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  1. For individuals who are losing hair, especially in a more aggressive pattern at a younger age, further balding with not likely “stop”. Hair loss and a decline in strength and quality of hair, with potential dropping of the lower crown and lateral humps (sides) and even miniaturisation in the donor area can continue to evolve into our later years. For example, you can see many men in their 40s with loss, but having retained some decent amount of native hair. At 60, this hair has gone. At 21, you have been losing hair since 18, so approximately 3 years. It is safe to say, that with out
  2. Finasteride can only be effective whilst you take the medication. Discontinuing the medication will mean your system will revert to its genetic predisposition of DHT production and hair loss will continue. This is why it would be a long term commitment for as long as you wanted to maintain native hair.
  3. @Gatsbyhas given some great advice. I also experienced hair loss at a young age and completely relate in terms of the emotional impact and no young guy beginning their adult life should have to experience this. Unfortunately this is the reality for many young men. What is important is to be honest and realistic regarding your hair loss situation, and if it is an absolute priority for you, then seriously research and consider any options that are available to you. At this point, hair restoration surgery is not a good option. At 21, with progressive loss, and with a visible decline in densi
  4. @Bailey99 If you have already surpassed expectations, the next months will certainly be happy ones for you. Im thrilled for you at this early stage!
  5. A female patient with a naturally high hair line and suffering from a degree of traction alopecia that she wished to address. This was achieved via Strip surgery that more suited the patient's needs with a new hair line and blending down to the temples. A big thank you to the patient for allowing us to share her case and the subsequent photos provided to show the evolution, she is needless to say very happy with the transformation. Graft/Hair Breakdown:- 1s x 389 = 239 hairs 2s x 1140 = 2280 hairs 3s x 918 = 2754 hairs 4s x 187 = 748 hairs Total - 2634 grafts / 6021 Hai
  6. @Bailey99 I really enjoy and look forward to your frequent updates and this one didn't disappoint. *Pre surgery - 15 weeks post surgery You are looking great and well on your way now with only exciting months ahead. Very much looking forward to the latter months with your result. Thats absolutely right Bailey. Each person`s donor area is unique to them. Their donor density, follicular grouping (how many hairs in a follicle 1/2/3/4), any miniaturisation and the calibre of their hair. It is a person´s donor that will influence how many grafts can be extra
  7. It can be hard to see progress when checking every day, especially these smaller and subtle changes in the early stages. The below photo comparing pre surgery and 3 months post, show the beginnings of growth which is very positive at this early stage and I look forward to seeing what the next months will bring.
  8. @illuminated Great to hear that you made it to Brussels without incident. It would appear that this is the experience of most patients to be honest. I wish you the best for your procedure. You are in good hands. It would be great if you were able to share your evolution with us.
  9. Just to clarify, Dr. Arshad visited Dr. Bisanga at BHR Clinic in 2019 for a day of observation as opposed to receiving any training from Dr. Bisanga. We wish Dr. Arshad the best in the recommendation process.
  10. Dr. Bisanga has a long and consistent pedigree when it comes to repair surgery and has changed the lives of many a patient who have made grave errors in their hair transplant choices. Not having surgery is better than poor surgery and here we see the approach of Dr. Bisanga in how he repairs and some snapshots of cases that he has turned around. Buckle up and enjoy the ride and try not to become a victim!
  11. Some solid advice above. I would supplement with MSM and Biotin post surgery as mentioned, but this will have more initial influence over your native hair that will be gaining length as opposed to speeding up/accelerating growth of recently transplanted hair. As explained, minoxidil increases blood flow and can encourage transplanted grafts to transition into their growth stage that bit earlier. PRP will not "increase the chances of hair growth". If the procedure was performed well and you scalp has no concerns, this is just a matter of patience. PRP can speed up healing post surgery
  12. 3.5 months post op is too early to be concerned regarding density and some areas appearing ahead of others. Without knowing your case specifically and whilst a percentage of patients have impressive early growth, others have to be more patient. The fact that you have some good early growth would appear to be a good sign and it is common for some areas to come through earlier/stronger than others in these early stages, so try and relax and trust the process.
  13. Great close up photos. Clearly showing how well you have healed. Beard healing is generally very favorable and occurs faster than donor healing due to the natural characteristics and properties of the beard area and skin. Looking great.
  14. Thanks for the comments and great question. In regards to the approach taken with donor extraction and distribution, this patient presented a strong vertex area, with good laterals and good quality follicles without any levels of miniaturisation present and overall showing no signs of decline behind his frontal hairline loss. Dr. Bisanga performs an extremely thorough examination under magnification and using state of the art technology to attain accurate data regarding strength and quality of the donor area, and such empirical details influence Dr. Bisanga´s approach, which is unique i
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