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  1. I get this from Belgium, I ordered some last week and it came in a few days. Using this for over a year and results are great. I’m advised to use topical as minimises side effects. Also was told to use monoxidil pills which I have added to my regime
  2. I think it’s the liquid minoxidil that was the issue, I’ve moved to tablet form and already seeing reduction on numbers. I certain my hair was fuller at 7 month mark than now. I wish to believe for everyhair falling out thicker one grows but I’m sure that not the case all the time
  3. For a full year now, that’s why I’m worried as it started after approx 5 months of usage
  4. Hi all, I'm on Tropical Finesteride and taking Biotin and Viciscal and minoxidil in a liquid form. I use this only once a day as if i used in the evening before going to bend it irritated my scalp. I also use Nizoral shampoo 2-3 times a week. Had a HT with Stem cell therapy + PRP just under a year ago with Dr Bisanga clinic in Greece and had amazing growth in just matter of months and felt amazing ! Crown area 2700 Graphs. In November I started to shed hair on a daily basis approx 10 hairs when applying minoxidil on wet hair after a shower. I was told not to worry and this wil
  5. Hi everyone. i had my HT last May with very good results around the crown with 2700 graphs and also PRP. I am using biotin, other supplements, topical finasteride and Kirkland minoxidil. But only in the morning for the past 7 months or so. now every time I use Kirkland minoxidil I see approx 10-15 hairs on my Palm on application and my wife says she can see thinning just below where I had my transplant. Am in in shedding phase ? am I using it too little ? Is it not good for me? pls help
  6. Hi all, anyone got any experience or research on amniotic membrane with PRP. I believe it’s prp with much better results. I’m having a HT next week and considering this as a option. Would really like to hear as much basically it’s stem cells if I’m not mistaken injected into the scalp. Thanksn
  7. I shall do. As everyone give back to others. I’m excited and nervous. It’s the few weeks after but also I need prepare a regime to maintain my hair as best as possible. any advise post op will be most welcomed
  8. Hi All, After reading so many posts and researching so many options. I narrowed my research down to Dr Kole and Bisanga and having a consultation with Dr Kole I made a decision as I am off work at the moment and go for it. Yes I am nervous, I am excited but also worried how things will turn out. I am having apprxo 3000 Graphs in my crown and hairline, I dont want a aggressive hairline as im 42 and as advised by Dr Kole you have to maintain the donor in case of another HT in 10 + years time manybe?? What you think guys,?Dr Kole doesnt have much on forums but I have read about hi
  9. thanks for the advice, what Meds Should I try as I am scared of the pill 1 mg of Finsterida ? any other alternatives
  10. I would go for the crown first and then the frontal if I had to make a choice
  11. thanks, I dont even know how much graphs I would actually need ?
  12. Great how expensive is he? Like to get someone down the middle for pricing if possible but willing to go over if required. What it done one and correctly.
  13. So many adverts from Turkey.. here is a question if ASMED top doc is not doing the procedure why is he still on the recommendation list. I know he’s / was awesome just a curious question
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