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  1. Thanks. To me the crown does look a bit thin, and has scalp showing through. Perhaps this was to be expected ? or there were limitation. Did the doctor explain to you that this would be the outcome ? As for the hair on the hairline which does not align with the normal direction, my view is that as it grows and gets length, as with a comb and gel that would not be a long-term issue ? I think overall the hairline looks great. The density just behind it could be slightly better; and may get better in the months to come. I am interested in knowing what the others feel about this ? I think
  2. Hi, you talk about laser and derma-roller ? Are these effective in preventing or promoting hair loss. Laser - I think that is being marketed as a laser comb ? Where does one get it and how often should one use the same? Also what is a derma-roller ? Thanks, S
  3. I am curious - What is Pollywood. I live in India now - have heard of Bollywood and Tollywood, but am scratching my head on this one?
  4. Hey Swiftwindwalker, Please keep posting your progress as we would like to see the end results. I think you will end up as a happy person.
  5. rocketmas

    COCONUT OIL: Advice

    I am from India, and most people in South India use coconut oil for grooming. I have know others who use it and I now use it for 2-3 years before shower or a little bit after a shower. It will help in creating higher density, by increasing the diameter of the hair. Overall health of scalp and hair will also be better. The luster and shine and conditioning benefits are an extra. I wish someone made pure coconut oil gel which would be so much easier to apply.
  6. rocketmas

    Dense Packing

    Great question. I would also like to know the opinion of people here. Obviously its desirable to have dense packing assuming the donor supply is there. There are some great results with dense packing and lowering hairlines, and without question they look better. But what are the risks of doing this ? Some doctors I agree would like to take a conservative approach because they feel comfortable not taking any risks, but others with the skill level may feel happy doing it. What are the other things to consider ?
  7. Your HT looks great and seems like a very neat job. You will have a great head of hair in 8-9 months. Keep posting !
  8. JeanLDD, Thank for a thoughtful response and presenting both sides of the issue. Sean
  9. Thanks. Th hairlines created by Dr Rahal all look younger/better looking to me as there is more of a flatter look in the front with slight dips on the edges, rather than more pronounced dips on the side, which highlights and looks like the hairline is still receding. I guess it could be called a Korean hairline...but those are low. I am not necessarily referring to lower hairlines, just flatter at a normal to higher level. Assumption here is that there are sufficient donor hairs and case is NW3. I think my question is clear ? Its about hairline design and which looks better. Thanks, Sunil
  10. This is a question, which I would appreciate opinions of the experts out here - I spent some time viewing the HT videos of some of the good doctors here, Dr. Rahal, Dr Ferduini, Dr Bhatti, etc,. In almost all cases I tried to compare NW 3 cases with similar receding hair line and baldness. In most cases 2500-3000 grafts were transplanted. It seemed to me that in almost all cases Dr Rahal seems to create a younger looking hairline than others, and let me try to explain what I mean. In almost all cases the baldness at the front of the head is in a "W" shape with deep or not-so-deep wedges of baldness on both sides of the centre hair lock (Usually in a shape of a "U" or a sort of "V") It seems to me that Dr. Rahal focuses on filling the two wedges (Of the "W" shape" well ) first, and gives an impression of a flatter better, youthful hairline. The approach of many other doctors is to bring the "W" shape down a few cms but keep a distinct W shape and hairline. Maybe its called a age-appropriate hairline. Its difficult for me to buy this concept, although I am 50 plus, but I feel a good youthful hairline will not necessarily look inappropriate, and looks great! Obviously this outcome could be a function of donor availability, etc.. but I have tried to keep most variables constant and compare apples to apples. What is the view of this forum on this ? Obviously this is an important issue on hairlines and of interest to all. What are the pros-and cons- and why don't other doctors who are also great in hairline work follow this approach ? Thanks, Sean
  11. Thanks. All input is appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the replies. Yes, I am currently in India, my expectation is high (as I have been on this forum since 2004 and I understand the nuances), motivation is low to take a trip to the West for HT. But I know I will not hurry into it or go forward in India if in doubt. BTW, I am very familiar with India, with the medical field and the pros and cons compared to the West. Plenty of well-qualified doctors and intelligent people, but the systems, processes and crowds don't let them focus on any highly-specialised, out of the box approach, or to put much thought into it. Its great for cookie-cutter treatment and it works for what is mostly required. Trust me, I know, as I am here because I take care of ageing parents, and have doctors in the family. Having said that, Dr Tejinder may well produce world-class results, and I will take up Shera on his offer and research this more. This is certainly a treatment which is more 1 on 1 and requires extensive face time. Thanks for the inputs folks. BTW - I recently researched Dr Ferduini's site and was quite impressed to say the least ! Cheers, Sunil
  13. Hi, We have some of the most knowledgeable people on HT here, so always appreciate the feedback. I myself have used this forum since 2003 intermittently, and keep coming back for answers. Some superb folks here Here is my situation, I had my first transplant with Dr Ron Shapiro in 2004. 2500, FUT procedure. Very satisfied with the work and kept me happy for many years. Now 14 years down the road, I am 50 plus and have thinned around the front of the head and have a receded hairline. I am NW3-4, and am probably looking at a 3000 grafts FUE procedure. I was considering going to Dr. Rahal as I like the ultra fine, mega density and super hairline work, but I am in India now and am just unable to go all the way to Montreal for HT. Friends tell me HT in India is quite good nowadays (just they don't have the experience I do :)). I have seen many people with shabby HTs here. But then they did not research the subject nor did they know what to expect. I know there are others, who get a great HT done, but they have put in the research work. My expectations are high so wanted to ask the knowledgeable here on Dr. Bhatti or others in India, on who is world-class in terms of results, consistency, experience, tools used, etc.. Would appreciate your thoughts folks! Ultrafine hair transplant, mega density and superior hairlines are all important. Thanks, Sean
  14. yes largely satisfied. Want to go now to Rahal as I believe he is more aggressive wit hairlines and does an excellent job high density..
  15. Hi, I am familiar with work of Dr. Rahal and am in India now. I have had a previous HT with Dr Ron Shapiro. I have been considering Dr Rahal for my second HT. I would go to Dr Rahal just because he is much more established and has more work and patient stories that one can find on Dr. Radha's . I am not sure how good Dr. Radha is in dense packing, hair line work, and achieving " overall youthful appearance". In a few years, its entirely possible that DR Radha does world class work comparable to the best. I just havent seen enough of post-surgery pics yet to agree with this at the moment. I would suggest that the cost savings are compelling and good enough reason t research Dr. Radha more. Good luck,