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  1. I mean, this photo is from 2 months before my second procedure, and it looks in much better shape than the photo of the day after my second procedure. I'm assuming that this attached photo would be a better reference of the results of my first transplant, since it's not right after surgery.
  2. The day after the transplant, when I went in to have the doctor remove the bandage and wash my scalp, he did clean some of the scabs off. Could that have made some of the grafts seem less visible in this photo?
  3. UPDATE: I just added an additional photo to the link in my original post. I just got a short haircut all around my head, so it should be a bit more clear where I'm currently at.
  4. I did not see the grafts before they were implanted. But the doctor did wash my scalp before I took that post-op photo, I it could be that you can't really see all the grafts there?
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies, So I stopped Rogaine a couple weeks before my second transplant, which took place in early October. So it's been just over 5 months since I stopped Rogaine. If I start Rogaine up again now, do you think that I can regain the hairs that I lost from stopping it? Or do you think that those hairs are dead and gone now? I honestly didn't think that the Rogaine was doing anything for me, since I didn't notice any visual improvements in the year that I was taking it. I also continued noticing a concerning amount of hair in my hands in the shower while I was on Rogaine (I don't know what the normal number of hairs to lose in the shower is). But I suppose that from looking at my photos, the Rogaine was maybe helping the hairs that were already there continue to survive. It's strange that the Rogaine could have been so effective though, when Finasteride is apparently a stronger option for hair loss and I've been on it ever since. I'm getting all these possibly irrational worries now, like... What if the bandage they wrapped around the recipient area for 1 day after the second transplant actually harmed the grafts... Or what if the technicians who put the grafts in didn't do a great job. I'm a bit of a worrywart.
  6. Hi everyone, Hoping to get some opinions on here. Here's my story: I am currently 25 years old. I have been taking 1.25mg of Finasteride every day since July of 2017, and continue to take it. I had my first transplant (FUT) in September of 2017 with a reputable doctor in North America. This first transplant only covered the front half of my head (not the crown). It was apparently 2,900 grafts. This first transplant was fairly successful. A couple weeks after this first transplant, I started using Rogaine twice a day to my entire top of the scalp, and continued to use it for 1 year. After 1 year, I decided to stop using Rogaine, since I didn't notice any improvements in my crown which I had thought it was meant to help with, and I thought I could save some money. I have also noticed (both when I used Rogaine and now that I don't) that I continue to find 15-20 hairs in my hand in the shower some days (both thick and and thin hairs). I had my second FUT transplant in October of 2018 with the same doctor. It was apparently about 2,850 grafts. Around 70% of those grafts were placed in my crown area this time (for the first time), and the other 30% was placed in the frontal area (for the second time). Now that we're in February of 2019, it's been just about 5 months since my second transplant. I still am not noticing any improvements in my crown, or in the front. In fact, it seems that my crown in particular still looks worse than it did before the first transplant took place. I'd assume that most of the hairs have at least sprouted out by now. I feel like even my front still looks worse. I'd imagine that any shock loss that occurred would've grown back by now. I have considered that part of this issue could be from me stopping the use of Rogaine before my second transplant. But I have been on Finasteride for a year and a half, and honestly, I would've imagined that the results would've been better by now. I have spoken to my doctor, and he continues to tell me that it's still very early and I should be patient. I personally think that there's something odd going on here. My first transplant grew out so much faster (mind you, I did use Rogaine for that one). Anyway, I have uploaded some photos of my hair with dates listed in the link below. They are in chronological order from 2017 - 2019, and I have included captions in the photos. I'd really like to get some of your thoughts: https://imgur.com/a/4lUCLEg Thanks so much, everyone!