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  1. Yes at 2 weeks there are still signs and the extraction points will heal still further. As said, size of punch plays a part and patient's own healing but wash and massage really well now and can add aloe vera or a cream that will help healing but nothing at this point to worry about and the pinkness will go.
  2. Big improvement and especially considering body hair. Thanks for posting
  3. If you have a pc then use the web camera in that, you can take snapshots or video and send that or send stills from a video. All the best.
  4. A second day is not a second procedure as such but considered part of the whole surgery. If one has a truly second procedure distinct from the first sitting then best to wait a good 8 to 12 months because if you are covering behind the first surgery, i.e if the frontal third has been done in the first surgery, the surgeon will taper off the density to not create a sudden wall of hair stopping, and then in the next one, go back into this area and continue to then address further back. So, you do ideally want this crossover area to have come in well before then placing in and amongst it to avoid wasting grafts and why a waiting phase is needed. If this is done on day 2, then we see where we have placed and do not need to have growth, so why it is not a second procedure in terms of growth and then the need to see what grows in then place among. So let the first one truly grow in and then go for a subsequent procedure if having surgery that is a follow on from the first one. I talk from personal experience of this. Hope helps. Take care.
  5. Looks very good already, thank you for sharing.
  6. The baldness gene truly runs in the royal family. His donor also is not the best with some signs of retrograde alopecia. Being under the limelight must be very hard but as said here, he will probably end up shaving down as his brother did. In the UK it seems still very unforgiving towards people losing their hair, be it celebs or royalty, and it is zoomed in and mentioned where possible. We would not dare to that with other issues that affect appearance. I also agree, as is, he will be very bald, very soon. Seemingly a nice guy and I hope he copes with it. @Spanker, yes this is a tabloid paper, so it focusses on the sensational as such but we have far worse also. '
  7. Dear Forum UsersDr.Bisanga will be in London on the 23 & 24 of February, 2019 to hold consultations. These are free of charge and with limited availability (23 fully booked now) but a great opportunity to have your hair loss examined including donor density measurements, check for miniaturisation, hair groupings and calibre, loss potential, suitability for surgery, surgery type, design, graft numbers etc.If interested then please feel free to send me an email:- stephen@bhrclinic.com Thank you.
  8. Hi Bald36, I am not the person who replies now as has been given to others a while ago but out of courtesy will as I have seen your question was not answered. Dr.B is currently in the USA but I believe in Washington area. Please feel free to email hilde@bhrclinic.com who will be able to further assist and apologies for the late reply.
  9. Hi David, all the best for your new position and you will be an asset for sure and a loss for H+W. You've always come across as a gent and an honest guy and well respected in the industry. I am sure all will go well.
  10. Hi Zeoranger Sorry for the delay, effectively someone else is taking over the posting now for BHR for a while and will be up and running soon but I will reply now to avoid delay. We placed around the first surgery area, probably further behind and certainly lower in front also and then went over the area and would have placed amongst previous work to add density once the patient was shaved but essentially a larger area than the initial surgery was addressed. The patient was deemed a repair and this can mean abnormalities in the skin such as micro scarring and there are generally more challenges than a virgin case would have presented, so growth can be harder for sure on these cases where you have to re-visit an area. Hope helps.
  11. Patient wrote at 8 months "Everything is going really well and I couldn't be happier with the results.I am beyond satisfied with my result". Here are his photos and I have to say, looks amazing and thank you for sharing. Photos at 8 months.
  12. Patient had a 1200 FUE with another clinic and was not content with density achieved so came to us for this to be addressed and is very happy with the outcome, 1 hair : 432 2 hairs: 658 3 hairs : 530 4 hairs : 52 5 hairs : 3 TOTAL 1675 Age 34 years No medication. Pre-surgery Placement Result at 13 Months Comparison
  13. The patient did share update and photos to me and looked very good even early on so hopefully he will be able to update here also.
  14. Hi Sunseeker Thanks for the question. The practical "safe zone" for Strip is not comparable as such to the safe zone mentioned for FUE. For Strip it is with regards to an area safe to take a Strip from and to remove tissue, whereas for FUE it is where the hair itself is safe to take. For example, here the FUE goes down to above the nape, if you look you see it shaved and a thumb size area non touched before it goes down then to neck hair. The FUE area is greatly extended to harvest grafts from all over the donor and can be circa 180 cm2 on a good candidate and is spread throughout the donor when the patient has good hair evident. It will differ (the safe zone) for patients in size and some can be 6cm x 30cm as said and for others 4cm x 30cm or less taking into account other factors such as retrograde alopecia etc that limits FUE safe areas or previous surgery etc. It can also change over time as one ages. So, hope I answered but basically the techniques differ greatly and for sure Strips are far more local in a specific are and take all of the grafts in the defined Strip zone ( a rich and well defined area) . It is not global in terms of harvesting throughout and needs to be not too low to Stretch and neither too high to have issues of the loss dipping into it. FUE is taken throughout and for sure what is safe for FUE in terms of good quality hair would not be the same for Strip because you simply would not take it in any part of the donor but usually keep it to the defined safe area that is traditionally used. There are of course variations but I am talking in general. Hope helps.
  15. Hi Baldrick, thank you for the kind comment. Apologies to reply now but have been tied up in consultations this weekend with Dr.B. We usually prefer a shave to then place in and amongst any native hair. To be precise if you are able to upload or send photos we would be happy to comment for your case specifically. All the best.
  16. Patient has medium fine hair and a fair size area addressed with just over 3,000 grafts. As said it will be a two stage approach in the least will be needed and the patient had good starting density to allow a further surgery and still at 9 months he will see further improvement to come but already has made a nice change for him. Thank you to patient for sharing the photos and hope we can have updates also on this and for subsequent surgery.
  17. Scars can stretch in the early months post surgery as yours seemingly did also. FUE into the scar will help it but would be at a low density of 30 FU per cm2 usually. Hard to see from the photo the condition of it but may be wise to see a doctor or dermatologist locally and see if it can be helped with injections if raised up and go from there or see what your HT doctor recommends if he has seen you in person. Usually if you have stretched twice then placing into the scar is probably the safer option to break it up and avoid a revision that can stretch again. One pass may be enough if the hair is kept long or you may need another pass to get to the density you want in the scar but it is a slow approach due to the nature of scar tissue and challenges there for growth,
  18. Hi hyperhair. It is unlikely the scar will improve at this time. Your doctor may recommend cortisone injections to help flatten it and then FUE into it will help usually to camouflage the scar and bring back vascularity and also improve the appearance. If you can put some photos then you will probably be able to get more specific feedback.
  19. Hi Cork I would echo Spex in that both very good and ethical doctors and try to have live consultations with both if you visit Brussels and go from there and feel free to send photos for an assessment if not done so already. You will be in good hands with either. All the best.
  20. The rule of thirds and the "Vitruvian Man" is something to take as a guide but really need to take into account your own characteristics and loss potential, age, donor etc, as this will dictate what is wise to go for. But of course as a rough guide is fine but expect it to be honed more once you have donor data etc and all that is needed in designing and planning for you. All the best.
  21. Hi Borrn2Shine As said the hair line is nice and natural and you are only going to age also. In answer to your question if you were to lower it then yes, a new hair line needs to be established with single FUs then going back with two and then multiple units, so in essence a repeat of the first surgery and then blend back into the current hair line. Wait a good year to see how it comes in as you may be very happy with it then and not need to change anything at all. But if you do decide to lower it then this is easier than removing and going higher, so a positive there! But having good quality hair coming in will make a nice difference and frame your face and be patient and assess at 12 months and go from there as in terms of thoughts and wants it can change dramatically as the hair transplant grows in. All the best.
  22. Hi Arrek, I think a wise approach if one has Lichen Planopilaris, a slow approach is probably best and hope you have had good growth from the last surgery and looking forward to the updates. All the best.