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  1. Dr Mwamba is by far your best bet for BHT Trust me, I have had 13 surgeries. He operates in Atlanta and Brussels. 4 euros a graft in Brussels 6 usd a graft in Atlanta
  2. You need to wait 4 months. That is the cycle of hair to start coming out there again on whatever was shocked. I had the exact same looking donor as you before my repairs BHT did the trick
  3. It was 1.050 in the end 550 grafts day 1 250 and 300 on day 2 and 3 I am sure the doctor would have been able to make much more but he punched every one of them with great care, uses ATP and a custom solution to ensure the same survival rate as regular FUE which not many doctors do. He also implanted on an unshaven head and my BHT was very sparse, not the best conditions.
  4. BHT are single grafts. If I ever extract again it will be only doubles. I am pretty sure under magnification it will be no problem Yes, I am on Topical Dutasteride for 9 months. I have zero hair loss and no sides for the first time in my life. Did lab work and scalp DHT was significantly reduced while leaving serum DHT untouched. Topical Finasteride gave me worse sides than oral fin.
  5. I will do SMP as well but mainly because I want to extract 750-1.000 more from the donor and it was impossible with the current state
  6. Thank you guys Here are the pics from the final pass today. I can only thank Dr Mwamba and his team for having done 3 days of surgery at just 300 grafts per day to ensure the grafts were safely removed from body hair. No rotation on the punch (only oscillation). If my result is 75% as good as my first pass I will be very happy indeed. I took the chance to add 60 grafts to my left temple. Here are the pics: On a side note I want to say THANK YOU to the clinic again for giving me accommodation for 10 nights so I could sleep on one side and wait for recovery to to the other side. No clinic has ever gone that far for me before. Hope to have some results in 4-5 months
  7. By the way My donor before Mwamba's repair: and now (Post op 10 days) For those interested Dr Mwamba has opened up a second clinic in Atlanta where he performs surgeries himself for just 5 USD per graft for FUE and 6 USD for BHT.
  8. Thanks buddy I will do a full report all of my surgeries with pictures and well documents reviews of all the doctors I have been too It will take a long time but I think it can help people to see what can be achieved Thanks again
  9. Nape doesn't leaving any scaring Check my case. I posted my pictures, it was all removed and no, it's not a high nape hairline, you decide where. Nape is the BEST hair for temples and hairline. It is much softer than the thick multiple grafts from our standard donor. My hairline looks completely natural because of it. Not even I could detect I had work done
  10. remove them all and implant on temples and hairline That is what I did You can get a good 500 grafts or more
  11. I will make a blog or full report of all my surgeries once my journey is concluded next year
  12. Here is the second pass 520 BHT grafts into the right side (legs and arms extraction)