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  1. I use Nizoral twice a week. BTW I also use Minoxidil 10% once a day. I used to use 5% twice for 10 years and have now moved to this just for convenience.
  2. So here is my observation : I have been using Propecia and Minoxidil for over 10 years and it did what it did. For last 4 months I started using Nizoral or a 2% Ketacanzole + Salicylic Acid shampoo. I can swear to god that my density is improving, and also mini-hair are sprouting along the recessed temporal regions. Some family members and my hair stylist have commented on how much better my hair has become. I have been on this forum for 20 years and consider myself quite knowledgeable on transplants, meds, etc, and I now wish I had started this shampoo yers ago.
  3. Nice work. Do keep posting so all of us who enjoy looking at HT outcomes can appreciate the fine work. S
  4. Mycroft, Thanks. Well explained and makes sense. I am always amazed how much I can learn on this forum, and this has been a great tool for all of us who look to lean on the net. S
  5. Yes. I am in India, but have almost imported the Kirkland brand of Minoxidil because it is non-performed and doesn't leave any residue in the hair. On a whim, I started 10% and within 20 days I see improvement and fuzzy miniaturised hair sprouting. Although the product does leave a residue and leaves the hair fizzy. So I use at night once only. I like the oral ,minoxidil suggestion and can get it here. And I know people here are debating exact dosage and pros and cons. I am going to get more data on that and will definitely switch. Another question, you say minoxidil does not benef
  6. Hi, You have amazing results and I can't help but think about your other supplements you take : Spectral-DNC With Nanoxodil 5%. Whats your opinion on this -? Does this help with hair ? I do believe that Cannaboids have benefits but am not sure if it does here. Is there evidence that satisfied you ? From my point own experience, I shifted to using Minoxidil 10% once a day from Minoxidil 5% and have seen improvement. There are several multiple new miniature hair grafts sprouting in the recessed area. I am hoping they grow to full length. So it is clear to me that 10% is better than 5%.
  7. Thanks. Tretinoin does increase cell turnover - no doubt. So that will not really help with hair growth or will it? I guess you say hair cells will regrow faster just like tretinoin helps with face by acting as an exfoliant and regrowing cell? I would like to now more about Oral Minoxidil - does it really help more ? And what doses should it be taken ? I now use Minoxidil 10% on my head once a day, and have found new thin, small hair sprouting in the recessed areas. Whether they will grow fully, I do not know. Net, net my conclusion is that 10% is better than 5%. Thanks, S
  8. What is tretinoin being used for ? I thought that is a anti-wrinkle product ( retinol derivative based). Does it help with hair loss ? And in what form do you use it ? I get a tretinoin gel 0.01 % here which I use on my face 1,2 times a week.
  9. Shifty, Thanks. Purpose is improvement in hair/skin and any other help with knee joints and bones will help. I am in the 50s so feeling the initial pains of ageing. Is Vitamin C high dose essential with it _? Thanks
  10. Shifty, Thanks. I read about the product and the reviews and seems like many people finding it benefits hair growth, mostly in density and lustre. I will give it a try. Thanks
  11. Incredible, no doubt. had a question about the supplements you use. Collagen - does that help with hair ? Thanks,
  12. Hi, I have used Minoxil for close to 25 years, or more since it hit the market. In between a couple of years ago, on a whim I stopped using it. I lived in the US when I started using it. Then moved to India and didn't like the local brands, as they had a fragrance and would leave a residue in the hair. So I kept importing Kirkland brand and never had an issue, till I got sick of having to import and stopped. I was also older and didn't care as much about my looks. BTW also use Propecia since it hit the market, and did not stop that as it is simpler to take/use. Within a year I noti
  13. Thanks to everybody here who gave me information on Dr Freitas work. I am due for surgery with him late April. Adam87 - how are the staying arrangements in Valencia ? I assume you stayed at the place recommended by the clinic ? I will be staying around 5 days there, and using the time to walk around and see the city once I am able to get on my feet. Thanks, S
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