to its full. Still at 12 months out, I have still yet to receive a professional haircut. The only “issue” that I am having is with the donor area. A definitive line can be seen along the scar area, even with my hair much longer. I can only presume that this is down to not having a professional cut. Having spent the summer outdoors, my hair has turned seriously blond, but not the transplanted hair which is a surprise. The blond effect on my hair definitely enhances this line/smiley face effect, I don’t remember it being so obvious when my hair was darker. I will definitely be heading to a salon shortly for my next cut and to try and address this area. It looks more intense in the photograph and with a little wax to style the direction of the hair, it very easily becomes much more blended, but I am intrigued to hear any feedback on this, or to see if anybody else has experienced it. Before I sign off, I would like to show my gratitude and appreciation to Dr Rahal and all of his team in Ottawa. It was a very positive experience and I have an incredible result to show for it. I remember the moment when I decided on Dr Rahal, and have not looked back since. I also remember the very first time I stumbled across the HTN all of those years ago. I owe the site and all of its members so much. Without, who knows where I would be now and in my desperation could of made some bad decisions. I feel very grateful to all associated with HTN and the ridiculous amount of vital information that is accessible on its pages. My battle may not be over, but for the first time in years, I am definitely winning! Photo explanations 1 - Pre HT (day of surgery) 2 - Post HT (day 1) 3 - Post HT (2 months) - very tough! 4 - Pre SMP 5 - Post SMP All of the other photos are at 12 mths post HT with towel dried hair. The last photo showing the line effect in the donor area.