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  1. I have had 9k or more transplanted and I still use toppik , it just gives me that super full head of hair look However, I am getting SMP done this year hoping to be able to just use toppik on weekends or special occasions as I would like to go surfing daily
  2. To put things into perspective 2019 vs 2020 My goal was not only to achieve a homogeneous look but also be a candidate for a touch up surgery as I still need 700-1.000 grafts to finish zone 2 and my crown. On year ago I as rejected by many surgeons as my donor was depleted and they could not help me further. Now I can have Surgery which is scheduled for the 3rd of March. I am not sure if 300 grafts will be able to be taken out or 800 (anything above 600 would make me happy) but at least we can do it. I also expect more growth in the donor in the next 3 months We will only b
  3. If Finasteride is doing wonders on your donor then it's doing wonder's on your recipient as well as you made be resolving a previous BUPA or DUPA condition. Your case is truly amazing. You are a Norwood 6/7 and to achieve full density 12.000 grafts are required. A Norwood 5 usually requires at least 9.000 so the fact that you look this good with 7K is really promising. You should consider doing DMP in your donor and some re-stocking with BHT to allow another 3K to be extracted. If you have good body hair in you chest or under your chin you can extend your donor supply and reach at le
  4. Gosh Being half Spaniard and living in Spain I must say I have never read are more ignorant and stupid post this year. It's frightening how stupid people are. It really is.
  5. This forum really is a great pleasure to share progress pics with You guys have a nice and positive community here. Congrats on that I will be happy to post another update at 5 months
  6. Just got a hair cut. 4 months actually today. I am happy but still hoping to see and improvement on the marked zone. I might add another 250-300 BHT to that area but I will wait for further improvements before doing so. The left side is pretty much perfect.
  7. I had a 1.800 graft surgery with HLC with 2 friends. I went to Ankara a couple of times We all had a great result. So will you!
  8. Not on the picture but yes, I did 750 grafts on the crown FUE with Dra Vila in Spain and previously I had done 500 grafts FUE/BHT I am set for one last pass of about 300-400 grafts to the crown to achieve density of 40 grafts per square cm. More than enough. All doubles and triples of course
  9. Very pleased indeed! Still have a couple of more months to improve I can't tell the BHT apart from the FUE Thank you sir Josh
  10. 2 months vs 4 months comparison [url=https://ibb.co/VjRhT88][img]https://i.ibb.co/YRmKhGG/combine-images.jpg[/img][/url]
  11. 12 so far my friend and 3 more sessions to go. 300 grafts to the crown, 700 grafts to zone 2 and 3 and probably a last pass of 300-400 BHT into the donor area. After that some SMP my work will be completed. I am very happy with my hair, this journey and everything in between. We all agree it's an obsession but one that gives me great joy every time I look in the mirror. I have enjoyed every surgery
  12. Dr Mwamba had quite a few (amazing) cases of FUT scar repairs with BHT, unfortunately there was a breaking in his Brussels clinic and they took the hard drives and computers. He will never be able to post them so I really hope my case and David's help bring him back to the spotlight a little more. He is a world class surgeon and a pioneer in this field and probably the nicest and most patient Dr I have ever had surgery with. My donor is improving weekly. I can feel many hairs coming out when I touch. I hope all the larger spots can be closed and then get SMP.
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