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  1. Hi buddy In 30 days looks very nice healing and dense. Its will be very nice growth in few months time Be ready for new look... Really All the best to you and Team Eugenix.
  2. Ok @ahmedabad_guy i will bro... take care...and share your journey with Eugenix. I think its going to 4 week for your HT as well.
  3. Hi I seen that you are happy to go for Eugenix. And trust me you will get your new look as you already seen. Its Its something else what Eugenix treating us. They created relationships with. Not only business. So just trust on them and think positively. That you going for good one. Believe me once you happy with your results you will never think about money what you paid little bit more compared to others. Eugenix Doctors said to me. Do it once Do it best..... and I mean it today after 9 month So go with positive thinking and do it. Trust your doctors and his results. Tell them what you want how you want and go with your old pics. What kind of hair line you look for. So they will give better then that. Tx
  4. No problem. If you need any kind of assistance then update me
  5. Hi. You are on right choice. I done with Dr. Sethi. If you don't have any price Issue then go with Dr. Sethi. You will be happy after your results. Other doctors also very good and experience. But I just share my experience Best of luck