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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Hi I'm 22 /will be  23 in February noticed my hairline has been changing since the end of me being 21 6 months off being 22 , have thick wavy hair , my dad didn't start loosing her until he was about 39/40 and he 49 now and almost bald at front of his hair but no grey hair , I don't think his hairline receded he has no grey hair , my dad could start growing a beard and shaving at like 16  he had jet black hair and looking at pictures quite thin and dead straight his dad lost his hair at like 30/40 I think and went grey quite young I think coz looking back he had alot of grey when his dad was 50 , and my dad's dads dad (great grandad) is bald too 

    However my mum has thick brunette hair and she 43 and her dad (my grandad ) is 74/75 and has a very far back mature hairline looked back at a picture of him at 24 and his hairline was very far back then and my nan said it receded and stopped and I'm nearly 23 and mine isn't as far back as that yet but my grandad now 74 and now has the exact same hairline as when he was 24 and thickness but now just grey obviously and has all his hair still and is pretty much all grey now and his dad my( great grandfather) had hair until he died but he did once loose it apparently and then it grew all back again and stayed until he died , my mum's dad my grandad his son which is my uncle and my mum's brother who is like 45 has hair with a mature hairline 

    The question I'm asking is , is my hairline just maturing and changing from my juvenile/ teenage hairline into an adult as I'm growing and getting older and have a similar hairline to my grandads or what ? Or is receding , I have changed alot in appearance too the last year and abit since I have turned towards 22 not too sound big headed but when I was younger I was abit weird looking and now everyone calls me pretty boy and says how good looking I am and how I look like young George Michael or Casey Cody Johnson  or greek or Italian

    When I was younger I had pure brown eyes and my mum and dad have green but apparently some great nan in my family had brown eyes but now I'm getting older they have turned more hazel and have a mixture of brown and green 

    Mum's features

    I have her tanned skin  




    Maybe her hair colour not sure?


    Dad features

    Eye shape possibly 




    Big feet I'm size 10 but my dad size 12/13 

    Both parents are slim but my mum can't put on weight and my dad can if he wants which I use to go gym and put alot of muscle and fat on years ago but haven't been gym for a year and don't each much now and am very slim so who knows Snapchat-1883450926.thumb.jpg.c4f5165d9173427171ee53db55515313.jpgMum's brother (my uncle )Screenshot_20191105-211641.thumb.png.f13e851bf2c3b1ed51f50af88d9023f8.pngSnapchat-1994922249.thumb.jpg.d2e1f7a617309d00d8066e44ebe86d2f.jpg

    Screenshot_20191105-211621.thumb.png.5d41306ffa07a0fc2ee622b7e6b867a8.pngmy mum now Snapchat-1059096901.thumb.jpg.120b66eff79e0770c8b85400297aca1c.jpg














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    Dan Herbert
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    By the way my mum's dad e.g my grandad in the picture at age 24 is the one next to the dog he now 74 hairline same as that now and same thickness just grey hair lol

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  2. Guys, I agree that in this case, the after photos are not ideal and it would certainly be much better if pictures were taken with the hairline combed back so we could genuinely appreciate the results. But we also have to remember that Dr. Arocha has a long history of producing outstanding results and an excellent online reputation for being amongst the best. Therefore, there is no reason to think that anyone from the clinic Is trying to deceive. The truth is, many surgeons are hard pressed for help and try to do everything with only a few people helping them. Sure, they may have a number of technicians doing surgery, but when it comes to office management, many surgeons lack knowledgeable help to take and present outstanding photos along with other aspects of the business. Dr. Arocha has always been one of these people. In my opinion, He is an outstanding surgeon and one of the nicest, most genuine people you’ll ever meet. But it’s obvious that he needs a little help from someone knowledgeable about taking and presenting optimal photos. Once he does this, I’m sure we will truly be able to appreciate his outstanding results which I’m sure includes this one. Regarding the number of grafts, 1800 is a relatively small number and even though the area to cover is small, I trust that the patient met the appropriate conditions for a densely packed hairline. Perhaps Dr. Arocha or one of the staff can explain these conditions to address any concerns Best wishes, Bill
  3. There were actually very few mistakes in the above and “her“ was only said twice. I suggest actually responding to the sustenance of the topic Redman point out the very few mistakes that were made via speech to text.
  4. In my opinion, Dr. Erdogan has always been a standup surgeon and he deeply cares about his patients and the quality of service he provides. In fact, you don’t know how many times he’s invited both Melvin and I to come visit his clinic at his expense to evaluate the quality of service he provides. Also, the number of positive reviews and experiences far outweigh the negative ones we’ve seen posted. And many of the so-called negative ones have not been substantiated as many of the the patients have not chosen to reveal themselves. Understand that nobody is defending a bad hair transplant. However, even the best surgeons have cases of less than desirable results and this is just the way it is. So as patients, are we to crucify a surgeon when a case that isn’t perfect reveals itself? Or is it our job to support the patient and try to help them work out their concerns with the doctor? If the doctor is a standup surgeon, they will stand behind their patient and do the best they can to help them. But we also have to understand that it isn’t normal for a doctor to give a full refund to a patient if some of the grafts don’t grow. Instead, most surgeons will do a free procedure to replace the ones that don’t grow and resolve any other concerns. That said, some surgeons do choose to give a free refund and that’s ok too. At the end of the day, I would rather see patient and quality surgeon work together to make the transplants better and resolve any concerns as they come up rather than stand against one another. In this case I have seen Dr. Erdogan wrongfully attacked on too many occasions and I wish it would stop. As for people who continue to create duplicate accounts, it obviously shows that their character is flawed. Perhaps they have multiple personality disorder or some other condition that shows that their psyche has fractured into multiple counterparts. If somebody has been banned, there’s a good reason for it so coming back just makes them look foolish. Just thought I would share my two cents here. Bill
  5. I have gotten to the point where I have to create a post to address The many seemingly fake and fictitious posts created by many different aliases claiming to be patience of a Clinic referred to as the Vera Clinic. While I know nothing of the clinic of them selves and whether or not they perform top-notch hair transplant surgery, it has become obvious that they have launched a promotional/marketing campaign on this forum. For starters, many of the aliases have the same IP address which shows that the posts are coming from the same computer or same network. This is an indication that the posts are fake and likely coming from the clinic themselves and not genuine patients. Furthermore, none of the fictitious posters would provide photos and only create a general glowing review about how great they are without any surgical details, pictures, videos, etc. But what was troublesome to me the most, was when one fictitious poster decided to throw in A snide remark about a well known, world renowned Dr. recommended by this community. The individual said that they were considering this Vera clinic and the other doctor and the other doctor replied with a “bad comment” whatever that means. I am sorry, but taking a shot at another clinic is just as low as you can go, even lower than falsely promoting your own clinic. No Clinic who is been contacted about a potential hair transplant will reply with a “bad comment”. It simply doesn’t make any sense. Because members have already been caught using the same IP address, if this continues, we will have to stop allowing discussion of this clinic on this forum. For now, the community will be watchful as to whether or not this behavior continues. Best Regards, Bill
  6. I’m seeing a lot of posts lately from a legend patients from this clinic claiming to have an outstanding experience an excellent results. The one thing that they all have in common is that nobody is showing photos. So are you all genuine patients? Or is this the clinic spamming the community in order to promote themselves? While I like to try to give members the benefit of the doubt, nobody is going to believe this is a genuine experience if you don’t actually share surgical details and post photos. And considering how many have posted recently, it really looks like spam. Maybe you’ll get these reviews listed in the search engines, I want to people click on them and see the replies, nobody will believe they are real. In fact, it might even make the clinic look bad because anyone who has to create fake reviews to promote them selves may not be doing top-notch hair transplant surgery. If you are genuine, come back and post some photos and share actual surgical details. Bill
  7. @Nebulosity, Frankly, I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that you are trying to convince a happy patient that he should be unhappy. His expectations were met and realistically, there’s only so much that can be accomplished with a certain number of graphs and a certain degree of baldness. If you understood that concept, you would understand why the patient has every right to be happy. While members of this community are welcome to share their genuine opinions, good or bad, trying to persuade a patient that he should be unhappy is just blatantly inappropriate and clearly agenda driven. Therefore, it is best that you find another community to post on Bill
  8. @Mohamed Saleh, As you can see above, you are being suspected as not genuine and a spammer. I will give you the benefit of the doubt however, I do ask that you share an actual experience along with photos which will go on much longer way then posting a general review which looks more like promotional propaganda. If you are truly a genuine patient, then congratulations. But please share your actual experience along with photos so that we can actually see your results Best regards, Bill
  9. Malik, Thanks for posting however, please only post one topic with your experience and not three. The fact that you posted multiple times and only provided general information with no pictures does come across as promotional rather than genuine. Now, if you are a genuine patient, congratulations. But I encourage you to share a detailed account of your actual experience along with photos showing the results. As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words. Bill
  10. Melvin, actually there is a difference and it’s related to the in active ingredients. For example, the liquid contains ingredient called propylene glycol which has a tendency to irritate the scalp. The foam however, does not contain this ingredient and contains a superior delivery system, making percentage of success higher with the foam in the liquid. I suggest incorporating this into your article. Best, Bill
  11. Well, it sure sounds promising but so many things have sounded promising over the last two decades and yet nothing has ever materialized into a treatment let alone a cure. So I suppose we will see yet again what happens with this. But I certainly won’t hold my breath. Other thoughts? Best wishes, Bill
  12. @RameshK, Although your post doesn’t really make sense, I imagine you’re trying to say that there are too many gaps in between the hairs. However, nobody else seems to think this or agree with you. In fact, I happen to think the work looks very clean and I’m looking forward to seeing the end result. You are certainly entitled to your opinion however, I suggest you look at the pictures and detail again and see the responses posted by others also. You are certainly in the minority with your opinion. Bill
  13. Great topics. And I happen to agree that most people don’t have 8500 grafts available via FUE. I mean technically they do but if you want to minimize the appearance of scarring, there’s no way you can harvest 8500 follicular unit grafts from the donor area in most patients. But regarding how many hair transplants one and having a lifetime, clearly that does vary. For me I’ve already had four strict procedures and 9600 grafts. Ironically, I probably still have some available donor for strip but I think I would opt for FUE at this point now for several reasons. But in general, it’s difficult to put a number on how many procedures one can have because there are so many variables. The number of grafts available is easier to put an average on. Best wishes, Bill
  14. It’s interesting that people think I’m being harsh. The reality is, that there are far too many patients who are impatient and badmouth their surgeon only a couple months after surgery when much can happen between now and the end result between 12 and 18 months. The reality is, the donor area may not look great at the moment but can and will likely heal Immensely and look much better in time. So yes… I stand by what I said originally and feel that this patient should relax, take it easy and do his best to trust the process. If for some reason his donor doesn’t look good but the time the in result comes in, i’m sure Dr. Bhatti will standby him and do what he can to make things right. Best wishes, Bill
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