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    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last year
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  1. No. I have cleaned it today with few (7-8) follicules. It were just wounds. So someone said that this HT operation has been done badly? It was 1500 grafts like doctor said. These photos shows how it was looking right after operation (other side looks the same) and donor area 2 weeks after operation.
  2. Yes, I have sent these photos him. HT Doctor said just wait it will peel by itself later. It shows after I slept lying on transplanted hair (about 1 month and 1 week after HT operation).
  3. MrGio, but there is transplanted hair under this skin. I am afraid that I can pull it out with a crust.
  4. hairlosscpa, it was local russian HT surgeon. I'm from Russia. I have sent him photos and asked him. He said don't touch it and it will peel by itself later.
  5. I have dried wounds on HT place. HT was about 1,5 month ago. Should I strip off that or better not touch? I am afraid that these dried wounds can interfere with the growth of new hair.
  6. Redcut, do you use some medication? Finasteride, Minoxidil?
  7. I will look at your results cause I want to make HT with Lorenzo too and now earning money for operation.
  8. Did Lorenzo make the extractions by himself with FUE Implanter Pen?
  9. I've got answer from <joselorenzo@injertocapilar.com> on 9 July about prices: Prices: We operate using the FUE technique only. The prices are individual and can change based on the number of units. As a rough guideline, our prices are: 6 Euros each for the first 1000 units, 4 Euros each from 1000 to 2000 units and 2.5 Euros each for over 2000 units ( so 1000 graft, 6000 €; 2000 graft, 10000 €; 3000 graft,12500 €), independent of the number of procedures. We usually transplant around 2000 units per day per patient,
  10. Thanks for answer, but what about price? I have read somwhere that it was about 5 euro for graft for HT under 1k grafts, 3 euro for under 2k grafts and 2,5 euro for 3k+ grafts. Is that his website http://www.injertocapilar.com ? Looks old