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  1. I am not defending Bhatti or Spex, couldn’t care less about them. I care about the patients who go through horrible procedures. I’m sorry but dr Bhatti obviously did not implant enough grafts for this hairline to look natural. That is visible from the start. Can you coment on that? I’ve seen other results from dr Bhatti on Caucasians and it is always the same what about his donor? Want to comment on that?
  2. What is up with @Bill - Managing Publisher being so harsh on patients and Spex, I think you are losing your mind Bill, I've seen you on multiple posts call unhappy patients crazy. Wtf is up with you? Why do you defend every doctor that is recommended on this website so much? What are you doing with all the money they are paying you? I've seen it multiple times recently, you are losing your mind dude. Starting to piss me off. Bad docs need to be taken off the recommended list. Bhatti seems to be ok with Indian patients but his density for Caucasians in the hairline is always a complete joke. I myself am a victim of one of your recommended physicians. Nebulosity, you have every right to be upset, your donor does not look normal, although let's keep hope that it gets better, as for your hairline I think if you go to a top 5 clinic they should be able to fix you. I have seen multiple cases of doctors recommended on this website make amateur mistakes, I've seen multiples in the hairline from various docs, wtf is up with that? that kind of mistake should be an automatic forfeit of their recommendation Bill honestly dude I have no respect for you
  3. Not really sure I understand what you are asking bud. The hairs in your safe zone will not be going with or without finasteride. They are resistant no matter what. Finasterise is known to work better for crown and midscalp. For some reason it has a hard time keeping hold of the hairline
  4. Same exact thing happened to me from a surgeon recommended on this website. I am flying to Canada in two weeks to see if HW can fix me. I don’t understand how this can happen with recommended surgeons. Worst thing is the moderators won’t even stop recommending them after this happens. Is it that hard to separate the grafts??
  5. When the hairs start coming in is it normal for some to show as light blond first and and some black right away for a black colored hair person? I’m asking because I’m seeing both little blond and black hairs and I’m wondering if they both are transplanted hairs or if the blond ones are just terminal dead hairs that will disappear? And that only the black ones will grow and mature?
  6. That is 100billion percent normal! You are right on track, and with Cooley just relax and enjoy man. Honestly stop looking until about 6months out
  7. I only have thinning in the front 1 inch if my hairline and just bought Toppick today to try to hide it. I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong but it does not look good at all. Is it only supposed to be used in to of the head and not on the front of the hairline? Is there a different product I can use in the hairline???
  8. I’ve seen a few people say they had to quit propecia to have kids. What is the reason? Is it not possible to procreate on that drug?
  9. This might become one of the best transplants of the year bud. You should be absolutely thrilled!
  10. The advice given by these two guys is great if you are losing your hair but I don’t think it’s obvious from the pictures. Depending on where you are located go see one of the recommended physician to get his opinion. There’s a good chance you are good man? Just hard to tell from pics
  11. Dude, enjoy your hair! Why you want to fill in such a tiny area is beyond me. You are willing to risk it all for such a small change? Risk reward is completely against you here man
  12. I’d also like to add that I see some improvement from 5 months to your 5.5 months update!
  13. A few things here. I don’t know why people like to make patients worry so much so early for only 5months you are looking totally fine bud. everyone grows differently, stop obsessing, forget about it and check again at 10 months a couple things are playing against you here, first is that you are having a surgery where you already have hair, so it is harder to see the tiny blonde hairs sprouting second thing is this is a second surgery in the same area, so usually it grows a little slower. But even if that wasn’t the case you would still look fine. Just relax and sometimes it take 1.5 years to have the result. You are only at 5.5 months. Hairs only BEGIN to sprout at 4 months...
  14. Someone posted a table that showed hair sprouting vs hair maturation timeline. I can’t find it anymore. Anyone care to ahare it?
  15. Dude this looks like a good result? Especially for 7 months. Can you post a higher quality picture but in direct natural light?
  16. I know it takes one year for a hair transplant to fully mature but after how many months should all the grafts be at least visible? 5months? And is it slower when having a second pass in the same area?
  17. My advice is to stick to the best. I went with a recommended surgeon, I would say easy top 10 worldwide and did not get a good result. The timeframe after after a hair transplant is extremely hard, especially the ugly duckling phase. You will be questioning everything and if something goes wrong especially then it will be extremely hard on you. If you go with a top 3 clinic at least you will have peace of mind, and you won’t spend years regretting not going with H&W to start with just my opinion man, I am not a H&W patient but am hoping to get them to do a repair on me. The last year or so of my life has been a nightmare, trust me man, I would give anything to go back in time and go to H&W to start with
  18. Hey bud. With FUE a surgeon can target single hairs. But in any case even if went with FUT multi hair grafts can be split into single under the right hands. GRAFTS SHOULD NEVER BE WASTED OR THROWN AWAY, you have a limited number or donor hairs available never forget
  19. I have had a fairly unsuccessful hairline transplant where a lot of doubles and triples have been implanted in the very front. Also since I have fair skin and dark hair even some of the 1 hair grafts look too thick. i have done a few online consultations with some of the well know doctors and their advice was usually to remove the thick grafts via reverse FUE. Dr Cooley however has said he can take care of the thicker grafts through electrolysis. Has anyone heard of this? Does it work? How? Any examples to show? Am I better off with reverse FUE or electrolysis for scarring Thank you so much everyone!