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  1. Ok. Cool Let's move on You keep doing what you are doing an I will do what works for me Best of luck.
  2. This keeps getting more painful to read. Aside from not knowing how to spell a drug you don't know your dosages. 0.03% equals 0.3mg There is exactly 1mg of finasteride in every 1ml of 0.1% topical finasteride. Thus 0.5mg in 0.05% and 0.3mg in 0.03%. You really need to study more. Inform yourself better. Don't make assumptions you have no knowledge about. Don't mistreat people for no reason. Your skepticism would be well understood if it was based on true facts. You just made up a number.
  3. Sure. Let us move on I won't engage with you further. I am here to help others, not fight. If anybody has any questions regarding my dosage or want to see more pics let me know.
  4. Well. I come here to share something that works for me so others can look into it. I don't make a profit, I have no affiliation with any pharmacy nor drug company nor any other interest but to share my 15 year research and what I found that works FOR ME. You on the opposite accuse me of being a troll, call my experience bullshit and instead of being respectful act like a full blown imbecile. No misunderstanding here. You are just a cunt. Plain and simple I hope whatever you use works for you and I don't wish you any further balding. What could have been an interesting exchange of information you just ruined. Goodbye.
  5. Instead of embarrassing yourself with your ignorance and not knowing how to spell a drug you claim to understand you should be happy for me. We all here suffer from the same condition and I found something that works for me, it has halted my miniaturization process and I have not suffered any sides yet. Does it make you jealous or angry that somebody found a dosage and treatment that works for them? What a douche you are man. Seriously.
  6. hahaha wtf dude. Ask anybody on here. Maybe where you are from it is spelled Finastiride. The name of the drug is Finasteride in English. About low test: Seven hundred men participated in the study. Of those, 470 (mean age 58) took 5 mg of finasteride each day. The remaining 230 men (mean age 63) took 0.4 mg of tamsulosin. The men were followed for up to 45 months. Every three months, and at follow-up appointments, the men’s testosterone levels were checked. Participants also completed the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) questionnaire at these points. Over time, IIEF scores declined for men taking finasteride, indicating poorer erectile function. This worsening of ED did not resolve over time. In contrast, the men taking tamsulosin did not experience any worsening of ED. Also, total testosterone levels decreased for the men taking finasteride. This did not occur in the tamsulosin group. “Since sexual function is considered an integral part of overall health, it is important that physicians are aware of the adverse side effects of this class of drugs on human health in general and on sexual function in particular,” said corresponding author Abdulmaged M. Traish, MBA, PhD in a Boston University Medical Center press release. “Our study emphasized that the effect on erectile function is a serious concern and needs to be considered more carefully,” Dr. Traish added. Experts caution that the findings should be interpreted cautiously given the retrospective design and lack of matched groupings. Some results, including testosterone also are contrary to other published, randomized controlled trials, and may present potential confounding variables. These all suggest the need for ongoing study to address this important topic. The study was first published online in June in the journal Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation. Resources Boston University Public Relations “Erectile Dysfunction Worsened, Testosterone Levels Decreased by Some Drugs for Treatment of Prostate Enlargement” (Press release. June 12, 2015)
  7. Here you go smarty: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finasteride
  8. This is painful to read. Google it. No wonder why you don't understand anything I am sharing. My god.
  9. I have no interest in sharing the brand or pharmacy where I get it. It's a generic drug. Just make sure your preparation is liposomal Half life of this dug is very long. I only apply it every 10 days or so and apply 2ml which is a crazy and whopping 20mg of dutasteride!! I think once I even applied 3ml. Still doesn't nuke my plasma DHT, it's higher than on oral finasteride. Chemistry for you
  10. It's spelled with en E by the way. Not dutastiride nor finastiride
  11. You can believe what you want. Don't use it, don't try it. I had sides with 0.03%. I used a very effective vehicle for penetration. I had horrible brain fog. Not had it with topical dutasteride at all. I also did mesotherapy with dutasteride 0.05% (Dermapen at 2mm). No sides. I am only sharing my experience and you can buy this in many places even at 1% if you do your research.
  12. Well, as everything in life you can only find out by trying it (or not). Up to you. It works for me and it works better than anything I have ever tried with less sides. DHT has decreased indeed but very little. It went down from 325 to 175 (range is 250 to 750) , thus roughly a 40% reduction in plasma. T does not raise with finasteride or dutasteride after 6 months, it only does saw temporary, many studies (google them) show a decrease in total and free testosterone. I had a total test of 750 ng/dl before finasteride and only 450 after 12 months of use. I am not that sensitive to Test, I recently started TRT and my hair loss has remained stable. 10mg at 1% is correct. A high dose, once every 10 days. No systemic buildup. Depending on the vehicle it can reach the epidermis, this does not mean it will go systemic. You can refer to me as "you". "He" is a bit strange for somebody who is engaging with you and sharing his experience. Yes, hair is shorter on the second. Same phone with flash. My numbers are not wrong. I am just testing things that others don't based on certain theories I have and education.
  13. Topical Finasteride is 327 kda... I have used it with sides. At 0.1%m 0.05% and 0.03%... still sides. Topical Dutasteride is above 500 as said above. It's 1%, not 0.1%. I sent the formula to the pharmacy.
  14. I'm sorry but none of these but the first case look "natural" I can spot these cases from 100 feet away and know that they have been inked They don't look bad but they certainly don't look natural at all. Hairlines are to regular except the first case where I would have a hard time telling.
  15. This looks much better. What a journey it has been for you man I also had surgery with Dr Feriduni. I must say I can't see those 2K grafts on the frontal anywhere. Did the powerful laser kill them? I hope this time your pigments don't fade and you don't have to go through any anxiety in public ever again, I know the feeling. Take care