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  1. NoMoreHats111

    Nadimi vs H&W vs Rahal - Consults

    I don't recall exactly, 3-4k maybe for my situation. Just ask them they'll tell you the standard pricing.
  2. NoMoreHats111

    Nadimi vs H&W vs Rahal - Consults

    OK so just got back from my meet and greet with Dr. Rahal himself. Spent 20 minutes to measure my head, talk to me about my concerns, and gave me a recommendation, all while people were rushing him to get to his next appointment. Instead of rushing he was calm and stayed with me as long as I needed, which I respect greatly (maybe because I owe him 5 digits and the next guy didnt? lol). We confirmed the ~5000 graft donor availability, that 2800-3000 grafts could easily be done, and that 45ish follicles per square cm was achievable with that amount. He checked my scalp elasticity and to my surprise said it was fine for FUT. Donor density also fine for FUT. However, he did notice that my skin scars with pigment, and also looked at an old booster shot scar on my shoulder which has grown in weird ways. There is also apparently an Asian predisposition to bad body skin healing leading to larger and more colored scars which he informed me of. So based on all that, he felt confident that the original FUE recommendation would suit me better. He also explained that in the last 2 years his practice has made great improvements on FUE technique (implanters, dull punch?, etc) and he sees zero difference now in terms of yield, density, shock loss etc between his FUT and FUE procedures. I'm not sure I buy this 100% but at least he said the words and seemed sincere. Long story short I walked out mostly reassured and on track for my end of Aug surgery. Funny aside, I also just had my eyes lasered, and I am that one guy you never hear about.. can't see properly and have to go back. So not feeling great with surgery odds at the moment.. if something is going to go wrong its going to go wrong with me. Fingers crossed guys. Funny aside #2, the receptionist there is dressed like a club girl, reason to choose Rahal on its own.
  3. NoMoreHats111

    Nadimi vs H&W vs Rahal - Consults

    OK you guys win lol, managed to get an appt with Rahal in two weeks for a final consult.
  4. NoMoreHats111

    Nadimi vs H&W vs Rahal - Consults

    Too late lol. He doesn't do FUT in Toronto yet and apparently my scalp would need some serious massaging to handle it.
  5. NoMoreHats111

    Nadimi vs H&W vs Rahal - Consults

    OK thanks!
  6. NoMoreHats111

    Nadimi vs H&W vs Rahal - Consults

    Well thats scary. Can you elaborate please, I will only see Dr. Rahal the day before the surgery and I'm assuming I will have had to pay the entire balance by then.
  7. NoMoreHats111

    Nadimi vs H&W vs Rahal - Consults

    Yes, I can't remember how many days in Toronto but its not alot. And FUE only. I ended up going with Rahal, will turn this into an update thread.
  8. NoMoreHats111

    Nadimi vs H&W vs Rahal - Consults

    I forgot to mention that in the Rahal consult they did assess my scalp stretchiness and deemed that I would need some serious stretching for FUT. Not sure if that changes things?
  9. NoMoreHats111

    Nadimi vs H&W vs Rahal - Consults

    Thanks for the reply. Are you suggesting strip due to my specific hairloss situation or based on the doctors histories/competencies?
  10. NoMoreHats111

    Nadimi vs H&W vs Rahal - Consults

    Comments anyone?
  11. NoMoreHats111

    Nadimi vs H&W vs Rahal - Consults

    Don't know what happened to the pictures, here they are
  12. NoMoreHats111

    Nadimi vs H&W vs Rahal - Consults

    Hi folks. So I'm finally ready to take the plunge, live in Toronto Canada and have narrowed my short list to Dr. Nadimi in Chicago (of Konior fame), H&W in Vancouver, and Dr. Rahal in Toronto. My consults with each of them went like this: Dr. Nadimi: FaceTime consult Surgery in Chicago 1500-2000 FUE grafts recommended, could be all the way up to 2400 Shes not entirely sure she can get 2400 FUE grafts from my donor area based on photos and not-so-great FaceTime connection She will perform all extracts and most implants, will be there the entire time Does not feel comfortable doing more than 2400 FUE in a session due to scalp blood supply and time that grafts need to be implanted by (~8 hours) Uses latest tech, hybrid dull/sharp punch, learned everything from Konoir Potentially a discount for future hair transplants No official growth guarantee Recommended to stay in Chicago for a week to get looked after by the clinic Seems like a high end operation Dr. Rahal (Aaron and Tara did the consult): Aaron started the consult and was decent, called in Tara in the middle who blew me away In person consult Surgery in Toronto Measured a total of approx 5000 FUE grafts available in donor area 2500-3000 FUE grafts recommended for 1st transplant of hairline, will likely need another 2500 down the road for crown and touch up, aiming for 45-50 follicles per square cm Estimated Norwood 4-5 in the future No issues doing 3000 FUE in 8 hours, they have done 4200 in a day before Also uses latest hybrid dull/sharp punch tech Rahal and Mike will perform the extractions, Rahal will make the incisions and someone other than Rahal will implant Growth guarantee and free touch ups (not sure what the fine print is around this) Discounted graft rate for future transplants Patient care team access for a year Suggested pairing with PRP Hasson & Wong (James did the consult): In person consult Surgery in Vancouver 3000 FUE grafts recommended, possibly have 5000-6000 FUE grafts in donor area 3000 FUE done over two days, they limit surgeries to about 2000 FUE per day Recommended Dr. Hasson due to hairline objective (Wong more for crown work) Each doctor has performed 10,000+ surgeries Also uses latest hybrid dull/sharp punch tech, 0.85 punch size Techs do the extraction and implantation, Hasson performs incisions Estimated Norwood 5A future recession Informal growth guarantee and free touch ups Discounted future transplants For out of town patients they offer free lodging (3 days), taxis to and from the airport, and a partial flight credit I have to say, Rahal's team did the best sell job and I'm leaning that way.. but is 2500-3000 FUE too ambitious for one day? Am I risking hairs due to them rushing? I don't want to bias your opinion any more than that, but based on your experience on this forum, knowledge, what was said above and my pictures, what would you do? Any other insight or commentary you could offer before I make the plunge? Are there any other GTA doctors that I must absolutely check out? Hoping to finalize a decision in the next few days. REALLY appreciate all the help and support you guys can give. Thanks.
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