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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last year
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    Norwood II
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Raymond Konior
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. Six weeks out and still have some numbness and itching. I am curious about this as well.
  2. Melvin: Good stuff in this video. What is your personal opinion on grafts being securely anchored? I have read many different views anywhere from 9 days to 1 month. Also, with summer quickly approaching what are your thoughts on poolside sun exposure with sunscreen? 4 months minimum? TIA!
  3. Dr. K's staff advised me not to use the Dial instead of shampoo post-OP. My guess is maybe it would dry out the area too much. I am considering keeping my hair short until ~ 3 months as well. I'm only a little over 1 month in but do see the shock loss more and more as the length increases. Keeping it shorter for uniformity seems like sound logic.
  4. I followed the guidelines and looked down while pouring a large cup of water over my crown allowing the water to run down over the recipient area. This rinsed the shampoo out. The other method I used was spraying saline over the area and letting it drip down into the sink. I was buzzed down like yoursel so no blow drying needed yet. Congratulations by the way for having a "normal" enough shaped noggin to pull that look off. It was my first buzz cut as well and didn't know what to expect so I was pleased with the positive feedback. Doubt it comes to that for either of us but I felt
  5. I had shower apprehension mainly with shampooing. My fear was disrupting the grafts before they had a chance to set in. The methods outlined in the guides weren't effective for me and I really wanted to keep the area clean. His staff suggested I mix water and shampoo in a spray bottle which worked really great.
  6. +1 Portillos Great call! I love that place and worth a stop for anyone visiting town!! Chicago’s Famous Cake Shake Is A Portillo’s Staple | Legendary Eats - YouTube
  7. I have not gotten the final numbers yet but quoted the 2000-2200 graft range.
  8. 1) Great question! I had the exact same thoughts and did not have faith valium would work since I do not fall/stay asleep easily. That said, valium worked like a charm and the day went really fast. I only remember sort of waking for lunch and each time they rotated me. After everything was done, I did not feel very groggy so his office was really good with administering it. 2) Yes, stayed at the hotel and iced maybe once or twice but I had minimal swelling to be honest. I suggest keeping them on hand because its better to have and not need than need and not have. I did occasionally "
  9. Native Buckeye and current Chicago resident. Similar situation as you, tapping this valuable resource for many years ultimately pulling the trigger. I recently had a FUE operation with Dr. Konior a few weeks ago and so far the hardest part has been taking good pictures to eventually post my progress here. The surgery was a breeze and I am happy to answer any questions for a fresh perspective from a rookie HT recipient. Also travel back to Ohio frequently if you're in need of travel tips.
  10. Amazing thread! Thanks so much to everyone regardless of Team FUT, Team FUE, or neutral! I was recently wondering about FUE and as luck would have it, alot of my questions were answered here. I had never even heard of body hair being successfully used...interesting.
  11. Amazing thread! Thanks so much to everyone regardless of Team FUT, Team FUE, or neutral! I was recently wondering about FUE and as luck would have it, alot of my questions were answered here. I had never even heard of body hair being successfully used...interesting.
  12. Thanks for the input fellas! My motivation was not due to current hairloss, there were really no major signs of it at the time. I was being proactive to keep what I had and prevent it from coming since my mother's father had MPB. I assumed it was in my future and was very excited I took the step proactively which is why I'm shocked at this point. I mean it has literally kept falling out since shortly after I started but hey, it is what it is. Propecia definitley has an effect on me since my T levels shot up, just not the effect I'd hoped for. The loss is already bad enough that I'm le
  13. Hello all! First time poster, long time lurker. LOVE the site and it has given me so much valuable info so thanks to all! My issue is with Propecia and severe frontal hair loss... whether to stop or keep going. Background: I have been on it for about 15 months now and have exprienced MUCH hairloss on the front of my scalp and the hairline. When I began I had little to no hair loss and maybe some mild thinning. I went on propecia because I liked the way my hair was and felt it would help preserve that state so I started around the end of August 2010. By December/January I was noticing
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