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  1. Hi Pete Traction alopecia from turban wearing is VERY common and we have provided surgery to those exact sufferers where the hair has been under traction and loss, and luckily it is localised to a few areas of traction and subsequent loss. Here is a traction alopecia case that was from a female and a different scenario but traction non the less and more severe than turban cases. She underwent surgery with us and the result is here also. So, yes a hair transplant is a good option. Example traction case here:- https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/34258-drbisanga-1477-strip-traction-alopecia/
  2. I used personally a week after surgery and saw studies on it and for me it did speed healing also. As said see your doctor but I can't see any problem at all on you using it now to be perfectly honest. If patients have a LLLT device we say then no harm to employ it also, remove teeth if a comb if using after a week etc.
  3. Witch hazel may help or Arnica cream and or tablets also. It will take time and the redder areas are usually the hair line that has had more density but it will fade even on its own and look worse usually under fluorescent light as opposed to natural light but a normal part of the process to have it with neo-vascularity and inflammation that is there but will subside. Avoid also Sauna or extreme heat to it as said here already. I found also a laser comb for me personally also sped up healing and following a good diet for inflammation. Of course, check all with your clinic.
  4. Yes you do have more of a Ludwig pattern as does your Grandmother. Young and therefore medication is probably the best advice. The donor doesn't look the strongest but that said wet and long hair also sticking together can give a false impression so have it assessed dry and have real empirical data on density and not just subjective opinion, but real actual data from accurate readings. Don't rush into surgery but look into medication is the honest opinion because at your age things could develop a lot if not on medication so best not to commit to surgery yet and see firstly how you tolerate meds and secondly how effective they are before you pull the trigger on surgery.
  5. It is anti-seborrheic so dries the scalp a little but should not cause hair loss. A small amount 2x a week is usually well tolerated by patients and they can moisturise also if needed but for dandruff is works well and as said use sparingly and is totally fine. I have not seen patients ever lose hair on it personally.
  6. Dear Forum UsersDr.Bisanga will be in London on the 1 FEBRUARY, 2020 to hold consultations. These are free of charge and with limited availability but a great opportunity to have your hair loss examined including donor density measurements, check for miniaturisation, hair groupings and calibre, loss potential, suitability for surgery, surgery type, design, graft numbers etc.If interested then please feel free to send me an email:- stephen@bhrclinic.comThank you.
  7. Thank you Melvin for the kind words. Hope it can be worked out. Speak soon.
  8. Dear Forum UsersWe are delighted to announce that Dr.Bisanga will be in the USA on the 11 - 14 of April 2020 to hold consultations in both New York & LA respectively. These are free of charge and with limited availability but a great opportunity to have your hair loss examined including donor density measurements, check for miniaturisation, hair groupings and calibre, loss potential, suitability for surgery, surgery type, design, graft numbers etc. If interested then please feel free to send me an email:- stephen@bhrclinic.comVenues to be confirmed.Thank you.
  9. I have to agree with Gasthoerer. Firstly, even guys with no hair loss can stand under direct spotlights and see scalp! Their native hair density and characteristics, styling etc all play a part and not all have a skin free look under harsh light even with no hair loss. I can shine a bright light into a person's donor and see skin so why shouldn't we on a recipient area, and hair coarseness also plays a part aside from density. As said in this forum in other threads also, a hair transplant is not placing at native density, that is why the user will wear their hair in the way in which is gives them the best result and also nobody walks about with a spotlight on their head. So, unless placing at native density then you are about giving an "illusion" and I didn't invent that saying, it is throughout forums and this forum also. If you have an issue with that term than maybe start another thread to discuss it, even though it has been discussed here also, so we do not hijack a patient's result. Here is an example of that very topic:- https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52489-are-hair-transplants-an-“illusion”-of-density/ PS..I see skin here without harsh lights but this is a perfectly good result in the video. As said, maybe start another thread if you wish to go into semantics on the word illusion.
  10. Hi BOW32, I can see from your posts that you are happy, and thanks for posting as you have and this is why I said I see you understand the light issue in the first line, so it was not intended for you but for those who maybe wouldn't understand that aspect. It was more for those who think a test of a successful result is that criteria and to let you know I think you have an amazing result personally and dr.b also happy to see you to assess. It takes courage to share a case and especially in different conditions as you have and thanks for sharing.
  11. With respect, and as you are thankfully aware also, the test for a good outcome is not to have the hair going upwards and under harsh spot light, a HT is not planned to show no skin under those circumstances, you would need a hair-piece for that! It is about an illusion, placing at less than native density and giving a pleasing result. If anyone wears the hair straight up and under spotlights then you will see a very different picture than when they are walking down the street in natural light. So, keep that in mind and if a hair transplant was to make no skin visible under those conditions then you would exhaust the donor pretty quickly to be honest and have to place at a high density that would be hard also to achieve. Dr.B will be happy to see you and from the photos you have posted under normal light it seems a very nice outcome for the amount of grafts placed and of course your advisor will liaise for you to have a consultation and can also look at densities. But as said if we judge a hair transplant on the above style and lighting conditions then you would not have a case with no skin showing and especially when the hair is not going at any angle to provide coverage but more upright at the part that you can see skin, so the density and coarseness of the hair is giving the coverage and not the laying effect of the hair where there are spaces.. In other posts under less harsh circumstances that are more the norm, and even with the hair going up it does seem a very nice result, especially as then your hair with length has a natural curl that will give volume at the top. Keep in touch with your advisor and they can update you for a review at 12 months etc, but realistically I think this is a nice outcome at this stage and a final review is 12 months onwards. Your hair will take more time to relax as it cycles also and this takes more than 12 months usually. Take care.
  12. Ginger, Turmeric, Cayenne Pepper etc when taken also help blood flow to extremities. Take in the form of tea or in the case of Ginger and Turmeric you can eat the root. Garlic also if you can handle the odour.
  13. Scalp redness is normal where grafts are placed, there is neo-vascularity and redness is part of it also with inflammation. Usually artificial light and camera makes it look worse than in natural light but I don't see anything to worry about in this photo and people heal also at different rates. It will continue to fade but seems barely noticeable in this photos. Heal well.
  14. You are welcome. Because your surgery was not with the clinic I rep for, you may want to check with your own clinic to make sure they agree but I will answer as if you were one of our patients and say yes, to sweat and to work out now is not a problem. We would say to avoid hot showers or hair dryer or sauna that may exacerbate skin redness but to work out and sweat will not damage grafts. Enjoy the workout.
  15. No, you will be fine! Take it easy and relax and If you were my patient I would say wash well now and massage well. Of course see your clinic for the regime they want but if you were a patient I had booked then I would say that. I've been in the industry a long time so it doesn't take me long to see a photo and read the situation. Take care and heal well.
  16. You shouldn't really be having scabs at 3 weeks if you wash well, so you've been probably overly cautious as is often the case for first time surgery patients and the fact you have seemingly kept a lot of the transplanted hair still can indicate that. Scabs come off with hair and you would not have lost the graft that is under the skin okay. Obviously your own clinic need to guide you but patients I book start to massage at day 8 the recipient when wet and washing and massaging in circular motion to break down the scabs that will feel like salt under the fingertips as it dissolves, and this breaks down the scabs that are usually gone by day 10 and they can apply moisturiser to the scalp if dry also. Wash well to speed up healing and apply a good moisturiser. Take care and heal well.
  17. Your nape hair is raising up and crown can go down, so need to establish the safe area to take from and keep in mind any donor limitations. Be good to see longer but at this length can see the density drop from nape area then going up, so as said have to know aside from your density and hairs to follicular unit groups, also the areas that are safe to harvest from. Best.
  18. The hair line design I think in terms of height is wise and will make a nice difference, maybe make a tad more symmetrical. Be good to see donor photos though, because as said here you are thinning throughout the top of the scalp and will need more surgery so need to see the donor also, both full sides and rear profile. If the donor is good then gives you more room for future surgery and something you need to keep in mind. I would be also hesitant in terms of graft numbers as the hair quality of the transplanted is better than the miniaturised hair behind and also you do really need to make sure you don't then lose and have an unattached hair line. So, I would agree with the above statement of treating more and giving a solid result and also consider Propecia depending on how your loss has stabilised. This doctor may be great but a year is very early to tell because it does take that for a result to finalise.
  19. Here is a repair case from a HTN poster who had a very significant amount of beard taken in order to repair a Strip scar. He healed very well and still has a strong beard. This case may be helpful in your research as is an older one so probably not seen by most today.
  20. As said by LC above go with some length so the doctor can assess your native hair and they again should guide you on that. To shave to that number (around 1mm) you would need to have little to no visible scarring, so to shave before surgery when no FUE has been done will not present an issue in the donor, but you need to see the clinic to ask about shaving that short post surgery and the implications and this is where the punch size, extraction pattern etc and how you heal comes into play. So, that is the caveat that I would say. A shaved look with hair also does look better than a shaved look without hair, that's the whole reason that people opt for SMP also but of course you cannot beat real hair and even at 1mm it is visible. Of course if you grow it out then you will have a different look but for sure a transplant that is shaved in my book is not wasted at all and does look different to no hair. You will not damage any grafts in shaving but make sure to follow the clinics advise as to when you can shave that short post surgery as the skin will be healing so need to follow what they say. All the best.
  21. Donor looks fine, the odd area that could be scars from something but at this length the donor looks fine. They have blended the cut going upwards and I don't see anything here to worry about on this person's donor.
  22. Good question and the approach varies greatly from doctor to doctor but essentially you want to be looked at with both naked eye and under magnification. The doctor will look at donor densities, I say that in plural because it will change in the donor as you from above the ears around to the rear occipital area where there are then the coarser and larger groups. So, essentially densities, hair to follicular make up, i.e single haired, double, treble etc, coarseness and curl, characteristics of the hair, colour, miniaturisation levels in the donor, check for DUPA or retrograde alopecia. If your donor has thinned significantly (previous photos will help to compare) then it is possible you have DUPA or miniaturisation due to other reasons. Donor hair should be harder to pull out and with more pain than where the hair is weaker and miniaturising but a good doctor will be able to assess and under magnification and a display really be able to assess well and give you the empirical data as well as visual representation. As said, I have seen many doctors just tell a patient "you are a good candidate" but no real data given, so it is very subjective and nothing really concrete, but today you should be able to be thoroughly assessed and if I were you I would ask the clinic/doctor, what exactly will they do during the consultation. Best.
  23. The Vitruvian Man is great, but he never suffered hair loss! It's an ideal but was not made to be a template for hair transplantation back in 1490 I know it is mentioned a lot in hair line designs but it doesn't take into account the factors that one needs to in surgery, age, loss potential, donor, bone structure, etc. So, for a potential NW5/6 a Vitruvian hair line then with crown open and the sides dropped would not be a good look. Great if one is a NW2/3 and future loss is not an issue, but not all fit this category. They need then to get the Vitruvian body to then match the hair line. Joking aside I think it is a handy guide for some but certainly not a template to be adhered to and actually a bad idea for some cases, bone structures etc.
  24. You are welcome of course. It would be our pleasure.