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  1. This picture was taken after 4 days of the surgery and my head was dealt with by lotion and washed by a shampoo 2 times (one time per day) so that many clots might be cleaned away.
  2. I have undergone hair transplantation. A total of 4100 grafts are transplanted for me by DHI technique: 2400 grafts from the donor area of my head, 1000 grafts from my chin, 700 grafts from my chest. The attached photo shows my head after 4 days of the transplantation. Is it a normal result? I mean, it is normal that the blood clots to be spaced out after 4 days? Will my hair regrows from wherever or only from the locations of the shown blood clots?
  3. Yes, you are true. But shouldn't I consult only the hospital who has performed the operation for me? If I refer to them here, they will know that I use this forum to get other consultations and it may be considered something like non-confidence on them that I don't rely completely on their instructions.
  4. I underwent transplantation in Turkey. And the matter is not really that I don't want to give information but I used to ask in this forum about general topics in hair transplantation. If I give details about the hospital where I underwent the transplantation, it will look as I try to give an assessment for it. This forum is not to give assessments about hospitals and doctors. To give any of these assessments, I should use the Realself forum: www.realself.com
  5. Dear, I have undergone a hair transplantation surgery by the technique of DHI (FUE). After 8 days of the surgery, I rubbed my head from the front by my fingers inadvertently. Did it cause any harm to my new transplanted follicles? Regards
  6. What is the least hair density to cover the scars with a hair length of 1-2 cm? 40-50 hairs/cm2, 30-40 hairs/cm2 or 20-30 hairs/cm2?
  7. I will undergo hair transplantation operation using the technique of FUE. Because I have the last pattern of baldness, NW7, only the frontline of my head, zone A, and zone B will be both transplanted with a density of 40-50 hairs/cm2 by grafts taken from the back of my head. I have been recommended not to perform both FUE and BHT at one operation. Therefore, the second operation applying BHT to cover my crown, zone D, with a hair taken from my chest will be performed one year later or may not be performed at all. My question if I shave my hair after the transplantation, will any scars appear? I used to follow a hairstyle shaving my hair at the sides and the back of my head to zero and growing my hair at the top. Because my hair at the top is very thin, it used to appear homogeneous with the shaved hairs at the sides. After I undergo the transplantation, I may sometimes continue to shave my hairs at the sides to zero and grow my hairs at the top to 1-2 cm. I may not be tied to prolong my hairs all the time. If I cut my hair to just 1-2cm long after the transplantation, will any scars appear as a result of the operation? If I shave my hairs at the sides and the back-bottom of my head (where the grafts are taken from) to zero, will any scars appear as a result of extraction of grafts?
  8. Will I inevitably need a second surgery to address my crown? My question is if my appearance will look permanently natural after this surgery as my crown will be excluded. What's your opinion?
  9. Dear Shera, Yes, you are right. I have received an offer from a clinic in Turkey that they will extract 2000 grafts from the back of my head and 1500 grafts from my chest and do the transplantation with a density of 40-50 hairs/cm2 in the front decreasing gradually backwards. How much does it look an efficient solution for me? Regards
  10. I just need an opinion about my case in general. I talked about emulating pattern of SW3 stage and it is a general topic. If any specialist wants to discuss my case in special, I will post my photos to her/his inbox directly.
  11. I haven't drawn this diagram myself. I downloaded it from the website, http://www.injertocapilar.com/English/density.htm, and uploaded it here for an illustrative purpose.