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  1. Yes i just Saw it... I am so Happy for the result, wow when i look at the pictures next to each other the different is so Big 😀 Thanks to bisanga and Frederik 🔥
  2. Thanks. No meds at all. My Crown is very good but i have a little spot like a Coin in the middel that could use some grafts in the future😀
  3. Just a Update. With longer hair slicked to the side. 1,5 month back to the 12 month mark. Do people Think it Will improve more in thickness?
  4. Thanks. Yes nobody Can see it. And in real life it is more difficult👍🏻
  5. And picture of the donor from today with skinfade.
  6. Just wanted to share this video from BHR YouTube Channel. Actually it Is only 9,5 month today😀
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