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  1. Thx sir. Atleast those 2 patient got reason to follow with whatever reason to follow Eugenix. We just share our experiences with Eugenix if someone want to know that. We never forced any one to follow us or Eugenix. We here to share our experience and knowledge whatever we had from our hair transplant. If some got doubt about it. We would like to be clear from our side. Its not a fight with any one. Or we not reacts on any other post. Then why those questions came for us.
  2. Hi Nelson. Please don't react on him. They can't hear anything about Eugenix. So they directly jump in this topic. Go to his all post. And check it. Never any positive feedback from him. Specially when its come to Darling buds vs Eugenix. We never against any other clinic. He is the one who will deside Name of some one else business. I don't think so that he is hear to get or share any kind of experience from his side. He did any Hair Transplant or not. But just jump in for Eugenix. We just share our experiences because we do have experience only and only with Eugenix. But he just sticks on name not on results. Even after my post he will be react very aggressively. But just ignore him. Because of this kind of communication i was a way from this thread. But even after 10 month its same debate. Its non use who really want to know. If you ask me there is no comparison between this 2 clinic. That's it.
  3. Hi There is no point to hearing this or that. Doctors are well experienced and doing well with there results as well. Its naturally who ever done his hair transplant with Dr. Bhatti they got only experience for him. And wherever done with Eugenix they will give feedback on Eugenix. Its not a big deal. It's not a Issue for who does what. They run there own clinic and they know there Pacific job as well. We can't judge them on any story. Both are got so many results on YouTube and this thread. Any one can judge that easily. And of day you deside where to go. I have done my research Dr. Bhatti told me in my case 2800 grafts And Dr. Sethi told me about 4000 grafts. And he did even more without extra cost. And you may see the results. Even after 18 month Dr. Pradeep is like brother to me. They keep in touch with me. And even staff. So i called for Eugenix. There is no Issue with any other clinic from my side. Even there is so many patient ask me on my private inbox and they done with Eugenix. And they also happy as i am. And might be i go for my wife as well at Eugenix. And that as well will share with you on this thread for sure. So good luck and best of luck.
  4. Congratulations buddy. Finally you did with Eugenix. I do following you from long time on this forum. And I am happy to know that you did right choice Now ready for your new looks. Its really well done by TEAM EUGENIX. Congratulations to my Dear friend Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika. They really doing good job I do remember Dr. Sethi said to me. Do once Do the best. Best of luck buddy.
  5. Hi I think you not agreed with results of Eugenix. Then its its your choice. Atleast you need to visit them once. Then you will realise its not only name. Even what ever link you share here that was Eugenics not Eugenix. Thx for deep study.
  6. Thx bro. Trust me you will get better results as per your hair line. And density. Take care with your medicine and vitamins Results will be there for you.
  7. Hi Everyone. Sorry for late update. Its been long to update my results after 1 year of my HT. Just to post my pics. Lets see.