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  1. Good improvements with 5.5 month update. And its only going to get better. Still have 6 months of growth as well which im sure will thicken it up more judging from other peoples progress. I wouldnt worry How often are you doing the PRP? Post hair transplant
  2. Doctor adem kose was my doctor btw. Thank you and yes i inject myself with testosterone e 200 mg every week. This is for my well being however since my natutal test levels are low i dont expect to gain any muscle at this dosage. Just maintain. For hgh i started pharma hgh the day before my surgery 2 iu everyday. I wish i started earlier to have it build up in my system. It is available in turkey no prescription needed. i also wanted to get tb500 which would be better than hgh but unforfunatetly the customs seized it...so i wont be able to it is a healing injectable peptide. Can google for more info
  3. Sorry for late updates. Here is the progress so far. Also, i went with "hair of istanbol. " it was not manually done but with the machine. You can see their technique on their youtube channel. The technians helped. 1 technican on each side. So 2 of them putting my hairs in lol. No complaints of them from me. Though the doctor only performed making the holes for my receipt area. The technicans were the ones who extracted my hairs and put them in there. But they were professional, not like they were texting in middle of my surgery or laughing with one another or being trained with me being thr guini pig etc. Of course having the doctor perform everything would be more comfortable but this is just my experience with them. They have been very good with me so far. Will try to post update pics every 2 months. One thing i noticed is my forehead has wrinkles that i never had before. Like if i raise my eyebrows the skin shows wrinkles for longer than it used to for the skin to return to normal. Not sure it its temporarily. Or if my swollen forehead caused loose skin or something. As you can see the line in my head after i wake up if i sleep on the side. Also i am not on fin. I know its recommended after surgery atleast but im not taking it.
  4. I was confused because operation finished in about 5 hours with no breaks. How did they know exactly how much hairs i needed? It seems like they took more grafts then my front needed? Thoughts? I was told 2400 grafts i had. Here is the front and back Is it likely they took more hairs from the back of my hair than they needed ? Based off these pictures.