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  1. You are absolutely right. I am also an advocate of this approach with the appropriate patient with the appropriate circumstances. My point was considering @Panamera13 desires of the framing of the face and not addressing the crown. Loving the love for @CosmoKramer Well deserved!!!
  2. @Panamera13 May I ask your age? The comments thus far don’t seem to have picked up on your expectations. You say that you are looking to restore your frontal loss, reframing your face. This restoration would move somewhat into your mid scalp area. Do you intend to have a subsequent procedure in the future to address your vertex? Your expectations are realistic. Depending on your hairline placement and how far back you want to achieve growth into your mid scalp will dictate your graft count. If you are content with a mature/conservative hairline, which I would suggest would be the appropriate approach, then naturally this would consume less grafts. If this is the case and you are not looking to graft too advanced in the mid scalp, I would suggest that 5000 grafts is excessive. But that appears somewhat typical of ASMED. Keep us updated.
  3. @in2deep Sorry for your journey brother. Transplant at 20 is questionable and a repair in Turkey, I would also suggest is questionable. If you would like to share some photos for us to potentially be able to understand the situation better. As you mentioned Dr Bisanga, if you would like to message me privately and I could forward any images onto the Doc for his recommendations. All the best.
  4. @transplantedphil Thanks. I appreciate that. "Clinic rep" has such a bad feeling to it. I do represent a clinic but I wouldn't want to be labelled as like the majority. Im a patient first and foremost and spent hours and hours over many years on this and such forums educating myself and communicating with hundreds of people, both patients and Doctors. There is already too much politics and blatant lies in the industry, I want to portray in complete honesty how I see and understand it.
  5. Some good and fair advice above. I would support that. I believe that one of the most important things for you as you continue to research, is realistic expectations. I didn't see you mention what you are looking to achieve in regards to your restoration, but with extensive loss and donor limitations, even with beard/body hair you expectations need to be well understood. You have some very good physicians on your preferred list. Keep up the research. Ask many questions. Request consults from your preferred list. I wish you good luck.
  6. @Dr. Bruno Ferreira I dont know what is more impressive, the result or the documentation. Both are fantastic. Congratulations, Presenting results in this way with such information has great value. The community thank you for this. Very good and natural result. The patient must be thrilled. Just to add an extra opinion regarding manual and motorised punches. Many Drs/Clinics try selling themselves as only manual harvesters and claim it is superior. It’s a sales tool. The other thing they talk about is small punches. But small punches are great for the right patient in the right situation. However, there is much more follicle injury with small punches used in the wrong patient and in the wrong situation. The main thing is to avoid very large punches. Manual and punch size are sales tactics that a lot of clinics use to scare patients and encourage them to schedule with them. In reality, anytime a clinic pitch all manual punch or only small punch sizes, it is a clinic that you should probably avoid. One has to correctly match the equipment and procedure to the patient. No two patients are exactly alike so it is important to have a selection of tools and a variety of methods to succeed in ALL patients. Therefore if a clinic "sells" one method and one punch, they are going to fail a lot of the time. Every aspect of your procedure has to be individualised to your needs.
  7. @jj51702 In Athens the technical team/nurses do just as they do in most other established clinics. That being extracting the pre punched grafts and placing them in the pre made incision sites. A very important part of the procedure undoubtedly, but they will never be asked to perform other parts of the procedure. BisangaCole`s objectives are to offer quality surgery at competitive pricing. To be able to offer individuals that are financially/budget restricted another viable option rather than just technician led/pop up clinics in countries such as Turkey. The intention being that BisangaCole is clinic that has the patient as their priority and being a clinic that you can trust. Considering this, various pricing options that will allow BisangaCole to be accessible to price conscious patients are available. Dr Bisanga and Dr John C have led every surgery in Athens. Led meaning that they have consulted, planned and prepared the approach, and performed punching and the making of incision sites. With some patients, they have been assisted by two fellow Doctors. Dr Kyparissou and Dr Venetsanos. These local Doctors have been working and training with Drs Bisanga and John C and have assisted them in punching grafts and in the making of incision sites. Assisting meaning generally less, never more than 50%. Dr Bisanga and Dr John C are available and more than happy to perform all punching and all incisions as was the case with yesterdays patient. But this will be at a higher price point. Hopefully that clears a few things up. Thanks
  8. @Danny1671 How are you? I hope all is well. Deciding on your physician is never an easy choice, it is very personal and if most individuals did their due diligence as you are, then there would be far more happy patients, and less need for repair work. So well done for that, you have the right approach and should continue to do so. Donor density will offer an average donor density in various areas of your donor region. Not every squared centimetre will offer you the same amount of follicles, therefore an average or one particular cm2 could be provided, potentially explaining different values. Some of the comments above have made good points. I would imagine that a 2 step approach from Dr Ball would ultimately equate to a similar graft count recommended from Dr Bisanga. So in that respect, it would depend on how you personally felt more comfortable addressing your personal journey. Most patients, especially with a more advanced amount of loss, are normally not fortunate enough to have a one and done approach. You may have one procedure to address your hairline and frontal third, maybe graft a little into the mid scalp, and after so many years of having no hair or styling options, be absolutely content with this and feel no motivation to even consider addressing your crown loss. Alternatively, you may have a larger session, and whilst achieved a great result and solid coverage and a great transformation, still desire "touching up" a few areas. Again, the journey is very personal. Expectations whilst essential that they are realistic, also vary extremely, I as an individual who experienced excessive loss at a young age, never desired a low/aggressive hairline or an overly dense result. I was elated to simply have a hairline and frame my face. One thing is for sure, both Dr Ball and Dr Bisanga are both excellent surgeons. You would be in the very best of hands with either, and there are few if any more ethical and patient orientated than these individuals. Wishing you the best of luck moving forward. Keep researching and asking questions.
  9. At a recent FUE Europe conference, many top physicians seemed to agree that 25 was generally the cut off age. Having said that, there was a particular well respected physician that told a very compelling story of an 18 year old that was extremely depressed, and visited his clinic with hairline/temple recession. After inviting the young mans parents to his clinic and discussing not only the finer points of surgery, they discussed his state of mind, his future in education and job prospects. After forging a deeper relationship, it was decided to go ahead with surgery. Whilst specific details escape me, some 10 years later and after many follow ups and promises of further education and application, the then young man has made a successful career and life for himself mainly to due to his self confidence gained from his hair restoration procedure, therefore it was certainly deemed the correct decision. Whilst in no way do I suggest or support that this is the norm, this particular physician obviously went above and beyond, but it is an example that every patient is a human being, not just another patient, or another scheduled surgery. Every patient has their unique back story and whilst with many commonalities, their own battles in life due to hair loss. I believe that this subject is also very much dependent on the stand out ethical physicians that lead this field. With their experience and personal approach and relationship with each patient, it makes sense that each decision is unique due to its circumstances. Whilst a physician may accept a 23 year old patient, the same physician may also deem that a 32 year old individual isn’t a good candidate. This is also why tech led surgeries in “specific countries”, without much if any of their Doctors presence or input, without any long term consideration for donor management or the patient in general and with their one hair line design fits all approach ruin the industry. Accepting patients that they should never accept, despite being poor candidates or being too young without any real understanding of the procedure and it’s risks. It’s a deep and important discussion, with no one size fits all approach.
  10. Amazing. Congratulations to both the patient and yourself Dr Pathomvanich. Was the patient also on medication that could have perhaps complimented his result? 2518 grafts into 139 cm2 doesn't average such a high density, yet the result is impressive. The procedure and planning was obviously very meticulous and well thought out. Very impressive!
  11. @maxmind90 Congratulations on your recent surgery with Dr Bisanga. I appreciate your concise documentation. Work looks great. Nice work on the temporal profile. I look forward to seeing this grow in. Wishing you the best of luck.
  12. Impressive 7 month photos. Looking forward to the next update with photos!