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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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  1. I’ve recently shot out a couple of consultations. I don’t feel completely heard though. I’m either being told that my hair loss isn’t severe enough for a transplant (which is crap). Or the clinics aren’t understanding that I’d taken propecia for two years without a response. And because of that I’m trying to approach this with the future in mind, as an obvious to-be NW6. Thanks for the input!
  2. I tried finasteride and regardless of how much it helped it did not stabilize, so I don’t believe that’s an option. Plus I’m currently overseas and unable to receive any sort of prescriptions. My maternal grandfather has a keeps his head buzzed but definitely still has a full head of hair. He’s had slight temple recession but that’s about it. My dad and his father I’m not entirely familiar with but I’ve heard they were both completely bald.
  3. Well, with the pattern that’s currently visible. I’m wondering what kind of expectations I should have as far as crown density goes for guys who achieve high norwoods and get transplants. It’s thinned significantly in the last four months, so I don’t plan on waiting too long to do something about that if it progresses at this speed
  4. Hey guys, I’d already planned on a hair transplant due to the severity of my hair loss for my age. However, I thought it might be beneficial to hear some objective opinions (or advice) for the way ahead as far as coverage & realistic expectations go with where I’m likely heading from guys who have been through it already. I’m about to be 25, and as of now I’m not taking any sort of medication. But I do plan on attempting finasteride again following the transplant and seeing how that goes. I took fin from 2017 up until 2019 and it definitely didn’t improve my hair, but it did slo
  5. Hopping on the follow train, I'm thinking about shooting a consultation to Demirsoy. How was the overall communication with the Clinic once you were in Turkey?
  6. I've been told I don't look terrible bald, but I don't want to accept it as "me" myself. I recently tried buzzing my head being as I'm in Afghanistan currently (I figured it'd be practical now, if nothing else) and I was definitely not happy with that. My hairs thinned pretty noticeably in the last 4-6 months, and with the pattern that's showing, I'm mostly worried about the amount of coverage I will be able to get down the road. I'd actually say my progression is somewhat similar to yours Melvin, from what I remember yours being like anyway. I feel like recovering from NW6 territory (and
  7. Personally, I'm in the same boat as bonkling. I'd prefer anything but complete baldness, however, there's a point where trying to have hair looks silly. I'm a NW 3 at 25, and I foresee myself reaching NW6 territory by the time I'm 30 based on the current pattern/progression. So there's a real possibility I won't be able to cover the necessary ground to maintain a natural look. Which is probably an even harder hit to self confidence than shaving your head to begin with. I've only noticed one individual with FUE scars. But he kept his hair faded to the skin on the sides and had a full head
  8. This question is mostly for guys who have (or know someone who's) had a hair transplant and ultimately ended up clean shaving their head anyway. One of the things that makes me hesitant about a HT is potentially losing all of my hair anyway, exhausting my donor, and then rocking a head full of visible scars for the remainder of my life. How visible are the scars? Do they attract any attention in public? Other than SMP, are there any other successful options in mitigating the visibility of the scars? Any input is appreciated
  9. honestly, i don't think there's an excuse not to get a transplant in your 20's - unless you're financially unstable or content without hair. but that's also coming from someone who's guaranteed a HT in his 20's. realistically, i don't see any issue with starting early (especially if you intend on dealing with it progressively) since there's really no definite way of knowing how long you're going to have that hair for. i like how potter put it, "YOLO". you're not guaranteed any amount of time, so make the most of it now. worst case, you may eventually end up bald anyway, but an early HT wi
  10. I'm pretty optimistic about it, but I also haven't been around the scene long enough to not be 😅
  11. plan for the worst, hope for the best? there's definitely some relevance in that, though I'm hoping for the best-of-the-worst at this point. i doubt that pattern is there by mistake. i checked out your journey as well, you did have a partially similar patterm (at least from the looks of it) as my scalp seems fairly thin compared to the sides of my head. I think my pattern may descend deeper into the rear portion of my head though. regardless, I've made up my mind that I would exhaust the option of a hair transplant before entirely giving up. not that any of us want to accept
  12. I started fin in 2017 due to noticing initial temple recession. If I could stay the way I am now? Probably, thought the thinning of the crown being apparent bothers me nonetheless. I’ll probably attempt to maintain fin for the time being. No signs of hair loss on the maternal side, probable nw6+ on the fathers side based on what I’ve heard. The early crown loss is what worries me the most, but I’m wondering if the fact that I haven’t seen any improvement with fin means the loss is going to continue while on the drug. And if upping meds isn’t out of the question.
  13. Gill, To my knowledge both my father and grandfather were mostly bald, so I’d assume they were at least class 5/6. And there aren’t any indications of significant hair loss on the maternal side