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  1. so my stuff just doesnt get posted now?
  2. You know what in the spirit of honesty and all that, i really don’t understand why you felt the need to comment on my thread? You blatantly told me to “please stop messaging you” after you promised to send me some pics of rahal patients at 5-6 months since I was concerned with progress. I asked for them a few times, since your opening statement was that you’d send me them, but was consistently met with variations of “you need to relax” as if my asking for something you promised was evidence of some sort of restlessness. I literally said “you gonna send them or not” and you told me to “stop mes
  3. Hey Aftermath, Just want to say you have never once in this thread made me feel anxious or bad, quite the opposite actually. I really appreciate the support. Not to pick on anyone, but im really not sure what mentor is talking about here. Kind of seems like any ‘negative’ rhetoric about rahal (though i’d hardly call it that) is taken as a personal attack on mentor’s character, and that he is using it to distract from your honest opinion earlier on. Feels devisive, and that’s why I feel strong posts like mentor’s that actually do more harm than good to any said clinic (just my honest opini
  4. I appreciate the feedback on my thread. I agree, Dr. Rahal is good and genuine, there’s a reason i chose him. The density seems to be pick up so im just letting the play out. A main concern for me at this point however is the design. I will wait obviously until everything is final to see how it looks styled, but i know my face and know its very angular and looks better with recession. I should have pressed more for that, as we all have individual preferences. I am hoping there is some may to add some sort of angling with minimial scarring. However i will say that your posts come off very
  5. Sorry i mean removal of improperly placed grafts. Will there be noticable scarring?
  6. Thanks for the kind words i really appreciate it. Will deffs keep u updated and good to see you are progressing well!
  7. Thanks for the kind words, very much appreciated. You are most definitelty right there IS hair where there wasn’t and that itself is a blessing. And I agree, money is not my motivator here. I think i’m gonna take a break from the forum for a while until somewhere between 10 -12 months post op unless something appreciable happens before then. I want to thank everyone for they’re honesty, constructive criticism, and support. Those reasons are why i made this thread in the first place. The best thing to do is give it time to materialize into whatever that may be, and constantly lookin
  8. Man honestly idk what to think at the moment. Going to see him next week but im pretty stressed about whether this is fixable. I really don’t know why i didn’t push farther for more recession, i really hope its correctable and i can just move on because 7 months later, my situation is probably worse off than before
  9. Your right honestly i pressed the doc to go low in the middle but i knew i wanted it to not be straight like this! I have a long face and look much better with an angular hairline. Honestly im gonna need to repair it and angle it off, i completely know that, but honestly those pics make it look a hell of a lot lower than it idk why they look compressed but tbh ur right i would much rather have recessed temple. I told the doc this and he said “but this is going to show more recession” and since im not a doc doing this for 20+ years i trusted his gut. Idk if u can move grafts without scarring bu
  10. I agree, checking the forum does make thngs harder. A few silver linings to all of this: if i can get 20 grafts per cm sq (rn at about 5 per cm), then a touch up wont be that monumental. As well, my individual hair shafts are really thick so i can get significant coverage with a lower number of grafts. I only have a few more months to wait before i know the final result which in itself is reassuring. And i know that my hair doesnt change colour of texture after transplanted (doesn’t become too course), so i dont need to worry about that. Also, i seem to have a bunch of new ve
  11. Thanks for posting. Indeed that is failed by rectifiable so worry not
  12. yah my hair is very course so 40 grafts per cm would definitely put me to where I need to be. I know that much for sure. I know the 6 months look bad, and your probs right. I do appreciate your honesty. However, top class docs are producing excellent, consistent results, and doc rahal himself even told me that less than 1 % of his surgeries attain less than optimal results, so I believe one should expect 90+ growth in most cases. I cite konior because I know now that I prefer a surgeon focused procedure style, and have yet to see a bad result. Sure he does not have that many posters
  13. hey man thanks for the vote of confidence, always appreciated. I really hope it does thicken up. When did you go with konior and how has it turned out?
  14. rahal does have strong marketing, but so do so many others on this forum. I'd say the only surgeon who could care less and has more business than anyone is konior and that speaks volumes. Again, obviously rahal is a great surgeon, but there is more to a surgery like this than just the surgeon...
  15. honestly man if you can just wait until im at about 10 months (which would be in June). At that point I'll know with certainty whether it was a success or failure. Like I stated originally, I am still optimistic since ive honestly only been in the growth phase for about 3-4 months but looking at JohnRoss is really deflating to be frank
  16. 1000% i really don't care about a growth guarantee if the first one didn't work out. I would be way too stressed out the second time around and can't afford to waste any grafts. Like 3000+ grafts, 5000 hair should provide an effective hairline result, that I'm sure of! Thanks for the comment, I really do hope things turn around as well. Approaching 7 months and can honestly say if it stopped here, I'd be devastated. My thoughts about this whole website/industry atm are: Some clinics market better than others, this forum clearly has a bias for some clinics over others. Some me
  17. Honestly if it doesnt work i would not go back to the same surgeon, regardless of who it is. It’s funny because i was literally ‘warned’/contacted by SeanFUE (im sure we all know who he is) before my surgery and i dismissed his concerns since he went with fue. Knowing he’s done repairs with rahal that have not worked are the only lesson i need that if it doesnt work the first time, go somewhere else.