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  1. This Canadian patient in his mid-20’s from a province outside of British Colombia had a previous poorly executed FUE procedure in Pakistan. Two years removed from his disappointing results, further research and due diligence revealed he should turn to Dr. Wong for answers and a solution. His goals were to create adequate density and coverage to all areas with emphasis on the frontal zone and crown. Fortunately he had good donor hair and a high degree of laxity and it was determined that to achieve his goals and maximize the result, FUT would be the preferred method of extraction. The impressiv
  2. This Vancouver area patient in his mid-30’s found Hasson and Wong through some online research. Genetics for hair loss on his mother’s side started to become apparent by the age of 30. A meeting with Dr. Wong confirmed FUE would be the best option. The procedure to rebuild his hairline and necessary areas of the frontal zone required 2165 grafts. 103 were single hair grafts, 1732 were doubles and 330 were triples. These results only 7 months post-op at this stage have exceeded both his expectations and those of his family members.
  3. Hi Mark Wolfer, Nice to hear you are considering Dr. Hasson for your procedure. It is pretty much business as usual at our clinic with our usual high standards and same staff. We have been performing at full capacity on Canadians since last summer and are waiting for the border to reopen for our international patients. If you’d like to get a hold of me we can further discuss your case and go over your questions to help you determine which direction may best suit you.
  4. Vancouver area patient in his late 30’s started to become increasingly bothered by his receding hairline. Evaluation of his case at the clinic by Dr. Hasson resulted in a recommendation of around 2,500 to 3,000 grafts using the FUE method of extraction. Hairline placement would ultimately determine the final number of grafts required and the agreed upon hairline would eventually require 3058 grafts and the procedure was completed in one day. 300 were single hair grafts, 1512 were doubles and 1246 were 3-4 hair grafts. He started Proscar at the time of his procedure to help maintain his hair b
  5. Hi Guys, This is an interesting thread and a little amusing to me for which I will explain. I worked daily side by side both doctors at the clinic for a good 15 years. During that time I would be the driving force when it came to patients result photos/video. Every opportunity I would get to capture photos or video I would take. At times I would take up to 150 photos to get the right angle, lighting etc. to match with the before pics for the best presentation. When I started working remotely, the onus was placed more on the doctors to take photos. At the end of the day, Dr. Hasson is a b
  6. Hi Melvin, Thank you for including me in the conversation. I would say I generally agree with most of the comments here. We have found over the years that for those with less than ideal scalp mobility who needed a larger number of grafts, the scalp stretching exercises were productive and if done properly and diligently could increase the yield substantially. Some factors such as scalp thickness and makeup could influence to what degree we would be optimistic that enough laxity could be produced. Now days we still have the option to stretch the scalp in cases were necessary but we'll also
  7. This Local Vancouver patient was suffering from hair loss that began at the young age of 25. The obvious area of concern was the crown. Dr. Hasson and team transplanted 3004 grafts via FUE and extracted 2105 double hairs grafts and 899 3-4 hair grafts. He had above average donor hair and had been using Finasteride for a year prior to his procedure. These photos were taken only 6 months post-op. The first post-op photo set is immediately post-op the day of the procedure. In order, the next set is 1 day post-op, next set is 1 day post-op, next set 5 days post-op, next set 5 days post-op, last se
  8. This patient stopped in to the clinic this week and we took some updated photos. He'll be 2 years post-op in less than 2 months.
  9. Thank you for the comments guys! Thx also for letting me know about the error Cosmo! Fixed. I will come back later to address a few of the other questions/comments here.
  10. After a couple of trips to the clinic to see Dr. Hasson, this Vancouver area patient decided to proceed a few years after his initial visit. Bothered by the loss in front, the plan was to rebuild the hairline and frontal zone working back into the mid-scalp as far back as necessary. FUE was the preferred method of choice as he wanted the option the cut the hair very short on the sides and back. Overall donor hair was above average with average texture. The 2 day FUE procedure totaled 4903 grafts. Day one yielded 2643 grafts of which 300 were single hair grafts, 1518 were double hair grafts and
  11. Thx for the comments guys! Coady, Thank you for the comment and question. There are a few factors involved to determine what may be possible when formulating a realistic game plan. In this case or any case for that matter, there can be a big difference between the potential accomplishments from clinic A and clinic B. To achieve this result in one session, there are certain factors that need to be in place: #1 and perhaps the most important, a highly skilled surgeon with a talented and experienced staff with the right technology at their disposal. #2 and perhaps as importan
  12. Thx for the additional comments guys! Curisous25, Yes, he is quite pleased as you can imagine and I will post a video soon in which he shares some of his thoughts on his experience. Dr. Hasson rated his density at slightly above average. On a scale of 1 to 5, he was somewhere between a 3 and 4. Overall donor hair was about average, maybe slightly above and rated a 3. This takes into consideration a comprehensive overview of the quality and quantity of the donor area. These numbers may not always translate from patient to patient as far as how many total grafts may be available
  13. Cristero, There can be several factors involved when determining safe zones, final hair loss pattern etc. If a patient is going to end up a stage 7, miniaturization and thinning of the non safe zone will usually show signs visible to the doctor by the age of 29. In nearly all cases, the more aggressive the final hair loss pattern, the earlier it will show its signs. The doctor will take in all the factors such as family history, use of medication but examination of the areas in question will usually be the most important part of the diagnosis. And like anything else, experience and knowle
  14. Thx for the comments guys! deitel130, He was on Proscar at the time of his procedure and continues its use. We estimate about 3,000 grafts left in reserve.
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