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  1. Thanks Fozzie, I will try and research Dr. Kesser's results more. From your mail I understand he is amongst the top doctors of Europe/Turkey, for hairlines and density work. I am NW3 or so. Is he consistent also? I will rule out Bisanga then as I do not need extensive work. Only frontal and hairline. Thanks
  2. rocketmas

    Best HT Doctors in Europe

    Hi, I am unable to get in touch with Dr Lorenzo. Does anybody know how to reach him and how long is his waiting list ? Dr Bisanga - is he also on the top ? And what is he more known for ? Hairlines or Mega sessions for NW4-5 type folks. Thanks, S
  3. BTW - Is Dr Kesser in Turkey also considered very consistent and class-act ? S
  4. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I was considering Dr Bhatti and Dr Erdogan however, a few sub-optimal results put me off. I do not want to go back for free, recovery sessions, etc. Its one shot with me and needs to be a class-act. I am in consultation with Dr Feriduni. Have sent off a mail to Dr Freitas, but seems the wait is more than a year. . Have not been able to get in touch with Dr Lorenzo. Can anybody help? Europe is convenient. I can combine a tourist trip with an FUE session. Is Dr Bisanga in the top league ? Thanks, S
  5. Thanks. I am in India so difficult to do a in-person consult with Feriduni. I have sent my details to him him and it has been a week. It takes 3 weeks for a reply from the clinic. They have told me to hang tight. I am also pursuing with Dr Frieto, but survey is possible only next year. They will get me on a wait list, but I can't make it on a short notice. I need to plan as well. I will go with Feriduni if he can give me a date this summer. Lets see. Thanks again,
  6. rocketmas

    Useful forums

    I agree with what Melvin just said that this is the best forum out there where the participants are knowledgeable and advise generally sound, mature and competent. Besides, the site is user-friendly and technically superb. Searches of various relevant content best of breed. Kudos to all who run this site and spend significant time helping us out.
  7. Trix, Thanks for the reply. BTW - not trying to hijack any thread. The discussion was around doctors and techniques. I agree with you on the wait time with Spanish doctors. I have not received any reply from Dr. Couto, and his wait times is going to make him unviable. Dr Freitas replied and his wait time his till summer 2020. He recommended going on a wait list, but I really don't want to remain unplanned. I am in an online consultation with Dr Feriduni> how long are his wait times ? I also have not been able to get in touch with Dr Lorenzo. Does he have a website and how is his responsiveness. Its amazing that the Spanish doctors hardly do any marketing and they seem to be too much in demand. Are there techniques and results soo much superior ? Thanks,
  8. rocketmas

    Best HT Doctors in Europe

    Hi, Thanks. I am also inclined to go with Feriduni, but I believe his wait maybe very long. I heard from Freitas - the earliest slot he has is next year. Is Dr Bisnga also right on the top with Ferdiuni ? Sunil
  9. rocketmas

    Best HT Doctors in Europe

    Baldrick101, I was very satisfied with the results of Dr Ron Shapiro HT. That was way back in 2004, since then there is progression and need another session of around the same size - 3000 or so grafts, frontal hairline and dense packing. Dr Shapiro is great, although maybe bit conservative compared to some recent doctors who do more aggressive work. But there is no question that he is amongst the top. I am not going back to him, only because I am not in the US now, and would prefer someone in Europe. Cheers,
  10. Hi, I am trying to decide on a doctor in Europe. I am NW3, need hairline and frontal head work - approximately 3000 grafts. I have written to Dr. Couto clinic but did not get a reply back. I guess they are too busy. I am going to try Freitas, and Lorenzo.Also having trouble connecting with Dr. Lorenzo. Dr Feriduni is also on the list. Guys - whose would you recommend for natural hairline work and dense packing ? Will be getting the procedure this summer sometime. Thanks,
  11. I am also trying to get hold of Dr Lorenzo. Do he practise in Spain or in Argentina now ? Thanks
  12. Hi, I need approximately 3000 grafts for hairline and frontal density work. I was considering ASMED but there are some sub-optimal results on the forum here. I do not want to take any chances and do not like repeat or corrective procedures due to the inconvenience. I have had one HT in 2004 with Dr Ron Shapiro before. Can someone recommend the top 5 HT specialists in Europe. I am in touch with Dr Coutto but wait time is 3-4 years. I am looking for a doctor who is good in dense packing and creating natural hairlines. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks,
  13. Reputations are built over time and with significant hard work and consistency. I would like to know the procedure on how doctors get disqualified from being recommended on this forum. There has to be a set of criterion which includes 2-3 botched or sub-par results. This is serious business and takes a financial and emotional toll on patients. This forum is about helping patients makes informed choices on doctors and bad results should be presented as they are, and doctors dis-qualified when they do not meet the standard. This is biggest value the forum can provide. I notice that there is too much debate on bad results and many times the marketing folks come in and provide some justification or basis for it. Whilst its good to have a debate, it doesn't help the guy who is suffering or others who are trying to decide. Just my 0.2 cents.
  14. I am also interested in knowing the outcome. It is indeed very disappointing to have a sub-par result.
  15. It seems to me that Dr Erdogan's clinic does a robot or a digital scan of the head post the transplant or after the incisions are made. This scan should be able to spit out the density easily and perhaps thats what it does? So clearly, we are all getting a pre-determined density on the recipient area and should be satisfied unless just many of the transplanted hair just do not grow or are at incorrect angles, etc., The point I am making is the digital scan of the head should immediately show the transplanted density and a patient should be able to get a print out of the same ? Also how detailed are these scans - if the software is good I am sure it can also calculate the donor extractions and also the number of incisions made, transplanted hair, etc ?