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  1. That's actually exactly how I feel. Not extraordinary but better than before so I'm OK. Thanks for the comment!
  2. OK so about 14 mths in and some of the hairs from the shedding have grown back, feels like this is as thick as it will get. Before and after.
  3. So the year is here. Here are the before and afters: Facts and observations in no particular order: I no longer wear hats. Like, almost never, which is inconceivable to me... my username has been fulfilled! I think I experienced a pretty moderate case of shedding between 9mths and 12mths.. I still think I may have had more/thicker hair at 6-7mths than now. There are alot of baby hairs still growing back as we speak though, can't tell from the pics obviously. If I grow my hair out to longer lengths t
  4. I think I feel anxious. Happy with the improvement over where I came from obviously and just trying to keep expectations in check for the final product... Thanks all for your support it means alot!
  5. Nope just one session for hairline restoration. Maybe crown down the line..
  6. Three months in... a bunch of the transplanted hair did not fall out and grew instead. Some tiny hairs starting to poke out (hard to tell from the pics), nothing to get excited about yet. Sorry I suck as a photographer.
  7. So just over a month now, not much to report but thought I'd give an update. Donor area a little sore still but seems to be healing ok. Recipient area still red and still has a bunch of transplanted hair left, haven't gone back to work yet. Sorry for the low quality pic.
  8. Some people say less shock loss, more density, saves donor hair, and is way cheaper. I'm happy so far with my FUE decision.
  9. Hi guys. So its done, went with the full shave. Dr. Rahal and team were excellent, I felt well taken care of during the entire experience, and boy what an experience. Some swelling as expected in the face, most intrusive part of post-op is the sleeping at 45 degrees and the weird hats but definitely not a big deal for a week or two. Missing the gym the most. I requested 4-6 weeks to work from home so by the time I get back I should mostly look the way I did when they last saw me, I've been pretty open with this anyway. Sorry I didn't get to update during Day 0 and 1 but here are some
  10. Hey guys. My FUE surgery will be this Friday, just need some last minute advice. I would really like your opinion as to whether or not to completely shave my head. I would like to avoid this if at all possible but would not want to sacrifice quality on the end result. Can I get your input on pros and cons and reasoning please? Thanks
  11. I don't recall exactly, 3-4k maybe for my situation. Just ask them they'll tell you the standard pricing.
  12. OK so just got back from my meet and greet with Dr. Rahal himself. Spent 20 minutes to measure my head, talk to me about my concerns, and gave me a recommendation, all while people were rushing him to get to his next appointment. Instead of rushing he was calm and stayed with me as long as I needed, which I respect greatly (maybe because I owe him 5 digits and the next guy didnt? lol). We confirmed the ~5000 graft donor availability, that 2800-3000 grafts could easily be done, and that 45ish follicles per square cm was achievable with that amount. He checked my scalp elasticity an
  13. OK you guys win lol, managed to get an appt with Rahal in two weeks for a final consult.
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