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  1. This Vancouver based patient in his late 20’s approached Hasson and Wong in hopes of restoring density to his hairline. He first began to lose his hair in his mid-20’s characterized by thinning of the temples along with some hairline recession. Upon review of this patient’s case, Dr. Wong determined he would be a good candidate for the procedure and reconstruction of the temple points would also enhance the cosmetic impact of the result. During the course of the one-day FUE procedure, Dr. Wong and his staff successfully transplanted 1300 grafts to restore a slightly lower and much stronger hai
  2. Thanks for the comments ! asterix0, Dr. Hasson will assess quality and quantity of donor reserves, area to cover and a few other factors. He can then reasonably determine if the supply will meet the demand and can therefore advise the patient on what he expects can be accomplished. For FUE he'll take into consideration that he can select more double and 3-4 hair grafts which will provide more coverage than with the same number using FUT. He will also determine if the area is fairly large whether FUT should be considered first to maximize coverage in cases where the patient i
  3. This Vancouver area patient in his late mid to 30’s began to lose hair in his later 20’s. A more recent evaluation of his hair loss prompted a try of Rogaine for about a year with little success. Finally he decided it was time to visit Hasson and Wong in hopes of improving his hair loss situation. It was determined FUE was the best option and Dr. Hasson and staff proceeded with a 2 day FUE procedure which produced a total of 4855 grafts. Day 1 addressed the front/mid and yielded 2609 grafts of which 300 single hair grafts, 1826 were doubles and 483 were 3-4 hair grafts. Day 2’s total harvest f
  4. Thanks Melvin. Hi deitel130, The exercises definitely do help in most cases. We have seen patients for consultations where we felt the mobility of their scalp might have only yielded around 3,000 grafts if surgery was performed that day but we wanted closer to 4,000 or more. If the patient diligently performed the scalp laxity exercises up to an hour a day, within 6 - 8 weeks we could likely harvest 4,000 or more depending on how committed the patient was to the exercises. All scalps are not created equal and some can be manipulated better than others but for the most part an improv
  5. Thanks for all the interest guys, I'm looking forward to addressing all your questions on Thursday!
  6. xabi86, Patient is using Finasteride and started it about 20 months before his procedure.
  7. Hi guys, thank you for the comments. Curios25 probably summed it up best. Did you guys look at the post-op shots? It’s not just hairline work here. The work extends into the frontal zone and mid-scalp. I thought I explained the reason for the higher number in the recap. This is nothing new for Dr. Hasson’s results if you’ve noticed. He can dense pack better than anyone I’ve ever seen. Most patients want the highest density, within reason, they can get. In some cases this density is essential and warranted for the absolute best result. In other cases a lesser density is acceptable. It
  8. Hi Guys, To provide a bit more clarity: As everyone knows our clinic has been closed as part of our effort to control the spread of COVID-19. Border restrictions for US patients have been extended to June 21. We should get an update closer to that date. However, there is some uncertainty as to whether that date may also be extended so we’re obviously in a wait and see situation. For patients who want their procedure as soon as we reopen we have placed them on the wait list to contact as soon as we have clarity and can perform their procedure. Many patients without a sense of u
  9. Thanks for the comments guys! Mycroft, The patient was apprehensive about the donor hair shave so Dr. Wong was able to limit the harvest to the lower part of the zone especially given the small number of grafts. No strategic reason other than for his comfort level and to to help alleviate his anxiety🙂
  10. Aftermath, seeing that head of hair under any conditions never gets old. Thx for sharing!
  11. Vancouver area patient in his mid- 30’s had some slight recession and weakness in his hairline. As is often the case in what seems to be minimal loss, the patient was bothered daily by his hairline. With above average donor hair to work with, Dr. Wong and team transplanted 900 grafts using the FUE method of extraction. 204 were single hair grafts, 634 were doubles and 62 were 3 hair grafts. These photos were taken 10 months post-op.
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