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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    Norwood V
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Dr. Ron Shapiro
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    Generic Minoxidil 5% for Men
    Nizoral Shampoo
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  1. Hi pat I had 2 surgeries an was so looking forward to it took out a loan I had insecurities so bad lost all my confidence in my teens  an very bad depression unfortunately the surgery’s did not work then started w the spray an till this day I have no trust in drs an also lost all that money making minimum wake   It was at Bosly 

  2. Thanks for sharing Melvin. Feel free to share experiences below what else people can expect during surgery. Bill
  3. Do you enjoy helping hair loss suffers find optimal treatments, physicians and moral support? Are you knowledgeable about hair loss treatments and which clinics are providing optimal hair restoration surgery? If you have good written communication skills and a passion for helping other restore their hair you may be an excellent candidate to help us moderate our discussion forum, create news articles for our community and research potential new outstanding physicians. This part time paid position as a forum moderator and publishing assistant can be done from your home during flexible ti
  4. Dr Madhu from Hyderabad India is the cheap and the best 

  5. Hello guys,

    I went to to India last week to do my second surgery with dr Madhu. He is the best Vee humble down to earth with lots and lots of skill as well very good team to support him. My first surgery was with Dr Farjo, completely useless I haven't got no hair at all and charge me so much money KEEP AWAY FROM DR. FRAJO, he just wants to grab money and do nothing.

    Dr Madhu his clinic is in Hyderabad (India) very high standard and I had 3,250 Graft compilation of FUE and strip method, it cost one third of what I paid with Dr Farjo. And I only had 2,225 grafts ( which he says).

    If you are looking for hair transplant just go head with Dr Madhu puthur.

    An absolute perfect surgeon.

  6. Guys, I know that some are disappointed that Joe has chosen to move on. As I proposed earlier, I would have preferred that we reached an understanding in which we worked together to build upon this community rather than work apart. I'm also disappointed that Joe has chosen to disparage this community and those who manage it. Frankly, Joe's had his opportunity on this topic and others to beat his chest and make comments attempting to build himself up at the expense of others. No one is using his deactivated account. I think it's time to end this melodrama and move on.
  7. Joe, Hard to imagine how my response to this controversy (see below at the bottom of this post) would be considered an "attack" by you or anyone. I was actually making a good faith effort to reach a positive resolution and unruffled feathers. I had every intention of calling you. But I felt the need to come to an understanding with Bill, Blake and David before calling you. I also thought that the telephone would be more interactive and personal than email. But apparently you have chosen to move on before we could discuss this and potentially work things out. So in an effort to set the
  8. Thanks for everyone's input. I will be contacting Joe soon to see if he is willing to work with us in addressing some of our concerns.
  9. P.S. I intend to contact Joe directly to determine his future involvement with this community.
  10. It pains me to read this topic. I remember when this community was begun by me in the late 90's when there was much need for improved techniques, accountability and transparency. Thanks to the vast compassion and sharing of thousands of patients, ethical and skilled physicians and staff and dedicated patient advocates like Joe, Bill and many many others this community established the highest standards in hair restoration and helped thousands of patients distinguish between hype and real patient satisfaction. Together with physicians committed to the very best care we all collectively raise
  11. Dave, Congratulations to you on ascending into the "celestial" plane - and in 2012 no less :-) All your help and massive karma has propelled you and this community to a new level. Let me know what it's like up there and perhaps I'll join you in a couple hundred more posts. Thanks for all the thoughtful and kind help you bring to this community. You're a true blessing.
  12. Taking the Plunge, Thanks for giving Rizwan such indepth feedback on his thoughtful questions!

    hi i am going to use hair fibre for a party so plez suggest me which one is better for me toppik or nanagem fibre ,if u know any other brand which show better result than them ,so plz suggest me as soon as u can




  14. Recently DHI requested that we share the following statement, written by them, on our forum. In the interest of fairness to all parties, we have posted their statement below. This statement is their point of view and does not necessarily represent our views or beliefs. We also want to make it clear to all forum members that none of the posts or topics that DHI has had an issue with have been removed or censored on this forum. All parties to these past controversies have had ample opportunity in the past to respond to and debate the issues discussed in the topics in question. It is not ou
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