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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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  1. honestly, i don't think there's an excuse not to get a transplant in your 20's - unless you're financially unstable or content without hair. but that's also coming from someone who's guaranteed a HT in his 20's. realistically, i don't see any issue with starting early (especially if you intend on dealing with it progressively) since there's really no definite way of knowing how long you're going to have that hair for. i like how potter put it, "YOLO". you're not guaranteed any amount of time, so make the most of it now. worst case, you may eventually end up bald anyway, but an early HT will hold that off to a point where it's at least more common/acceptable, which may also be comforting.
  2. I'm pretty optimistic about it, but I also haven't been around the scene long enough to not be 😅
  3. plan for the worst, hope for the best? there's definitely some relevance in that, though I'm hoping for the best-of-the-worst at this point. i doubt that pattern is there by mistake. i checked out your journey as well, you did have a partially similar patterm (at least from the looks of it) as my scalp seems fairly thin compared to the sides of my head. I think my pattern may descend deeper into the rear portion of my head though. regardless, I've made up my mind that I would exhaust the option of a hair transplant before entirely giving up. not that any of us want to accept that as an option, but it is a risk i can accept without crippling myself financially. thanks for the feedback!
  4. I started fin in 2017 due to noticing initial temple recession. If I could stay the way I am now? Probably, thought the thinning of the crown being apparent bothers me nonetheless. I’ll probably attempt to maintain fin for the time being. No signs of hair loss on the maternal side, probable nw6+ on the fathers side based on what I’ve heard. The early crown loss is what worries me the most, but I’m wondering if the fact that I haven’t seen any improvement with fin means the loss is going to continue while on the drug. And if upping meds isn’t out of the question.
  5. Gill, To my knowledge both my father and grandfather were mostly bald, so I’d assume they were at least class 5/6. And there aren’t any indications of significant hair loss on the maternal side
  6. is he responsive over messages? a direct answer from him would help, being someone who's "apprehensive about doing a larger FUE procedure with this doctor" myself.
  7. Well, my hairline's slowly heading towards 3 territory, so I'm considering it for that. However, I've posted one other time (on hairlosstalk) and the unanimous opinion was that I had a nw7 pattern. Definitely appreciate the feedback so far though.
  8. I'm 24, and I'm currently a NW2-2.5 as far as my hairline goes, however, I seem to have a thinning pattern of NW6+ in my crown if I throw a light overhead. I've taken Finasteride for ~2 years now (initial signs of hair loss appeared 3-3.5 years ago), though I have yet to notice any difference. And until recently, I hadn't paid too much attention to my crown, but according to photographs it's also appeared thin over the last few years in adequate lighting. (Pictures attached) I haven't gotten a whole lot of feedback in regards to hair loss, so I'm curious to what you guys think. -Being 24 with this pattern(and we'll say a NW2.5 in the front) is a hair transplant a viable idea? What do you think the chances are of my nw being 6+? -Should I maintain Fin regardless of two years showed no improvement?
  9. I hit up a clinic in Tampa for PRP about a year and a half ago, though I probably can't provide any great insight though as I stopped after 4-5 sessions. I couldn't see any sort of discernible improvement as far as regrowth goes so the money just wasn't worth it in my book. The physiology of hair and hair loss is pretty new to me, but I'm also potentially a poor responder to finasteride, so maybe there's a connection there? I was a nw2 around the time I'd done PRP and I'd already been on finasteride for about a year, but through both treatments I've continued to thin out at the same speed and progressed to a nw2.5 or so now and heading into 3 territory. 🤔
  10. I'm pretty new here myself, but I've definitely seen a number of opinions corroborating this one. Also thinking about going the Rahal/Erdogan route for FUE
  11. I'd recently begun exploring HT options myself and considered Rahal one of my top choices. However, since hopping on this forum a few days ago I've seen mostly negative feedback in regards to his results. That, and a lot of caution towards getting a FUE through his clinic. What gives? And can anyone shoot me some context in regards to those claims? I'm about a NW2.5-3, and I'd my first HT to really count.