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  1. Speechless to be honest....be interesting to see what the patient's goals were....
  2. Great opportunity to be seen and I have a fairly long list already so I expect this to be very well attended...
  3. Yes laxity will return but you need to be careful in the first few months in what you do while the scar will not have full tensile strength, so usually a clinic will say be careful for the first few months in strenuous activity, but the sensation of tightness will pass. The position of the scar and other factors also come into to play in regards to how and if it will stretch. Take care.
  4. Hi HTHOPE, great question and good to see people are looking at donor extractions also now. This patient had 2400 FU, and a good density of 80 FU per cm2, so even with a nicely spaced extraction pattern and well spread as the photos show, we did not need to go over the whole donor of circa 180cm2. We harvest from one side (I see many FUE results only and exclusively harvesting from the rear however), and spread as needed to get the graft numbers and units needed. So, we start from temple and above ear and work round keeping in mind a good spread for the grafts. To extend it to the other ear for the amount of grafts needed and with this patient's density would have meant spreading more, more injections and not needed in that we have not had to over harvest at all to obtain what was needed. So, this is not uncommon. As said over the years I have seen a lot of results from clinics with higher amounts and not spreading more than the occipital area, so very concentrated extractions, but that said we spread as needed but there is no need to go over all the donor from ear to ear for the sake of it if we can harvest the numbers safely without having to extend and as said is common also and we take into account the amount needed and the donor density to give. Dr.B uses a motorised punch and 0.75 to 0.8mm for the most part unless afro hair type etc. Hope helps.
  5. Looks very encouraging and happy for the patient. Dr.Argyrious is doing some nice work after being alongside Dr.B.
  6. Yes I didn't want to see it as such for taking from there but more to see the spread of body hair and beard you have above jaw also as the more spread usually the stronger it is. Essentially start under the chin if you can and go from there.
  7. Be good to see the beard grown a little and how high it rides up your cheeks but for chest and beard you should be fine. If you have any pre-DHT blockers to look at also would be good but you still have decent chest hair so I would guess you have not been effected.
  8. You will have a high percentage of chest hair in the telogen phase and more than 50 percent probably, and it is nearly as long as the active growth phase and they will largely look the same and shed and new hairs will grow and mature. As said unless you are comparing like with like then you won't learn much in terms of the effect of a DHT blocker on your chest hair as we all have thicker and thinner under magnification and especially so more evident if magnified. If you have not noticed it to your natural eye then the chances are it is not an issue for you. If there is any significant change it would be firstly evident to your natural eye and especially if you were to compare photos of pre to post DHT blocker. If you can upload a frontal photo of the chest it would be good to see then also the colour, quality, spreading of it etc.
  9. Yes, essentially you will see from looking at before and after starting DHT blockers and over time to see if it diminished in quality or quantity. You need to see the starting point prior to then see if it has changed and should be evident to the naked eye if there are any significant changes.
  10. The injections are not only to limit pain but to decrease bleeding, so you will not be able to substitute this and injections should not cause transection of the follicular unit. Shock loss is more due to the blood limiting effect of the injections. Numbing creams and Acupuncture will not prepare you for surgery. You need to have proper administration of anaesthesia and we have not ever administered a level that is dangerous and even in large Strips of 5000 plus grafts, therefore you should not really worry about that if you go to a reputable clinic. So, it is not just about pain but also bleeding and the injections also raise the skin up as the fluid enters. If you have pain you bleed more also, so there are a few reasons why this is needed. As said, for Strip , FUE and body hair, a reputable clinic should know the levels they are administering and stay in safe levels.
  11. We have done body hair and beard and not had issued of scarring. It can depend on many factors and I have met patients who have had extensive beard work elsewhere and seen white dots from the extractions, so there are variables. We have done recently a case of removing from under the chin to placing above as you describe and I have the photos and no evidence of scars on them nor even has that been reported to me from the patient as an issue, but as of yet I am not able to share the photos but hope to be able to do so nearer the 12 month stage.
  12. Nobody wants an unnatural hair line and this is the biggest give away for those who have had a hair transplant and that something is, shall we say, not quite right, in this aspect. People should talk to your eyes and not your hair line, and I have spoken to many patients who said that sadly is the case for them from previous surgery. This video exploits some of the golden rules used in order to give a natural result. Not only the employment of grafts used but the design implemented. Most patients today expect an undetectable hairline that has enough density after one session and blends well with their native hair and of course with their facial features. Watch this to see some of the aspects you need to consider before pulling the trigger! One thing worse than hair loss is a poor transplant that screams I am not natural! I hope you enjoy this informative presentation by Dr.Bisanga. Regards stephen@bhrclinic.com
  13. I live in SE Asia, and Asians don't have any upper body hair, so I really look like a monkey to them. ..That made me laugh, and yes I am sure it is not the norm for them. In my case in essence you are not multiplying, if you split a double into two singles, and the single stays in the donor and a single grows it is just splitting the unit. Mine was not intentional back then in the day and not working in the industry then I didn't give it much thought other than I noticed them growing back from source and as a laymen could see then that the FU in my chest had healed to give growth again and through the exact same spot it was punched in. Whatever they pulled out I don't honestly know if they were any good and how many were transplanted. You are on an interesting concept that is not far from this idea and is a variation on this and is a mouthful to say but it called "PL-FUT" or AKA. "Partial longitudinal-follicular unit transplantation".