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  1. Week 7 …. Closing in on two months… can’t wait for that apparent 3rd month sudden growth …. Meds are definitely helping and I feel they are speeding things up … can already see some new growth and the existing hair is thickening ,,,, excuse the sun burnt face ! And yes I wear a hat every Time I go out in the sun … the redness is just the redness from surgery which is taking longer than I thought it would to go
  2. Hair has seemed to have lost its darkness a little which is odd, but it’s definitely thickening ! Ha no but it was actually reported by several others on a community page that it was too tame and had been taken into a sanctuary for re hab
  3. Just over 5 weeks now and I really feel that my hair is responding to treatment, it may just be me but I feel it is definitely working ! I have attached the picture from post op to a picture I took today and you can clearly tell it’s working
  4. So far so good still, I do have a few questions … scalp is slightly red, the skin is bumpy in areas and I have what I believe to be a couple in grown hairs ? Or maybe hairs that haven’t quite broken through … any tips on these please … thanks lads
  5. Hey guys, bit of a weird one but I was feeding this bird outside my house and then it jumped onto my head, I was wearing a cap, but it’s cut my head a little with its claw …. Now I’m a little worried I may get an infection or damage the hair ? It’s been nearly a month since the transplant… I understand this is a very unusual worry haha
  6. Day 21, all is going as it should... hairs shedding alot now, wore my woolen hat to go bowling, it got a little itchy toward the end but nothing major.... ive attached a picture of my current state .... wondering what your opinions are on it... as far as the recipient area is concerned.... also I think the medication is starting to take effect
  7. Yep that's what I thought.. thanks man, feels great to be back to normal again! Can't wait to see the results of the first surgery
  8. All great guys, to be honest this has been very helpful for me so thanks to all...I mainly ask these popular questions so that others will see in the thread and find peace of mind ... which takes me to my other question, I started my normal workout routine again after day 14 ...what is everyone's opinions on this
  9. Day 18 and shedding still.... but you can't really tell still... I know I've asked but I've had about a million different answers.... and I've asked Dr but still waiting on a reply... is this hat OK to wear now it has been 18 days?
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