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  1. Thanks. I looke forward to it and hope the corona Will not stop me from traveling. Do you also Think that the dense i mentioned and the 3000 grafts Will create and High dense for my front?
  2. Ok thanks. I am booked for 1 Day with 3000 grafts so maybee he now does i little bit more than 2500 pr Day.
  3. Ok. I am going with bisanga. So there should not be any different in result if he makes 3000 grafts in 1 or 2 days?
  4. Thanks. i Will post some pics when i have had my HT I am Booked for 1 Day surgery 3000 grafts is there any different if it is 1 or 2 days, because when i look on the Forum I see a lot of cases for 3000 grafts which are split in 2 days?
  5. What did dr lupanzula tell you?do he Think it wil be more dense?
  6. Ok is there anything i Can do to make the chances for good yield better?
  7. Thanks for all you reply. is 3000 grafts , 45-55 grafts pr cm2 dense enough to not get a see through front, when i also have light skin light brun hair? And How much yield Can i minimum expect when it is a Virgin scalp with dr B?
  8. It looks very god... do you Think i Can get the same dense result..?
  9. Thanks i hope for a good result. we talked about we go for High dense. Think about 3000 grafts - and about 45-55 Grafts pr cm2 behind the hairline. And conservative hairline. But i have High sides so not that Big area to cover on top. hopes it Will look good and dense👍🏻
  10. Thanks. I just heard from the doctors that shock loss often is not permanent. And that i dont need meds for the front because we Will work on the Hole front. But i could start med for the Crown if it Will loss hair there, but now it os good.
  11. Thanks. If the native hair Will have shock loss, Will it be permanent Then?
  12. Here is a picture in very Bright light. where you Can se it is very thin on front. I have very High sides and have not lost anything at the tempel point.
  13. Thanks for all the answeers I am 35 and no meds. i Think my Crown is unaffected, but my front is thin. Is bisanga a good choice?
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