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  1. Thanks to everybody here who gave me information on Dr Freitas work. I am due for surgery with him late April. Adam87 - how are the staying arrangements in Valencia ? I assume you stayed at the place recommended by the clinic ? I will be staying around 5 days there, and using the time to walk around and see the city once I am able to get on my feet. Thanks, S
  2. Bjorn, Thanks Had one HT in 2004 with Dr Ron Shapiro. Been using Rogaine and Propecia from the time they hit the market. That has certainly helped. As far as colouring goes that is a skilful hair colouring. I do have reasonable grey hair. Cant do much about it but colouring helps out.. As far as skin goes, I am lucky it has held up. I am probably going the Dr Freitas way as well. Will be in touch. S
  3. Thanks. I am not going to look like Ronaldo, with or without temples 😝. I agree about your point on reasonable expectation and one needs to plan for the future also. I learn something new all the time ! Altlhough I am getting to mid-50's so don't plan on getting any more HT's. I will be done with this one. I also 500 grafts for temple points is a bit too much. If I can get them defined with 300 or so, I may go for them, else drop the issue. Are you planning an HT soon ? Whom are you considering ? Cheers,
  4. Hi Home1212 And BjornBorg, Thanks. Yes, usually one can get a cancellation slot with Dr. Freitas if he is flexible. There are plenty of videos of Dr. Freitas work on his website and hairlines are great. Dr Bisanga is good I realize but perhaps a shade behind Dr. Freitas. Only negative with Dr. Freitas is that remote consultation is only through coordinator and not very interactive. He does not do video calls which is a concern to me. I like to have my HT plan ready before I travel and not leave it to the day before the surgery. I find that well defined temple points add lot of character to a face and also frame it. Why do you think I should pass on the temple points ? My temple points are definitely thinned out and ill defined. Thanks for inputs. Sean
  5. Hi, I am down to two doctors now and am trying to make a decision on who would be a better choice. I am NW3, need 2500-2800 FUE grafts in the fontal, midscale and front-temporal regions. My pictures are attached. I am looking for a more youthful look and want the recessed sides filled up substantially and the thinning frontal/midscalp area. Temple point work is also desirable. I have reviewed results from both doctors and they are both very good and perhaps, both will give me great outcomes. I would however, like to know the finer differences between the two in their approach, what they are good at and what would be their special expertise over the other. I am sure many have walked this road before and attempted to decide between these two legends. Will appreciate the your thoughts on this. I plan to have surgery in next 3,4 months. Thanks,S
  6. Hi Adam, Thanks for the response. Considering you left at 10.30 pm, I can now find the reason my surgery will spill onto Day 2 and it seems like a logical thing to do. Another question on the pain. I have ready your post fully and you say it was agony on Day 1. How was it subsequently ? Did you have any swelling ? When would you think you became conformable enough to have a fruitful day ? I ask all this, because I had my first HT in 2004 (FUT) with Dr Shapiro and I recall it was pretty painful for 4-5 days and I had swelling on the forehead and under the eyes for almost 5,6 days. The post-op bothered me considerably. I am sort of hoping that with FUE post-op and pain is dramatically better? Thanks,S
  7. Hi Adam, Thanks for the reply. I have spoken to Viviana. I do find that communication is bit difficult in English and challenged, but I am sure we will bridge the gap. I am initial stages of researching them fully and trying to establish verbal and direct communication with the office. Emails I notice are also replied with considerable delay but that is the general trend in many countries, so I don't blame the clinic. However, I do want to have a FaceTime with the doctor to communicate my desire, and also understand the balance with his aesthetic input. Thanks for your answers. You did answer most of my queries. I assume your treatment was also done over two days ? Will be in touch as I did deeper and plan this out. S
  8. Thanks Trasnplanted Phil and Bjorn Borg, I will post here if I get some clarification from the doctor or clinic, as I am communicating with them. English is a barrier though.. I am also more curious about PRP, so I am going to read up on that. If it reduces the ugly duckling phase then maybe worth it. Any other inputs would be appreciated -
  9. Transplanted Phil, Thanks for your input. Everything you say makes sense. I have reached out to the doctor for the other answers also. Seems like the doctor is fan of PRP and may recommend that. Most data I have seen is inconclusive on PRP benefits? Temple does mean temple points ! I would like to get it done during the same surgery on second day if possible. Lets see if the doctor concurs. Cheers, Sean
  10. Adam Thanks for the efforts you are making to make this post descriptive and helpful to others. I am currently considering Dr Freitas. I am not Spanish so have some difficulty communicating with their office staff in English, however, I have the following questions : 1.) Did you have phone conversations or a video call with Dr Feritas whilst you were deciding or choosing a surgeon? Is the clinic and doctor fairly communicative ? I have some concerns here and perhaps its a language issue. 2.) The clinic has told me that the doctor advises 3 month, 6month and 12 month post-op visits and a strict medicine regimen. Did you go through this and what are the medicines - are the the usual propecia, DHT, Rogaine, etc. ?? Or perhaps for you he did not advise, as you have a pretty good head of hair. 3.) Was most of the work doctor or technician driven? Extraction, incisions, etc.. 4.) How many days did you stay therapist op ? Thanks, and we are looking forward to your final results. Cheers, Sean
  11. Hi Folks, I am considering transplant with Dr. Freitas. This is the reply I received form his clinic - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am writing to inform you that Dr. De Freitas has valued your photos. The surgery strategy consists on repopulating the frontal, central area and the receding line with the extraction of 2.800 hair follicles(5.600 hairs approximately) in two consecutive days of procedure. (The temples can not be done at the same time) The surgical intervention includes three check-ups: after 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. We also provide a cervical pillow, shampoo and medication for the next four days after the surgery. In case you decide to schedule this intervention, you will be recommended to follow a treatment before and after the transplant (finasteride, minoxidil, among others). This treatment will be indicated based on your personalized diagnosis. In the case you can not follow the treatment, the doctor does not recommend to perform the surgery because the aesthetic result will not be the desired. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My questions re as follows : 1.) Why does Dr. Freitas take 2 days. Usually doctors do well upto 4000 grafts in a day. I obviously don't want to go in for a second day, unless there is a patient benefit to this ? 2.) Why can't temples be done on the same day and a second procedure is required later ? 3.) 3 check ups and post-op treatment - I am not in Spain and will travel for the procedure. How essential are the post-op visits. Are these meant to be in-clinic visits or Face time etc would work fine. Also, is anybody familiar with his post-op treatment ? Is it minoxidil and Propecia or much more ? I would like to know since there is a limited amount I am willing to do for my hair. And lastly I want to thank everybody here. Over the years, I have learnt that this is an invaluable source and most (actual all ) of my questions always get answered here. Also, BTW I find Dr Freitas to be quite cost-competitive also. Thanks, S
  12. I don't fully understand one aspect of Dr Freitas work. He has recommended 2800 grafts for me. And he says the work will be spread over two consecutive days.usually upto 3000 or more grafts doctors do in one sitting. And I believe Dr Freitas can handle this but there must be some reasons he prefers this way. I am just wondering if I should sit through another day of surgery and what the pros and cons are ? Thanks,
  13. Hi, Thanks for the information comparing both these doctors. Information for them is sparse on the English forums and also tough to come by I am considering Dr Freitas for surgery, and am looking for many more patient posted surgery reviews. Where can one find them ? Can anyone possibly guide me to a link or post here itself. Thanks,