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  1. Looks like a great result! it is already helpful however to show a pic of the hairline... a comb up picture or something. It is completely hidden on all the pictures
  2. What an improvement from month 5! did you ever check on the punch size? It definitely doesn’t look like .7mm, that’s the size that was used on me and I could not even see them the day after. Looks more like 1mm, you remind me of the Dr Diep after pics and he has amazing results!
  3. Sean, did you start another thread? Did your repair work out? Did you ever post pictures of your second transplant? I am so sorry about what happened to you. I hope you figured it out, you sound like a great guy. I just read the whole thread
  4. Do you guys know what ended up happening with Sean? Did he get a third surgery and with who?
  5. Does this mean on average I should expect lower graft survival or just slower growth?
  6. Do you guys think H&W achieve as dense hairlines as Rahal though? I just don’t see it as much
  7. I have had a second surgery in the same area. It seems like the growth is coming in a little slower. Has anyone else had experience with that? Is it normal?
  8. It all depends on your own very specific donor characteristics. I’m surprised your doctor hasn’t gone over this with you
  9. Why do you think we don’t see many Rahal stories anymore? You look great for 6months man! I’m sure you are happy
  10. A few things here; i personally don’t see a reason from such a blurry picture to say that the wrong number of grafts were placed in the crown. Although maybe if you shared the name of your doctor we could help see if he has a history of lying about this. But as things stand I don’t see why we would doubt it I am 4 months post my second hair transplant myself and I can tell you I have noticed it is growing slower than the first. I have always heard that the crown grows slower than the front so at 5 months you need to be patient man. The only thing that worries me in your case at this point is the fact that you stopped using rogain. You should have your doctor examine you in person, he will easily be able to determine if you should be worried
  11. You look great man. You have the jaw that should make you never have to worry about going bald! This website is not for you bud
  12. How come I don’t see any results from Shapiro in this forum recently?
  13. What other examples or great doctors are there that are not recommended in this website?
  14. Actually 1200. My main concern with my last transplant was that it didn’t look natural due to the thickness of the grafts which is why this time the surgeon was very careful to use only thin grafts. Which is why they are harder to see.
  15. You guys mind arguing over this on a different thread. I really appreciate anyone’s input. What do you guys think of my post op pics?
  16. Red army, congrats on your procedure. Good times are ahead for you. I had a few pimples pop during my procedure, I wouldn’t worry about it. I am by no means an expert though
  17. Is dr Scott Alexander not recommended anymore? I don’t see him when I click find a pre screened physician
  18. This was 1 day post op. I will wait for 4 months to show a pic of now. This has been extremely stressful for me and I have seen people be very harsh in this site. I am worried I will not he able to take additional stress whar do you think of my post op pics?
  19. Really appreciate the answers, I do have some growth right now, tiny wispy hairs all over, they are hard to notice since a lot were place in between existing hairs, this is a picture of my surgery, let me know what you guys think,
  20. Hi Madetocare, Your results look really impressive so far! you must be thrilled. Are you still seeing new sprouts or it just maturation at this point? Also do you have a way to post a higher quality picture of your hairline? Your pictures are a little blurry All the best man!
  21. In General how far deep in the hairline should there only be singles? 1 inch? half an inch??