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    Patchy or Total Hair Loss (Alopecia Areata)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. Because my testosterone is too high!
  2. Like with any hair treatment perceived changes begin with a hair cycle I did however notice immediate reduced shedding to zero hairs after just a week
  3. I can't see the pictures The man is indeed a machine for doing 7.000 grafts by himself in 2 days. His protocol is obviously state of the art and his donor management frank incredible. I wished instead of having gone to 9 doctors I would have just gone to him from the beginning.
  4. I am not on TRT Obviously being on TRT will mitigate libido sides. If I go back on TRT my protocol will be Oral Finasteride 0.5mg and oral Minoxidil 2.5mg daily CB0301 7.5% daily Topical Dutasteride 0.25% once a week or 0.1% EOD Dutasteride Mesotherapy 0.05% every 15 days (dermapen)
  5. Chinese imported crap Gave me the worst side effects of my life (Gyno, complete loss of libido, brain fog, anxiety, you name it) Stay away from them Do not use Topical Finasteride at a higher dose than 0.025%. Topical Dutasteride is 100 times safer and more effective.
  6. Cap won't do anything by itself
  7. Dutasteride Mesotherapy plus oral finasteride and laser level cap 6 months Sick.
  8. I know some surgeons who have hundreds of patients on it as well as oral minoxidil and you don't hear much either
  9. Topical Finasteride from MM uses DMI and it's made at 0.2% ? That's a ridicule dosage Trichosol at 0.025% is quite safe, it's 10 times less potent and no enhancers to penetrate, still, be careful.
  10. It does, at least on me and others. However, it can be used together. Some people apply Topical Finasteride once a day at 0.025% and Topical Dutasteride 0.1% once a week with great success
  11. check out this graph: https://fueclinic.com/services/treatments/topical-finasteride-0-025/ I know they have done extensive bloodwork on dozens of patients
  12. Fortunately it doesn't work that way
  13. 0.25% decreases 70% of serum DHT I think you meant 0.025% ?
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