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  1. Yes👍🏻 i am Almost 2 month now with bisanga and seems like i also only have sheed around 50 procent so hope i Will not sheed more😀👍🏻
  2. The hair lookS great... Seem like you only sheed about 40-50 procent of the hair after the transplant👍🏻
  3. And the donor. Bisanga only took from the back and this side.
  4. Just Got som pictures from The Day before the HT. And now it is almost 2 month since. Can i assume the sheeding is over now?
  5. Thanks. I have taken hairlust for men 1,5 month, and there is biotin 5000 in it, but no side effects. But my hair grow fast and i Think i have keept some of the transplanted grafts. Enter week 8 in 2 days.
  6. Thanks... and it is also ok to take together with 5000 biotin?
  7. 6 weeks today, Enter week 7. ThinK it is on Track.
  8. Hi. No i dont use any kind of med and have never done and Will not do. I think i maybee Will have to fill in the mid scalp in the future if I loose the hair there and maybee a lilltle in the front Between the hairs i have transplanted now if some of the native i had there Will Fall off. I dont Think i Will loose my Crown as it is almost uneffected now and my family historie on both sides do not have Crown lose. And i have High sides bisanga Said and not lost anything and the tempel points so the 4500 in the bank should be very good for the furture. here you Can se
  9. Yes some more hair have shed, but not all so i Will make a Cut on the sides and back in some days.👍🏻
  10. 5 weeks have gone now since my hairtransplant with dr. Bisanga So Enter week 6 tommorow. Here is an Update.
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