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  1. Great video and with humour also and a lovely accolade to Dr.B with the kind words from Dr.S as to what doctors think of Dr.B and his artistic and scientific approach.
  2. Thank you for the shout outs and the nice words. Raphael is now the official man who has filled my shoes and I must say I am delighted to have handed over to him and his passion, knowledge and enthusiasm is really nice to see and he will be the point of contact and continue the depth of replies and care we seek to give. I am still with BHR but more behind the scenes now on management but keep an eye of forums and all. Elisha for this case, Ian aka Raphael will be happy to write a detailed reply ..In summary you are 26, please also confirm mediation and Ian will then be able to send to Dr.B and reply here for you also. Thank you and Ian will take over and reply soon..
  3. Ian this is a tremendous transformation even now and far still far from the final product and especially for 5 months. As a repair patient and going over a whole area again makes it even more incredible. You have really come on week by week and I am always happy for all our patients who get such fast growth and adding to it that we work together brings a lot of pride and joy also. I know how much this meant to you and already the changes it has afforded are immeasurable. You are truly lovely person to work with and very passionate and knowledgeable but in the chair you were a patient and I am just so happy for you my friend and looking forwards to the updates!
  4. Nice and clear article Melvin and will be very useful for people. Well done.
  5. Your pain threshold, the more injections the more incidents, the mix of epinephrine/saline etc, miniaturisation levels, skill level of the doctor. I have seen in the best hands some shock in the donor and usually around the ears is more prone or just behind, so there are really a fair few factors that play a part.
  6. Lovely..really so happy for you enjoying this...thank you for making a video!
  7. At Huncholini, I am glad the reply was of help and it is often the dynamic of questions or comments that can bring this about. We are used to a lot of questions and are not only active in posting cases but also in answering, live insta, producing videos and articles and indeed commenting on cases not related to us at all, in order to genuinely assist the forum users and it is not just about self promotion. I used to take a very well known bus in Rome, the 64 that goes to the Vatican area and many were on it for the ride as it was a tourist area, some were on it for the pickings and to benefit from tourists and some were on it for the arresting of the pick pockets, so in essence everyone had a motive to be on it and more so regularly. Forums can be like this, regular users have motives, like the tourists, most are benevolent, some are malevolent and some are looking out to spot the difference. In other words, something brings them to it and not all will have good motive and like a CCTV will show a picture and a track like posting history is really helpful to look at to get a picture, it can be grainy and inconclusive or it can be very evident and obvious of the style of individuals. Melvin as the moderator will have different motives, duties and inputs to the forum to us as clinics and indeed ours is different to users. He for example would not have been able to answer the way in which I did in terms of knowledge to this case as he is not privy to the information until it is divulged here, so he will have a different view and concerns and we ourselves will not have the information he has about the forum running and some of the user aspects. In short, all of us, clinics, users and moderator want a decent open and honest platform that is also safe for patients to post in and one that will give genuine help and education. Believe me the patients who post their cases are really a very small fraction of the overall number of patients for any clinic, they are not paid, they are nervous at times, vulnerable to opinion, scared of being recognised and their motive is to give back, they have no renumeration at all and post because firstly, they are grateful to the forum and the users who helped them in their own decision and to predecessors who have posted and secondly they are genuinely grateful to the clinic whom they paid and trusted for the surgery. Without their consent we really have no forum and no cases because education and Insta and videos et al are all so well and good, but without the product then it is a menu with no food. Melvin has to uphold this and to challenge from historical content at times users posting habits, some may be genuine and it an extension of how they are and for others there are motives and then rightly so it needs to be challenged. We have seen a good number of shills here come and go and to the point a thread was made on it with the tell tale signs to look for that are pretty much consistent with the reality. I have been on forums for many years and Melvin has certainly brought this forum up, his own work is evident to see on all of the above mentioned things such as videos, interviews, newsletters, articles and comments and has been open and honest with his own case and made himself vulnerable also. So, for me personally we welcome genuine questions and as said it gives us an opportunity to further reply and educate and at times even learn, but we do hope in all sincerity that people will realise the purpose of this forum is to above all help and support people in their own struggles and or surgery. Many here are hidden and safe, the majority in-fact, so let’s corporately honour people who have posted, and from any clinic, and be supportive of them and mindful that they have made a decision that others were not willing to do. I hope this will not hijack this thread and that the patient who has been wonderful, will continue to allow updates. Sorry for the length of this, at least I hope it was interesting!
  8. The approach to this case was very specific and tailored, advanced loss and a weak donor in areas, so the placement was spread and really to not also exhaust the scalp donor Dr.Bisanga also added beard hair that as we know are mostly singles, and a fair percentage of the total is beard, so this makes also a difference to the overall effect and we have videos on body hair and also donor approach for preservation. Dr.B planned to let the donor heal and we for the second surgery do a light pass and then move backwards and indeed did that with scalp hair also. The placement photos also show we have not gone for high density and when you have more advanced loss and donor challenges then there is of course a different approach and not a carpet of hair all over. The patient's native donor you can see is see-through in areas so we need to take into account all aspects. He doesn't have a carpet of hair even in the donor so there are challenges here that probably some would not see nor appreciate but assume a scenario that is not actually the narrative for the case. So, education on specific cases is also important and not to stick to a one size fits all approach. We have many cases here that show a variety of approaches and excellent outcomes and very numerous and consistent also for genuine people to look and comment on. Hope helps! Onwards and upwards and thanks to the patient for sharing so far and the nice comments.
  9. No problem. I have been with BHR since 2009 and have worked exclusively for Dr.B and there has been reps for others. Now I manage the team behind the scenes more so, so Ian aka Raphael deals with forums and patients and we have a large team of reps for a good few languages. He has been tied up today and so why I logged in to reply. Each clinic has their own team now and I do not myself work for Greece nor Israel etc who are part of the BHR banner but with autocracy to run things. I have seen nice results from doctors there and we have also now Dr.Kostis who is Greek but works in Brussels and also trained extensively by Dr.B and is working in his own right now. He underwent surgery 5 months ago and already has a wow result that we will share. Any cases posted are credited to the doctor, so we posted BHR Spain and it was Dr.Teresa Meyer's name on it and now they post themselves. Please feel free to PM Ian/Raphael your photos and information and we can assess for you in the first instance if helpful.
  10. Thanks for the question. Dr.Bisanga has trained and opened clinics in the above locations and has trained all of the doctors/techs now who perform with their teams there and there will be assessments and prices from those clinics then sent along with consultations offered. If a patient wishes to have doctor Bisanga in a specific location then that is also fine and we would book for that but it would be subject to when he is scheduled for that particular location. If you book for Dr.B you get Dr.B and it may work better to travel to Brussels depending on the timescales as such or if you are able to then wait for when he personally would be in those locations. I suggest for any location, email them in the first instance for an assessment and consultation and they will be able to also furnish more details regarding Dr.B being there. Once booked for surgery, your booking document would detail Dr.Bisanga or whoever you booked with for the surgery, there is no switching as such. Raphael has dealt with patients form Israel and Greece but the clinics would also directly be able to offer patient experience and results and have their own reps their now for the work so please also feel free to email any you are interested in and they are self -sufficient now in handling the inquiries and would be able to answer any questions specific to those locations also. Raphael would have more knowledge than me on some specifics and may add anything to this also when able to also as I have just given some succinct generalities.
  11. Exactly, but their time is up...these people will be exposed.. Thanks for the Video Mel and we will share it.
  12. Ok, so they claim to have done this patient here:- I will ask to make sure he does not have an identical twin who took photos in the same light! Probably webmaster error will be the excuse as all the times I have written to clinics who steal our results...
  13. Thanks for sharing this Mel, it is really shameless they have to steal other clinics' patients as well as ours. They say imitation is the best form of flattery but this is underhand and not without victims...I sincerely hope people research and do not fall fowl to this treacherous type of scamming...
  14. Hi NICKB, This thread will help and below is a comment I put back then that will hopefully help you also today as it did this patient. This usually kicks in a week after surgery if one suffers from it and can last a week and as you say is worse at night. This is occipital nerve pain and you can take pain medication for Neuralgia, apply cold aloe vera, massage etc and it will pass. Vit B tablets also help to heal nerves. This is common and I had it once personally badly in 2006 and no-body knew what it was so I researched and got informed and it is indeed in the post op document that we give people. Trust me it will pass and I have had it and dealt with many patients who had it and all of them had it pass exactly as I said. I don't post now but seeing you were in pain I wanted to chime in! Here is a quote from the document we provide as standard:- "Some may experience pain in the donor a week after surgery and pain killers, vitamin b tablets and applying cold aloe vera to the donor area will help relieve this. " Relax and do as above and you will heal okay!
  15. Hi Pomloe, I will reply as we have been tagged, but if I understand correctly, your surgery was five weeks ago, so essentially this is still very early to assess as you would need to factor in also any potential shock loss. I did read on another thread it was December that you had surgery so was not really sure myself of the timescale but if 5 weeks ago then your clinic should be able to advise on shock etc and treatments such as Minoxidil to speed up regrowth. As you are under their duty of care then it is best to see them for recommendations as they may not agree with our protocols but we would advise patients who may suffer from shock loss to apply minoxidil. You will for the donor usually need to wait a good 4/5 months to then rule this out and assess the donor then once that aspect has passed. Hopefully the clinic whom you trusted and paid for the surgery will be able to assist you in the post-op period and hope you will see improvements, but be patient and see how it comes in and of course make sure to be in contact with the performing clinic. It is not easy for sure but patience will be needed now and don't rush into anything and see if the donor improves and hopefully your clinic can confirm this and medication to take. Take care.
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