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  1. Same growth for me mates, at 6 months, diff surgeon. Very optimistic about the next few months though cheer up!
  2. It was made out of satirical negativity before i knew anything about the industry
  3. Unbelievable result im really happy for you. You took control and went through a scary process young and couldn’t be better for it. Congrats!
  4. Besides bud, u’ve never had a ht so have no idea what it’s like. Have a surgery and lmk if u give a **** about ur post history lol
  5. Lol trying not to make a thread with this name sense i put no thought into it and made it years ago before i ever knew what a ht was. I will do a thread soon, even if the mods don’t change it. Relax, i’m allowed to ask fo pics even if I post none.
  6. Wanna make a threas, waiting for mods to change my name cause i don’t like this one lol. Critisicm is necessary.
  7. Have any close ups of just the transplanted area with the rest of hr hair pushed away? I had mine on aug 9th
  8. Any updates? Had my hair transplant same times a u!