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  1. Lovely and clean and what struck me is the high ratio of hairs per graft average that you have. Swelling once it hits the glabella area (between eyes) will fall and you can massage it outwardly to avoid eyes as much as possible but it will fall and you may look like you have been punched by a class boxer. All that fluid from injections needs to fall and will do as gravity assists. I know you have a great rep also looking after you and look forwards to the updates.
  2. If so, as the politicians say, "The cure is worse than the problem..."
  3. I would agree with the above, the surgery ends and most fly home the next day and often without time to be seen then but it is not an essential and the patient can remove the bandage once home from the donor and follow the post op instructions given to them and keep in contact with the clinic. All the best.
  4. Sorry to see this outcome at present. With diffused thinning and especially if you are going to place as in your case, sporadically, low density and in and amongst native hair then you really do need to be on medication. The surgery itself causes trauma and possible shock, so it really is paramount to be aware of firstly, that hair loss is progressive in itself, and secondly the surgery can induce some shock, be it through injections or damage to native hair as two factors.. The placement was very spread, so as a standalone result in itself it simply won't be there without th
  5. Great question. As said they need very fine single hairs and are very flush to the skin with regard to the angles and take a fair number of grafts, probably around 400 for both sides, so they are a luxury item and need to really assess the loss potential and donor capability also before committing to reconstruct them. You do need a good surgeon and these areas are very visible so no hiding if they do not look good and natural...Need to be aware of loss behind them, so there are a good few factors to consider.
  6. In short, as you say it is a very important factor and the biggest giveaway in terms of design and implementation is if this is not right then people will talk to your hair line and not your face. Most people who say a transplant never looks natural is because they have not recognised the good ones that pass them and are undetectable. Here is an example of a hair line that Dr.Bisanga re-constructed and let me know if you would look twice if you were to see him pass you in the street. This was a patient from 2015 and I think the industry in some ways has gone backwards in some as
  7. No problem you did the hard work...maybe you can make it into a video also...
  8. I would add caution on concealer also, I appreciate this is not exhaustive as a list so other things wont make the top 5. All valid points mentioned however, well done.
  9. For us after FUE, then the patient is usually back in the gym at 14 days and they break back into it so probably less heavy or intense than the usual routine but they are in the swing of things soon after. Cardio not a problem at 14 days. Just be careful with weights not to bang your head on any iron and especially with things like laying down pull-overs etc where the weight is passing back and forth over the scalp...
  10. If the previous work was good then you should have no problem to add density and indeed my second ever surgery was that exact scenario.
  11. Sorry you suffer from this condition and I am sure it can bring some anxiety, but you are fine with sweating and going back at the gym at two weeks also is fine if you have FUE. All the best!
  12. Good question. Placing among hair be it native or transplanted is not an issue for a skilled surgeon. That said if there is scarring then yes it can be an issue as there can be less vascularity and other challenges, so it really depends on the scarring, pitting, ridging etc that is present. Best to have a really good analysis on high quality photos/video that show any issues and also if you can be seen in person. Hopefully the work can be achieved okay but for repair patients there are challenges that are not present on virgin scalps as such. Try to detail as much of the issues that you are aw
  13. I have known patients on Proscar and cutting it in to 4 or 5 parts with a pill cutter and no issues for years and then go to generic tablets and have sides, even if they claim to be 99.9 percent the same and even people in this field I have spoken to have had issues when changing, so I do believe it is a genuine problem for some. Maybe not many have issues but it is there none the less.
  14. Depends really if the issue is fungal, if so then to alternate both is not a bad idea as they work differently so it is an approach that dermatologists often use for fungus, and in the case I know this was the exact approach and to take for 4 to 6 weeks as such with a little bit of one one day and the other the next etc...the Selsun will smell a little more and make sure to shake it well before you use that.
  15. We all have fungus on the skin, just some are more prone to overgrowth and it can be due to oils applied, sun, diet etc...A doctor/dermatologist should be able to tell if you can see them and if it is a superficial growth then one line of action is the antifungal shampoo route...Nizoral is fine but Selsun blue will make you smell of sulphur for a good while! If it is confirmed as fungal then look also at diet and avoid wine/beer etc and things that can contribute to its growth. Shampoo will help if so but as said the white patches will take time to get pigmentation back again. I am
  16. Worth seeing your doctor/healthcare provider to see if this is fungal, and if so they may say to use Nizoral or Selsun blue shampoo for a few weeks, (I just read that you are on Nizoral). If it is fungal then this will help but patches can take a while to go. This can appear more so after getting sun on the scalp. Do you have it elsewhere as in forehead etc and any darker patches aside from the white ones? Let us know what a doctor says but I would not be suprised if it is were to be a superficial fungal issue on the skin from the patches and pattern of it. Take care and try not to worry and
  17. Speechless to be honest....be interesting to see what the patient's goals were....
  18. Great opportunity to be seen and I have a fairly long list already so I expect this to be very well attended...
  19. Yes laxity will return but you need to be careful in the first few months in what you do while the scar will not have full tensile strength, so usually a clinic will say be careful for the first few months in strenuous activity, but the sensation of tightness will pass. The position of the scar and other factors also come into to play in regards to how and if it will stretch. Take care.
  20. Hi HTHOPE, great question and good to see people are looking at donor extractions also now. This patient had 2400 FU, and a good density of 80 FU per cm2, so even with a nicely spaced extraction pattern and well spread as the photos show, we did not need to go over the whole donor of circa 180cm2. We harvest from one side (I see many FUE results only and exclusively harvesting from the rear however), and spread as needed to get the graft numbers and units needed. So, we start from temple and above ear and work round keeping in mind a good spread for the grafts. To extend it to the other
  21. Looks very encouraging and happy for the patient. Dr.Argyrious is doing some nice work after being alongside Dr.B.
  22. Yes I didn't want to see it as such for taking from there but more to see the spread of body hair and beard you have above jaw also as the more spread usually the stronger it is. Essentially start under the chin if you can and go from there.
  23. Be good to see the beard grown a little and how high it rides up your cheeks but for chest and beard you should be fine. If you have any pre-DHT blockers to look at also would be good but you still have decent chest hair so I would guess you have not been effected.
  24. You will have a high percentage of chest hair in the telogen phase and more than 50 percent probably, and it is nearly as long as the active growth phase and they will largely look the same and shed and new hairs will grow and mature. As said unless you are comparing like with like then you won't learn much in terms of the effect of a DHT blocker on your chest hair as we all have thicker and thinner under magnification and especially so more evident if magnified. If you have not noticed it to your natural eye then the chances are it is not an issue for you. If there is any significant chang
  25. Yes, essentially you will see from looking at before and after starting DHT blockers and over time to see if it diminished in quality or quantity. You need to see the starting point prior to then see if it has changed and should be evident to the naked eye if there are any significant changes.
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