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  1. Sorry for not getting back to your advise earlier guys. The reason l wanted to speak to the Dr, was that l wanted to hear how he was going to perform the surgery. For example will he remove and or reposition the multi hair grafts that are near the hairline? Also to discuss the number of grafts required. I feel that l only need a very small procedure done to achieve what l am looking for. But his patient adviser has told me to prepare for 1000 to 2000 grafts. I only want the hairline softened in the front and down the left hand side. As far as naturalness, Thickgreen, I feel that my right side hairline is very natural and looks quite different to the left side. I obviously don’t think that absolute symmetry is possible with the actual design of the hairline, it l feel that the entire hairline should look sof. Not just one side Again that’s why l am throwing the question out there. I am partially happy, and l just want to be fully happy. Will l end up throwing good money after bad if l go, get the transplant and end up where l already am right now and not totally satisfied?
  2. Hi Mickey, I guess that’s the dilemma. I am partially satisfied, which is making the decision hard It’s just a bit deflating as l did my research on this site and another and went with a clinic that is highly regarded. Now, l feel it has to be improved, but now l have to go through the process of finding another surgeon. Cost involved, time for it to grow etc etc. It’s just a pain in the arse. I can live with the result, but only in the short term
  3. Hi Guys, I have posted on here before about concerns l have with my results. As previously mentioned l am actually very happy with my results. Especially on the right side of my frontal hairline. However from the middle, going back along the left side of my frontal line l am not as happy. There are a heap of multiple hairs transplanted at the front and left side, with noticeable gaps between grafts (which isn’t the case on my right side). I used a forum recommended surgeon for my procedure. I have been in contact with the clinic to discuss my concerns. They will not do a Skype conversation with the Dr, only in person. They said they will perform a “touch up session” however l am unsure. Would you Do the touch up with the clinic? Even though they won’t do a video consult Or go with another clinic seeing that l am less than satisfied with the clinic l used? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Guys, I was hoping to get some answers either from any of the forum moderators or surgeons themselves about a couple of things. Firstly, when placing grafts in the hairline, the very front of the hairline is single hairs, but how far behind this does it start to transition to multiple hairs? For example is it single hairs from the front and singles behind that for a certain distance? Eg one cm behind the hairline is singles then onto multiples. Secondly, can multiple hairs be transplanted in the hairline by mistaken? I.e can they be extracted thinking they were single hairs, but as they grow turn out to be multiple hairs? I hope these questions are worded ok Thanks in advance
  5. Here's 3 multiple hairs l can see in the hairline just in this photo.
  6. Hi Guys, I appreciate the feedback. I understand that l have course hair. But it doesn't explain to me why my temple points look much softer, or that l can see multiple hair grafts close or on the hairline? It may be critical, but l travelled across the other side of the world, and had a massive procedure (5000 grafts) and feel it could be just better than where l am. I did a huge amount of planning and research and went with a Dr recommended on this site (plus other sites) and feel l will have no recourse as the clinic offers no follow up if you are not satisfied. I have sent the clinic messages and haven't heard back. Don't get me wrong, like l said earlier, the density is great from the hairline back. But l specifically noted to the clinic that above all l wanted the most natural hairline as possible, even at the cost of less density. I even recall early on in my recovery that l saw multiple hairs in the hairline but was told by the clinic that this was not possible. But here l am again saying that l can see multiple hairs in the hairline! Here's hoping l hear from the clinic.
  7. Hi Mat, Yes l did have temple work. But when looking close up to your hairline, yours looks really soft and more natural than mine. I even think l may have some cobblestoning but it's hard to tell
  8. Hi Guys, I am now exactly 10 months. I am quite happy with my density behind the hairline. But l am increasingly concerned about the quality of the hairline itself. I can see multiple hair towards the front of the hairline, and considerable spacing between the "1's" at the front. My hair from a distance is fine, but as soon as you get in close, l feel it's not anywhere near as natural as l expected. Can l please get some feedback?
  9. Hi Guys, It's been a while since l posted any update. I'm pretty much 4 months as of now. I wanted some feedback on my progress. I feel that my left hairline is a little weak compared to the other. Is it too early to tell? Also, l have little black dots which are obviously hairs about to start growing. But l wanted to know, at this stage of my recovery, if l cannot see black dots does it mean new hair isnt coming? Or have people seen basically bare skin, then bam hair is there? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi Guys, I'm exactly one month post op. Was hoping for some feedback. I noticed shedding early on, but not so much now. And l really only noticed it in the temporal and frontal hairline. Is it normal to only have partial shedding? Also, l can see the root of the hair in the scalp? When you guys shed, could you also see that? Take a look at the pics to see!
  11. That's right 5000 fue It was done over 2 days at Asmed in Turkey Here's a before
  12. Hi JustJax, I just felt there was quite a gap between grafts. But, it could be due to shedding too. Btw, when l asked how you are travelling - in australia that phrase is often used to ask how are you going?!
  13. The reason l brought up hairline, is that, in my opinion the most important part to get right.
  14. It wasn't just for hairline. I had hairline lowered slightly, temple work, mid scalp and vertex done.