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  1. I underwent hair transplantation on April 2019 by FUE technique. I took special vitamins to hair for 6 months but I fontunately I did not start to take periodic PRP sessions and minoxidil soon. The hair growing has been slow and not satisfying for me. On last November, after 8 months of the transplantation, I started to take PRP sessions periodically every 3 weeks. Today, after 10 months of the transplantation, I started to take Minoxidil. Is it now too late for the transplanted follicles to take PRP and minoxidil? Or is there a chance for the transplanted follicles to restore and grow hair as a result of PRP and minoxidil?
  2. I am really depressed. I take photos to myself and I ready find no progress since 125 days post operation till now (222 days post operation) Is it normal that the hairs delay to grow?
  3. Today it has passed 222 days since my hair transplant procedure. Do you think it is too late now to take PRP injections? In my country, PRP is proceeded mainly by seperating plasma from the blood by using the centriputal device. There is no activation substance dedicated to be mixed with the plasma for the hair. Is it enough?
  4. But I have taken vitamins which I have bought from the hospital and I use a medical shampoo which I bought from them too. Really I don't know know which is most important meditation to take. I don't know if I it was better to buy PRP injections other than vitamins from the hospital. Do you think that I must buy PRP injections from the hospital online? Every PRP injection costs $150 in addition to the express costs and the costs of the clinic in my country which will inject my head with them. It means that it I buy 6 PRP injections, it will totally costs me 6*(150$ +100$ )+100$=1600$. The operation itself costed me 1400$!
  5. Unfortunately, the up-to-date PRP technique is not available in my country, just the old technique. I prefer not to take Propecia because its side effects and Regaine because its effect is temporary. Laser cap is not also available in my country
  6. I underwent hair transplantation about 7 months ago with fue method. Before the surgery, I had vellus hairs which disappeared after the hair transplantation. My transplanted hairs also fell after one month of the transplantation. About 3 months ago, new vellus hairs have appeared. I am very mystefied of this new vellus hairs: Is the old vellus hairs returned which means that my transplantation is failed (and transplanted hairs did not grow)? Or do the transplanted hairs start to grow as vellus hairs at the beginning and it will transform to normal hairs later? Please give me your opinion
  7. But why vellus hairs which grow - after transplantation - takes a long time to be thickened and transform to normal hairs?
  8. Do you mean that the growing transplanted hairs after the transplantation - which are vellus hairs in the begining - take one year to transform to normal hairs?
  9. I underwent hair transplantation 6 months ago with FUE procedure. The transplanted hairs fell after one month of the surgery. About 2 months ago, vellus hairs started to appear. It is considered that vellus hairs will be thicken and transform to normal hairs. However, the vellus hairs haven't transformed to normal hairs yet and still very short and thin. My question is: When the vellus hairs appear after 3-4 months of the transplantation, how long does it take to become thick and transform to normal hairs?
  10. I underwent a hair transplantation 5 months ago. DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technique - a type of FUE method - was used in the transplantation. About 2400 grafts were transplanted on the front and top of my head and other 1700 grafts (from my chest and chin) were transplanted on my crown. I took a photo after 4 months of the transplantation and another photo after 5 months of the transplantation. They are both attached here. However, there is really no difference between them. Is normal for the transplanted hairs to delay before starting to grow? In addition, I see now very thin hairs on my head (not visible in the 2nd photo). Do transplanted hairs start to grow as very thin hairs?
  11. The warnings about sun exposure after HT are associated with FUT and FUE procedures where incessions are done for the insertion of hair follicles. What about DHI procedure? Is sun exposure less dangerous after DHI transplant? The time period referred to avoid sun exposure after FUT/FUE is about 4 months. What about DHI?
  12. Thank you. In fact, the core of my question is about DHI technique itself. The warnings about sun exposure after the Hair Transplantation are usually associated with FUE procedure with doing incessions for follicles insertion. But what about DHI? Is sun exposure really less dangerous after hair transplant with DHI?
  13. I was underwent hair transplant procedure by DHI technique about 4 months ago. After about 3.5 months of the procedure (exactly 112 days), I walked under the hot sun for 2.5 hours (from 15:30 to 19:00pm) to induce vitamin D to my transplanted hair. Afterthat, I noticed that my long hair looks a little less dense even though I still see new hairs which are about to grow up but not so much. In fact, my hair starts to look more dense after 3 months of the procedure and the vellus hairs have disappeared but I am not sure if it fell or transformed to normal hair. When I invistigated about this issue, I have found that I shouldn't expose my transplanted hair to the sun for at least 4 months or the transplanted grafts will be harmed. Have my transplanted grafts been harmed or affected?
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