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  1. Yes , not a problem to keep some and you will see growth soon. MSM is really good for growth also and in-expensive. You will have great nails also!
  2. Biotin is fine to take, you may wish to go lower on the dosages and monitor how it goes and also get it via foods. My brother is a nutritionist so I follow him but you may wish to see a specialist who can go over doses etc but it is rare to have issues with Biotin.
  3. MSM can help speed up hair growth etc and you can take up to 3000mg daily. Either as a powder as I do or in tablet form it is easily bought. It is one of the items I recommend post-surgery in a tips document and here is the link to where you can buy if in the UK if you prefer online. MSM tablets Methylsulphonylmethane is a naturally occurring source of sulphur and known for speeding up hair, nail growth. https://www.naturesbest.co.uk/glucosamine-and-associated-products/msm-1000mg/
  4. Thanks and no problem. Our approach is to harvest carefully and as fully as possible the donor region with a small punch and good pattern and then tap into body hair for a further donor source. It can as said here be mixed with scalp hair and for the most part look pleasing with the right mix and positioning of the body hair, i.e not to hair line etc. To exhaust a donor, let's say for argument 10,000 grafts taken, then you seek to improve the donor density by then placing beard/chest into it, you are in essence paying again for a surgery with it being done in two steps, take and repl
  5. I don't want to hijack this topic away from this patient but best to not over harvest the donor in the first place. We have placed body hair to scars etc but it is a very costly exercise to deplete a donor and then to replenish with body hair and for us not a primary approach. Use the donor wisely and within its limits and then tap into body hair as and when needed is the short answer.
  6. Thank you for posting and as said here, nice clean work and healing very well.
  7. Real cutting edge stuff, hopefully the days of the doctor saying simply "you have a good donor" are gone, as it is far too subjective and not science based. This is really where the industry needs to be heading with accurate, solid assessments that really give the patient the full picture to then make decisions. In 11 years I have met countless patients who have had "consultations" and even recently also, and I always ask them what were the results from it in terms of any actual readings, and nearly all will say no data was given, and a few will give figures that show the doc or rep were
  8. This usually kicks in a week after surgery if one suffers from it and can last a week and as you say is worse at night. This is occipital nerve pain and you can take pain medication for Neuralgia, apply cold aloe vera, massage etc and it will pass. Vit B tablets also help to heal nerves. This is common and I had it once personally badly in 2006 and no-body knew what it was so I researched and got informed and it is indeed in the post op document that we give people. Trust me it will pass and I have had it and dealt with many patients who had it and all of them had it pass exactly
  9. Dear Bill, I truly wish you every happiness in this venture and you won't have a lack of knowledge for sure so can hit the ground running! Wishing you all the best. Steve
  10. Exactly, it is more of an emotional upset. Take care and look forwards to seeing your result...
  11. Firstly, congratulations on the surgery and sorry to see you have scratched some grafts out. Be careful with this and go and buy some washing up gloves that are nice, new and clean and put them on at night as they will cover your nails and give some extra protection but essentially it is best to keep away from the recipient area as much as possible. Don't beat yourself up as this happens and you are not the first nor the last person to do this. Try to be extra careful for the first few days and head scratching is so commonly done without even realising it. You have probably lost
  12. From the photos your nape has clearly thinned and probably you will have similar above the ears. Yes is it really important to get checked by someone who is thorough. I spoke to a UK patient recently who paid good money for a UK consultation and got zero empirical data and they didn't even recognise drastic retrograde alopecia. Another went to a London clinic and was told he had 40,000 grafts in his donor (no measurements done at all) ...laughable yet sad also. Considering a good donor is 180cm2, so it means he had the density of Chewbacca to have 40k...It amazes me how some have
  13. Congratulations, it is coming in really nicely for the timescale and big improvement since the last update...this will be a very nice and natural result. The donor is pristine also.
  14. Beard and chest and approx a 50/50 split. These are single haired so it makes the outcome very good when we keep that in mind also.
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