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  1. Looks amazing. In a couple of months it'll only get thicker. This, my friend, is a successful transplant. You still aren't taking Fin.?
  2. Suffice it to say I don't believe the 2% statistic is accurate. Of the many friends I have out in the real world, many of them (I'd say about 3 out of the 7 I know who've tried Fin.) also experienced serious sides and decided to quit. None of them did research on the drug beforehand. I did, but was hoping and expecting it to work. There's little incentive for people to make up side effects for a drug that would actually alleviate another psychically large problem for them. Whether PFS exists or not, I can't say, but I and many others are living proof that the drug can have real physiological e
  3. This is silly. The forum's most active member and moderator, @Melvin-Moderator, experienced real, physiological sides. I did too. Nothing about "the balding man's psyche." If anything, contrary to everything I was experiencing, I tried to convince myself otherwise--that I didn't have side effects--because I wanted Fin. to work. I'm glad it works for you; count yourself lucky. Also, "Big Transplant" massively depends on Fin.
  4. Don’t mind ciaus, he gets touchy any time someone posts ambivalent information or their worries about HTs, then tries to dispel their posts by claiming they’re on shill accounts. It makes little sense; in fact, there is more incentive (a multi-billion dollar industry) for people to post positive HT stories on here than negative. However, as I see it, the more information—good or bad—the more transparent and helpful to the community. After all, this is a relatively historically novel procedure, and people’s bodies will, especially over time, react differently to it.
  5. That's silly, I just said, verbatim, that I agree most people look better with hair. The question is how much better, and if it's all worth it. For example, I think Joe Rogan looks pretty good bald, and I wouldn't be surprised if many think he's more attractive now because he has a great attitude to boot. If I looked like Joe Rogan bald, I'd probably rest easy and focus my attention elsewhere. That's my personal opinion. However, because I don't think I'll look good bald and am pretty sure I'm willing to commit to a HT, I'm here. This isn't about being on teams, ha--the universe is more comple
  6. I'm not a fan of the "just shave it bros," but I'm also not a fan of "just get a hair transplant because being bald is consigning yourself to the trash bin." It's more like "if you can tolerate fin for years and/or afford and tolerate multiple hair transplants while considering a slew of risks." I agree that everyone looks better with hair, but that doesn't mean everyone necessarily looks horrible bald. I also agree that most people look better at 25 than 50. So what? The question is, how much money, time, and energy do you want to spend on one aspect of your appearance before you feel diminis
  7. Yes, let's also not forget that most men are not working in Hollywood where appearance is of such importance. And getting multiple HTs from the best surgeons in the world--which is still a risk--is certainly not an option for most balding men. Let's face it, HTs are a serious commitment.
  8. In an ideal world, both being bald and getting hair transplants would be considered perfectly normal. Because nature pushes our bodies towards balding and because there's more of a stigma around being bald than getting a hair transplant, I appreciate Rogan's message, which may put some at ease with this natural process and de-stigmatize balding. You're right that Rogan may have been in a critical period in his career during which baldness would have prevented success, but it's also true that he's never been more successful than when he's been bald. When I first heard about all the raving for h
  9. @mustangHow do you get yours from Dr. Mwamba? @win200and I put in orders online and neither of us have even received shipping info. Would you mind posting a photo of the bottle, because I'm becoming a little suspicious.
  10. Yes, hopefully they will get their act together soon. After all, Dr. Mwamba is a reputable doctor.
  11. Same. "Josh" said "We will send you a tracking number as soon as it ships." If I don't receive any shipping info. by the end of the week, I'll probably call my credit card company to cancel the order. The website is pretty new, and it all makes me a little suspicious.
  12. Yes, I've had same problem so far. I purchased it a few days ago, still no shipping information. Have you received yours yet?
  13. Thanks, @mustang. I tried oral Fin, even at low doses, experienced sides, then did like you, tried topical liposomal Fin at a low dose, and experienced even worse sides. I'll give this a try. If I experience sides, I'll just have to wait for the next miracle cure! Do you leave on overnight? Did you experience an initial shed?
  14. Wow! Not to mention it's in Valencia, Spain, which is beautiful. A vacation with a purpose, ha.
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