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  1. Hi There. Please look at on my profile... I did my transplant just before 7 month. But I am very happy with my results. I done my HT at Eugenix in India. Really. Its very good one. Just to check differences before and after my HT. If you need to know more please let me know. Will update you.
  2. Hi I did with Dr. PRADEEP SETHI. But all Doctors are good. Don't worry
  3. At least once you visit them...your all answers you will get it
  4. Hi I was also made my mind to go with Dr. Soni. But then i seen some bad reviews. Then i found few clinics for fue. But then i like result for Dht. So i did with Eugenix. And i am very happy with that...don't worry atleast go and visit them. Then call is yours.
  5. Hi. If you compair appeals with appeals then its ok.... I mean you need to see grade 7 vs grade 7 in both work. We just share our experiences where we did our job done. And we are happy with good results with Dr. Sethi. If i want to give 2nd or 3rd chance then also will go with them... Because not only hair transplant. Its relation after hair transplant as well. And after result i don't think that what is clean work and whats look on the day of hair transplant day.. Because once your hair grow and it must max nos of grafts grow thats what we need
  6. Hi Its been 6 month update for my HT
  7. Hi. Yes but we need to be understand that result is very person to person as per your donner and recipient area as well. But when you are in safe hand then its best. End of the day we need right result. Might be some one needs only few grafts and they happy with any cheaper clinc. But they will realize when they need more grafts in upcoming time and they don't have it. That's big difference between experience doctors.
  8. Thank you sir And wish you best of luck for your transplant If you need any assistance from my side. Please let me know
  9. Hi. Dr. Pradeep is founder of Dht. Tecnic. And he do only fue with dht tecnic with large area cover as well. So for my results I must thankful to them and there advance tecnic and experience of 4500 successfully transplant done. They only said do once do best. That i do realise only today. And its life change experience with them.... Even in futures i need to go for 2nd HT then as well only Eugenix is my first and last place to go with. Once again Thx to DR. PRADEEP AND EUGENIX TEAM. AND SPECIAL THANKS TO SHIKHA WHO CONVINCE ME TO GO ATLEAST ONCE THERE. And VRUSHALI for after post HT CARE. THX A LOT