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  1. Thank you for pointing this. I have asked the team who compiled the pics to correct the mistake in writing the duration. @Abhinay Singh can you please get it fixed asap?
  2. Concealer! Never! BTW, he has went ahead with his second procedure to cover the crown part. Will share once he comes back to share his results.
  3. He is 26-year-old man Norwood class- V Hair loss progression- Stable Hair thickness- Medium Hair/ Skin contrast- Medium Contrast Donor density- +70 FU/cm² Surgical goals- 1st Session – Frontal restoration, mid-scalp restoration, temple restoration with maximizing coverage Total FU grafts implanted- 3115 Singles- 320 Hairs per graft average- 2.3 Extraction method- 0.95 mm serrounded Cole punch Placing method- Dull Needle implanter in premade slits Post-op treatment- Oral antibiotics and pain killer for 7 days. Tab Finasteride 1mg one tab daily along with minoxidil
  4. Design and planning by : Dr Arika Bansal Supervision of rest of the work : Dr Pradeep and Dr Arika. Amongst us, we both produce the same quality of results because we both have studied from the same Dermatology department of AIIMS, New Delhi between 2005-2008. Then started working together since 2008. And she is my better half! So, she is better than me, on any day. We share the same teachings, instruments, technicians, theatre and academic skills whether it is writing the book or conducting workshops.
  5. Can you share some pic of the top view you want! (I guess we have posted one head down and another head up view, so that the total area is covered. This guy has also got his crown done.)
  6. We were trying not to respond to your comments for few days, but now you really want that we should say something so that your negative comments should get traction ! (Now I myself, Dr Pradeep Sethi is replying. This can be a moral victory for you as you troubled us so much that we got forced to reply to you! Cheers!) In each of your posts you have highlighted that we are not transparent in “Costing”. Why don’t you try once with us. Just send a query to our clinic and see how “non transparent “ we are. You can post the screen shots here. You can try from many numbers and
  7. Since we have been recommended on this forum, we are noticing that a lot of patients are either asking about our pricing structure, our cost and some even feel we are slightly expensive than other clinics in India. We also got to know from our ex-patients that they are receiving messages in their inboxes where prospective hair transplant patients are showing some concern about our cost. We thought to clarify the doubts once and for all by posting this post. We believe in providing quality services and great results to all our patients and we don’t believe lowering the price will be the option
  8. @paddyirishman We have a hair conference in Manchester 6-8 June. We will be in London and Manchester from June 1 st to 15 th. We are planning to do consultations there. In the meantime we can do a skype of whatspp video chat with you whenever you want. Thank you for appreciating our work.
  9. Eugenix Hair Sciences started in 2010, comprises of 8 dedicated doctors with one point focus, spread over 4 active centres across the country, helped more than 6000 patients of hair transplant including celebrities, doctors, females, leading businessmen and NRIs from more than 100 countries aiming at providing the most latest and safest procedure and make India the global leader in hair transplant and provide all evidence-based hair loss treatments at affordable cost. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o76pizzGTo0 Dr Pradeep Sethi (MD, AIIMS) is an expert s
  10. At Eugenix, we believe in disseminating medical knowledge to the younger generation. In this pursuit, we have started our University Collaborative Fellowship of one year, where we provide comprehensive training of the art and science of hair transplantation to qualified dermatologists. Dr. Sri lekha Sarvepalli is the first student selected by DY Patil University, who is currently doing a one-year fellowship under the mentorship of Dr Pradeep Sethi (Honorary Professor Dermatology – Hair Transplantation).
  11. Thank you for the appreciation. DHT stands for Direct Hair Transplantation. The implantation is done by either doctors or trained technicians with the help of metallic dull needle implanters in the pre made slits (which are made by the leading doctor.)
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